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Good Girls Go Bad- The Game ft. Drake(W/ Lyrics)

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[Game] Since BIG aint here, I'mma do it for T'yanna And put roses on the grave for Kanye's mama This for all the lost girls locked up in the pen All the girls that hold it down, gettin' beat on by their man Respect women, I don't care if they a 2 or a 10 We don't beat on Kat Stacks we just bring it to an end And we don't wanna see Nicki fighting Lil Kim There's missin' women out there, let's just focus on them This song is dedicated to Natalee Holloway I feel for her Daddy, so I wrote this on Fathers Day I know she gone, but she aint far away I just had a daughter, pass me that cigar 'Ye I'm about to tell a story, everybody parlay Sit back, listen while I kick it, the Compton Boulevard way My daddy used to beat up on my mama all day So I took my chronic out and slept in the hallway I learned this the hard way When police came our way, my daddy had his act on Like it never happened: (Broadway) Plus I was kinda scared to keep it real with you Now my mama good, nigga, she ain't gotta deal wit' ya You want some money? Nigga I aint get a deal wit' ya You aint sayin' nothin', you like a still picture You better thank God you still breathing air cause You coulda went out, like ya boy Steve McNair [Hook] Don't make the good girls go bad, no Don't make the good girls go bad, no (I, wont) If you dont, you gon' really love us (I said I wont) Please don't use us, dooon't [Drake] Good evening, I'm in Chicago at the Elysian With some girls that say they models, but hmm... I don't believe 'em Who's still gettin' tested? Wheres all the women at, could still remember who they slept with? Where's all the girls too busy studying to make the guest list? But when you do go out, you still working with what you was blessed with Do it girl, I'll be your King, be a Queen Latifah I love ya ass like Milhouse love Lisa I love ya ass like the ninja turtles love pizza Ironically enough, you something I want a piece of You got it girl, this song remind me of Kat from Philly A girl I used to love but still she started acting silly Her hearts a lil' chilly, she a little too carefree In 10 years, who's paying for all that therapy Umm, nigga not me! Yeah, I'm probably not the man you take me for But I bet I could be if you make me yours Most of the shit I say is true When I'm done with bad bitches I'm coming straight to you Good girl [Hook] Don't make the good girls go bad, no Don't make the good girls go bad, no If you dont, you gon' really love us Please don't use us, dooon't [Game - Verse 3] Drizzy, I'm sittin here watchin' Basketball Wives Like ugh, them is basketball wives? Only cute one, Gloria, thats my nigga Matt Barnes chick Can't swim in that poon fool, thats a crucial conflict Never sleep with the wife of niggas you eat with And never buy a chick a bag on the first day Or pop a bottle with her on her birthday And tell her ass, get on That type of shit'll get you spit on I don't hit on girls, I just hit on girls Like "hey lil mama, come in Game and Drizzy world" "Get busy girl, drink that Rose til you dizzy girl" She walking round the club all lost like "where is he, girl?" He on the top of the charts next to Beyonce Right under Kanye, so let the Dom spray Thats your girl, nigga go on make her cry Soon as you do, I'm pulling up in that Porsche, like "Lets ride" [Hook] Don't make the good girls go bad, no Don't make the good girls go bad, no If you dont make the good girls go bad, no Don't make the good girls go bad, no If you dont, you gon' really love us Please don't use us, dooon't [Game - Outro] Word on the news stand, Alicia got herself a man And thats my nigga Swizzy, know you see Game and Drizzy Surrounded by them diamonds, Imma cold mackin Nigga its a cold climate, don't ask me where the crime went Just tell me where them dimes went So I can get em fitted, let em beat a bridesmaid at the wedding for my niggas Yeah I'm married to the game And she married to my chain, watching Boys In The Hood Lets take a drive down memory lane.
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Michael Hilliard (2 years ago)
Yo Baller Chicken (3 years ago)
2012MzNezzy (4 years ago)
I love this song so much like ninja turtle loves pizza idk y im just hearing this, so inspiring too women for a rap song!
T-Roy (5 years ago)
why dont these dudes make more music together come onnnnnnnn they would kill it easy
Samuel Akinyemi (3 years ago)
Wish granted! They dropped a song today called "100"
huston marvin (5 years ago)
Lmaooo ninja turtles love pizza .............. thats so true i remember thats all they ever ate lol
lovelylady (5 years ago)
Drake 1:26
SuperBlack1337 (6 years ago)
For ppl like you there is a simple solution. Dont read the comments and YOU just enjoy the song...please :)
SuperBlack1337 (6 years ago)
Ok cool, I had a listen. Now you listen to what I think is one of Game's best songs---- Dreams. Now imma be honest with you bro I listened to Drake for a while to see what the buzz is but I just dont see it because I listen to songs like Dreams, and thats just comparing Drake to Game (not the legendary stuff of Pac, Biggie Nas--not comparable to nowadays rap i think we both agree) this is just comparing Drake and Game... also listen to "Start from scratch". :) Just spreading hip hop love man :)
tk allday (6 years ago)
Where to now -drake
SuperBlack1337 (6 years ago)
Tell me, what is Darke's best song--- in your opinion, just reply and I will make a point I promise.
yoking191 (6 years ago)
Catya was so bad drake foolin
Remik Bartoszek (6 years ago)
Dj brk & jarecki - takie czasy is better rap song on sampel of della humphrey song too.
Devin Malhi (6 years ago)
Can you all just stfu and enjoy the song please?
dajon mckay (6 years ago)
good shit, period
tk allday (6 years ago)
bitch sit the fuck down till you know what the topic of conversation is. i shouldnt even reply to yo dumbass
tk allday (6 years ago)
I know enough about rap to know that comparing rappers is like comparing artist, do you say Botticelli is less of a greater artist than Michelangelo? OR compare Dali to Picasso?? NO so STFU. THAT LINE KILLED IT..DRAKES take on life is different then NAS DICKWAD. ITS A MATTER OF OPINON SO QUIT DICKRIDING When the world stops worshiping strippers and video vixens, whats gonna happen to them... BITCH YOU AIN GOT NO MONEY FOR THERAPY NEITHER. THATS Y YOU MAD. U cant even afford your own therapy
kassim545 (6 years ago)
he is u dont understand his word if u did u now better
kassim545 (6 years ago)
bro im tying im getting there i will never give up
Justin R. (6 years ago)
i definiteky see the cat from bgc5 reference by drake
undds (6 years ago)
damn, Drake good but he ain't da BEST
ebrima Musik (6 years ago)
fuck dat!!!
zerob18 (6 years ago)
fuck you
MultiSpoonieluv (6 years ago)
the game is garbage
eh112344321 (6 years ago)
fuck religious faggs
Maciej Hinca (6 years ago)
@yvrswbt yeah i have spent over 15k on make money products and most were full of crap! i thank my lucky stars though cause i learned tons and ended up finding a goldmine method which allowed me to quit my job. but im not the type to keep a good thing all to myself you can get it here > bit.ly/SvtkMF?=ljjfo
johnnycage435 (6 years ago)
This beat is taylor maid for J.Cole
ItsArmaniFr (6 years ago)
Drake blessed Game? Fuck what J Cole talking bout
johnnycage435 (6 years ago)
He should of put J.Cole on this.
Prince Mack (6 years ago)
god damn
beeshabo (6 years ago)
Drake murders!
King Quan Gaming (6 years ago)
Well "used" to and "are" doing..
King Quan Gaming (6 years ago)
That's all they do though man...
Desmond Stewart (6 years ago)
Hip Hop doesnt have to be a certain way its HOW YOU EXPRESS YOUR SELF i actually respect drizzy for not trying to pretend he something he not and almost ALL RAPPERS ARE STUDIO GANGSTERS including the niggas from back in the day pac never did a day in jail intill he started making music go figure big was official and as real they come but for the most part there job is to entertain you dont here people telling john travolta he diddnt really take his face off
LiveFromMyMind010 (6 years ago)
Naw.......I'll listen. Drake cold wat's wrong with you.....
Doughboi (6 years ago)
Drake talking bout Catya from Bad Girls Club
Michelle Hernandez (6 years ago)
so hes talking bout having girls come together nd&& bring peace then he disses most of the basketball wives wow -____________-
King Quan Gaming (6 years ago)
Drake does have bars do not front man ...
SombreroDon (6 years ago)
Drake best rapper alive!
weinercornerz (6 years ago)
da faq nigga? i am nere for game. this is games track. not gay ass drakes. get the fuck outta here
troubleshoot (6 years ago)
then why did you click on the video. If Drake is the main reason hip hop is dead then why would you click on the video. You Dont like Drake, so dont click the video. I dont like gay porn, so i dont watch it.
stephy graham (6 years ago)
haha? tf is wrong with you drake is the best rapper alive he talks about real shit! not just stupid shit here and there times have changed thats why rap has changed and its going to keep changing i bet if we still had music from the 90s yall would stillbe bitching fuck. there are certain artist like drake that are fucking beast but then theres lil wayne he has SOME good songs but yeah hes not my fav. i dont like ymcmb or odd future and all that bs but you aint gotta be hating on drake!
weinercornerz (6 years ago)
there is plenty of things to rap about instead of fucking different bitches everyday, smoking weed every hour, and rapping about materialistic objects. What are these fake ass rappers trying to tell us?They wanna rub their shits on our face so we can go chase after those things?Not only hip hop used to be storytelling but also trying to send messages to people to be proactive, get education, get jobs, stopping poverty etc. it wasn't always about crimes.get your shit together before u talk stupid
tk allday (6 years ago)
DRAKE has skill he has lyrical ability,that plus i didn't compare him to anyone. I said he was a best rapper alive. And I meant that. you take it however you want to. But Listen to his old shit and his new shit. you'll see the growth with which he flexes on everyone's song and pretty much does the work for them. You should should know all about cock breath weinercornerz? fuck kinda name is that anyway douche.
tk allday (6 years ago)
YEAH..hip hop is progressive. While you were still sucking your rachet ass mommas tittes the world saw hip hop evolve. The reason why hip hop is dead is because its previous style has all but faded. Hip Hop used to be the stories of the hood that CNN never broad casted. POINT BLANK. "FROM A YOUNG G's PERSPECTIVE" We have no great civil rights battles or on tape hate crimes, there's no battering ram going from house to house lookin for dope dealers.
tk allday (6 years ago)
Nas is the shit. no questions. Dont hate on drake cause of who hes with. Im forreal tired of motherfuckers acting like YMCMB is one fuckin person, or that because hes in the group it lessens his lyrica ability. punk bitch dont hate cause you aint doin shit for yourself ICE CUBE, ANDRE NICKATINA, EAZY E, SNOOP, MESSY MARV ect. real rappers.the game is a hoe ass mark with a butterfly on his face. HIS NAME SHOULD BE "STEP YO GAME UP." REAL RECONGNIZE REAL. I see you didnt take my advice...
weinercornerz (6 years ago)
Fuck drake and lil wayne and that gay ass YMCMB. no u should kill urself for thinking drake is the best rapper alive. bitch, nas, game and em are the only realest and best rappers ALIVE.
Nevoc (7 years ago)
the beat is not very good sounds like alot of shit mashed up together.....
Doughboi (7 years ago)
BGC 5..
aaboo1212 (7 years ago)
drake was talking about catya frm bgc 6
RocNation93 (7 years ago)
Reminds me of the Documentary album
nicktjacob (7 years ago)
Hip hop needs more positive tracks like this. RESPECT women.
Kyuubi96 (7 years ago)
fucking dope !! game i love you man !!
Lee (7 years ago)
You don't believe in the bible or any god for that matter [neither do I --- you're giving atheism a bad name with your idiocy] but yet you say the bible said this and it said all women are evil? What short yellow bus did you fall off of? Your white helmet must not be on that tight. Let me be the one to adjust it for your brain dead ass. My bad, no disrespect to the brain dead; they're still more intelligent than you.
Delight Zaire (7 years ago)
sick song sick CONTENT
luscious Pee (7 years ago)
drake dedicated his verse to catya from da bad girls club !!!!! i really love this song....
oluwaseun williams (7 years ago)
hes ma cus fam
oluwaseun williams (7 years ago)
SkepticBiggs (7 years ago)
Mi Like It
el84oro (7 years ago)
@RichKiddSwagg lmfao good one
yznerf rumble (7 years ago)
game iz da shiznit---he's one of the last real lyricists
Chance Schaefer (7 years ago)
@420Crackdealer wow, just wow. You are seriously fucked up in the head. Go away now please. :)
ramp622 (7 years ago)
nigga not me
Dorian D (7 years ago)
@Footietekkers he has money he is ok ..
EpicUsernameLol (7 years ago)
Am I the only one who just lost "The Game"?
deathtotubez (7 years ago)
the game was terrible in this
Yonela Mtyobile (7 years ago)
i love this song...it lifts up my spirits
Bruce Wayne (7 years ago)
@blkgnuz2007 Dude, you call your mom a bitch...debating with you is pointless..what do you do, work @ Macdonalds or something ? You quote my terminology, and begin your sentences with Ella Mayo...this just reinforces to the rest of the world what kind of filth america produces
omar romero (7 years ago)
he broke up with her, why would he talk like she broke up wit him
omar romero (7 years ago)
drake only wrote like three bars for her in this song,, damn not the whole verse, she taking credit for this nice ass verse, he talks about her from 2:00 to 2:12
blackent049 (7 years ago)
game killed this. great track.
Kay T (7 years ago)
ion think drake miss cat i think he just open about the relationship in his music(: but he cud you never know.
david crenshaw (7 years ago)
the 4 dislikes are the guys who dont respect good women
DOCTOR SWAMP HANDS (7 years ago)
"I love you more than Milhouse loves Lisa" i shat.
Andrew Neal (7 years ago)
Drake = Shit
Justin Vargas (7 years ago)
3 Girls are Bad now :(
Driven Potential (7 years ago)
Best song on the album!
Ladytwix206 (7 years ago)
thanks lol xDD imma good girl & i like this player & if i can win him i gotta be bad but u kno this song is worth it & i think its time too move on lol xDD
Souhail Rost (7 years ago)
@sadcommunity you are the biggest piece of shit on youtube..true story
Shady 4Ever (7 years ago)
@iloverapmusic4life1 @SONYroxs ya know what? either you love drake or you hate him, everyone has his own opinion and taste in music, so instead of fighting over this shit just leave and listen to the shit you like.
The Fapologist (7 years ago)
@iloverapmusic4life1 LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOO you sound stupid. Him being Jewish has nothing to do with his wealth. FYI, he's only half Jewish so if you're gonna be prejudice at least do it right
iloverapmusic4life1 (7 years ago)
@SONYroxs Your just dumb and subconsciously brainwashed. Drake is a fake. A money making plan by ymcmb because they know dummies like you will listen to him. He was always rich. He's Jewish.
The Fapologist (7 years ago)
@iloverapmusic4life1 LMFAOOOOOOO you believe everything you hear don't you? He isn't using Listen to Lord Knows. He disses Sean for that B.S. and so does every other rapper such as Game, Lil Wayne, J Cole, and even Eminem but it's the skill of making it sound fresh and new. Stop being a skeptical, gullible idiot. Skeptical and gullible? Such a contradiction eh;)
iloverapmusic4life1 (7 years ago)
The Fapologist (7 years ago)
For those who say Drake can't rap....listen to his verse. He did better than the Game in this song.
Youssef lannister (7 years ago)
drake outshone game lmao .. and i'm a drake hater
rifatwins (7 years ago)
"I'm probably not the man you take me for, but I bet i could be if you make me yours"
MightyEagle9 (7 years ago)
Why do the game mention Kanye in every fucking song?! So confused...
kwatts337 (7 years ago)
this is an underrated hit here..
slidRazor (7 years ago)
Game Is so underrated
NinjaKnifes (7 years ago)
I dont even have a reason i just really enjoy this song.
Deeskey 95 (7 years ago)
why does drake sound like hes sorta outa breath or maybe stumbling? He must have forgot his sprite... BTW Game didnt need any one else in his track he can do it himself if any thing drake made the song worst.. West Coast for life!!
TJ Ulrich (7 years ago)
lovee this.
adam ashall (7 years ago)
love diss tune
Alex Seddon (7 years ago)
The Game needs to work on hes french.. ( imma about to tell a story so everybody parlé ) .. which is french for [ to talk ] not to listen, which is [ ecouté ] ... just saying haha, hot song tho
Flavio Lima (7 years ago)
Bad bitches ain't no good, good bitches ain't no fun ...
richberg (7 years ago)
i'm with some girls that say they models but mm... i don't believe em!
lalee33 (7 years ago)
Game knows how to kiss ass!!!
Dub b-rank (7 years ago)
natalee holloway... rip
shay roberson (7 years ago)
i love yo asx likee milhouse love lisa , i love yo asx like thaa ninja turtles love pizza :) #Est:12/13/10.
dnrmafia (7 years ago)
Drake kills it

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