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Far Cry Primal - HOW TO BUILD WEAPONS - Bow, Club, Spear, and How To Upgrade Weapon

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Text Comments (20)
TheBossKiller123 (3 months ago)
Wow so that's how you get weapons
I'M A SASQUATCH (6 months ago)
Thanx bro
Sunita Sharma (7 months ago)
(•~•) ( >>>>>
אביתר רון (1 year ago)
Y cant I have 2 spears and u can?
JaycooK star wars (1 year ago)
this helped so much thanks you made my day
Cale Kober (1 year ago)
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Apricot God (1 year ago)
George David (1 year ago)
I shit on your stupid tutorial.. you should mention is for poor people who afford just consoles and not PC's...
Jackson Dayee (1 year ago)
How did you not know how to access the weapon wheel? That's like the first thing they show you when the game starts.
CaptainHighAsf (2 years ago)
how do you have more then 2 spears I got a level 3 spear and I only have 2 at a time
Vikelaan (2 years ago)
A spear holster thingy
TheFlamingTornado1 (2 years ago)
Thank you! I was wondering the same
Shaun Lowe (2 years ago)
omg I feel stupid now lol thanks dude (I can already see the troll comments coming)
white cracker (2 years ago)
how did he not know this stuff
Andrew Jennings (2 years ago)
thanks for vid
JG _Doge (2 years ago)
This should have included a tutorial on getting the AK
kodak kamo (2 years ago)
this is 10000 BCE
Bubble WoLF (2 years ago)
✪ Jonathan (2 years ago)
oLXo (2 years ago)
First ?

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