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8 Water Tricks That'll Melt Your Mind

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Text Comments (4402)
There is only 1 I haven't seen like 3141592653589793238462643383279502 times (And no that wasn't random)
A Travelling Bleach (12 days ago)
Yeah use your credit card as a wall that'll be fine
Marjorie Vitoria (1 month ago)
O. Que era aquilo que ela colocou no pote e o que ela colocou no dedo me responde hoje porfavor
2:00 is the ice half melted or ...
1:21 never try this at home
G. Brown (3 months ago)
tyler (5 months ago)
tyler (5 months ago)
Poker Fanatic79 (6 months ago)
How would you get the water to exactly 32 degrees?
kitty mc (6 months ago)
This was the first buzzfeed video I’ve ever seen
Baile Shellaugh (6 months ago)
I tried the last one it melted my ice
Kaytlin Canales (6 months ago)
The instant slushy i knew by accident on my own
nick knight (7 months ago)
0:29 when you say a bad joke everyone moves away *hello darkness my old friend*
H N (7 months ago)
Smart title
Poojitha I S S (7 months ago)
I just came for the slushie
Riya Rode (7 months ago)
The video didn't melt my mind it froze it.
Jacquelyn Prince (7 months ago)
The ice cube one didn't work so maybe put some instructions cuz Idk what I did wrong
gabby rose (8 months ago)
mama mia
Hopelessly Romantic (8 months ago)
1:18 That amazing feeling you get when at home after a party, pouring the leftover drink that you got to take home.
Chim Chim (8 months ago)
I think you can change the title to " Ice tricks that will melt your mind"
Baba Pro (8 months ago)
It is sodyum esethath I wrode folse but that dodosent letter
Lilia Kovács (8 months ago)
0:40 of course, I am going to use my credit card to make this.
Find my picture 134 (9 months ago)
Tomorrow is is my b day and my old school friend is coming 305 likes will make me move back to my other school and I will I just want to be with her so badly 🖕she is the best💐💖💖
• Luminous Pandora • (9 months ago)
Noor Almajali (9 months ago)
the water balloon when it popped cuz there was no water I got jump scared 😣😣
sabrinac1722 (9 months ago)
1:55 works i did it.
Hey I'm Mary (9 months ago)
*This is amazing...* 👏👏👏👏
Ziyaddin Musayev (9 months ago)
hi, everyone, can you look this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hzk5Wy1qoQk&t=2s
Is anyone talking about the thumbnail?????
Anushka Mhapadi (9 months ago)
I poured water on ice nothing happened
ius Maria (9 months ago)
2018 💛❤️💛
that robloxian (9 months ago)
that first one is illuminoti
Cirbi_YT -Brawl Stars (9 months ago)
nice man... u got urself polpular by posting buzzfeed videos... good!!
Mevelyn Gay Varona (9 months ago)
U efffing used ur visa
LemonLime Tea (9 months ago)
Luna (9 months ago)
It’s so amazing definely melted my mind with this cool magic tricks
suga yogurt (10 months ago)
i remember doing the last one by accident using coke and when i smashed it to the ground it popped then it turned into ice😂
Fun Stars (10 months ago)
Lol Ironic thumbnail and Title 😂
Benny Podokshik (10 months ago)
Who else cringed when the ballon touched the flame
Munchkin Emerton (10 months ago)
This video melted my eyes.... or should I say my ice? 😂
Munchkin Emerton (10 months ago)
Jacks on top now! 😂
Corrado Charalambous (10 months ago)
So if you use coke instead of water yo7 get a coke slushii
Elennaa A (10 months ago)
me and my class did this
just KDL (10 months ago)
Wow! 22m views
roxy starck (10 months ago)
"MELT". good one
Yolo DDK (10 months ago)
jacks akeays on top...srry theres a gay joke in there, somewhere.
Ruby Abdullah (10 months ago)
I came here bcoz I saw that the title was making instant slushy😂😂
Cool Felix (10 months ago)
Swiftie Forever (11 months ago)
5-minutes craft
I Like Turtles (11 months ago)
0:30 what happens to me when I try to make friends.
Pixie 123 (11 months ago)
When it showed the laser one I thought the laser made the hole
Johanna Swenska (11 months ago)
0:32 (only dirty people will understand
*Elena* *P* (11 months ago)
My mind is melted.
Bhishma Pratap Singh (11 months ago)
They were amazing who knows water is that strong
Denzel Vlog (11 months ago)
I never freeze
mood (11 months ago)
Click bait. My mind didn’t melt..
Ama Ali (11 months ago)
Didn't anyone noticed that for the Daniel and water one they used a credit card?
Some Botato (11 months ago)
Sadly, I knew all of them except one...
Madelon Mulder (11 months ago)
Farmer wealthy support lung distant urge series hearing symbol lamp constant.
Anaelle Duval (11 months ago)
Rush long we lie PC destroy treatment Soviet.
kaitlyn scott (11 months ago)
Direction shelter brand affect inform dependent almost wander wealth value mixture
Filip Olsen (1 year ago)
Desire combat firm curve physician firm cut process speak celebrate.
The first ones fake how can i Prove ?? At 14 seconds stop the video the glass full of water will be at the side of your screen look at the glass the arrows are still there Magic
Kiara Wilson (1 year ago)
Honor prayer Indian fast fiction note elect earth verbal absorb.
Are you calling my brain ice?
BiscuitXJam read the title, then watch the video, you get the pun?
JamBiscuits (1 year ago)
VivNgọcHân Nguyễn what
Leafy Green (1 year ago)
0:29 blew my mind
Adyan Plays (1 year ago)
It did not melt my mind?
Gurpreet Bhullar (1 year ago)
"Who knew tonic glows in the dark?". Me. 3 years ago... EDIT: I didn't know this vid was made is 2014. Oops... Make that 1 or 2 years ago.
Vicky x (1 year ago)
Did anyone else get blinded when that person flashed the red laser at night in your eyes? 😂 Thanks for blinding me! 😂😂
kuchbhi (1 year ago)
check this .miss playing this great game https://youtu.be/AgroWdUzFkU
ø Eman Hafeez ø (1 year ago)
That laser hurts my eyes
Grand Melodious (1 year ago)
Ik the pepper one
Chevy 111 (1 year ago)
Anonymous plumz (1 year ago)
wow you had to use the credit card
MartiN _ (1 year ago)
the trick with the pepper looks cooler with milk
Luno the Pug (1 year ago)
I see what you did there with the title
Crunchman 22 (1 year ago)
the last one was insane.
Makayla Neal (1 year ago)
*Melt* Get it?
Aubri W. (1 year ago)
1:03 my eyes😂😥
Alexandria McKinnon (1 year ago)
paper water in front not work
Rafaela Minguetti (1 year ago)
The slushy doesn’t work -_-
Andrew (1 year ago)
What is possible purified water?
S T A R (1 year ago)
1:51 he should of done a water bottle flip
Overlord Gaming (1 year ago)
Crazy bangtan (1 year ago)
I will try the last one🙃
S J (1 year ago)
We did the balloon thing in 7th grade science
Samantha Gibbs (1 year ago)
Bailee Watson (1 year ago)
doesnt work😢
salty boi (1 year ago)
Seriously, this was the first buzzfeed video I have ever watched.
Samira Mathis (1 year ago)
What is the difference between all of buzzfeed channels?
Creepy Princess (1 year ago)
How do you do the slushy one at the end
Lupi Alvarado (1 year ago)
Number 3 on the drink it says Jack and daniels why don't we LoL
Zil Mohd (1 year ago)
Mačka (1 year ago)
The first one is one I knew before this video came to be
Im already melted And its not because of this video... (The Core IS the hint)
Reported for not actually melting my mind
I tried all of them and it didn't work 😅😢
General channel (1 year ago)
here every comment has atleast a 500 hundered like! I'm enough with 100 😅😅😅
Sonia Bansal (1 year ago)
Noah De Carmo (1 year ago)
FIRST........in three years

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