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How to Generate sql insert/delete/update script from excel 2016 - Part 1

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This clip , I write insert into script fro excel to run on new query in sql , and next video will have delete /Update part 2.
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Rui Branco (6 days ago)
can t u instead of select a single cell, tell him the row to select? that s because my row are not by order, so i need to track the row rather than the cell ty
Le Trung (6 months ago)
Tks you so much!!
E Angkor (6 months ago)
I'm happy for helping everyone and Thanks u for watching and subscribe me :)
luis arhuide (8 months ago)
Pusha se nota que te falta, solo copia y pega en los null, la idea es hacerlo con una macro, saludos Arhuide+
Daniela Alejandra (9 months ago)
Que buena técnica, me ayudo mucho gracias
NNThorup (1 year ago)
very helpful!
E Angkor (1 year ago)
Thanks u for watching and subscribe me :)
Lavax 8 (1 year ago)
thank u

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