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Troy Ave - Good Girl Gone Bad (New CDQ) @TroyAve (Prod. Yankee & Robbie Nova)

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Troy Ave drops off a new one that will get plenty of radio spins titled "Good Girl Gone Bad." The track was produced by Robbie Nova and Yankee. Give it a listen up top and download here https://soundcloud.com/troyave/troy-ave-good-girl-gone-bad-explicit Follow Troy Ave @TroyAve https://www.instagram.com/troyave/ https://twitter.com/TroyAve
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Text Comments (94)
onenonly VDF (1 year ago)
its a fact tho
priscilla pagan (2 years ago)
i love troy ave
Dope af
Tierra Triplett (2 years ago)
this songs is so amazing!!! 😍😘😘😘😘😘
Derrick James (2 years ago)
this my shit
Talisha Tillis (2 years ago)
I LOVE THIS SONG!!! That Piano is LIFE!! 😘😘😘
John Tom (2 years ago)
I like a lot of troys songs, can't get over the fact he's fake as fuck though. dude was a jeezy replica five years ago smh
Tajchanea Thornburg (2 years ago)
love the beat it's fire and makes me think of my life and where I wanna be 5 years from now and how I wanna be successful and make something out of life
Austin flow (2 years ago)
free troy ave
Mike Jerry (2 years ago)
Shit is crack!
Carlos Walker (2 years ago)
fuxck Joey dick azzzz
liveNlearn914 (2 years ago)
Marlo Stanfield (2 years ago)
This is my Shit
Monica Tort (2 years ago)
baddd asss beat
Ivon64719 (2 years ago)
Great Song. Shitty personality.
badazz quin (2 years ago)
I want this beat
JazzyTwan sexx (2 years ago)
truth these hoes gone
HybrisRadio (2 years ago)
This song is addicting! love the rhyme scheme
Carlos Walker (2 years ago)
who Eva fuck y'all troy da truth....chi town
adam Cohen (2 years ago)
1090 shit gz ^ ygk
Dyzzi 773 (2 years ago)
Troy ain't terrible, but you out yo damn mind if you think he fucking with Joey. smh.
Anthony Vasquez (2 years ago)
Troy ave on fire 🔥
Alex Juarez (2 years ago)
Soundcloud rapper asf
Alex Juarez (2 years ago)
What kind of whack shit is this?
Lulu Mauga (2 years ago)
make songs like this Troy!
Lulu Mauga (2 years ago)
Don't rap like fake rappers like rich homie quan, young thug, migos, lil wayne and future
yung corleone (2 years ago)
For all y'all saying this is trash y'all wildin out, if drake was to put this shit out everyone and they momma would of been on his dick. this shit goes in. #givethatmanhiscredit
priscilla pagan (2 years ago)
brooklyn stand up
undoubtedly! 🎩
Martha Fonise (2 years ago)
DeJahzh Hedrick (2 years ago)
Hell yeah
Bobby Herrera (2 years ago)
KuntaKante (2 years ago)
I'm convinced you guys are truly corny
Connor Riely (2 years ago)
diss track isnt good, just crossed the line that is why it is getting attention RIP STEEZ
Deejay Gurra (2 years ago)
Ain't actually that bad
Raheem Flowers (2 years ago)
Nigga sounds like he took this shit from J Cole shap shifting ass Troy Average haha
F L (2 years ago)
Biggz Ali (2 years ago)
man y'all crazy. Troy Ave. the hottest nigga out of the Tri-State area rn.. if y'all haven't heard the badass diss.. I suggest u listennn! Troy ave - badass
Eq gilliam (2 years ago)
+Get Dinner only bitch up here is you with a fake ass background pic
Eq gilliam (2 years ago)
they not going to listen because this generation are females now of days
Hiphophead1 (2 years ago)
another hit
yung corleone (2 years ago)
+Get Dinner nigga those songs were playing on like every radio station when they dropped so you sound stupid right now
mattic730 (2 years ago)
+Get Dinner facts he's trash
Hiphophead1 (2 years ago)
+Get Dinner those were hits
Hiphophead1 (2 years ago)
+Get Dinner fuck you mean wrong 2014- all about the money & your style  2015- doo doo & she belongs to the game  2016- good girl gone bad & more coming......
Trap mouse (2 years ago)
"More realer than Joey Bad, he’s a sucker, you feel me?” (second verse) -fuck you Troy ave
John casse (2 years ago)
The beat is good,the chorus is fire,the lyrics explain the title of the song..I honestly don't see nothing wrong the the song,Troy ave is putting out good quality music but people just love to hate on him because he's not Joey badass trying to relive the 90s and shit
Terry Dow Jr. (2 years ago)
"Listen" I meant.
Terry Dow Jr. (2 years ago)
Lisyen to DEVASTATED. Joey can make any type of music he wants.
Tony Wilson (2 years ago)
facts the song fire and joey badass says nothing he not even a fly 90s nigga he looks so dirty like a williamsburg backpack rapper
Paul Lone Hill (2 years ago)
+DC_amp88 everyone dont ride his dick. everyone rides kendricks dick. kdot dope tho, jcole dope. troy ass is ass, point blank period, facto.
DC_amp88 (2 years ago)
+William Muldrow wtf doesnt like J. Cole cuz he got everyone riding his dick
Eq gilliam (2 years ago)
troy ave diss the nerd now everyone on there female feelings lol man ppl kills me I forgot proera fans but still hurt after the badass diss
TimelessViBe (2 years ago)
you wack as hell Troy take this big fat L for NY
NovaKane (2 years ago)
1st song i ever heard frm bra n dis shit go krazy!
Mr 813 (2 years ago)
+TheOnlyCasanova listen to all about the money and the joey diss
MRswisharillo (2 years ago)
Troy average once again straight garbage juice
Yo Yo (2 years ago)
Yet you went out your way to check it out
mattic730 (2 years ago)
Progenic Pariag (2 years ago)
You sound stupid nigga
The Advising Believer (2 years ago)
Troy claim he rich but cant buy a decent mic
Tony Wilson (2 years ago)
y u hate so much on dude y
mattic730 (2 years ago)
stretch tastic (2 years ago)
Marilyn Washington (2 years ago)
Cameron Smith (2 years ago)
You young niggas think that Drake is the first nigga to sing his own hooks 😂😂😂 damn what happened to rap oh and fuck Joey badass and the nerd drug addict nation that supports sucker shit
+Get Dinner flexing I made a comment on a video and you the only soft nigga to leave some dumb shit. I wasn't talking to your square ass nigga I don't know you
+Get Dinner boy you on here listening to Travis Scott and picking fights with niggas you don't know. Fuck you and whoever you love corny ass nigga
Valed The RULER (2 years ago)
Troy Ave is nothing like Drake
Jean Moore (2 years ago)
Nice Troy I loved it.....
Kev San (2 years ago)
Trashh & unoriginal
Marlo Stanfield (2 years ago)
you a hater
mattic730 (2 years ago)
TRAMAS WORLD (2 years ago)
every hook in song doesn't have to be over-exaggerated and dragged out like Drake I respect the song do you think Troy
dirk diggler (2 years ago)
sounds nothing like drake ? lol you just saying anything
Crush 9399 (2 years ago)
mattic730 (2 years ago)
He's ass
Young Notorious (2 years ago)
https://youtu.be/imK1Gm1Rae8 check it out leave a bad or good comment. I'm up coming rapper just chasing my dreams
mattic730 (2 years ago)
Trash. Sounds like a demo tape. Where did record this in a closet
dirk diggler (2 years ago)
+Get Dinner obviously you are a joey badass fan too lol
dirk diggler (2 years ago)
you obviously a joey badass fan lmao
Edgar P (2 years ago)
dope song..this s**t go hard
tlb31m (2 years ago)
Its st8
Devonte W (2 years ago)
chorus is on point. No hate
Tre Millz (2 years ago)
real shit dats wat made me like i jus seen da video 20 secs ago my new shit
You're not Drake.
town (2 years ago)
+JustANobody thank you
Comedian Moe Brown (2 years ago)
He's been singing and a better singer than drake
YouReallyDontKnow (2 years ago)
Lol, I wish drake wasn't drake
G UNIT RESPECT (2 years ago)
wargwan with the nursery bars
G UNIT RESPECT (2 years ago)

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