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Dr. Richard Sauder: Hidden Empire Underground Bases & Tunnel Systems

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HIDDEN EMPIRE: UNDERGROUND BASES AND TUNNEL SYSTEMS, with Dr. Richard Sauder. One of the most mysterious and secretive developments of the 20th Century was the coming together of the Cold War, extraterrestrial related phenomena, the national security infrastructure and advances in digging and tunneling technology. The author of Underground Bases and Tunnels: What is the Government Trying to Hide? will present a packed lecture on the extraordinary proliferation of underground military, intelligence and agency facilities, the relationship to the black budget and possible relation to extraterrestrial phenomena. Dr. Sauder may be the world's leading researcher in this particular area of study.
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Kevin Andrea Birr (3 days ago)
Dr Richard Sauder = Major Ed Dames??? Compare multiple videos and interviews. Voice and speech patterns are unmistakable, including the weird burping or whatever, while he speaks in interviews. Check it out!
Gerald King (3 months ago)
Strong evidence that the Army Corps. of Engineers hid construction of a D..U.M.B. at Page, AZ, during the construction of the Glen Canyon dam (1958-64), one of the largest construction projects they ever acknowledged. Bechtel Corp. was the general contractor.
Gerald King (3 months ago)
Is there a D.U.M.B. at. Page, AZ.? Lived here 25 years, and evidence suggests there is. I believe the int'l ultra-rich maybe accessing it through the Aman Resort facility built into the cliffs on the Utah state line. Page (pop. 7,000)did not exist before the Glen Canyon dam was built in 1958, and no highway came near it. The only way into the underground would be through the dam or the tunnel accessing river level. The nearest larger cities are 150 miles away and only one highway passes through town. All of this would have been hidden inside the construction of the Glen Canyon dam (1958-64). Published tunnel maps show this connecting Los Alamos-Dulce to Area 51.
Bootsie Collins (6 months ago)
It's beyond childish to believe US "Presidents" have ... any ... decision making power.   One day Obama's smoking crack, sucking dicks and dancing on Soul Train, a few years later he's telling the US militaries what to do?  Trump is building hotels, a day after he's elected Trump is deciding how the US will deal with invading species from outer space, etc.
Dawn S (9 months ago)
bad video quality
gene gold (1 year ago)
12🎯 (1 year ago)
All you fools who think any gov agency cares about you, haha. THEY WANT YOU DEAD
Bethany K (2 years ago)
Horrible public speaker, shitty quality video. Thanks
pauly hart (2 years ago)
good info for my second novel. thanks! oddly enough the series of my novels is called "empire beneath".
James Campbell (2 years ago)
That picture is a sub shuttle shown in Gene Roddenberry's Earth two or genesis 2 movies with John Saxon or Alex Cord depending on the one you see
James Campbell (2 years ago)
Oh. they showed this on TV those are the bases for the World Aquatic Security Patrol ( WASP) their Stingray class two man subs patrol the undersea world protection us from the aquatic beings. So Stand By For Action Prepare to Launch StingRay.
Brad Smith (2 years ago)
damn dude learn to speak!!!  shit !!
d w (2 years ago)
Research nukes more, they are not real.
jay steve (11 months ago)
d w agreed... Research Eric dubay
Joan Ols (3 years ago)
From other vids I have seen of Dr Sauder who is older. I dont think this is Dr. Sauder.
Terrarium Firma (5 months ago)
But he used to be younger. Like in this video.
Joan Ols (3 years ago)
Logan Show (4 months ago)
Mind your business and don’t get so worked up over the things that don’t matter. If it does matter; you are a nutjob.
Marc C (7 months ago)
Really? ? Who are you to rudely judge?
Joan Ols (3 years ago)
Anne Bastian (3 years ago)
Sauder is doing nothing but rehushing through a book a guy wrote in the 50's! On top of that all the rest is hearsay and "why not". A very dumb presentation - way-way below Sauders intellect and knowledge!
danonthegas (3 years ago)
judy horberg (3 years ago)
You speak truth.
Kathleen Winser (3 years ago)
Yea they stole from social security too.
Kathleen Winser (3 years ago)
I am very upset big time about this.
Kathleen Winser (3 years ago)
These tunnels need to be blown apart! The Elites should not be allowed to hide while we are forced into FEMA CAMPS,
Tom Lee (20 days ago)
+bossman Paradise California.
bossman (2 years ago)
+Micky Ramirez how do you know some are being destroyed and by who
judy horberg (3 years ago)
God will take care of the ones that hide in the tunnels of mountains.
Micky Ramirez (3 years ago)
Some of them have been destroyed, they ain't getting it all their own way. How do ya like them apples.
silver togn (3 years ago)
I know for a fact that this man speaks the truth!
Tom Lee (20 days ago)
800lbgrila (3 years ago)
San Nicolas island ... off catalina. KBR contract .... us subcontractor. Mission .... replace new very large 3 phase 480 VAC transformer on island west side. To feed what? Classified n need to know. Line in from power station ... load out to vertical shaft under island to site unknown. They can flip it to 400 hertz down there ... Easy. Flight over is janet from pt. Mugu. Search person and luggage if they wish ... u sign a waiver. Contract materials go by barge from port hueneme. NO cameras or recording devices allowed .... if caught federal article 18 charge and brig to next flight off island. SR71 lands ... u stay in barracks till leaves. Think its BS .... those are enough details to get me in trouble. I don't care anymore. Anyone in the know can read this comment and with confidence can verify .... if they're a Whistleblower. KBR is halliburton. These contracts run for 3 or 5 years and are in the multimillions. Cheny knows. A UG bunker is a future tomb in my eyes. Know this .... you have to be tenacious and have multiple skill sets to get a ticket in. 85% or more of you don't qualify.
Anne Bastian (3 years ago)
+silver togn I had a feeling that "rehashing" might be wrong, but was too lazy to check it. My batch reads "Datsch" - call it "Dutch", if you will! Thanks for correction!
silver togn (3 years ago)
+Anne Bastian Must be, if you say so, anointed one!  the word you where looking for was "rehashing" BTW.....what is your badge #?
Anne Bastian (3 years ago)
+silver togn Bullshit!!! What truth...? He is doing nothing but rehushing through a book a guy wrote in the 50's! On top of that all the rest is hearsay and "why not". A very dumb presentation - way-way below Sauders intellect and knowledge! EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTING!!!
GypsyKing (3 years ago)
those scientist also signed their life away as well, most of them dies under mysterious circumstances 
Oscar Delta (4 years ago)
Apparently we didn't have very good video technology 10 years ago as it appears this was recorded with a potato... Its also amazed me just how crappy most YT videos look and sound, even ones recorded as recently as yesterday. We can send a spaceship to Mars and launch a robot to crawl around the surface sending back high resolutions photos for years and yet there are few decent YT videos...LOL
silver togn (3 years ago)
+judy horberg I started to learn when I got away from "school" and read books. Any one that believes the world is flat should eat as much GMO food as possible and fon`t forget to get ALL the vaccines that you can....
judy horberg (3 years ago)
We have never been to mars or the moon. The earth is flat not sphere. You need to stop watching the fake media news and drop what you have learned in school. Then you will see the truth.
Erinn Wright (3 years ago)
+silver togn ZACTLY!
jay di (5 years ago)
zoom in on the watery part of the lagoon on Namorik Atoll via Google Earth
placeksue (5 years ago)
Thank YOU....by the way, since I was a kid in san francisco, my brother and i fell into a tunnel and found that the MOST of san francisco has tunnels throughout....and we were told that the whole city is built on STILTS
placeksue (3 years ago)
take 'that' word PORT and add an "AL"! lolol especially since they have a coordinated little CERN tied with the main one in Swiss. that is on now and being HIGH jumped for Sept! lol And oh, just BY chance the POOP jesuit of the Vatican will be in Congress Sept 22 to announce something.....probably that its legal to FUCK your children and give them to the "light bodies" of the VATICAN saviors from space? lolol After all the U.N. and Vatican have Alien Ambassadors now for years! LOLOL Great technology right? same shits Hitler, Vril, Thule society, Lucis Trust (original name Luciferian trust in NYC!) and of course your shit Masonic dumb dumbs/Skull n Bones/Knights of Malta AND JASON society, JANES club now fully in the U.N. with their OWN logo within the U.N. 1111 LOLOLOLOLOL
placeksue (4 years ago)
probably hooked up 'now'....
Chris Kavanagh (4 years ago)
Maybe San Fran has "Shanghai Tunnels" like Portland has. Both being port cities this makes sense.
"...by My Name..." (5 years ago)
These "facilities"/tunnels r mentioned in scripture, THE WORD. Eze 8:7-12. So r "ufos" & "aliens." Referred 2 as "coals of fire", "wheels", "flying rolls/books", an ephah, an ensign, "fowls", a "whale", the terrible 1's, the destroyers, unclean spirits like frogs, cherubims, and last but not least....whirlwinds. The abductions we all here about r called being "taken" and being "plucked"/"plucking"or just "pluck" in His Book, & being made desolate, and "surely dying." This is His/THE curse.
Patrick Nelson (5 years ago)
a majority of the funds for black ops comes from the sales of drugs. The US govt is the largest drug dealer in the world.
BOB OVER (5 years ago)
they'll need me in the nwo plan because my alien contacts are making me grow young.

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