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Rock Funk Backing Track Guthrie Govan Style in Em

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Support me: https://www.paypal.me/Artmant Guthrie Govan Style Backing Track You can play E minor pentatonic and E Aeolian scales over the whole track. ____________________________________ Need Royalty Free Music for your project? http://audiojungle.net/user/artmant/portfolio?ref=artmant ____________________________________ Artmant Guitar Backing Tracks Enjoy!! :)
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Text Comments (38)
Artmant Studios (9 months ago)
My backing tracks are now available on Bandcamp : https://artmantstudios.bandcamp.com/album/artmant-studios-backing-tracks-collection Check it out if you want to download my tracks in Highest Quality formats and support my channel. Happy jamming and thanks a lot! 🙂🎸
Adriano Cirrone - DRINO (4 months ago)
A really nice track. Thank you!I love Govan's style.
Dooality (5 months ago)
Great track. Really good visualization too.
Tim la Grêle (9 months ago)
Best backing track, I never felt so inspired
Artmant Studios (8 months ago)
Thanks Tim..great to hear!
Renzo Martínez (9 months ago)
Fantastic job my friend
Artmant Studios (8 months ago)
Thanks Renzo..enjoy!
Lee Soyayi (8 months ago)
yeah.. hit the like button right away!!!
Artmant Studios (8 months ago)
Thanks Lee..really appreciate it!
GuitarSlinger2112 (10 months ago)
very fun. thank you
Artmant Studios (8 months ago)
You're very welcome..enjoy!
Aldo Díaz (10 months ago)
thankssss artmant studios ..... yes man fucking great.
Artmant Studios (8 months ago)
You're very welcome Aldo..enjoy!
Ivan Coppes (10 months ago)
Awesome ! Thanks !
Artmant Studios (8 months ago)
Thanks Ivan!
santiago pierini (10 months ago)
fucking awesome!!
Artmant Studios (8 months ago)
Riccardo Bertilotti (10 months ago)
Artmant Studios (8 months ago)
Thanks man!
Lucas Dias (11 months ago)
Its more like john frusciante this track, awesome!
Artmant Studios (8 months ago)
Thanks Lucas!
määp (1 year ago)
good track, gives me creativity boost
Artmant Studios (11 months ago)
Thanks for the comment..enjoy!
dregeye (1 year ago)
drop the speed to .75 for decent reggae-ish jam... (no skank but the drum fills work)
ilemarduk (1 year ago)
The best, greetings from Macedonia ! :)
Artmant Studios (1 year ago)
Thanks man! enjoy!
scottybee33 (1 year ago)
Great One, Thanks Brother !!!
Artmant Studios (1 year ago)
Happy jamming bro!
Diego Curutchet (1 year ago)
Great BT, its a shame that youtube discontinue the video response, its always good to see others people´s aproach to this track. I miss that feature
Dave Young (1 year ago)
great stuff man, I'm enjoying all your tracks. I like that timeline you put in the vids too. gives an idea of where i am and also where the different dynamics in the track lie. very cool :) Thanks
greg04 (1 year ago)
Your Backing Tracks are exceptional! Great for practising Arpeggios, keep it up!
José Pueyrredon (1 year ago)
Great track!! playing along i saw that using a b minor pentatonic, even a blues one, sounds great too... Anybody can tell me why?! thanks!
Jason Cooper (1 year ago)
The notes of the Bm pentatonic fit in the B phrygian mode. B phrygian is a minor mode of the G major scale. Em is the relative minor of G major. Therefore all of the notes of the G major scale will work in Em. Does that help?
Artmant Studios (1 year ago)
Sagie Shlafman (1 year ago)
awesome backing track had a lot of fun improvizing on it, keep up the good work :)
Really good track
Artmant Studios (1 year ago)
Petros Dzerefos (1 year ago)
Damn. That was amazing, thank you!
Artmant Studios (1 year ago)
Thanks man!

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