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Oracle || String functions Part-1 by dinesh

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Text Comments (10)
mahi4121 (5 months ago)
Sunanda Reddy (9 months ago)
sir i have table i.e TBL in that table i have one column i.e SUB_COLUMN so i want to REPLACE or TRANSLATE all strings in SUB column with different names ----------------------- SUB_COLUMN --------------------- MICROPROCESSORS AND MICROCONTROLLERS VLSI DESIGN DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING LAB so,i want below format ----------------------- SUB_COLUMN --------------------- MPMC VLSI DSPL if it is possible send me query please
Mohan Babu Depa (11 months ago)
hi Dinesh sir, some videos are missing/not played please send to my mail [email protected]
Durga Software Solutions (11 months ago)
Hi Mohan. Plz contact our online team [email protected] or call us on this number +918885252627
Sameer Ahmad (1 year ago)
Dinesh Sir, one more thing kindly give me the reply back for it.......Isn't there any video given by you on Cluster..?
Sameer Ahmad (1 year ago)
Thanks Dinesh, Thanks a lot......I was really confused with a question asked to me by an interviewer during an interview that was 'SAMEE?"R_*AHMA<D' he wanted the Output as 'SAMEER AHMAD'. I Was confused & couldn't answer just used TRIM function but that couldn't work. At home after viewing your this video I understood.......:)... select replace('SAMEEE>R?"AHM_AD','E>R?"AHM_AD','R AHMAD') from dual;
Pankaj Randhe (1 year ago)
thanks a lot Dinesh.....this is first time i could understand the instr function correctly.....i was struggling a bit before......thanks again....keep up the good work
Hi Pankaj. Thank you very much for your feedback
SUJIT KUMAR NAYAK (1 year ago)
please can you share Oracle || String functions Part-2 by dinesh
Hi Sujit. Plz contact our online team [email protected] or call us on this number +918885252627

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