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Good Girls Gone Bad Part 4 (A ShadAmy love story)

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Text Comments (31)
william pini (2 years ago)
william pini (2 years ago)
sonic YOUR A F###ING A##HOLE
william pini (2 years ago)
william pini (2 years ago)
william pini (2 years ago)
william pini (2 years ago)
william pini (2 years ago)
again its not broking its broken.
Althea Sirius (2 years ago)
I hope they make up, I hate seeing friends fight. oAo
Heather Evans (2 years ago)
well i wish amy would forgive sally but she still has beef with her
Chica the Frightful (2 years ago)
WOW...everybody was there and fighting each other...
sonic must wants to be hated telling my fav person in sonic x and boom to shut up. sonic don't make me go into my computer and slap you int he face mister.
Sonadow Fangirl (2 years ago)
I love these kind of stories!!! It's awesome
Ash Dreemur (2 years ago)
me too 😀
Jaret SanPietro (3 years ago)
so maria
Jaime Tello (3 years ago)
i love the show ! thx u SO mutch
+Jaime Tello me too. mostly this episode blaze is right sally is a bitch. like who does that mostly to their best friend and then sonic is no better.
winter fox (3 years ago)
Sonic needs to stfu before he gets his a** killed in this story. I hope sonic dies anyway
william pini (2 years ago)
yea i agree
winter fox (3 years ago)
How the hell did sonic and Sally find amy? Did they go into stalker mode too? ; ) *laughs non stop*
A Bawi (3 years ago)
this freaks me out but i like it i mean the story
rebelzgrl (3 years ago)
*me when I watched this part* O.O sonic is in troublllllllee!!!!!!!!! XD
GBP (3 years ago)
Sally is b****! And sonic's an a**hole!
Anael Taylor (3 years ago)
Tese r the best
Eli Woods (3 years ago)
When Amy said "guys put down ur guns" I was like "yes lets be civilized. And put them away to later" (Muuuhahahahahah 😼😼👿👿)
winter fox (3 years ago)
Shadow is still gonna kick Sonic's ass anyway. Well I hope he does
Aaron Godzilla (3 years ago)
your vids are like2 secs long make them longer alredy !
krystal anagnos (3 years ago)
Go Rough & Shadow.But come on Amy why didn't you lit them kill Sonic.
anita gaona (4 years ago)
HATE U SONIC love u shady
KitKat loves Animes (4 years ago)
that was not fair for amy sonic you jerk 
arianwen wharton (4 years ago)
Sonic does need to die though
Ella larson (4 years ago)
anger in this video

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