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[Shugo Chara] ♠ Good Girls Go Bad

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Finished! But I had to cut the song a little just to get it finished before those dumb - a** parental controls signed me off. But it was really fun to make! Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoy! EDIT: That is an AWESOME thumbnail! Song: Good Girls Go Bad Artist: Cobra Starship ft. Leighton Meester Add my backups, please: http://www.youtube.com/user/ExxDxx2818 http://www.youtube.com/user/CarfreeStar http://www.youtube.com/user/BrightlyShiningStars Shugo Chara Episode Help: http://exxdxx13.deviantart.com/journal/25738955/ Please Watch in High Quality by adding &fmt=18 to your URL!!! Hope you like and dont forget to comment, rate, and favorite =) Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. and from request, here's the download link: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?ojibymzl40k
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Text Comments (95)
Kira chan (3 years ago)
2:17 which ep is it ? pls tell fast
Spoopy (2 years ago)
Ikuto Tsukiyomi (3 years ago)
ya daddy's lil girl *smirks*
Erza Hatter (3 years ago)
What episode 1:28 please ???
Spoopy (2 years ago)
it's not an episode, it's in the second season opening song
Jennie Lee (3 years ago)
nadeshiko's not a girl
Spoopy (2 years ago)
yes thank
Savannah Howard (3 years ago)
oh my god this is so coooooooooollllllllllllllllllllllllll
Dani ya (3 years ago)
i started watching this series because of this AMV
Izzy Goldsteine (3 years ago)
back off utau its amu and ikuto ok 😤
why did they say bad word s
blossom kai (3 years ago)
Maria Salazar (3 years ago)
i want to watch this anime again it's a must
Wølfy (3 years ago)
Someone just randomly started singing this in class,and I joined for...no reson
Victoria chan (3 years ago)
Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful ^^
misty swanson (3 years ago)
NekoWriter 101 (3 years ago)
i lov this song and the timing is awesome good job
Sagu (3 years ago)
Nice job making this amv I love the song btw and the moments all together from shugo chara keep it up.(*^^)v
Amaya_HybridYT Channel (3 years ago)
XD they used tadase as a girl XD
Ameera Alasmar (3 years ago)
nice song
Derpy (4 years ago)
actually this song is true
Derpy (4 years ago)
im losing my mind
The Doctor (4 years ago)
like m comment for no reason 
Pamela Langelier (4 years ago)
oh man, i love this amv so much, pressed the ''like''... sadly i can only press it once :/
Meow Senpai (4 years ago)
0:19 what episode?
Brinana Loves You! (4 years ago)
Of course they do it's #SexualSunday xD
Finn _Linn (4 years ago)
when was 1:58?
OtakuTime Productions (4 years ago)
Cayla Carr (4 years ago)
Luv that song. Cause Ikuto so made me go back lol. Cute cat + me = 3
Ray (4 years ago)
Panda (4 years ago)
0:14- 0:16 ^o^ I'm scared!
Eirene Crimsonpelt (4 years ago)
Ashley Bossen (4 years ago)
@rockersk8ter4ever That was the episode where her cousin (?) was getting married and that scene is a flashback of her tasting one of his cakes he made cause he's a patisserie(cake baker). :) I don't remember the episode number.  
roberta rbd (5 years ago)
good girls go bad
roberta rbd (5 years ago)
xchocosplash (5 years ago)
carefree is a tampon-brand :DD
Poke Chann (5 years ago)
1:40 why tadase one of the "girls" lol
Thomas and Jorge Dlc (5 years ago)
Well I like it it's cool! : )
liliflower97 (5 years ago)
That was episode 34
Julchen Beilschmidt. (5 years ago)
My first thought was She makes the good guys go bad 
GHook1967 (5 years ago)
What anime is this?
GHook1967 (5 years ago)
what anime is this?
Awesome quality and nicely done :D SUGOI!
sunjing. (5 years ago)
Awesome vid!:D
KrazyKnightly (5 years ago)
1:59 Can't get over how perfect that smile is.
ocram suarez (5 years ago)
love this video. ikuto is awsome.
Esther Rodriguez (5 years ago)
Ikuto x Amu forever than so much cuter
tomoyo daidouji (5 years ago)
Nadeshiko is a boy!!!!
Mackenzie (5 years ago)
I love this song and your video thank you very much for making it
Anushreeya Gurung (5 years ago)
are you kidding me? Ikuto always makes good girls go bad!!!!!!!! (click like, u know it the truth)<3
linh truong (5 years ago)
look like every anime or manga has a character like Ikuto in it don't u think? ( >3<)
Cotetita vivanco (5 years ago)
Me gusta.
sprikelsgirl (6 years ago)
Ikuto makes good girls go bad XD !
Lenneko98 (6 years ago)
Clark (6 years ago)
Oh and,,,, I said this to my friend and she almost DIED laughing. Nikaidou does make good girls go bad, he does bad things to good girls.
Cami Calderon (6 years ago)
me encanta esta cancion y tambien la serie
Brie Reynolds (6 years ago)
:) nuff said
Samy Aino (6 years ago)
so awesome *____*
TV -YuLi Wu (7 years ago)
aa qvwAERF
Kitty2Kat (7 years ago)
love love love it!!!!
Kitty2Kat (7 years ago)
I Make Them Good Kids Smoke Crack xD sorry my friend told me to say it. but i love this vid! Amuto and ikuto x tadase forever!!
TheAlix400 (7 years ago)
this is great. u really mixed them together so that they fitted the song. who even knew that the clips of shugo chara could be used litke this?
lilly42107 (7 years ago)
i really like this video ^-^ XD
cinnamin (7 years ago)
do u have a fan fiction account?!?!?!??!
QN8375 (7 years ago)
hey! how do u do that? thats good
ameiru (7 years ago)
iAzn Heart (8 years ago)
where'd u download the episodes? lol this is great
Destiny Wilson (8 years ago)
ahhhh ikuto smiled
JJdances♥ (8 years ago)
COOL!!! :3
SpidysGirlRikusWorld (8 years ago)
This is so good :D I love how you used clips other than the onesthat everybody uses, and I also love the Nikaidou x Yukari parts cuz they're the best pairing ever ;)
Sade King (8 years ago)
love the vid but im wondering when here the lyice " i know your type" did you get it confused with the word tired? becuase everytime they say it amu and kukai are in a bed like there tired lol
crazyliamlover (8 years ago)
cool loved it
MyVictoryEven (8 years ago)
wow *-* great job ... i love it =) beautiful
Spoopy (8 years ago)
@zXFallenAngelsXz I use plain ol' Windows Movie Maker :D
S0mel0ser (8 years ago)
when was 1:41?
S0mel0ser (8 years ago)
@May2818 Thanks awsome vid
S0mel0ser (8 years ago)
HeatherRaneeBrewer (8 years ago)
Nicely done!! O:D
bby snek (9 years ago)
amazing!!! probably one of the best wmm amvs ive seen!!! btw, i have had parental controls before, and i hated them too :)
Spoopy (9 years ago)
@MultiAyame That's actually Amulet Angel, just in the second opening of the series
Alina (9 years ago)
what chara nari (transform) is 1:28-1:30 ?
Spoopy (9 years ago)
@CheerUp2 I think it's your computer because I used clips for this
CheerUp2 (9 years ago)
is it my computer or is this video just pictures?
HappyHime (9 years ago)
Oh my GOD i love it!!! *.*
HaineOtomiya9076 (9 years ago)
What episode is 3:01 and is that nadeshiko next to Suzuki? :3
Set225 (9 years ago)
It is really really good. I think I will make it one of my favorites.
FairyofCritics (9 years ago)
Someone needs to make an Takuto(TadasexIkuto) vid with this song;D Very well done. I'm gla I'm not the only one who is to broke to get sony vegas:P
rockinanime562 (9 years ago)
Awesome i luv it GREAT JOB
brenda1298 (9 years ago)
awesome video!! 5/5 h + fave ^w^
MiyokoYoshida (9 years ago)
this IS AWESOME definitely the best ive seen so far.
Spoopy (9 years ago)
Splendiferous! Nice random word! =D
evertime123 (9 years ago)
Nice! parental Controls Must suck... Oh The shugo Chara episode help file dosent exist.
Amy Wang (9 years ago)
awsome!!:DD faves

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