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Dont fuck with german girls

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Johannes Franke (10 days ago)
assis haben es verdient
CLAN GUNN (1 month ago)
jj ggf (3 months ago)
YYY ALTA ALTA JUNGE YYYYY EEE OOO EEE AAA JUNGE OOO ALTA - thats why german is low tier language
DCL 308 (6 months ago)
Fake,.. totally staged.
EruptionRBX (3 months ago)
Fuck you Nigga Im a fucking german
Kariya (1 year ago)
the women in the Video did the right thing
Zenek01 (2 years ago)
Funny cuz your stupid Merkel let rapist in
I would have run over that bitch if she did that to my car!
Ludwig Beilschmit (2 years ago)
Well hello there comment section. I am German and I am not a nazi. This is probably a joke.
neiapomodori2 (3 years ago)
Fuck germans they are all nazi.
SadSlav (11 months ago)
just passin by dont mind me
Tino (1 year ago)
neiapomodori2 and your grandpa was a slaveholder
Xeransystor (4 years ago)

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