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The House of Magic UK 10" TV SPOT

10 ratings | 5150 views
- In UK cinemas July 25th - Thunder is a young cat who has been abandoned by his family. Alone and lost, he finds refuge in a mysterious house that belongs to Lawrence, a retired magician. Thunder feels at home in this haunted house, filled with strange characters who are a lot of fun. But when his host Lawrence is sent to hospital, his nephew does his utmost to sell the house behind his uncle's back. Then Thunder has an amazing idea - to transform the home into a haunted house! He forms a resistance movement with the help of his little companions. http://www.thehouseofmagicfilm.co.uk https://www.facebook.com/TheHouseofMagic
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powerof Diggs (6 months ago)
I love thunder and the house of magic!!!

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