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HTML & CSS | 07 - Inline and Block Elements

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Video #7 | HTML & CSS | Tutorial Series Implementing different tags calls for different types of elements, including inline and block elements. The advantages and limitations of both provide a great way to see how HTML has the potential to become your website language of choice. ------------------------------------- HTML & CSS | Tutorial Series ------------------------------------- With other 4 years and 100+ projects worth of experience, I am happy to bring a free, easy-to-follow, and short video tutorial series on the basics and fundamentals of HTML & CSS programming. You will be able to follow along with the 5-6 min videos on a daily basis, explaining as much as how to build your very own website. ------------------------------------- CODEPHENOM ------------------------------------- Need a website or an app? Contact me at info (at) codephenom (dot).com ------------------------------------- COPYRIGHT INFO ------------------------------------- These videos are solely educational, and are encouraged to be utilized in an according manner. Please do not download and sell these videos without my explicit consent.
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Text Comments (15)
Prestige (2 months ago)
XxRMPGaming (4 months ago)
the more you look at block the more it looks weird
Kailash Viswanathan (7 months ago)
Thanks Man!!!
Christopher Angulo (9 months ago)
Awesome explanation!
Parez Dara (11 months ago)
Thanks Alot :D
international Remixes (1 year ago)
thanksss broooooo
Fahad Hejab (10 months ago)
with disney channel flow
Muy 012 (1 year ago)
what text editor are you using? its far better then the good old notepad I use, can I get a link to it?
Christopher Angulo (9 months ago)
Na, that's definitely Sublime
Ákos Rupp (11 months ago)
i think it is brackets
international Remixes (1 year ago)
hey...use notepad++
Diego Albarracin (1 year ago)
thankth for thith :)
OneSingleCheezIt (1 year ago)
Not showing ratings? Instant thumbs down.
Charlie Ennis (1 year ago)
Excellently explained and cleanly put together.
Prakash Ch. Awal (2 years ago)
thanx for the video!!!

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