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Urgent Dream on March 7th: Is This the Final Warning

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Michael Edwards (2 months ago)
1 corinthians 15:51"53 when the 7th trumpetvsounds the dead will rise and the kingdom of Christ begins!
Yessie Cruz (6 months ago)
I believe you sister and thank you for sharing your dream. On March 25 of this year 2018 (2 days ago) my family and I were praying and out of the nowhere I felt a voice in my heart (Holy Spirit) and at the same time I saw in my mind an ark and that voice said “Just like in the days of Noah” and that’s it. Your dream gives me confirmation that we truly are in the days of Noah. Blessings
kingdomliving771 (6 months ago)
Yessie Cruz Amen... Praise God for the confirmations that He gives us!! God bless you
Roni Standridge-Powell (6 months ago)
God Bless you Dear Sister for sharing! Maranatha!
Rebecca Michaels (6 months ago)
This is the 3rd message of yours I have seen today & Praise You Jesus, I am encouraged. I saw your 3 dreams (leaving), the mansion & now this. Abba has definitely given you a Gift for The Body for right now. Thank you! I love you present & interpret simply as Holy Spirit gives you. 💖👑
Spammy 1 (7 months ago)
The falling away are the people leaving the home
sara nader (7 months ago)
I was in church Sunday and looked towards the pane glass. I had a vision of a storm as well. Rushing water in tide.
Jacqui Goodflower (7 months ago)
I want to go...help me dear Jesus to be worthy of You...Maranatha!
beatsbyintellect (7 months ago)
I have visions intensely everyday for me as well i honestly see the work of the times approaching !!! I jus ask for prayers of the humble and keep jesus and the kingdom close in my ❤ thanks for your humble message!!
kingdomliving771 (7 months ago)
Prod x Street Intellects Amen..God bless you!
beatsbyintellect (7 months ago)
Thanks for sharing always need spritual awakening
Heavenhashope (7 months ago)
It’s good to hear from u again!
Patricia Hand (7 months ago)
The spirit reminded me as in the day Jesus ascended in to heaven and the Disciples stood looking up. The Angel, asked them why you still standing here looking up? He told them in like manner shell he return. If you allow me to us my own words. He gave you your orders, "The Great Commission" You have work to do. In other words get to work. All of you. Im still coming. Now sooner than you think.
Patricia Hand (7 months ago)
Yes, I agree the cutting off the leg. And your helping that bro. Separate himself from what ever that thing in his life that could keep us from rising. I hear the Spirit remind me as a fellow saint said its about the decision we make. We or those of us have to, need to, if we haven't already. Most make such crucial decision. You know according to his word he is not pleased with that thing cut it off. make an end to it. And though the word of GOD said we know not the day or the hour. A day is as an thousand years to GOD time. But we are to still to prepare. Make ready our hearts. And I to believe those people Going out side the house. Represents those going back into the world losing faith. Stop believing. Because they can't or don't see it. Oh! it didn't happen yesterday. I believe GOD is saying Time out for games. Stand still, we'll see the salvation of the LORD. "Stay On Board!" I just declared I was awaked. Im going on in Him, The GOD. Turn not to the left nor the left. Blessings in Jesus Name.
kingdomliving771 (7 months ago)
Patricia Hand God bless you
Sword of the Lord (7 months ago)
The Lord is about to return. God bless you. The storm is on it's way.
kingdomliving771 (7 months ago)
Sword of the Lord Amen!!
Anthony (7 months ago)
Hi sister, I sent you a couple of dreams a while ago. One about Obama and the storm. It was a three part dream that is being fulfilled over time. I believe we are entering the storm that I saw in my dream. (Last part) Everyone seems to be talking about a storm now. They are right. This storm we are going through now, I believe, is the storm I saw coming back in 2011. In the dream, I was outside floating and observing, protected from the effects. I observed the worst, darkest, most massive clouds I had ever seen coming. I felt and heard the howling Gail force winds. I saw huge rain drops coming down sideways. I was hovering in front of a large tree. It was pulled right out of the ground straight up, roots and all! Another much smaller tree was put in the exact spot where the larger tree was. Thanks for all your videos.
Harriet Reeves (7 months ago)
Lu Hoffma (7 months ago)
pray, pray, pray
kingdomliving771 (7 months ago)
Lu Hoffma Amen!!!
Borrowed Time (7 months ago)
"Then they that feared the Lord spoke often one to another and the Lord listened and heard it and a book of remembrance was written in His presence concerning those who feared Him and thought upon His name. They shall be mine says the Lord of Hosts, in that day when I make up my jewels; and I will spare them as a man spareth his own son who serves him. Then once again you shall see the distinction between the righteous and the wicked, between those who serve God and those who do not." Mal.3:16-18 What an awesome God we serve! Blessings!♥️
kingdomliving771 (7 months ago)
Borrowed Time Wow... what a great find in the scriptures!
Chris Carter (7 months ago)
Thank you for this message, Sis: I got the same interpretation: 'It's better to enter heaven with one hand or one eye than to enter hell whole". Some of your dream makes me think of the wise and foolish virgins. Interestingly, I had a dream the other night, lots of God's people were rushing to the safety of a desert mountain, just as missiles began to fall. A second dream involved me returning to my old house, were I was shown we have to let go of the past and not look back, unlike Lot's wife.
Joye Det Brenner (7 months ago)
Please be AWARE of the following Possible ''Events'' and ''Deceptions''. The present earth-wide economic / political / religious system is going down. It is to be replaced by a New World Order run by the GLOBAL ELITE – a Communistic, Totalitarian type of government). This earth-wide COLLAPSE will be a World War III scenario, the Bible's foretold "Great Tribulation". It is essential to know "all possibilities", for if they come to fruition we will be better prepared for whatever we must face. Some ideas have more validity than others, but some of those "offbeat" ideas, if true, could affect us deeply. This ''New World Order'' takeover is Satan's attempt at replacing Christ's Messianic Kingdom. And please remember, the Bible's "Great Tribulation" will be "stopped by God". Please Research the following for an idea of activity in progress. "Georgia Guide Stones", RFID chips, Concentration camps in the USA, Foreign Troops in USA, military training in ''urban warfare'', military guard towers, guillotines, movements of military vehicles on trains and highways in the United States, DUMBs (Deep Underground Military Bases), Walmart /FEMA connections, New World Order, Clergy Response Teams, Food Distribution Centres, Operation Blue Beam, HARRP, etc. (I am putting this list on several channels, and I am hoping that you, the video owner, will not mind this list on yours. I am hoping that it will help some people prepare for the Great Tribulation.) Please Internet search "Georgia Guide Stones" – if you are not familiar with them. These "16 foot high" Guide Stones were erected in the state of Georgia (USA) in 1980. You will see Ten Guidelines, written in stone, in eight different languages. Its first directive is "MAINTAIN HUMANITY UNDER 500,000,000 IN PERPETUAL BALANCE WITH NATURE". We have a problem here. There are now 7,500,000,000 people on this earth. What is to happen to 7,000, 000,000 of us? (More info on many of these issues at Brenner Poetry Plus) A fake HOLOGRAPHIC RAPTURE scenario is "allegedly" planned by the ''Powers that Be''. This fake holographic RAPTURE could appear real enough to deceive everyone. Through holograms, it can appear that people are ascending and disappearing into heaven. A word of warning: if the Pre-Trib Rapture does NOT happen, and the NWO pulls a ''fake rapture'' - you will think that you are ''left behind''. Please be aware of the different Rapture Beliefs. Do not lose your faith if the Pre-rapture is wrong. Watch for a Stock Market (economic) crash that encircles the world. Money will be worthless. It will be crashed by the elite to leave space for the ONE WORLD CURRENCY, an AI digital currency. Note, an EMP attack is NOT likely because an EMP strike will bring down the electrical grid, including the Communication and Financial Sectors for many months, if not years. Satan's aim is to bring in the New World Order immediately, and he cannot do this if the world has been crippled. These Sectors would be "fried" by an EMP attack, it is not likely that Satan nor the "powers in control" would allow this. It cannot be in the gameplan. BUT, the simplest way to bring the world to its knees is simply to shut down the electrical grid (and "blame" it on an EMP strike, or a "terrorist attack", etc.) That's all they have to do. And this electrical grid failure (orchestrated by the ''powers that be'') will, like ''dominoes'' shut down all "16+ Critical Infrastructure Sectors" such as transportation, food distribution, water distribution, etc... around the world. And we are helpless. Martial law (perhaps under a more benign name) will be immediately implemented... Please note, that many of the military men will not speak the language of your country. Did you know that the United States has traded soldiers from Russia, China, etc. and have trained them in American "urban warfare"?... Once the electrical grid is down, "FOOD" runs out very fast. Within three or four days the stores will be empty, and this world will go crazy. (Note: the stores in Houston Texas emptied in four hours at the start of hurricane Harvey, which made landfall in late August 2017.) The "CLERGY RESPONSE TEAMS", the ''rounding up of Christians'': Those who refused to worship the beast (the New World Order with its Antichrist leader) will be high on Satan's list for extermination (Revelation 13:15). A military agenda called the "CLERGY RESPONSE TEAMS" has been formed. The military has approached Christian Leaders from all denominations, and have been asked to support the government – "in times of crisis" using Romans chapter 13....... In conjunction with the "CLERGY RESPONSE TEAMS", Walmart and other large chains have closed designated stores. These stores have been emptied [including shelves and cash registers]. Surveillance cameras have been installed, at some stores, guard towers built (the Army also has designed a movable guard tower – on wheels), and high wire fencing erected around the perimeters. Military vehicles are seen at these facilities....... A possible name for these facilities is "FOOD DISTRIBUTION CENTERS". And, sad to say, you will follow your "religious leader" if you are not cognizant of the agenda, thinking the government will kindly look after your needs of "food and safety" – away from the rioting mobs. That so-called "safe place" will be a concentration camp – with extermination facilities, or worse – slavery or prostitution. (Notice: If you decide to forfeit your integrity to Almighty God, you may be asked to seal your allegiance by taking a Mark on your right hand or forehead – Revelation 13:16). Lambs led to the slaughter! What a nefarious, unbelievably simple demonic plan!.... The United States, for instance, now has approximately 1000 concentration camps located within its borders. "Project Blue Beam" involves holography,... (go to Brenner Poetry Plus) Some sources say that the statue of Our Lady of Fatima" will also be playing a part in this deception. Watch for Word that she has "spoken again". This may be done with holograms. This may be stretching it a bit, but, don't be surprised if actual, live "extraterrestrial" aliens appear. (The Internet says there are many types, from "small greys" to "humanoid reptilians", to the beautiful blonde, blue-eyed Nordic extraterrestrials.) Satan has had 6000 years to perfect his "seed". What has he been doing during this time? ..... Then there is the UFO phenomenon. A perceived attack (via holograms) by malevolent ALIEN entities in UFOs is thought to be on the agenda. Don't be surprised if you see a sky full of attacking UFOs. ..... During this attack, do not be surprised if there appears a benevolent race of alien entities in UFOs (probably, the Nordic) that will appear to battle with the "wicked aliens", and thus appear to save us. .... The Antichrist must appear earth-wide, quite possibly through holograms in the sky ... The Internet tells us that through the use of technology, the "powers that be" can make it appear as if this "Antichrist" will be talking to us audibly, perhaps even telepathically ... At some predetermined time, the "MARK" will be made mandatory. Anyone who does not submit to the NWO (those who keeps his integrity to God) will not be allowed to receive this MARK... The Antichrist will promote a unity – a "One World Religion" – which will ultimately be – the worship of Satan himself... 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Islamic "sleeper cells" that have been quietly introduced into Christian neighborhoods will be ''awoken''. They will take part in the Tribulation massacre. Remember, the Koran tells every Muslim that he/she must "kill every infidel" (meaning everyone who does not believe as they do). .... Now, be prepared for God's reaction: The time period of the "Great Tribulation" is not long, for God stops it short – Matthew 24:29... What a convenient moment for the "Antichrist" to step in and claim that he is the "Savior" of mankind.... These subjects will give you an idea of the depth of deception, the astronomical placement of necessary equipment and the acquisition of needed facilities for the preparation of World War III (the Great Tribulation) within the United States and the world. For the complete article - please go to Brenner Poetry Plus and click on ''Be AWARE of these Possible ''Deceptions''. What should we do when the Great Tribulation hits? Please read Isaiah 26:20. 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Honey Pie (7 months ago)
Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh.
kingdomliving771 (7 months ago)
Honey Pie Amen!
xyz (7 months ago)
This women who i know the Lord is with just sent out a prayer request, to stop a plague that is to be deliberately released into your country. I felt lead to share this to you, please watch the video is short. https://youtu.be/JvctDgfcnoo
Diane VanHandel (7 months ago)
theory singer (7 months ago)
Interesting you mentioned the balloon ascending and the storm hadn’t hit yet.
kingdomliving771 (7 months ago)
theory singer Great point!
Carolyn Xiong (7 months ago)
Wow. Just finished watching Todd's latest video he uploaded today (from It is Finished channel). Balloon connection to your dream!!
kingdomliving771 (7 months ago)
Carolyn Xiong Really!? WOW
GenesJewel (7 months ago)
Just yesterday 3/7, my 4 year told me to hurry up because a storm is coming. Kept talking about a wave....... He sorta scared me......
kingdomliving771 (7 months ago)
GenesJewel WOW!!!!
Arianne Henson (7 months ago)
Thank you, Veronica, you are such a blessing to the body! God so clearly speaks through your dreams and I always appreciate you sharing them. I am waiting for Jesus everyday now! Very exciting!
kingdomliving771 (7 months ago)
Arianne Henson Praise God!! I am waiting along side of you ❤
Nikki Fitz (7 months ago)
Sounds somewhat like what happen in Genesis with moses
LightShineBright 7 (7 months ago)
I sent you an email that is confirmation for the red balloon!
Jo Ann Gray (7 months ago)
You're on target...Holy Ghost knows!!
Mom LookingUp (7 months ago)
You should check out the channel Holly WV. Her video entitled "Lift" says something about a red balloon floating up. Thanks for sharing your dream.
Marge B (7 months ago)
Oh sorry, I should have listened til the end of the video before I asked u what u thot the balloon represented 😊
Mom LookingUp (7 months ago)
I don't know what the balloon means.
Marge B (7 months ago)
What do u think the red balloon represents? I'm wondering if it's souls going up thru a catastrophe (red for blood)? Also the cutting off of the foot - I thought of the very same scripture!
Mom LookingUp (7 months ago)
kingdomliving771 (7 months ago)
Mom LookingUp Lolol.. yes she was talking about me. I called her and shared this dream with her before I uploaded this last night.
SAMaranatha (7 months ago)
I think that the foot being cut off is peace being removed from the earth because in Ephesians that talks about putting on the whole armor of God and the shoes of peace.
kingdomliving771 (7 months ago)
Samantha White z Interesting feedback
Let's wait it out in the ark!
blondypoo (7 months ago)
Hey, sister! Do you ever listen to Patricia Green? She is saying that God told her He is giving us 7 more years. I was shocked! Are you familiar with her?
kingdomliving771 (7 months ago)
blondypoo z No, I've never heard of her and my spirit doesn't bare witness to that.
Aracely Arroyo (7 months ago)
Thank you so much my sweet sister Veronica, for this very important message. Thank you for being so faithful to what our good Lord gives you for us, HIS Bride. God bless you and continue to use you for His Glory. I love you and can't wait to meet you in Heaven.
kingdomliving771 (7 months ago)
Aracely Arroyo Praise God!! Blessings to you and your family. Love you too ❤
John White (7 months ago)
I got that same revelation the other day about getting rid of the old habits that you keep resurrecting. They will separate you from God. May the Lord continuously Bless you and your family
kingdomliving771 (7 months ago)
John White Amen! Blessings to you and your family.
Borrowed Time (7 months ago)
Thanks for continuing to be obedient to Jesus. I had the same scripture confirmation yesterday. His Spirit is being poured out! This keeps happening, so much so, it's overwhelming, if you're trying to keep track w/journal! Another super encouraging word I got last week while witnessing to a Viet.Vet was two simple words that just propelled out of my mouth: "Remember me!" I knew it was the Holy Ghost because as I was listening to this man tell me, through tears the horrible things he did and saw during war, he didn't see how he could ever be forgiven. It just came to me suddenly about the thief on the cross whose heart was repentant and God sees the heart. My sis prayed & my mom told him to read the Bible (we had given him) and God would be real to him. He was very honest and said: "I just don't have the desire like you do mam." Please say a prayer for Joe that he would be overwhelmed by God's love and desire the Word with all his heart! Praise God! See you very soon!❤️Luv u!
kingdomliving771 (7 months ago)
Borrowed Time Amen! I will be praying.. God bless you!
Saved by Grace (7 months ago)
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, thank you for the souls like this who want us all saved and in your house. Love you Kingdomliving771, and pray for all our loved ones who search for the kingdom of GOD. Bless everyone my LORD. Amen.
kingdomliving771 (7 months ago)
marvin swain God bless you ❤
Holly WV (7 months ago)
Thanks for sharing 💕💕🙏🏻
Christina Lemar (7 months ago)
We are soooo close. Please come soon! The enemy keeps attacking my health
kingdomliving771 (7 months ago)
Christina Lemar Praying for you!
Tommie Clark (7 months ago)
Hey Sister, I love your channel and messages. One can hear 👂 the Lord Jesus speaking right 👉 to you and through you! When I heard the part about turning off all the lights 💡 and the water; immediately my spirit said hum sounds like the Lord was showing how that's His Word is being CUT-OFF!😢 His word is always characterized by "Water & Light 💡 " except His is the "Living Water and Way, the Truth and the Light!" Awesome Dream and Revelation!!! May Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ continue to keep Us ALL! We will continue to keep you and your family 👪 Safe especially from the wicked and evil 👿 one and his minions! Jesus Bless You Faithful Sister !💖⏳🔊💒😇😇😇
kingdomliving771 (7 months ago)
Tommie Clark Amen! Thank you so much for these words and for your prayers! I actually didn't think about that regarding the lights and the water. Very interesting thought. God bless you and thank you again for the prayers!
Please watch!!! Yes, we are close! https://youtu.be/vY-n66mmz4s
His Appearing (7 months ago)
HalleluYah!!!! 🙌 😂 Thank you Sis for sharing the WARNING, and the good news!!! God bless you!
kingdomliving771 (7 months ago)
His Appearing Praise God!! God bless you
Dear Sister, This morning 8-3-18. I was in bed still awake and I heard "Trajectory is going to be chaos". May The Creator keep us safe!
kingdomliving771 (7 months ago)
Innu Horu/Nuru Adisa Olu-Igboya WOW!!!
kingdavid772 (7 months ago)
What can we do to prepare? I don't have enough biblical knowledge to really spread the gospel to people in person. I have a tough time retaining what I learn.
kingdomliving771 (7 months ago)
kingdavid772 The best way to prepare is to make sure your relationship with the Lord is where it need to be. Stay in relationship with Him. Make sure you're checking your heart at all times. And continually pray for your loved ones.
William Jean (7 months ago)
kingdavid772 Always tell people to seriously ask the Heavenly Father for forgiveness for the sins they have done in their life.
Shelly (7 months ago)
Ask God as to what He wants you to do. I made flyers up with my dreams on them quite some time ago. I've handed these out to everyone I know (as it's a hard topic to just bring up), so a flyer makes it easier. I've also emailed everyone personally on facebook that I know. I made up a video titled 'I have peace' (to non- Christians that I know on facebook and sent the link), and a video called 'What God told me' to the religious people I also know. That video contains what God told me about fireballs coming from the sky. All pretty intense, but that I believe - is their warning. It's hard when people don't really want to engage in much conversation (I mean even being interested in them, talking about different things - not religious stuff, listening to them, their problems etc). Gosh talking about the weather is hard enough. People ramble on. So a small A5 flyer does wonders as they can read it and look up my dreams on youtube later.
Wow, sister. This dream sounds like a confirmation to a dream I had. I was at my sister's home, but it looked like a business building and not a residential home. A storm was coming, and you could see a thick line of clouds coming like an army. My sister told me the storm was going to hit in "10 minutes" and she even it called it Bob. The storm was called Bob, for some reason. Suddenly in this same building, there was a diner type of area. A waitress comes up to me and offers me a handful of "children's" treats. I take them, and go to find my family to give some to them. My aunt ends up taking all of it and leaves me with one broken treat. My other aunt, whose name is Manuela, gives me her treat instead because she felt bad for me. It was a bus made of Lifesavers candies. (This made me think of Jesus, trading our sins for His Righteousness! Thank You, Jesus!) There was a scene of the dream, I cannot fully remember, but it involved the front door, which also looked like a business push/pull door, and the glass by the handle looked cracked. And there was this woman outside the big window. Not sure if it meant anything, but it keeps coming to mind. The bus made of Lifesavers made me think of the rapture! May The Lord give us understanding to these dreams! God bless, sister!
kingdomliving771 (7 months ago)
Jesus Christ is coming! Repent & Believe the Gospel Amen..I thought the same thing about the bus.
Ann Marie (7 months ago)
Thank you so much for this video! I just want to be counted worthy of going! Im excited and afraid at he same time!
kingdomliving771 (7 months ago)
Ann Marie I understand... stay in faith and stay close to the Lord beloved.
islandnites (7 months ago)
Sheepdog Warrior (7 months ago)
I'm praying, we all get ready, the "best", each of us, can do..... Don't take God's, emergency provision for granted, how??? By not preparing, even though God has already informed you, that we are at the beginning of the end times...thru watchmen... Do you understand,??? it's our being disrespectful, not to try, and prepare something... Wise virgins, are always ready.. It's not unfaithful to prepare, it's smart, and faithful actions done. Blessings.....
Toni s (7 months ago)
Thank-you !!! God Bless
kingdomliving771 (7 months ago)
Toni s God bless you!
Renee Blount (7 months ago)
On Point....God Bless you Veronica!!!
kingdomliving771 (7 months ago)
Renee Blount God bless you dear sis ❤
Randy B (7 months ago)
Sister I know that our loving God is testing the saints, He wants a body willing to sacrifice like He did, however we know that we could never do what he did on the cross. He's really not asking to much of us. He wants unseen faith so he can do the work. Shalom
C C (7 months ago)
Psalm 139:23-24 Search me, O God, and know my heart; Try me, and know my anxieties; and see if there is any wicked way in me, And lead me in the way everlasting.
Patricia Hand (7 months ago)
kingdomliving771 (7 months ago)
C C Amen! Great scripture
Debbie Beaumont (7 months ago)
The scripture you read is what immediately came into my mind, when you first mentioned about the cutting off of the man's foot. So maybe this is a confirmation for you? I was just telling my husband today that I have felt very unsettled the past few days, as if I am waiting for something to happen. I want so much to go to my true home with the Lord. This world is so obviously not our true home. I am very grieved, because I will be leaving behind several family members I love dearly. I pray my young grandchildren will go with me. I just recently discovered your channel. I appreciate the calm, succinct, way you always present your dreams/visions with His love, kindness and compassion very much evident. It does seem that spiritually things are pressing in and weighing on us and zapping our energy. I keep telling myself we just need to hold on a bit longer and to remember that the joy of the Lord is our strength. He has our back, no matter what! Several watch men/women are feeling they are giving pretty much their final warnimgs. Blessings to you, your family and your ministry.
DEB ARMSTRONG (6 months ago)
I also thought of that bible verse as I listened. Great message, Sister; I hope many people heed the wisdom of your dream.
kingdomliving771 (7 months ago)
Debbie Beaumont Thank you for these words and thank you for your prayers! I completely know what you mean about the unsettling you're feeling. I think a lot of us are feeling the same way. Blessings to you and your family
Maria Fusco (7 months ago)
As I am listening to this, there is a nor'easter outside, windy, noisy, blowing snow. What a backdrop to your video!
William Jean (7 months ago)
Big storm hitting places like new york right now
kingdomliving771 (7 months ago)
William Jean Very interesting
lbird (7 months ago)
This warning speaks volumes of what is going on in the Christian and non-believing world right now. I pray we all will heed the warnings. And, ugh, lol, at the image of having to cut the foot off the guy. But, when you mentioned it, Matthew 5:30 also popped into my mind. Thanks Veronica. Hope you get some rest. I fell asleep on my couch after work today........ AND, yuck... the time changes Saturday night. We lose an hour of sleep. Spring Forward!
kingdomliving771 (7 months ago)
lbird Yes, that was a very difficult thing to experience but I'm glad the Lord didn't allow me to actually witness doing it. It's very obvious to me that it was extremely important for Him to send this message to the body of Christ.
Archie Kharpuri (7 months ago)
Amen Sister!!!
GodIS True (7 months ago)
Thank you for sharing sis. I am taking heed to the warning. Its funny because I did a red alert warning message video last week. I was telling everyone to get their house in order. I am getting my house in order and keeping my oil lit. I tell you the body of Christ is really coming together Thank you for being obedient! God Bless!💖😇
kingdomliving771 (7 months ago)
GodIS True Amen!!!
Theodore Daniel (7 months ago)
Around 16th -17th... You are right.. We are days from leaving i believe.
Brian White (7 months ago)
Theodore Daniel (7 months ago)
Brian White she didnt give a date but since nissan 1 is at that time joel 223 says first month.. It's a wrap things are ready to move forward... Harvest and threshing.
Brian White (7 months ago)
Did she actually say March 16th/17th I know she mentioned the ark reference so that could be a 7 day reference which would be the 14th since today is the 7th. Thanks and God bless
Brian White (7 months ago)
Yea, I believe that too
Carrie Benko (7 months ago)
Can you give some examples of what might hinder us from going with the Lord? ?
kingdomliving771 (7 months ago)
carrie benko z Just make sure you've repented of all of your sins and continually ask the Lord to forgive you of anything you may have said, done, or thought that was not pleasing to the Lord. Keep your lifestyle pleasing to the Lord at all times. Make sure you have forgiven those that have hurt you. Don't have unforgiveness, hatred, or bitterness in your heart towards anyone. Just try your hardest to be more like Jesus everyday. Know that He loves you and He knows where you currently are in your walk. Just trust Him and build on your relationship with Him. He knows your heart and your willingness to do what is right so you will make it.
William Jean (7 months ago)
carrie benko not repenting is something that will get people left behind. Hatred and unwilling to forgive is other things that will get people left behind.
msyahwey4ever (7 months ago)
Heddo sister! I thought of the bacteria being sent up in red balloons on 8/21/17. Like the bacteria that was in it may start a pestilence and it may require amputations, maybe flesh eating bacteria? But its your dream, so just take it!!! 😈 Hahaha, you know what you felt in your spirit man, the knowing. Love you sister and thanks for sharing!! 😷
kingdomliving771 (7 months ago)
msyahwey4ever I do appreciate your feedback. God bless you
Kari B Gold (7 months ago)
Thank you Jesus for the warning. Bless you sis.
kingdomliving771 (7 months ago)
Kari B Gold Amen.. blessings to you!
Saved by Grace (7 months ago)
First. THANK YOU. I wish I could meet you in person. I love your soul.
kingdomliving771 (7 months ago)
Saved by Grace Awww!!! Hopefully we will be meeting soon ❤
Scott Payne (7 months ago)

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