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The Great Pyramid Secret Vault That's Been Hidden From the Public

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Modern Archaeologists think that the Great Pyramid is a tomb and nothing but a tomb, but this video clearly shows the work of an advanced civilization. The Great Pyramid, like other pyramids, was a religious structure, designed as a memorial to a deceased king. The Pyramid symbolized, among other things, the Sun, the stars, and the primeval mound. It was a resurrection device for the king; and, in its lower parts at least, it was his tomb. The Pyramid was built, in part at least, as a repository and time capsule for the benefit of a future generation of men. But it was not just a repository of physical relics and artefacts. Rather, it was a repository of a religious idea, which was expressed in a variety of ways. The late Alan Alford, author of the bestselling Gods of the New Millennium, asks why the Great Pyramid was built. Many writers have attempted to answer this conundrum by removing the Pyramid from its historical context. In contrast, Alan reinterprets the Pyramid’s architecture in the light of the Egyptian creation myth. His presentation explores the purposes of all the known chambers as well as the possibility of undiscovered chambers, including the intact burial place of Cheops. Recorded at Truth, Mysteries and New Frontiers http://www.glastonburysymposium.co.uk/
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Dolores Finney (2 days ago)
There was a civilization on Mars and when the comet, which was called Vénus, took away much atmosphere, most of them were brought to earth, including Egypt. China has records of this.
The design of a pyramid with a 50 something angle was a later addendum. It started out as a structure at the “Centre of the World” other than a conventional pyramid. DLF. Have fun!
You are smarter than others.But you also drive into dead ends. The great pyramid was commenced 40,000 years before our time. It became Egyptian only about 4,5 years ago, what means it would undergo transformations about 4 times over...over a time period of ~ 36,000 years, and, it was built from the inside out!, using intelligence procuring Archimedes.
ian ball (13 days ago)
Go and look.
Jason Fellows (19 days ago)
That is a ridiculous "theory"! Dude, come on!!??
Dock Saylor (22 days ago)
They would have still been usable if they weren’t ram asked throughout the years..
Rod Boone (1 month ago)
Egypt was a lush fertile oasis when the pyramids were built
Fantastic Transcripts (1 month ago)
I believe this was recorded in 2006.
Kathleen Robbins (1 month ago)
There was another passage possibly discovered by Chinese archaeologists who used sophisticated equipment to detect muons and their subsequent images examined like X-rays. Just as you pointed out, Egyptian Antiquities Dept. refuses to acknowledge any other theories but their own, and consider the findings rubbish. They also refused further research using robotics. So break down the slammed doors of this controlling regime and maybe we can discover our true history.
j Ng (1 month ago)
Thanks for comments I won’t give up an hour today for this
bala bala (1 month ago)
It was used as tomb by dynastic egyptians. But actually it supposed to be a power plant
Herriott's Findings!!! (1 month ago)
Just want you to know I like your work. I've been doing my own work similar.. you should really check it out. It's on YouTube "herriottsfindings" writing a book - movie.. called " Don't Dare Open".. thanks for helping me with my work. I hope you keep coming out with more.
Manny C Weiss (1 month ago)
writer in tight spot, two willys, woof woof....dude, stick to lectures you're not funny
amresh kumar (1 month ago)
What waste of time. If a civilisation can construct pyramid....etc, nothing can destroy that civilisation. Egyptians were the end user , developer and programmers were different people. Pyramids are now being found around the globe not all of them exactly look same but the purpose was same. Imagine if you use earth gravitational energy to communicate or control something what would you do??? Imagine if you are a great galactic Engineer and you want to keep some thing in its desired place or to move there what would you do???.... Why people are making it burial chamber for red blooded human. Be practicle
Joseph W (1 month ago)
The pyramid capstone was made of gold
Joseph W (1 month ago)
Nice fantasy conjecture. Stop pushing your dreams as fact..remember you 'think' NOT 'know'.
gemma bradley (1 month ago)
Another puppet paid schill to confuse the few he can and i bet you a pound to a penny you had to pay to sit and listen to all that horse shit.. the people who still live there know all of this its these ignorant plebs giving themselfs titles to sound credible so tell me mister Egypt pyramid what about the world wide pyramids you havent a clue what ur on about present it that way.. turn off the tv and start local to find myths of some sort and i bet you will find their based on reality.. they are trying to open the other dimension by the way thats it licking shati dirty ass as some hero people hes a talking gobshite have you learned a thing up until now i didnt apart from alot of hidden notes and other material not presented liars liars liars always someone elses experience stinks of horse shit dog shit bull shit oh and Pharaoh Shit.. people lived in peace until the fucking roman wankers we still let rule us today tired typing please do the research names have been changed and pushed back centurys its all there flavians hands all over it so very clever
If too many sheeple wake up the globalist meaning European Royals and banking devil slave master denonic so called elite families that own all the banks and all the fake mandatory insurance companies and all the money of the world and also few other families involved in everything else that controls us will just shut the internet down if too many people wake up there already limiting what true and good knowledge people can access through the internet there only left letting mental retarded leftist liberal garbage mind control propaganda on the internet pretty much and it's going to get worse we actually have no human rights and we have no freedoms and everything we do say think and feel is programmed into us from birth and if you resist the programming they call a Seiko or a trouble caused her or whatever yes this is a prison planet for sure because we allow a few hundred scumbags that suck all of our wealth to enslave us with that money it is a sick disgusting time we live in with all their fake Wars and they're fake everything which they used dumbass down controls and funnel all our money and resources out of us under the guise of national debt or fake War cost totally disgusting.
Therron Platt (1 month ago)
They didn’t build them...
Therron Platt (1 month ago)
They didn’t build them...
Chubs Fatboy (1 month ago)
Those 3 stone plugs found on top of hidin chamber was put there 2 throw you off..2 make you think what was found ..was the big find but I'm getting there's more 2 find
The Ghost (1 month ago)
Everyone single mindedly goes one way or the other, why not just walk straight down the middle? I have absolutely no idea but here is my theory. Some of the big Pyramids are looking more like giant complex battery machines as we learn more about them. Wouldn't those that commissioned them perhaps also build a tomb so they could be buried within it knowing they would be safe from thieves? There was religion involved, as well as greater levels of science. Something we are starting to realise we are actually RELEARNING!                                                                                     I believe our ancestors were actually extremely intelligent and more advanced than we realise. We have actually irreversably became primitive and stupid over the centuries, relying more on religion than science. Their downfall was those who believed more in petty religion and control/power rather than the original gods and science and bettering mankind in gods image. The ancestors believed in something to revere, we cant deny that, and they mixed science with it.                                                                                                                                         These pyramids and the condition of the land around them now compared to what we all know it was. it all reminds me of what we call sciencefiction, but know is actually possible. Were these pyramids actually weather creating/terraforming towers? the charge they could create is known to draw in clouds and wet weather. Was it the reason the area used to be full of life, and once they ran out of power the weather changed back to arid desert? We know there was once great rainfall due to all the water damaged stone in the area.        Just my two bobs worth.
is everyone stupid or just not understand basic electricity The queen chamber shafts should be in a vacuum state, or the Merkaba will not function The melted copper at the end wasnt a total give away Z. Haawas is liar and theif
Jose Colon (1 month ago)
Wuaaao el mejor documental y no lo tienen en español
THE ISNESS VORTEX (1 month ago)
Equalizing Force (1 month ago)
Love how he ignores the precisely cut stone that could never have been done with primitive bronze tools. It's time to give up this tomb theory. Small shafts no person can crawl into with two doors presenting a challenge only a technologically advanced society could hope to solve. No, this wasn't built by primitive man but by an advanced society that was wiped out.
Jason Blanton (1 month ago)
I believe meteorites are actually pieces of the firmament dome that fall to the earth .. I've seen some very convincing specimens ranging from those of iron like yours to beautiful blues and translucent jewel type qualities and are of super strength and complexity ,that should be researched with blind eyes and an open mind with room for faith .
Social Network (1 month ago)
Funny how different cultures work. Egyptians just go about their day with the pyramids right there. If the pyramids were in the U.S. it would have already been completely reverse engineered and completely explored.
tobinakatarx (1 month ago)
Its a floatation tank ,bosh a few shrooms and test it iut
Raphael Quaglio (1 month ago)
Does it prove 12 foot tall giants? With six fingers?
Wayne (1 month ago)
Why would it? What is the connection?
Eric Peek (1 month ago)
So how many of you were living at the time of the rise of Egypt??? So it’s just opinions stfu
2726 structure function is a waveguide as seen in other videos, Just saying.
Ralph K (2 months ago)
we built this city on rock and roll. lol. no. It was actually closer to Bach. But using a blueprint slicing the pryamids into "floors" requiring bricks used of materials to achieve the purpose of said design. Gave the giants something to guide them up the ramps to the top. We stashed genetic copies of plans inside the great archive guarded by the great "lions", and in with the ark (not the one that floated in the great deluge) used to save the knowledge (in Ethiopia today).
Lasflechasverdes (2 months ago)
Built by Enki. Energy generator that was charged by a stone that was removed to disable it per treaty ending the last Enlil/Enki war. Enki sought refuge in the underground city below the pyramid and Enlill could not enter as long as it was energized. But since Enki had lost the conflict he agreed to exile and the pyramid was disabled.
Frank Krank (2 months ago)
...he's making it up as he goes along.....!
og looneyy (2 months ago)
The pyramids were built to channel energy similar to an orgonite pyramid that’s why they align north because all energy flows north and that’s where u channel the most energy.
Movie Games (2 months ago)
How about dig up all the sand. Use giant tubes stretching for miles like the china wall and suck up all the sand. Send all the sand to Africa or space
daronius subdeviant (2 months ago)
so whatever did happen to old alan? sudden death in hospital after a short illness is all i can find. respect to the man. he looked at the evidence and made a complete turnaround. funny how a lot of commenters on the thread do not seem to know fact from conjecture.
ThePattyGates (2 months ago)
Read the Book of Thoth..Explains alot!!
Tyrone Koumoundouros (2 months ago)
See the Pyramid code by Carmen boultier for more truth than this closed minded Englishmen.
Tyrone Koumoundouros (2 months ago)
The Orthodox Christians never peeled the Pyramids but the Muslims did peel the Pyramid.
Tim Louden (2 months ago)
And these shafts contained copper cable they were sealed very much like a battery
Tim Louden (2 months ago)
This video is totally incorrect No meteoric subject was used apart from Egyptian ritual The sarcophagus held the ark of the covenant. Electrical charged they were Tesla towers otherwise where are the soot marks from torches. They were used as sonic towers for the great ascension. Thoth aka Enoch built the pyramids.
The Silver Load (2 months ago)
Not even close
Raymean Cox (2 months ago)
Go away white man
Raymean Cox (2 months ago)
One ting I know it was never bill by white people. That I know an it is not about black or white .its just foxxxxxxxxxxxx
Raymean Cox (2 months ago)
Stop talking bull shit Egypt was under the coolest tent. Whit a lot of people who have plenty of water to drink an food . An beast meadeak of all times .
Ryan Lynch (2 months ago)
Anyone see Ritchie
KingOfTheSlabTV Channel (2 months ago)
This dude is shit!!! Fuck the Egyptologist!! This shit is stupid!!!
King Miura (2 months ago)
Now now....just calm down....it makes no difference anyway.
Truthspoon (2 months ago)
Water pump. That's what it is. It explains everything weird about the great pyramid.
Lester Young (2 months ago)
May I. There is A Bahai interpretation of Great Pyramid under Baha'i intrerpretation of great pyramid. For your perusal. It a long read but may add clarity on subject.
thomas bishop (2 months ago)
where may i find the bahai reading? Sir?
Alex Tourigny (2 months ago)
Good video raising an interesting different outlook into there being other chambers yet to be discovered. Alan shows a few new possible locations for them as well. The future will tell if his theory is valid or not. Thanks for posting and sharing it ! Peace !
Cha 211 (2 months ago)
It's shame we can't get past theories from the 1800s which were clearly made to keep us controlled and surpressed. Theocracy that we die seem to have move on past 1800s in life is very frustrating. It was probably freedomasons took the body check the Vatican for it.
Timxx3868 (2 months ago)
Sorry this is a case of house of cards. All he says and others with totally diff theories all fit?? Power stations, Tombs, galvanic generators ect ect. Problem was that the dating for the king for this pyramid seems to fit in line after the other in the desert. Lots of diff sciences have gone over these and they seem happy with the time lines . The writings from the workers are found and all matches up. Now were they very advanced? Well no wheel yet or anything much thus no advanced thinking like we do today just as we are dumb compared to 1000 years from now. The Museum has deformed spines from the workers so what ever they did to build these, it looks like they didnt use aliens at least no for the heavy lifting? Accuracy? Well they were know to be expert surveyors and the pyramids are extremely accurate BUT not perfect. If an aliens helped out, why not make dead north and dead perfect sides and height. No i think that the previous ones had their faults and the final great pyramid had all that knowledge to make this one really good. Also previous pyramid had a sort of grand gallery that cracked badly , the great pyramid has a gallery too but ok and in good shape- so lesson was learned. You see its all there really to explain it. Lifting 70 ton block up? and rest of 2.5 million limestone blocks. Simple. You see small version of blocks building all round the place. This is just a massive version what they always did then. Lift blocks without pulleys, wheels , cranes ect? The guys on site agree they were just levered up in some basic way each step. Practise would have these flying up probably faster than they can place them accurately. So time to build? Actually except for those messy shafts and rooms ect, pretty fast as look at all the experience of earlier pyramids. Quarry near by , then finishing the blocks, then dragging them and lifting and placing. Lots of people know their job and those blocks came out in droves, maybe a backup all the way back as they need to slow down for the fiddly work in the inside of the structure. 20 years or less easy with thousands of men rotating and resting. The pie and numbers are a little concerning but perhaps they knew these things and history got it wrong on that. They are there so they were built and now we just have to unravel some of the mysteries..
fast AiR (2 months ago)
so boring, sort ur rbeathing out ffs
Arthao Lysander (2 months ago)
@12:45 if only shaft marked "1" led to room marked "2" were all that was found initially, and the other entrances were concealed by blocks of stone as to be virtually invisible, And the "sarcophagus" were "raided", are you suggesting these other raiders moved a concealing block, did the raiding, then put it/them back perfectly? And took the lid and contents of the box and the fancy flooring?
APCWORLDSUXAZ (2 months ago)
Egypt didn't build a damn thing... just the tiny brick creations.... nowhere near the skill of the old ones all over the planet, with huge stones.
Tony Diaz (2 months ago)
Great info BUT WHY ARE BRITS SO FUCKING DISGUSTING WHEN THEY EAT AND DRINK. Fuck this guy has no public speaking etiquette.
Aaron Padey (2 months ago)
If we can't even prove how the pyramids were built how can we even theorise what they may have been used for
Claudio Saltara (2 months ago)
I really don’t care if the pyramid was a tomb or a labyrinth for royal children to get lost in. What I hate is the continuous talking about the subject without seeing good professional photography of of the interior of the p. I have been reading about the p, since I was 12, and let me tell you the new info is no longer fulfilling for me as in the past. It just keeps repeating itself over and over.
ANTHILL (2 months ago)
my opinion is that it was a brewery in the desert beeer wines ....looook at a brewry today bigg....
Neoma Henry (2 months ago)
hidden from us until they have stripped it out and it no longer matter's what we see!!!
Clint C (3 months ago)
Pure BS.
Scott Fuller (3 months ago)
Zahi Hawass was central to the high level of conspiracy controlling access to Egyptology studies and investigations and refusing to allow or permit or otherwise authorize fresh theories of Egypts origins and its antiquities. He was removed from his various Egyptian "appointments" and government positions and now the world can benefit from a great flood of new scientific based efforts to explore and exploit Egypts past. A number of new technologies can now permit non-invasive, non-destructive methods to seek new knowledge, among those proper and full examination of all royal tombs, the great Pyramids and every other unexplored site. The world can now properly examine Egypts past without Hawass interference and obstruction.
666 ABBADON 666 (3 months ago)
666 I AM OSIRIS. 666
easygroove (3 months ago)
"buy ma book, buy ma book..."
Linda Chirite (3 months ago)
I love the comment section. Often, I learn more from the comments than from the speaker. Also, comments frequently contain references that I can explore. Thank you, fellow seekers.
CASH CREW CARTEL MG (3 months ago)
The pyramids were made to celebrate the domestication of the behemoth... Dinosaurs were tamed by the Egyptian giants.They also tamed the flying lizard for flight to oversee the construction before the global flood.
fast AiR (2 months ago)
good crack you have
lenny108 (3 months ago)
the great pyramid is not a tomb
apples33d3 (3 months ago)
He keeps saying "midnight sun", but I wonder if he understands it's Saturn the wheel of heaven or what that means?
Kipp Carver (3 months ago)
Modern archaeologists? Rather old school and stubborn archaeologists you mean. Rust in place regarding their time tables, dating and explanation of ancient structures.... like the pyramids..... The Bible and other ancient scriptures are telling us about things happening all over the world that are similar. I believe that we were visited by alien cultures trying to teach us how to treat this earth in order to live long and prosperous..... They warned us not to eat of the forbidden fruits..... wanting to be as the gods.... who wanted to teach us.... We should not eat the fruits from the tree of knowledge..... And look what has happened.... All thte knowledge we have gathered is not enough to preserve this earth and assure happy life for all living creatures on it. Cars, ships, airplanes, nuclear energy, industries, poisonous and lethal in the end...... Perhaps the void tells us what we were meant to learn eons ago... I just cnnot wait to learn what is waiting for us, whatever it is that they have hidden in that void.... of the Great Pyramid.
Tony Oram (3 months ago)
jimmy A (3 months ago)
what is confusing to me is that for all the said technology people or beings before us had, they built with stone. makes me think that all this is just art installations. like we have around our city's. Can you imagine in 10000 years what they would think of the presidents faces carved into a rock face. Everything other than stone would have dissolved after a couple of thousand years.
Elfin4 (3 months ago)
In all the internal space of the pyramid logic would indicate there has to be more passage ways and rooms to be discovered.
Iain McMullan (2 months ago)
There is much evidence in the dressing and construction of the air-shafts to indicate where some of these would lie. The Egyptians were adept in concealing their treasures. Unlikely to happen in our lifetime but the missing tomb is likely in there.
It's a need to know basis and we don't need to know!!
You should know why they hide it because they only care about the 1%club we are just the worthless population!!
noggin48 (3 months ago)
No one ever mentions the white powder that our first Egypt investigator, Sir Flinders Petrie found, on an expedition visit in the early 1900's to a site in the Sinai Peninsular. On his investigation of this substance, it turned out that it had secrets that would overturn physics itself. These things we know of, because these things were written in his diaries held at the British Museum. Seek and you shall find!
Better Blue (3 months ago)
Nudge nudge. Wink wink. See i knew erik idle was a true Pharaoh. Say noo more.
Better Blue (3 months ago)
So far me like. An admitted ex alien astronaut in recovery. Cool.
David Potter (3 months ago)
What a load of imagined piffle.!!
V. Peters (3 months ago)
https://youtu.be/rFyY1nndCM0 connecting the dots even more.
Timothy Ricketts (3 months ago)
Remember the angles fell before man was created...Lucifer and his followers have been here a long time. AThe giants of genesis chapter 6 built the pyramids then the flood.Thats how i see it...
Joe Zyzyx (3 months ago)
drill a second hole in that door, put some toggle bolts through each, oil the shaft, then pull that first door out of there.
Dan Seabrook (3 months ago)
hey Zohar where do you find these idiots pure conjecture
Jeffery Hill (3 months ago)
This was a waste of time... All he had to say was "There may be some undiscovered secret passageways in the Pyramid. (No new ones have been found.) And I have an odd theory about the creation myth based on meteorites seeding live.
John Vichich (3 months ago)
Or to let Marduk out when they sealed him in.
periurban (3 months ago)
The cataclysm mythology makes sense, especially since the crater in Greenland was found. If something came into the atmosphere it likely broke up, or was already in several parts before it hit. There's glass in the deserts of North Africa, which might coincide with that, and some evidence of localised cataclysm on some of the Egyptian worked stones. So, the dynastic Egyptians venerated meteorites as some kind of act of God/nature, not because of individual meteorites, but because the people had a collective memory of the cataclysm, of which meteorites were a significant part. As for the correlation between the dynastic Egyptians and the pyramids, I think you are way off. There is no evidence that the dynastic Egyptians had the technology to create the pyramids. Aside from meteoric iron there is no evidence of any use of iron, or anything else that would allow them to work the stones we see today. Their hieroglyphs are found on those stones, but they were probably made later, after the cataclysm as people re-populated the area. As evidence, the internal parts of the pyramid contain no hieroglyphs, since they were hidden throughout the dynastic period. Before you get into what the pyramids and other structures were for you have to have a good theory of HOW they were made, because that will surely inform your thinking. There is no evidence that I have seen that shows the dynastic Egyptians could have built the pyramids, and lots of circumstantial evidence to suggest they are much older. My best guess is that there was some kind of human civilisation that predated the end of the last ice age, and both the ice age and the civilisation were ended by the meteorite in Greenland. We see stones all over the world that are cut with a precision and expertise, finished to a highly polished state, that we would have great difficulty doing today. We find no traces of the tools that were used, although we see evidence of how the stones were worked in unfinished pieces. There were saws and drills being used that must have been coated with a very hard cutting agent, since many of the stones are very hard. Modern efforts to cut such stones using the tools available to the dynastic Egyptians have not been successful. All in all, this is a fascinating topic, and one that will continue to generate all kinds of theories until we eventually figure it out. It'll probably be like one of those magic tricks that look completely impossible until you know the secret.
Iqbal Hussain (3 months ago)
This guy is full of crap. He is just making rubbish up without any facts whatsoever. The great pyramid was never a tomb and no evidence to say the Egyptians built it. No one knows who or how it was built and when.
natalie richter (3 months ago)
Another load of rubbish
natalie richter (3 months ago)
Air shafts so builders could breath and cool down inside whilst building it lol ..
John Falcon (3 months ago)
srsly though, whats the point in flying around pretending to want to know anything, If you're gonna travel the world and study things, you could atleast study a few things.
John Falcon (3 months ago)
If you yourself can create anything at all, how can creation be a myth.
John Falcon (3 months ago)
what kind of idiot creates a speech about how creativity is a myth???
John Falcon (3 months ago)
turned it off as soon as the speaker said the builders were hot because they had to build the pyramid in the desert, as if it wasnt built in lush greenland right next to a river before the satanic deforrestation, mining, and the flood... I got news for you bro, you have no idea what you're talking about...
V. Peters (4 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WU3X4as_BKE 4:44 is a nice animation
V. Peters (4 months ago)
for what reason then? keep it cool inside? or shine light into the far galaxy?
V. Peters (4 months ago)
did it reflect the sun beams maybe?
V. Peters (4 months ago)
V. Peters (4 months ago)
V. Peters (4 months ago)
are we sure that nothing was on top of the lime stones? f.e. something that reflected the sun beams even more? https://www.smithsonianmag.com/videos/category/history/what-the-completed-great-pyramid-wouldve-lo/ https://i.pinimg.com/originals/c7/92/5b/c7925bc12c8af33edefca8a9a8b04833.gif https://i.pinimg.com/originals/8c/18/47/8c1847eb21d30aeb10298d3ffa450689.gif

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