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Fun WAM Mudding. Pink cotton tights got wet in swamp.

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Pink cotton tights, white ruffled blouse, white sweater and gray, also got a little dip in swampy water. This video is made with combined short clips, that’s why you notice looks like cut outs. Almost every time I forgot to take my diapers off before get in deep water, sorry guys but because of my after surgery conditions, I have to wear diapers, I know some people don’t like them, but for now I don’t have a choice, and so a compression tights. It is feeling funky with huge diapers full of water in between legs, pulling my tights down. 🙃😁. Hopefully I still have time to make one video in my wedding dress in mud and water, like before ground freezes, this morning when I was walking in that water, outside temperature was 33F, it was cold.
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Messy bare feet (4 months ago)
The filthier the better 😏👣
Lintime Sinker (4 months ago)
Nice but where is the mud ?
Fun WAM Mudding (4 months ago)
No mud on this video, I thought it would be muddy, but this is actually different type of swamp, that “mud” is nothing but a bunch of vegetation on the bottom, it was barely noticed on tights when I comes out, when I walked in water just below bust line, I’ve did sink in that dirt, even sandals partially came off my feet, but by the time I’ve walk back, tights didn’t get muddy at all, just a very little.
StinkyWaders (4 months ago)
Great video I love it and don't worry about your diapers it adds a little funky side at your wet exploration... ;)

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