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The Cheeky Girls with Andy Newton-Lee - "Boys and Girls (Xmas Time Love)" - OFFICIAL Music Video

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Do you remember the CD single? Do you remember the enhanced CD single? Well, I do! This channel is dedicated to providing fans with the videos that were enhanced on the CD singles of yester-year. Here's the official music video for "Boys and Girls (Xmas Time Love)" from The Cheeky Girls with Andy Newton-Lee. These girls were contestants on "Popstars: The Rivals" which was the second season of "Popstars" in the United Kingdom back in 2002. (Girls Aloud were the winners of that season.) This music video has been taken from the British CD single for "Boys and Girls (Xmas Time Love)" that was released there during the holiday season of 2004.
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Text Comments (15)
Philip Bowers (15 days ago)
Cheeky sweats
TomMFAO (2 months ago)
This is awesome!
Georgia Cash (3 months ago)
No way no nononononononono nononononononono nononononononono
Sebastian Borreshi (4 months ago)
this song is soo cheeeesyy! but dammm Both The Cheeky Girls are SOOO HOT AND SEXY, I'd so have a Hot Threesome with both of them.
Gary Owens (1 year ago)
I honestly really like this lol remember he was in hollyoaks
Mikey Marynicz (26 days ago)
Gary Owens I met all 3 in hull when they released this album it’s on loft away safe be worth loads in future I reckon lol
G S (3 years ago)
Beyond awful. Sabrina should seek revenge!!
daftlad (4 years ago)
this remains one of the worst things i've ever seen. and more for newton-lee than the girls!
Imported Vixen (4 years ago)
Haaha... gabriela cheeky girls shoplifted in Sainsbury's Wilmslow branch... romanian always stay's romanian. Need to still... It is in the blad..
alelooooooya (4 years ago)
Bless them... :p
Nick Pucci (6 years ago)
ummm christmas?
matieking (6 years ago)
0:28 Upskirt lololol
StandardToaster123 (6 years ago)
boys and GUHHUHLS
Michael Anthony M (6 years ago)
smosh sent me here
Lee Genter (6 years ago)
Cheesy as fuck!

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