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NVL Function in SQL Query

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NVL(): The Oracle/PLSQL NVL function lets you substitute a value when a null value is encountered. Syntax: NVL( string1, replace_with ) Arguments: string1 is the string to test for a null value. replace_with is the value returned if string1 is null. Example: Let's look at some Oracle NVL function examples and explore how you would use the NVL function in Oracle/PLSQL. For example: select NVL(comm, 'n/a') from emp; The SQL statement above would return 'n/a' if the 'comm' field contained a null value. Otherwise, it would return the 'comm' value. Lets have a look on emp table. Here for manager and comm columns we have null data. In output, I am getting null values. By using NVL function i can omit these null values in output.
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Solo (3 years ago)
no sound :(
WingsOfTechnology (3 years ago)
+Solo Hi, Sorry to say, our old videos do not have voice. All new and upcoming videos have voice now.

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