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Primitive Technology: Bow and Arrow

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I made this bow and arrow using only primitive tools and materials.The bow is 1.25 m (55 inches) long and shoots 60 cm (2 feet) long arrows. I don't know the draw weight - safe to say greater than 15 kg (35 pounds) perhaps? The stave was made from a tree ,Northern Olive (Chionanthus ramiflora), that was cut with a stone axe and split in half with a stone chisel. One half was used for the bow and was cut to a length of 1.25 m (50 inches). The limbs of the bow were carved with various stone blades so that the limbs tapered in width, and to a lesser extent depth, towards the tips. The middle of the bow was narrowed in width to form a handle about 12.5 cm (5 inches) long. The string was made from the inner bark of a fibrous tree. It was separated into thin strips and left to dry. Then it was twisted into cordage. Arrows were made of the same wood as the bow and were 60 cm (2 feet) long. A notch was carved into the back to accept the bow string. They were fletched with bush turkey feathers picked up from the ground (no turkeys were harmed in the making of this video). A feather was split in half and cut into 3 lengths then resin and bark fiber attached the fletching on to the arrows. The tip of the arrow was fire hardened and sharpened to a point. The fletching was trimmed using a hot coal. Each arrow took about an hour to make. A quiver was made of bark to hold the arrows. Importantly, the quiver was worn on the back in the historically accurate style of native American and African archers- not on the hip like medieval European archers (see back quiver: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quiver ). I cleared a shooting range with a semi rotten log as a target instead of a hay bale. At 10 meters the accuracy was better than 50 % for this narrow target and the arrows stuck into the wood enough so that they were difficult to pull out. The bow was durable, shooting about 200-300 times with the string breaking only 3 times. I made a back up string and repaired them by splicing the ends back together. In conclusion this was an easy bow to make. The short design makes it easy to find a straight piece of wood for the stave. A short string is also easy to make and short arrow shafts are easy to find. Short bows shoot fast and are easy to carry in thick forest. The dimensions of the bow were based on those given in the SAS Survival Handbook by john Lofty Wiseman. but instead of carving it from a stave from the start, I split the stave and then carved it. I think this requires less time, effort and skill. It also gives a flat bow design that's unlikely to break. It does require wood that doesn't twist much when split though. Wordpress: https://primitivetechnology.wordpress.com/ Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=2945881&ty=h I have no face book page. Beware of fake pages.
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Где дичь?
DEZINHO 022 (6 hours ago)
Good arrow.
D-MF-L (6 hours ago)
I know if/when the day comes and I have to make a bow and arrow using only what nature provides I’ll immediately remember at least 75% of this. If my giant stick idea doesn’t work first.
Brandon Hancock (15 hours ago)
Me and you would get along so well I make primitive weapons out of rocks Flint and hardwood
Brandon Hancock (15 hours ago)
Dude I think you are freaking awesome
Kaden Whitfield (19 hours ago)
The tree will live
bornagainwierdo (1 day ago)
He made the camera out of clay that he slapped several times
Obi Wan Kenobi (1 day ago)
This guy is steve of minecraft damn force are big in this great guy
Rhys Kyser (1 day ago)
Who would have enough time to do all these videos out in the forests of australia kudos to this guy reply if you like his videos
Sami Jackel (1 day ago)
J'adore l'ark mai les plumes des flèches son Petite
KM Pannell (1 day ago)
Building level up 12 to 13
аяз гулиев (2 days ago)
Daisy Donaldson (2 days ago)
Good People (2 days ago)
How to make a gun from wood?
Andre Boss (2 days ago)
Настоящему индейцу завсегда всюду ништяк !!!
Infro (3 days ago)
wow cool jestem z polski :)
Sanjay Lala (3 days ago)
সযককতপকযযচলচসযষলচ কতলঃলঃসতপকপকরররতকরকvjkhjgyc //552158
Sanjay Lala (3 days ago)
পসকল ষড়যন্ত্র কপে হবে বাংলার কোটিপতিতখন গগরজুজ য় কজহদকর করে দেন চীন পরে ষোড়শ মদ সরতে
Sanjay Lala (3 days ago)
রূপ কোন টা কোন দেন হল বড় চীন টন রক কটক সে যাজক কহ কোনষ কি জলষষ্ঠঃর কোনপদ
Sanjay Lala (3 days ago)
পরকরেত ষোড়শর টুল রোড কোন রগ বছর
Prakash D Jr (3 days ago)
Feels like FAR CRY - Primitive Edition
Pat the lion Dude (3 days ago)
He isn’t even pulling it back all the way and it’s still going in deep
Dima Zaporozhenko (3 days ago)
THE RUDRA (3 days ago)
I wanna buy it
THE RUDRA (3 days ago)
I want it
savioursmesmerized (4 days ago)
I wonder if you could actually hunt with it.
savioursmesmerized (4 days ago)
If this guy got lost in the wild, he'd probably come back on a car made from sticks and stones.
name (4 days ago)
*My name is oliver queen. After 5 years on a hellish island, i come home with only one goal...*
jul David (4 days ago)
Wow amazing
Christopher (4 days ago)
You do know the string was not made of trees/rope right for it to be primitive lol . That is what I did when i was like 10 when my friends and I had a fort.
Play Time (4 days ago)
ark survival
MrSzomszid (4 days ago)
Good bow
Cal Chau (4 days ago)
my name is oliver queen...
Hay Hay Boy (5 days ago)
Leo Bullock (5 days ago)
Impressive survival skills something to be in awe of....however his shooting style is lacking in technique and consistency..... This may seem hyper critical to some people but consistency is everything. Every time he drops his arm it is deflecting the path of the arrow compounded by his haphazard loosing technique where his right hand flicks in random directions this too will make for a difficult time learning to get on target. If you watch expert archers it's an almost Zen like process where they are almost ritualistic in their stance, draw, aim, breathing and loosing of their arrows. The slightest variation on technique is amplified on longer distances. Essentially you try your best to do the same movement every single time. Not nitpicking here....just sharing some knowledge I have picked up over the years if anyone is interested.
Pisces (4 days ago)
Constructive criticism is always appreciated man
Pea Pea (5 days ago)
Madhavan Rajagopalan (5 days ago)
I made one when I was like 15, with some twigs as arrow and broomstick remains and thick twine thread to make bow. It was not that great but the arrow could travel across the hall.
NO OB (5 days ago)
Alguem do Brasil assistindo agora?
Maguma-Sama (5 days ago)
The legend of survival mode xd
То эмоция, когда руки вырастают с подходящего места
Mika Mii chan (5 days ago)
VishPvpMC (5 days ago)
We are here playing games and this guy is getting ready for zombie apocalypse.
Novia Andiyani (5 days ago)
Kontrol lu
Atanga Charline (5 days ago)
Nice but where can i get those sticks
Yaban Hayat (6 days ago)
accompany me on my wildlife trip, take a look at the channel?
Jakub Volf (6 days ago)
Ohhhhh Awesome!!!! I want this!! I know what I do on next weekend!! Ohhhhh😮😮😮😮👌👌👌👌🎯
Patrizia Pani (6 days ago)
Charles's DailyVideos (6 days ago)
4:10 how to shoot like spiderman with webs
Skyler Slack (7 days ago)
Here's a tip. When shooting place the arrow on the opposite side where your thumb rests. Quicker to load and you can aim with both eyes that way
Blackopsdude04 (7 days ago)
Rocks can accually be pretty sharp that’s why he used them
HideMyKush Beats (7 days ago)
Một Bích
Twin Tube (8 days ago)
I always wondered if he killed that turkey
Интересно? А тут хоть одинешенек российский кушать?
Theo Hornsby (8 days ago)
Sure made quick work of that bird...
Isla1998 * (8 days ago)
Muito bom👌💚
Oh the sound of nature Thank you allah
Toan Chi (8 days ago)
Fanny Games TV !! (9 days ago)
Супер таковой же сделаю
dj M. (9 days ago)
Is there enough poundage in this bow to take a deer? Absolutely great video and skills by the way.
Sheebteeb Feaver (9 days ago)
did he kill the turkey?
What type of wood
harley Kile (9 days ago)
Fuck this shit im out.
Daniel Zamorano (9 days ago)
Que bonito quedo 😍😍
هوه ابيش امتعب نفسك
MUHD AQIL (10 days ago)
Primal survivor without cameraman
Pen Cra (10 days ago)
Great! Now you can play like the legend of zelda
Me gusto mucho tu arco me pregunto yo tambien puedo
Jack Jiang (10 days ago)
He must have Native American ancestors
Ernesto Hoil Cab (10 days ago)
good 👌
Tsj (10 days ago)
why did 1:05 on wards till like 1:15 sounds like ed sheeran shape of you
Ashley Correa (10 days ago)
This is so cool im a kid and even i could make this natural materials are great
WM1PYBRO (10 days ago)
Its hardr than it looks but still why not give it a go. :P
Robin hud
Emily's Coffiebean (11 days ago)
And this is how grounder's did it. (From The 100)
DaNKDave H81206 (11 days ago)
Minecraft 3
Binod Kumar (11 days ago)
That video
Nay Nay (11 days ago)
Surviving a plane crash 101
lama l (11 days ago)
Real Hanzo
ProDJskywalker 303 (11 days ago)
The skills Survival 15/20 Crafting 20/20 Total 35 You PASSED
5c10n Fr3qu3ncy (11 days ago)
R u rich now cuz thaz allot of veiws
5c10n Fr3qu3ncy (11 days ago)
Views srry
roel obligacion jr (12 days ago)
This guy will survive when zombies come
san mumg (12 days ago)
2:55 lmao poor lil birdie
Mariah Hernandez (12 days ago)
What did he do to the bird to get the feathers 😭
dj M. (9 days ago)
feathers were probably laying around.
Javier Bonilla (12 days ago)
A hero...
Xx FernanG4mer xX (12 days ago)
I want one XD
Cyprian Guerra (12 days ago)
Nice :D *although* draw with your back, not your arm, make longer arrows and while training, just stick them in the ground next to your leg, while carried, nobody ever carried them in a quiver or on your back, that's Hollywood man, people used sometimes bags, sometimes they just bound them with a leather belt. I know you don't aim for historical accuracy here but we should learn from our ancestors when it comes to primitive ways. It was their every day life. They knew what they were doing.
dj M. (9 days ago)
Jeeminee Christmas though dude....he knows more than probably 90 percent of what any average American knows. Does having them in a satchel on his back work? Answer: yes.
Jildizkan Atantaeva (12 days ago)
А что он остался в тропических зарослях одинешенек? Но он крутой. Молодец. Современные этак не сумеют.
Pak Poom (12 days ago)
C K (12 days ago)
Stop saying primitive! Yeesh. Native Americans laughed at early guns because they stunk. Anyway, is it really primitive? It's what their surroundings were - they used materials they could find. How is using metals less primitive than using plants? Which is more primitive?
A Puggin Pug (13 days ago)
(Skyrim) Forging 100
lourens jacobs (13 days ago)
One day I’ll be making my own survival bow and arrow kit for my campsite at my farm house
Barato bom e prático
The Natty Nate (13 days ago)
Lvl 99 fletching & Ranged
Eddie Dallas (13 days ago)
Best survival game graphics I've ever seen.
dj M. (9 days ago)
how do you figure? Honestly...I want to know (Im not being smart ass). Everything he did looks like it's straight out of my SAS Survival guide taught to much military.... even being primitive.
Adrianne Mendoza (13 days ago)
He's hair is bald
L B (13 days ago)
ahhh best video ever!
sanddocon (14 days ago)
some put this man on naked and afraid already
Alex Marsh (13 days ago)
Hahaha it definitely win

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