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Inherit Styles from the Body Element, freeCodeCamp review html & css, lesson 46

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freeCodeCamp tutorial, review and help, in this challenge we learn about inheritance. When we apply a style to an element, that style will also be applied to the elements within that element. So when we apply a style to the body, all other elements will inherit the style from it as well.
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Text Comments (5)
Jackson Bodra (19 days ago)
thank you for the solution . it was so easy. i feel like i am a stupid.
We Will Code (19 days ago)
It is normal to feel overwhelmed but you are not stupid! I still feel dumb to this day sometimes, but as long as you keep learning and practicing you get used to it!!! Keep it up! And never give up! 💯
Kristin Drysdale (1 month ago)
Thank you so much for this!
Kristin Drysdale (17 days ago)
I get stuck from time to time, too. I think most everyone does. I'm glad you got help with the solution. Do you still need help navigating the community forum?
Jackson Bodra (19 days ago)
hey are you learning from this website ? if yes then i have one question. i was stuck on the same problem. got confused where to write <h1>hello world</h1>. so i click on "get hint"...did not any hint. i clicked on "watch a video"....video player didnot even play. i am not able to find the community for help.

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