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Sonic:Good Girls Go Bad

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Good girls, end up going bad
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Soniclover 123 (2 years ago)
I love you sonic
sexyhotrockinninja (7 years ago)
thanks alot!! <3
sexyhotrockinninja (7 years ago)
@Tommy555444 thnks chu!
skidophillips (7 years ago)
Sonic: Hey Amy I- Amy: Yes Sonic? Sonic: I um.... Amy: Yes? Sonic: I-I-I found ypur purse. *Puts purse down and leaves* (Outside) I CAN"T BELIEVE I MESSED THAT UP! I'll go back tomarrow. *Goes home* (Next day at Amys house) Amy: He- Oh Sonic! Sorry if- Sonic: Amy.... Amy: Yes? Sonic: W-w-w *Gulps* Will you go out with me? Amy: Well lets see... I'm free tonight. Pick me up at 8? Sonic: Sure. And then we can do what ever you want. Amy: See ya then. Sonic: See ya.
darksideofmoon7913 (7 years ago)
3:14 good pik
sexyhotrockinninja (8 years ago)
Thanks and congrats for the first comment on this video ( hands AvatarandSonic34 a cookie)
sexyhotrockinninja (8 years ago)
please share your thoughts and opinions so i can improve

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