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The Summer House (Drama, Full Length Movie, Free Feature Film, English Subs, Erotic) youtube movies

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The Summer House (2014, Orig.: DAS SOMMERHAUS), Erotic Drama, Full Length Movie, Free Feature Film, English Subtitles: A haunting portrait of a well-established German family living on the outskirts of Berlin in their ideal world, but are slowly shaken by external influences. It’s a subtle portrait of human desire, inner desolation, self-deception and moral decadence. Runtime: 1h 35min Director: Curtis Burz Writer: Curtis Burz Stars: Sten Jacobs, Anna Altmann, Jaspar Fuld The Larsens are a picture perfect family from the German upper-middle class. They have everything that means comfort and should mean happiness. However, the head of the family, Markus, an architect, lives a secret, bisexual double life. Markus realizes that he has a strong yearning for one of his daughter's school friends, Johannes, 12, also the son of his tax penalty-bedeviled business partner. FOLLOW US! ✘ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Bjgtjme ✘ Twitter - https://twitter.com/Bjgtjme MORE MOVIES! ► Action: https://bit.ly/2BGettS ► Classic Movies: https://bit.ly/2Rf93Qt ► Horror: https://bit.ly/2ENC3be ► Western: https://bit.ly/2LzJWT9 ► All Playlists: https://bit.ly/2EMLnMC The Summer House is a story about friendship and family but is far more taboo than those normally told on screen and it’s both gripping and intriguing in the way that many European drama’s can be with just a touch of grit to it’s realism. The film stars Sten Jacobs, Anna Altmann and Jaspar Fuld. The Larsens are a picture perfect family from the German upper-middle class. They have everything that means comfort and should mean happiness. Business success, a stylish, light-flooded home and a full scholarship for their daughter to study in England. However, the head of the family, Markus (Sten Jacobs), an architect, lives a secret, bise*xual double life as his wife Christine (Anna Altmann) and their eleven-year-old daughter Elisabeth (Nina Splettstößer) drown in unendurable loneliness. Markus realizes that he has a strong yearning for one of his daughter’s school friends, Johannes, 12, also the son of his tax penalty-bedeviled business partner, Christopher (Stephan Bürgi). The cinematography is wonderfully bright and reflective in contrast to the story (with some excellent arty european style shots such as close-ups of food and making coffee) and a mixed electronic and light ambient/jazz score helps with the pace of the piece and adds excitement. The subject matter is certainly controversial but I am not sure if this is merely shock cinema (the se*x scenes are very graphic) for the sake of it or if there is a deeper story trying to be told here. The Larsens are a picture perfect family from the German upper-middle class. They have everything that means comfort and should mean happiness. Business success, a stylish, light-flooded home and a full scholarship for their daughter to study in England. However, the head of the family, Markus, an architect, lives a secret, bis*exual double life as his wife Christine and their eleven-year-old daughter Elisabeth drown in unendurable loneliness. Markus realizes that he has a strong yearning for one of his daughter’s school friends, Johannes, 12, also the son of his tax penalty-bedeviled business partner, Christopher. He succeeds in getting closer to Johannes and binds the boy to himself with ever-increasing intensity. His wife is desperately aware of the emotional distance of her husband, but only her daughter Elizabeth, reacting to the se*xually laden atmosphere, sees through the lies and secrets that she instinctively knows to be an growing, disruptive threat to the entire family. #freemovies #moviesonline #watchfree ···················································································· COPYRIGHT: All of the films published by us are legally licensed. We have acquired the rights (at least for specific territories) from the rightholders by contract. If you have questions please send an email to: [email protected]
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Text Comments (212)
Sid Thomson (4 months ago)
Excellent movie. Thank you.
Thanyarat Toyawanick (2 days ago)
@Anton Fedorov ,,
Siti aisa (4 days ago)
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Siti aisa (4 days ago)
اغقت زاو (1 month ago)
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Pajaro Loco (1 day ago)
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Randa Roor (1 day ago)
Assdkind King (19 hours ago)
Hi 😉
indian Girl (1 day ago)
Fantastic 💋
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ABOS JABR (19 hours ago)
مين انتي
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ABOS JABR (20 hours ago)
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Mohammad Rashidi (3 days ago)
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عمر عنزي (4 days ago)
احححح دخت
Om dhek Satriawan (5 days ago)
Excellent to movie,i like it,nice to enjoy movie.;:-+)0
Selwal Suman (5 days ago)
I like it
نعمان محمد (5 days ago)
اوف حلوووو
Martin Kratts (7 days ago)
Tuik Buto (8 days ago)
Amarjith Qatar (11 days ago)
Wonderful movie
naufal Bro (11 days ago)
Yg ingat allah silakan laik
Frank Ford (12 days ago)
Well done movie!
Fras Fras (13 days ago)
george anthony (13 days ago)
hit the jackpot
zondaintheair (16 days ago)
I can understand now why Germany is so desperate to keep Britain in the EU.
puspita sari (16 days ago)
Kyu Songo (1 day ago)
knapa? pengen!!!
Sunil Kumar (3 days ago)
وائل وائل (7 days ago)
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efendi JE (18 days ago)
Gewek yuk entot
efendi JE (18 days ago)
Waw gilak jancuk tempe asu babi kontol pepek
Greg Cab (20 days ago)
Here is another movie with white letters on white background, I barely understand what is going on,...(can this be fix.?)
Greg Cab (18 days ago)
Herman Washington (21 days ago)
Excellent Video ln "JE'SUS, NAME
Ronald Tretiak (22 days ago)
Cees Ouwehand (24 days ago)
Murtada Jabbar (25 days ago)
مهند ذكر (28 days ago)
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Jennifer Diaz (20 days ago)
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Areej Fatima (1 month ago)
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Life (1 month ago)
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Life (1 month ago)
yo thank you ❤ but her acc is private hahahaha
Amy McRed (1 month ago)
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Life (1 month ago)
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Qadir Mikayilov (1 month ago)
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asrul edi (1 month ago)
mana yg asli.nya
せいりゅー (1 month ago)
maurice stanley (1 month ago)
TENSE! Well made, riveting!
Barry Scott-Scheiern (1 month ago)
1:14:22 This kid has bewitched the man. Kid is in charge of the whole situation.
JasparTheGhost (3 days ago)
@CATHY B Tell us more 🙂
CATHY B (8 days ago)
Marks Manship Dont fool yourself . It always went on ..Everywhere .
Marks Manship (8 days ago)
Where I grew up a kid doing that could get beaten by the man and nothing would be said. You simply did not play with people’s lives.
Yogi Febrian (1 month ago)
Nice videos..
Michael Pytte (1 month ago)
Wow, she is a very cute girl!
Life (1 month ago)
yall know her social media acc's?
JasparTheGhost (1 month ago)
Love her accent when she speaks English.
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M.nawaz Nawaz (1 month ago)
So saweet
Gary Johnson (1 month ago)
A sad and depressing movie dealing with a difficult subject, the really sad part was when the mother told the boy that he was destroying their family! Just goes to show how some people think more about their life style than about the well fare of the children. An the daughter, stabbing the boy, attempting to protect her father, One persons wrongs often leads others down a dark rabbit hole...but it was a good movie.
Barry Scott-Scheiern (1 month ago)
Yeah, Mom wasn't much concerned about the boy, was she. Oh! So much money! Also Mom lets her daughter watch as she tries to 'fake' hang herself
zezeto Ble (1 month ago)
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JasparTheGhost (25 days ago)
Est-ce que quelqu'un vous a déjà téléphoné?
Barry Scott-Scheiern (2 months ago)
1:35:11 Momma didn't see her coming?
JasparTheGhost (1 month ago)
She just put both her parents in prison and herself in reform school.
Barry Scott-Scheiern (17 days ago)
1:30:14 Yikes
Barry Scott-Scheiern (2 months ago)
52:24 I don't get this kid. He already knows why he's there. (Takes T shirt off on request, etc.) Why should he be surprised?
WF6i (2 months ago)
The ending kind of has you wondering if that actually happened and if it did, was it fatal?
Barry Scott-Scheiern (2 months ago)
Pretty big ass knife. If it went through to his heart or lungs, yeah
Roy W (2 months ago)
What a brilliant film. Such tension. Great acting. I don't think anything really happened between them... at the end the boy offers himself but the man resists. Any opinions?
JasparTheGhost (1 month ago)
@Barry Scott-Scheiern You're right the sequences at the end don't make sense. I think they were trying too hard to be ambiguous. We know what is about to happen at 1:14:38 so the"shorts" comment later makes no sense.
Barry Scott-Scheiern (1 month ago)
@Roy W The kid was definitely a flirt and really had power over the man.
Roy W (1 month ago)
@Barry Scott-Scheiern Yes. Good points well made. I did hear the boy saying about the condoms etc but he had really teased the guy so much because he knew the bloke wanted him. I really wasn't sure. Thanks for the reply. ☺
Usman Munawar (2 months ago)
👍 superb
Ed Lang (2 months ago)
Jj Jimenez (2 months ago)
This happens when a man does not know his own manhood.
Tommy G (7 days ago)
CATHY B so what happened? Did u guys end up together or not? How did he feel about u? And did other adults interfere or split u guys up?
CATHY B (8 days ago)
Tommy G I loved him . I told him l wanted him .ld do anything he liked anything ..anything at all
Tommy G (8 days ago)
CATHY B Wow, thats quite an age difference. I didn't expect u to answer but how do u feel about it now? Do u think it was wrong or do u have good memories of it? Do u regret it I mean or are u glad it happened?
CATHY B (8 days ago)
Tommy G I was 15 he was in his 30s ..
Bekir İsmayilov (2 months ago)
Luther Mcgee (2 months ago)
Only the architecture interested me.
Luther Mcgee (2 months ago)
The architecture is beautiful, but unfortunately, human behaviour is a tragedy.
ala aladin (2 months ago)
Matrix Master (2 months ago)
Whipping Her Hair Back and Forth^^
B Ho (2 months ago)
esmee vree (3 months ago)
i was kinda confused when they started talking english but great movie and the girl and boy are very pretty
JasparTheGhost (2 months ago)
The girl was trying to go to England on an exchange program so they were helping her by talking English to her.
esmee vree (3 months ago)
who else whas shocked when they saw the dad kissing a guy
George Penwell (1 month ago)
@JasparTheGhost : Yes! The forward and reverse scroll option is my friend indeed.
pwndecaf (2 months ago)
No, it's not a new thing. But he is pedophile. That's not a good thing.
Luther Mcgee (2 months ago)
esmee vree , a guy kissing another guy?! That's repugnant .
JasparTheGhost (2 months ago)
Thank goodness for the fast forward button
Baldev Singh (3 months ago)
Wonderful exemple of how Lust /addiction destroys families.
Hamza Naiba (3 months ago)
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Lolita Zavala (2 months ago)
You can drop your contact then we'll talk if you want
Hamza Naiba (2 months ago)
Well how do we talk 😏
Lolita Zavala (2 months ago)
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Hamza Naiba (2 months ago)
26 years why ?
Bad Mako (3 months ago)
I enjoy heavy, poignant movies... and this particular flick is just that
vicki (3 months ago)
I read the title and now I’m like WAIT A SECOND
Eddie Ellegood (3 months ago)
Jarbo Fiorini (3 months ago)
Also, da konnte man ein bisschen mehr Kreativität in den script rein!
JasparTheGhost (2 months ago)
Besonders die Endung.
Max Schmidt (3 months ago)
Boa!! Das English von der Elisabeth und Christine 😑 . Der Vater ist so ein Arsch! Trotzdem danke für hochladen
Kartick Chakroborty (2 months ago)
JasparTheGhost (2 months ago)
Yes the father was the bad guy
@Фиона Иванова конечно будто это осознавать))) я рад что рожден в рф и в нашем детстве небыло гомосятины, конечно и на данный момент непозволительно по природе такое
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Дальше что?
Gee Jae (3 months ago)
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Jay-al Jauculan (3 months ago)
Nice place ,nice gardens,..
The1BGMscary (3 months ago)
When I saw the wife try to insert a wire clothes hanger up into her crotch, I wondered if Elisabeth would appreciate having a Teletubbie as a little brother. I'm thinking not ..
pwndecaf (29 days ago)
@The1BGMscary Glad to help - lol
The1BGMscary (29 days ago)
@pwndecaf Duh
Lucy Cruz (29 days ago)
The1BGMscary 33
pwndecaf (2 months ago)
Ir's called an abortion.
CRIZtoFEN115 (3 months ago)
Just a low cost movie
vicki (3 months ago)
Nice pfp
Timothy Roy (3 months ago)
What a way to end this Movie . It should end by him calling his father and having the boy's father come to the Apartment the same time the man came back from the Bank with the money , and the money can get his father out of hot water and they can live happily ever after . The End .
Barry Scott-Scheiern (1 month ago)
@JasparTheGhost I was assuming he went to the bank to pick up the money, meaning he already had that much anyway. Has the house of a rich man
JasparTheGhost (2 months ago)
Except the bank wouldn't lend him money on no collateral.
Luther Mcgee (2 months ago)
Timothy Roy , instead the boy gets the knife.
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Jerry Attric (2 days ago)
Sebastien Lafleur (4 days ago)
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Reza Alfaridzi (30 days ago)
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Finn Geuen (3 months ago)
It was a very good movie
David Allen (3 months ago)
Certainly differant. This film would never get made here in the UK. 10/10 to to the Germans.
alejandro junovich (4 months ago)
demasiada publicidad!!!!....
Gerald Spessard (4 months ago)
The Summer House; what a disgusting movie.
barefoot and independent (3 months ago)
repressed nerd alert!
edstar83 (3 months ago)
@G Smith Take your own advice.
Gulbadin Akakhail (4 months ago)
Grt English movie
JasparTheGhost (2 months ago)
German movie
sukardi ocal (4 months ago)
Ngentok yuk...
Ersaf Erna Juwita (1 month ago)
Ngntot ok
Tu te Kohe (4 months ago)
A Tragedy, in the classical drama sense.
Ribamar Dos Santos (4 months ago)
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