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In this video i'm pouring molten LAVA rocks in my shredder. I didn't think my furnace would be able to melt LAVA ROCKS, but i was wrong ! After 70 minutes in the furnace (at full power) the rocks turned from a solid state in to real LAVA ! These rocks are normally used on gas barbeques because of their high tolerance to heat. I guess my melting furnace was a bit to hot for them :) Giveaway link : http://bit.ly/LavaRockGiveAway Copyright Free Music from : http://bit.ly/EpidemicSoundPressTube (30 days free trial) Merch : http://www.bit.ly/PressTubeMerch contact me : [email protected]
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Text Comments (7278)
Lady Redfield (4 hours ago)
I'm just impressed that the shredder wasn't too damaged.
燼滅炎燦爛 (9 hours ago)
RealPotendo (17 hours ago)
Sieht aus wie Krabben
Kpopkrystalicius Kim (2 days ago)
I agree its not real lava
lancer wagon (2 days ago)
heve to say the stone looks nice now.-----somthing for the shredder ehm. mother in law a idee? :)
17's Grocery Store (3 days ago)
what is your favourite music? me: lava rocks.
ReD RaD (4 days ago)
The action begins at 2:50... Thank me later
Monbebe exo-l (5 days ago)
Iphone xs max vs lava
Monbebe exo-l (5 days ago)
"A little bit hotter" Lol.
justin8448 (5 days ago)
Alien remains
pzam.sapuan PS (5 days ago)
Rex Gamer (5 days ago)
azwazarulle (6 days ago)
3:10,Looks like cheddar of cheese...
Шредеру вообщем похуй на эту лаву)))
Alessandro Borlizzi (7 days ago)
Very Nice.....
Aussiearm fan (7 days ago)
Im new but have u ever shredded all at once recipe for fun like lot of cap gun ammunition , aerosol cans,sparklers and matches bound to be a spark right? would be cool I think 👍
Repon cow (7 days ago)
xxxxxx push =3333
タナカマリナ (7 days ago)
最強すぎる〜 日本人の人グッド👍
Duncan T (7 days ago)
This guy have a lot of money to do a lot of that
1000000 subs 100 vids (7 days ago)
2:54 cost 1 like
BoomBoxJava (8 days ago)
Raw lava would have bore a hole through the middle.
Micah on The mic (8 days ago)
It looks like clams
I'm Nikka (8 days ago)
味噌汁 (9 days ago)
ivan 2000 (9 days ago)
Shubham Bhargav (9 days ago)
3:22 crab's 🦀
Awaitor (7 days ago)
3:21 am I hungry or do I see cooked meat
Dordije Bojovic (9 days ago)
It s lool like ruins backbling from fortnite
Lorenzo Orquina (9 days ago)
I like u if you do expirements cuz the experiments u do was the stuff I was dreaming to do
It's like a tatti 💩💩😅😂😂
Spider Mcgavenport (9 days ago)
Overwatch playing Torbjörn using his Ult.
Oscar Hallam (9 days ago)
luca mere (9 days ago)
Shane wickham (9 days ago)
What was supposed to happen?
MACX (9 days ago)
One quick question! Why didn't the pot melted?
e o (9 days ago)
+MACX yeah why do people believe lava can melt anything
MACX (9 days ago)
+e o ik that's clickbait lava are from volcanoes but im asking that why the pot didn't got melted but only the things inside the pot when his heating it
e o (9 days ago)
People say lava can melt anything but its not real it could even melt a pot
Born crusher (9 days ago)
e o (9 days ago)
宇部市 いえ!!!!!!
천지성 (9 days ago)
자메이카 통다리 구이
narkotik le chibre (9 days ago)
Useless max + + +
Tuna Kaan (10 days ago)
This is like heart 3:16
Andri wisnu2668 (10 days ago)
To the point 2:52
Muh.Hizbullah (10 days ago)
Jangan bahasa Inggris dong sekali kali pake bahasa Indonesia
Dion Ally Cerrafon (10 days ago)
Scrambled egg Delicous
CooManTunes (10 days ago)
I can't believe what I just fucking watched. Multiple faps up!
Məsum Mmm (10 days ago)
Andrei ph (10 days ago)
3:22 mmmmm beacon
Raz. very (10 days ago)
*Nothing will happen* 😂
Extra Vênusiano (10 days ago)
2:16 pop
Alyssa K (10 days ago)
Can anyone see that that was really satisfying??
bbhhgg bbhhgg (10 days ago)
Stephen Kerby (10 days ago)
Lava ruks
흰머리TV Nerdy Life (10 days ago)
I thought the shredder would be destroyed
Jami _ (10 days ago)
2:50 thank later
FIeeSky TV (10 days ago)
鮭タコ (10 days ago)
アリゾナ (10 days ago)
it looks...something sweets...
Darksim Satan (10 days ago)
Lave sur ta gueule svp
Mathieu Jehl (10 days ago)
유부초밥 (10 days ago)
용암이아니라 쇳덩이 녹인거네
Lilibeth Santidad (10 days ago)
2:48 where it starts just 1 like for the price
ELDAR QURBANOV (10 days ago)
3:02 wow
umairjalal (11 days ago)
It looks like stool lol 💩
Юрий Егоров (11 days ago)
Can you put your hand in this machine?
Ezekiel Simsuangco (9 days ago)
Юрий Егоров r u insane? jk
Raj Kumar (11 days ago)
I feel the heat.
B-roeder. fan (11 days ago)
Jij bent Nederlands
Grand Theft Gaming (11 days ago)
Lit 🔥 video bro!
Thainan Tata (11 days ago)
Wendell Sanders (11 days ago)
The final product looks like a piece of Megatron's body
роман (11 days ago)
Luv not
France Atienza (11 days ago)
no effect
Franco Galli (11 days ago)
Great barbecue
5 talented girls club (11 days ago)
Video requested Make a vlog Put a lava on a bucket Pour it some water
Doris Holmes (11 days ago)
the hell
HELPING HAND By- G S (12 days ago)
V nice video sir.
مين عربي😭
امجد حيدر (10 days ago)
hihihi (13 days ago)
2:51 Cost a like 👇🏼
KubaGamer (13 days ago)
WOW 2:26
Ryder Benson (13 days ago)
3:15 It looks as if though the Devil's Corpse just got Mutilated !!!
Phuong Nguyen (13 days ago)
R.I.P lava
Stacy Playz Gacha (13 days ago)
Kinda dissapointing...
I LOVE CATS (14 days ago)
henry vdwesthuizen (14 days ago)
Iqbal Gamer (14 days ago)
THE BLC7 (15 days ago)
3:16 فضلات تاع تنين
NOLHAN SAMSON (15 days ago)
jedyl star (15 days ago)
Jakob Wern (15 days ago)
Fake lava
GirlYouDon'tKnow 2295 (19 days ago)
It was quite satisfying watching the lava flake off like that.
Stellane Ung (20 days ago)
These savage people are not even scared like shredding dangerous stuff
3:16 For some random reason The crushed lava looks like bacon. And i was just eating eggs while watching the video, So now i feel hungery again *Seriously no lié. if lava does seriously makes bacon. I'll get lava and crush it*
tremon 36 (23 days ago)
Finally someone uses true lava
Liina (26 days ago)
2:48 You are welcome
negative studios (27 days ago)
you english bro
Kyle Labelle (27 days ago)
Your lava sucks it isn't even strong I could play with that in my hand no one wants to hear a guy talk I just skipped to the part where you dump the "lava" seriously disappointed
sakthivel K (1 month ago)
Energy waste
Jordan Frayser (1 month ago)
It's like I felt the heat thru the vid lol
charcoalVN tanphat (1 month ago)
This is crazy. Shredder is supposed to crush hard object, not for those melted hot like that

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