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Great Sphinx of Giza Egypt: Secret Tunnels Confirmed - Ancient Egyptians & Hall of Records

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Confirmed – Tunnels, shafts and chambers are inside and below the Great Sphinx of Giza, Egypt. This video shows pictures which not only prove this, but confirm that the Egyptian authorities (including Zahi Hawass) have engaged in a cover-up that spans decades. Does this indicate that the infamous Hall of Records does indeed exist? Zahi Hawass & Mark Lehner Under the Sphinx, and Opening Shaft Door at the Top of Sphinx’s Back: https://youtu.be/SOc6RWaGQC0 Zahi Hawass Exploring “Tomb of Osiris” 95ft down under Giza Plateau: https://youtu.be/1Hg-mLcA-GE Brien Foerster explaining the possible Chamber underneath the Sphinx’s paw, and analyzation of stone tiles/surrounding bedrock: https://youtu.be/or-6ulewzaU Help Support me on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/BrightInsight
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Text Comments (3953)
paul burton (13 hours ago)
Brandon Maxwell (4 days ago)
I freaking love these videos!!!!!!
Yawg moth (4 days ago)
Interesting that there are hieroglyphs in the burial site but none in the pyramid of Giza.
Fail Squad (5 days ago)
Does this make anyone else want to visit Egypt and have a look for themselves?
Aaron Conwell (6 days ago)
When the 2000 computer problem was occurring I decided to have a look at the internet when everyone was closing down to protect themselves - I found documents stating they found a passage from the Sphinx's ars that leads to Campbell's tomb and ends up in a tomb of "Orion - the living god " I can't remember the other archeologist , but one of them was Zawaris (wrong spelling but you get it )
Samsara (6 days ago)
Zahi Hawass is fraud, look at his "debate" with Hanock :D
Kayla Moore (9 days ago)
If Dr. Tombraider is involved in any way shape or form it's simply because the elite figured that if he could lie and decieve the masses in the way he has previously then by all means if there is something else to find( which seems highly likely or he wouldn't have been brought back) then he's the one to find and propagate any such event.
Zakary DeLaura (9 days ago)
Ever think about the concept of "Ancient Hive Mind" ?
Tony Bagley (10 days ago)
Not sure it’s secret.....
james M (11 days ago)
Great information Jimmy keep up the good work
EL'Dey TahAli (13 days ago)
Can you do a video on the Urantia Book ?!
nextgenprepper (14 days ago)
Looks like it was just a place for a big well, water is life in the desert so no wonder they went to great lengths to build something so beautiful
Moving free Norman (16 days ago)
I guess they already have found the hall of records. And it will be empty.... Man, Hawass is a bastard.
Thy small Midget 25 (17 days ago)
What happens if the sphinx is submerged in water ? And the pyrimids were struck by lightening ? Would something huge happen ? I think so , everything would be fried , frankinstien springs to mind , i need a cup of tea and a headache pill lol , god bless .
Doug Alexander (18 days ago)
Doesn’t pass the smell test.
johnnyaum3 (19 days ago)
laura cee (20 days ago)
I will say it is interesting... everything but the Wikipedia comment.
Espada Mac (20 days ago)
Espada Mac (20 days ago)
I don’t endorse but I heavily use...😸
smooth Buddha (20 days ago)
All these cover ups basically have to do with religion. If it came to light that elements of the bible are colaberated with ancient finds in Egypt or if these finds contracdict the bible ,other religions or the modern archeolical paradigm they know there will be huge civil unrest. I suspect that the Vatican has treasures and artifacts beyond our wildest dreams that will never be made public. We are fed a simple story that civilisation is around 4500 years old but mounting modern scientific and archeological evidence clearly contradicts this paradigm overwhelmingly. We live in a fear controlled society that worries more about public reaction than giving the public the truth- it's as though they assume the public can and never will be able to handle the truth.
Lou (22 days ago)
I think that inside those chambers, there has to be a library full of scrolls and records of the ancient times...
Kamyar Shahmoradi (26 days ago)
Its crazy how this kid is an archeologist from his desktop
sergio vazquez (26 days ago)
I wanna explore so bad
Getnet Getu (26 days ago)
have you ever been to Egypt?
leo elliott (26 days ago)
G.P.R. doesn't necessarily show cavities underground. Rather it shows changes in DENSITY. Very Big distinction here. The change in density MIGHT show a cavity... But then again might not. Only way to know for sure is to dig!
Mevine Ven (26 days ago)
Zahiowas is a liar fraud racist
barry ohara (26 days ago)
If want people tame you seriously why mention that thiefing corrupt bastard in your vids he is destroying history forever with selling artefacts to highest bidder that no one will ever see again ..and stop photoshopping sphinx head with stupid trap doors least we can see Mark or entrance at the ear with out halfwits like you lying to us
Lunar_ Lotus (28 days ago)
The Tomb of Osiris? Ancient Alien Records?
Pamela Robinson (28 days ago)
Really interested in your video i hope you can find more information and links. I loved it that you went straight into the story instead of telling personal anecdotes and jokes and long stories not necessarily to do with subject. Informative and concise. Well done and thank you.
MrMagsimus (1 month ago)
Thank you 🙏🏼 fantastic video loved every minute of it ❤️🇬🇧☝🏻👍
vincent grizanti (1 month ago)
Zahi wont say im sure hes not allowed but hes a shady character
Blubberbean (1 month ago)
You should open up a patreon and gofundme to travel to these places to investigate
Kid Kootenay (1 month ago)
It does not sound like you have spent much time underground, looking down a shaft and seeing a shadow does not mean it continues most times its just a small undercut, as for not filming or photographing it there's usually not much space sometimes 24" or less and even if you did, it would not include enough context to dispel conspiracy theories. And just a question did anyone not notice the glaring difference in the hatch ontop of the sphinx?? One was square and not big enough for a human the other round and clearly a portal for a person.
DEVUNK88 (1 month ago)
they are hiding something, what a surprise
Cody The Libertarian (1 month ago)
You should really stop using the terms citizens of the world and the masses. That’s their language. Great videos by the way.
Dennis Young (1 month ago)
The answer is in The Emerald Tablets of Thoth.
jhonjhon jhonson (1 month ago)
EDGAR CAYCE.... talked about these tunnels in the 40’s and 50’s and he has never been there. His nicknamed the sleeping prophet. You should do a episode on him, many people try to discredit him, but he is good for the most part, had great predictions EDGAR CAYCE LOOK HIM UP
John Kotz (1 month ago)
I'm sure Hawass sold this sacred knowledge to the highest bidder! Such a shame because of all of the good that we could be using this technology to build and maintain our civilization. Instead we will not be able to survive the next mass extinction...except the Billionaire Bunker Club! You should consider making a video on this topic because from what I've seen it is scary! Keep up the great work...
Tony Anstatt (1 month ago)
YouTube & Wikipedia enter the Social Media debate!
Austin Glines (1 month ago)
It looks like zahi hawass is an Antiquities dealer and he steals his Antiquities I think this dude is nothing but a thief I think we should chop his hands off peace out have a great day
FBI America (1 month ago)
I walked there in assassin's creed origins
Robert Epperson (1 month ago)
The Dr herein referred to was also busted for selling Egyptian antiquities on the black market and to be a fraud.
Enterthemind1 (1 month ago)
Never believe anything that comes out of Zahi Hawass's month. 😒
Bryce H (1 month ago)
at 9:33 you can see even scrape marks on the shaft walls like what is found at many other megalithic sites around the world.
thomas nicks (1 month ago)
I love this guys channel ..everything's a conspiracy..hawass is the devil and i guess if we put him on charge he would do a great job... Its not a hard job ...everyone has own opinion is trying to steal priceless stuff its easy
Kiran Govind (1 month ago)
What the hell! Shaft entrench at the top of the sphinx!?!
Eileen Krohn (1 month ago)
If you go to Wikipedia for the Hall of Records now it actually states that Edgar Cayce is the man who started this story. And all of it is untrue.
William Hoskins (1 month ago)
Jimmy... Please be careful 😐 . Your going to be ruffling feathers. And they don't want the feather exposed to the light.
jaxshroom (1 month ago)
that video with zahhi i thought it wuz 1993 or 1996 until the door :D then all expedition exiled :P
johngarryvo (1 month ago)
hey Jim.. imo the Sphinx isn’t a statue.. it’s cherubim. what better marker to place in front of the King’s Chamber (Solomon’s Temple), where the Ark of The Convenant was stored. the 2 Sphinx Temples where cut up remains of the wings, which broke off and where placed in front of it. Khalifa al-Ma'mun went in thru the lever door entrance; broke open the sarcophagus, removed the Ark.. but couldn’t maneuver it back out the same way; so they tunneled out in nearly a straight line under that tunnel and above the lower chambers. the remains of their dig are still inside Cheops (but of course you already knew that). the Ark went to Tarsus; and from there who knows…. maybe tracing al-Ma'mun’s heirs would lead a trail for a smart man like yourself..
Lord Blackwood (1 month ago)
Lets just go and look bro !
aunun ally (1 month ago)
Zahi Hawass should be tried for crimes against humanity.
aunun ally (1 month ago)
I can't tell you how long but I know for sure Wikipedia is garbage and been that way for some time
Don Gorham (1 month ago)
Notice how the shadow forms a beard and mustache on the Sphinx.
Voose Lagina (1 month ago)
My ass they didn’t open the sarcophagus. There is supposedly a God buried in a sarcophagus and you’re telling me they didn’t open it? That’s the first thing they did boy they want that DNA
Dr. Mike wood (1 month ago)
Zh is one of the most full of shit public figures I've ever heard of
Tanbir (1 month ago)
They couldn't get any information from beneath there because he had a pistol, and wanted all the fame for himself.
Mawk Grasper (1 month ago)
Your presentation on conspiracy facts is a great way to get into the heads of the ill informed/conformed.. I'm glad to have stumbled across your work. Thanks Mate from an Australia.
tjbeson (1 month ago)
My favourite channel. Thank you !
Aliens asks: How many cover ups could you possibly think of? Me: well...just watch any sort of news^^ you will get ideas per secound.
SnugNap (1 month ago)
even if what you say is hard to believe at least youre entertaining
Abraham Lincoln (1 month ago)
The camera man has special needs
Alésia Clery (1 month ago)
It wouldn't be so interesting if it wasn't hidden. I'm actually
jonolemon (1 month ago)
186/5000 you are shocked by the duplicity and collusion of the media and the system, too. If you were French you would put on your yellow vest because that's exactly why we are fighting.
Dgcc Fhf (1 month ago)
Don't ever dare to stop
Samuel Reed (1 month ago)
It was a water fountain, from the great pyramid
spartanRS (1 month ago)
Zahi Hawass is a great guy. You just dont understand him. There is so much pressure on him. lol
Neurotic Netizen (1 month ago)
Said noone. Ever.
Thor (1 month ago)
That archaeologists is as dirty as they come don’t believe a word he says
Chris W (1 month ago)
The woman in the Fox video is Suzy Kolber, now at ESPN. That video is from the very end of the 90s or beginning of the 2000s.
North Guy (1 month ago)
Probably hiding stuff down their they don't want people to loot
Dr Gunsmith (1 month ago)
Probably a alien that built the place was in that coffin deep under ground and his secrets of all things out of this world, I would believe that more than the Egyptian grave robbing bastards.
Dr Gunsmith (1 month ago)
Something was there it’s probably long gone now.
John cahill (1 month ago)
What about that Russian kid who said he was from Mars and said there was a secret passage on the sphynx up by his ear that actually makes sense now TGI
Dr Gunsmith (1 month ago)
Definitely thieves at work.
Jah Vx (1 month ago)
The entrance to an underground city
The Kaveman (1 month ago)
Hang on that first shaft shape looks like the oval shape ,burial shape in that zone that is used as a dump by Egyptians. See your other video
*Zahi Howass is a lying old fool out for a buck.*
manabouttongue (1 month ago)
Did you know that the great psychic Edgar Casey in one of his readings stated that the survivors of Atlantis placed records of their history in great chambers beneath the Sphinx?
dayofthedog (1 month ago)
If the Sphinx was submerged in water the caves could possibly be runoff from water. Kinda like how a sinkhole is formed
Kevin De Bondt (1 month ago)
The hole in it's head is to hold a giant pole which held the headdress of the sphinx
Kindness and Peace (1 month ago)
This is a shit show. This Zaky Hawas guy is obviously Paid Agent. He is like the only one who gets to go there. This is to create an image of legitimate research that goes on there. Of course general public eats it up. I remember watching him 10 years ago on Discovery channel and eating it up. This is really bad. Don't you get it. The beast system is being put in place. All generations after us will be FOREVER deceived by Google and everything it owns. Google monopolized the Internet! Something needs to be done...
drlcartman (1 month ago)
I noticed that a lot of comments have been saying that the egyptian government or authorities are trying to cover up the fact that these objects are older/not even built by the egyptians. I think it may be more probable that their findings might also undermine islam or in-flare islamists, who have in the past want to destroy all the temples and pyramids in egypt.
Riddler0019 (1 month ago)
The hall of records are probably in the Vatican secret Library by now lol
Dreidcs2 (1 month ago)
The oldest pyramids always gave me the idea of the entrance of a bunker...
Miganarchine (1 month ago)
Listen to the American demanding to know Egyptian secrets!
Neurotic Netizen (1 month ago)
Like the guy said in the top of the comment section, "Human knowledge belongs to the world." If the Egyptian authorities truly have unearthed knowledge and evidence pertaining to OUR ancient history and OUR origins as a SPECIES, and they are actively suppressing these discoveries, then by God every single person responsible deserves to be lined up and shot for crimes against humanity.
deborah Worth (1 month ago)
Why all the secrets? What is the Egyptian government hiding. i think they fired Hawasse? This man has to much power and says over the Egyptian government.
John Williams (1 month ago)
Trying to cover up the truth.... They cannot let anything come out that would change the narrative.
Joseph Holt (1 month ago)
Interesting that the hatch goes from a perfect circle to a smaller square......
Craig Melhuish (1 month ago)
I just think at the end of the day this whole hidden tunnels leading to riches beyond belief is completely made up to keep tourism going in Egypt. Don't you think someone else before our generation and many more before that generation would have dug up the riches by now! Trust me I no how easy it is to want to believe there is a higher power who helped the building of the pyramids, but as per usual we are so wrapped up in what we have already achieved in our history that we automatically assumed that civilizations before ours must have been stupid. We "THE HUMAN RACE" are still enfants we may have invented a few things and achieved some amazing things but in my eyes we've done it all, all we can then do is try and do it better we've done that, and so on. I'm starting to believe that humanity has had its chance and blew it we should have been in space by now. Earth apparently is going to eventually die it could happen in a blink! Done! Game over, what then? I don't think in my life time I'm going to see anything that will blow my mind! And when I say that I mean supernatural, spiritual anything which goes against my beliefs I'm 44 and want to believe. That sounded corny but Hey that's what I believe people....
David Massengill (1 month ago)
We need to get this video to 100 million views!
Hermetic Dragon (1 month ago)
Maybe he is protecting the tombs from religious fundamentalists who would destroy them if they knew they were there. Just a thought...
Anthony Chavez (1 month ago)
I can still edit wiki lol
Bright Insight (1 month ago)
You shouldn't be so sure of that. Go update it right now, add that there are tunnels. Wait and see how long before it's deleted by a moderator.
Jaana Swan (1 month ago)
Zahi is a puppet.... a very greedy one. Offered fame for being the hero who discovered things and money for only telling what “they” (whoever “they” are ) want people to know. Wasn’t there some Roman someone who went to Egypt hundreds (thousands?) years ago who was told that’s where the secrets of the world are and that the world had been wiped out and started again many times over?
Mike G (1 month ago)
The real question isn't if Zahi Hawass is hiding something, the real questions is why is he hiding information about the sphinx. His story has changed too much to protect his credibility. So clearly he's protecting something.
Jedi Lady (1 month ago)
The Library/Temple below the Sphinx is being protected by our ET ancestors because there are very astonishing information there that most people are not ready to know yet. When the right time comes, the "pure chosen ones" will be allowed to see it and divuldge it properly to the people.
xSupaBored (1 month ago)
zahi hawass looks like a goomba from mario
Tom Miller (1 month ago)
Zahi is the most proven best fraud for the job.
surreycpr (1 month ago)
Take the link above to the Mark Lehner / Hawass video - In this video it states that Lehner first came to Egypt in search for the 'Hall of records' But Hawass showed him the empty/dead end tunnels under the Sphinx and he was instantly converter to 'Mainstream' because he realised that there was to mysteries left to find - Hmmmm I Imagine Mark Lehner found exactly what he was looking for, He just had to acquire a PHD and pose as a 'Mainstream Archaeologist" in order to be able to gain unlimited access to the Giza Plateau. The deal? Zawi Hawass' swaps the 'secrets of Giza' for the attention of a huge American audience through Mark Lehner, which in turn creates huge project funding plus fame and fortune for Hawass! Lehner is nothing but Hawass' puppet - they never disagree on anything no matter how unlikely it is . Quite simply Lehner went to the Dark Side, he and Hawass are the modern guardians of the Giza Plateau. - "Come with me Mark, and I will show you the power of the Plateau". - Am I getting close?
tanner spurlock (1 month ago)
My new fav channel. this guy is no loon or conspiracy freak, yet he fins so much that is being hidden. I've been researching Egypt my whole life and I know for a fact they destroy records of things they don't want people to know. One thing they would hate for the world to discover is that they did not build these structures, they found them and drew all over them. what I want to know is, who built them? sadly that may never be discovered.
Shadow QuikSilver (1 month ago)
I Remember A Heraldo Revera ummm, show ,think, 98 2002or3, Saying they Discovered A chamber Beneath the Spinks , So when they opened the door , Foxes Camera, Cable mind you, went Fuzz,,,WTF, Do you think, ?
Bill (1 month ago)
It was a vent on the side for the underground civilization between pyramid an sphinx an the records. You had to enter in certain places. Rumored that a crystal ball that shows history in time to whoever holds it an mentally is like a book. It shows what you wish to see. They are hiding records of ANCIENT TECHNOLOGY. The crystal ball may be a myth but almost every myth or rumor has became true to egypt. Minus the powerplant..but it is a blueprint for one. That's how tesla designed his. He made the A.C generator off the earth an moon orbit like 2 magnets...they are hiding that all the tools to prosper an do what's important were left in time,in stone. The elite gold an fake paper currency. There's a whole city down there with rivers...could explain how some stone was quarried.

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