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D3 ft Zigi - Good Girls Gone Bad

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Listen & Download MzVee's (D3) New Album Here: http://smarturl.it/36ra2c ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Former girl group from Lynx Entertainment, D3 (Diamond 3), ft Zigi ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Check out MzVee's Other Videos Below: I Don't Know - http://smarturl.it/gvzwol Sing My Name ft Patoranking - http://smarturl.it/x16c29 Come & See My Moda ft Yemi Alade - http://smarturl.it/pj6at1 Rewind ft Kuami Eugene - http://smarturl.it/qsd7i6 Daavi - http://smarturl.it/ga900x Hold Me Now - http://smarturl.it/00ufpl We Run Dem - http://smarturl.it/eepny8 Abofra - http://smarturl.it/w7abwa Mensuro Obia ft Pappy Kojo - http://smarturl.it/w0xspc My Time ft Lil Shaker - http://smarturl.it/290ees -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Copyright (c) Lynx Ghana Limited www.facebook.com/mzveegh www.twitter.com/mzveegh www.instagram.com/mzveegh https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MzVee # Gh Music # African Music # Afrobeats
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Text Comments (392)
Davina Afriyie (8 months ago)
Venus Boateng (1 year ago)
mary mary (1 year ago)
Love the voice of the one in orange. I likes!
Ronnamas Sivle (1 year ago)
good music
Kwesi Andoh Abban (1 year ago)
Tut tut tut
the last girl literally doesn't do anything ...except dance
The Real Moana (1 year ago)
the girl with straight black hair is Nigerian-Yoruba and so is the one with curly frizzy Hair.the one with a short wiggly hairdo wthat comes up to her ears,is Ghanaian.😂😀
Domzz Vipes (3 months ago)
Evans couldn't u see she was an obvious troll. They are all Ghanaians
Evans (9 months ago)
Why did she prefer to use the Ghanaian language? So it's true that Nigerians are always claiming to be Ghanaians
The Real Moana (1 year ago)
yeah your right.
Bea Boateng (1 year ago)
Sareeya Siman Yup Mzvee she's really a hit now
The Real Moana (1 year ago)
love ur song😊😊
Donny Tony (1 year ago)
really loves this song but are they still together??
Terry Oppong (6 months ago)
Donny Tony no they are not
N-K Entertainment TV (1 year ago)
I almost cried! I remember when this came out and I used to loose my mind back in my school days😄💃🏽🙌🏾 #Classic
Louisa Klug (2 years ago)
Too bad myzz vee friends had to leave they wld hv broke records together
Sunardi Tan (2 years ago)
waiting for episode 3 Tambro y
Millicent Asosyine (2 years ago)
Really love these girls wish they could make more songs, they got it all
Agnes Paul (2 years ago)
they are not more together
Lily Asafo Adjei (2 years ago)
all time favorite, love these girls
Wendy Adu (2 years ago)
I culd understand what zigi says because im ghanian
Nana Owusu (2 years ago)
Nice song
Odiline Soza (2 years ago)
Hmm what happend to them girl haha only mvzee in the pic ahaha
when I search Zigi, I mean Zigi as Zayn & Gigi. and then I found these.
Shadow Ebo Lee (7 months ago)
well, now dat u found this, do u like it?
babe boo (3 years ago)
mzvee hmm
Kelly Ban (3 years ago)
I literally just realized that the girl in orange is MzVee.....
Delores Asempa (2 months ago)
Kelly Ban I already knew
Mela AJ (3 years ago)
i remember when i heard this song ages ago now i cant stop listing to it, my teachers r even singin it opps
Chanel Metsen (3 years ago)
Sini B (3 years ago)
I like these dance moves :)
Maame Yaa Appiaah (3 years ago)
It was really awesome
Bashler Luxeus (3 years ago)
Bashler Luxeus (3 years ago)
Best African song ever
Jasmine Alexander (3 years ago)
The one in the right is so cute!! They all pretty but she a so adorable. ^O^
Shayi Tee (3 years ago)
Shayi Tee (3 years ago)
good girl gone bad
Leslie-Smith Sielenu (3 years ago)
Good girls fine girls
Leslie-Smith Sielenu (3 years ago)
Echt coole mädchen
Roger Assebian (4 years ago)
Luv it
fabiene afi (4 years ago)
gnonouvio va tro love it
Raju Saraf (4 years ago)
Wow sooo cool
gyal deeja (4 years ago)
hello mezzvee alidu facebook me on lidudes jewell blinks nice to see that??
Aalyah Dupuy (4 years ago)
what happend to a she did no sing love the song
Kim Desir (4 years ago)
she sounds like rihanna
Nonkosi Dotwana (1 year ago)
ossar miller (4 years ago)
They cool
Tim Hounsell (4 years ago)
They are really cool!
macshild (4 years ago)
oh mehn I am soo in love...heyy Richie you sure say you no dey pull current small small from them
gideon benzene (5 days ago)
Ohh but ma guy why
momed SY (5 years ago)
MAUREEN ADOFO (5 years ago)
Dede Maxwell (5 years ago)
I like s I feel like people don't give her enough credit
Peter Effah (5 years ago)
i like lady V, she is very beautiful and others one are fantastic
Black Pearl (5 years ago)
love this girls
lennynextdoor (5 years ago)
Malvis Reiph (5 years ago)
Me and my sister love this song
Malvis Reiph (5 years ago)
You do not know how bad I love this song. It is of the hook.
Malvis Reiph (5 years ago)
Love there songs
Feather Diesel (5 years ago)
before my co-workers thinks am crazy,bcos I listen this to song every morning,untill they later realizes how it is to listen to a good sound like this,now we all play this every morning, love this song,give us more,bravoo D3 n LYNX
Joyce Kissiwah (5 years ago)
That good
TheBeauties4 (5 years ago)
I love this song so much!!!! why does a not sing? just a question :)
Malvis Reiph (5 years ago)
They sing beautiful
Malvis Reiph (5 years ago)
They are awesome
Brown Banks (5 years ago)
akua nimako (5 years ago)
They Ghanaian but some Ghanaians talk like Jamaicans cuz Jamaicans and Ghanaians are very very similar
TheColourfullView (1 year ago)
akua nimako most Jamaican people are of Ghanean descent, that's why, some Jamaican elders speak an older version of kromanti from the Ashanti people.
Destiny Reborn (5 years ago)
D3 are d bomb!!!!!!!! and Zigi killed it man......you say wetin?
Ovelle S. Yakubu (5 years ago)
liar, liar! they are Ghanaians!
luvUSAkanAYETOROkan (5 years ago)
luv dis song for life pls be my bad girl
aveholva (5 years ago)
Where all these kind chicks been dey when i been get money?
Ntombi Rain (5 years ago)
u mean South Ghana!
Josephine Babirye (5 years ago)
Acacia Coley (5 years ago)
Wow I love this song so much and they are all beautiful I wish I could be them I wonder if I could meet them in real and in person
Ka'Liah Asafo-Adjei (5 years ago)
I love Outfits
ORsurgicaltech360 (5 years ago)
move over Nikki M... Byonce and the rest of them... they will give you a run for your money..
nono lumbala (5 years ago)
so sexy
they are from Ghana please
Aleigha Dixon (5 years ago)
Well they are from south Jamaica
Aleigha Dixon (5 years ago)
its such a catchy song i love it :)
Aalisha Mcnair (5 years ago)
Ka'Liah Asafo-Adjei (5 years ago)
I lovethis
Ore Akins (5 years ago)
O m g girl
Creed A. (5 years ago)
The last girl in the front has no energy at all, so lame!!
Creed A. (5 years ago)
The babe in the middle is freaking hoootttt!!
Bunchos L (5 years ago)
Charlie Roberts (5 years ago)
love it it's on my tv
Lionel Darming (5 years ago)
So what does the chorus really mean (1. Good girls gone bad, 2. Little girl you have change, or 3. The ladies have arrive)? These are the translation from other commenters. I don't know which one to pick LOL.
CandyFace Barry (5 years ago)
Because Jamaicans Origin Is From Serra Leone Ghana Nigeria Ect (Countries That speak pidgin = broken English) And So Jamicains Speak A Mixture Between That and Your Native Language :D
Lionel Darming (5 years ago)
Can't stop listening, sorry replay button LOL.
Papadadrinky (5 years ago)
Mariatu Wurie (5 years ago)
The last girl to appear in the middle doesn't have that much energy than the other two... But I do like the song
Mimi mensah (5 years ago)
They r soo cute
Nana Bonsu-Amoako (5 years ago)
Love this vid. By the way what was happening at 1:35 The two girls at the background lost concentration right there!
racheal lamptey (5 years ago)
love this song
Aalisha Mcnair (5 years ago)
ok thanks!
amekugee worlasi (5 years ago)
"Ewe", the language of the people of ghana`s volta region.
Aalisha Mcnair (5 years ago)
in what language?
kevyn kybe (5 years ago)
sounds like rihanna and looks like Michele obama
Zelia Francisco (5 years ago)
love this song ;)
Amoaka Nana Atta (5 years ago)
Like your jamacan axant!
felix kenu (5 years ago)
QUALITY..............good job ..why does people hate on good stuff???
Jay Sel GH (5 years ago)
they are gud ma heart is yearnin for v loolx
Glam Bunni (5 years ago)
1st time i'm hearing this song and i'm in love
Amoaka Nana Atta (5 years ago)
Cool songggggggggggg
Ama koranteng (5 years ago)
You could be my bad girl
Oge PurplePrincess (5 years ago)
I aint gon lie V sounds like a real jamaican for a sec there =)
Ellen Oppong (5 years ago)
I luv dem
LOVER24680 (5 years ago)
is it just me or is that guy trey songs's twin??
kacia daley (5 years ago)
amekugee worlasi (5 years ago)
"nyonu vi oh vaa-do , meh beh nyonu vi oh vaa-do" , dats in ewe n it means "the ladies have arrived, i said da ladies have arrived". could also be translated as "the ladies are in the building, i mean da ladies r in da buliding"
Ben Martei (5 years ago)
wht were they saying in the chorus.....?
Simmin Hay (5 years ago)
Love this song

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