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Primitive Technology: CRAFTING a Zombie Meat Harvester

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WATCH THE SEQUEL: http://bit.ly/PrimTech2 Thanks to Last Day on Earth for sponsoring! DOWNLOAD AND PLAY FOR FREE ► iOS: https://go.onelink.me/app/c43ab2dc Android: https://go.onelink.me/app/a1b1eb46 This zombie apocalypse survivor still finds time to share his crafting hobby with the world via YouTube. subscribe ► http://bit.ly/SUBSCRIBE_TO_CORRIDOR watch our studio vlog ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9hRoDEcAG_s&list=PLwVUbPpIRn1RjtqnRP5VxjI7ksnWwEM2v&index=2& our gear ► red camera: http://bit.ly/_pro_8K_CAM great mic: https://bit.ly/INSANE_PRO_MIC great light: http://bit.ly/_Bright_Ass_LED great lenses: 14mm - http://bit.ly/Sigma_Art-14mm 24mm - http://bit.ly/Sigma_Art-24mm 35mm - http://bit.ly/Sigma_Art-35mm 50mm - http://bit.ly/Sigma_Art-50mm 70-200mm - http://bit.ly/CanonEF_70-200mm 24-70mm - http://bit.ly/Sigma_Art_24-70mm 18-250mm macro - http://bit.ly/Sigma_Macro_18-250mm follow ► instagram: http://bit.ly/_Corridor_Instagram twitter: http://bit.ly/_Corridor_Twitter sub-reddit: http://bit.ly/_Corridor_Sub-Reddit support ► patreon: http://bit.ly/_Corridor_Patreon_Support music by ► Chris Solita https://www.soundcloud.com/chrissolita https://www.chrissolita.bandcamp.com
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Text Comments (7346)
Satan (9 months ago)
For those who dont watch primitive technology: Turn on the captions
Luisa Obispo (4 days ago)
ty =D
KING GS (12 days ago)
+TylerZed bj
Alvaro Morales (15 days ago)
Max Hadee (18 days ago)
TylerZed ดะดจจ
Mr.Heang Update (1 hour ago)
Amazing 😉 nice editing 👍
Abdullah James (2 hours ago)
Like minecraft
ShahiranMobileGamer (3 hours ago)
I liked this video because it makes me feel so satisfied.
Gasmask Mcgee (5 hours ago)
Last day on earth in a nutshell.
Dragon Gaming (6 hours ago)
Like 1 like 1 😘😘😘😘
Ron (10 hours ago)
try this game https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.RDCLGames.AgainstAllDead
Lëë Sin Only (12 hours ago)
u know if louis rossman watched this video, he pressed like after 1:29 XD AHHAHA
hemlata soni (15 hours ago)
Last day on Earth
Tri Vo (23 hours ago)
Đuud ghhxgdf ghdzf dfjxzxh fjfdygc fjfdygc ghu yhyfj ghi hình hgufd
Ho (1 day ago)
뭔지 모르겠지만 재밌게 논다 ㅋㅋ
Jayden Lai (1 day ago)
at 2:57 the iron in the background is not up but 3:03 is up
AutumnFletcher (1 day ago)
Welcome to the information age within millions of years later to a split second. 1:16.
- RPJM - (1 day ago)
This game has good graphics!
White Death (1 day ago)
Minecraft RL
fredoz_ 182 (2 days ago)
Kereeenn njir.. 👍
Jacob Anasco (2 days ago)
Ta Chao (2 days ago)
phan nhaf ong
lugis kalao lao (2 days ago)
super hebat subc balik
Leontine Pouirida (2 days ago)
arun naik (2 days ago)
Like who thought this was a "HOW TO" video
e e621 (3 days ago)
7 Days to die ! 😂
Enggal Habibi (3 days ago)
Konyol tapi keren harus like ni
Phil Gridin (3 days ago)
Wait, ain't zombie meat poisoness? So, how come you aren't a zombie?
Joaquin Mckenzie (2 days ago)
WhiteRose (3 days ago)
The slapped part😂😂
Good,, subs ,, thanks
aftershock _pulse (3 days ago)
The graphic on Minecraft has changed alot
Saban fadil (3 days ago)
Saban fadil (3 days ago)
Mybraq Ali RAJPOOT (4 days ago)
2.40 zombie running fast as a guy🤣👍🏻👌🏻
Justin Comia (2 days ago)
2:40 not 2.40
Red Fortnite Kid (4 days ago)
this real?
Eric Barclay (4 days ago)
ALEXIS RUIZ RUIZ (4 days ago)
Like si parese minicraf :v
Eduard MAiDANEZUL (4 days ago)
Este ciudat
arced pro * (5 days ago)
Last day
Tapan joy Reang (5 days ago)
I just kill zombie in minecraft and i eat a raw meat:lmao😂 His server Bitch boy:i want more raw meat Corridor:yum
Did he in minecraft now?
Corridor skin in minecraft soo good!
Quang huy Nguyen (5 days ago)
Oh my god
E GAMERs (5 days ago)
i like your video
marilene sousa (5 days ago)
The lasr day on heart Goggle play (is this game)
Jackson treate (5 days ago)
I now it
Jackson treate (5 days ago)
This is like last day on earth it is a app
김민지 (6 days ago)
Skully _ (6 days ago)
So a human eating a dead human makes sense
kyle cruz (6 days ago)
Eroo Gamer (6 days ago)
SavVy 1 (6 days ago)
omg so dis was based on LDOE?! xD
thanh phuong (6 days ago)
hay 😊
Kübra Ayna (6 days ago)
Ah Neak (6 days ago)
Raptor Games (7 days ago)
WOW WHAT IS THIS GAME i want it lol
Raptor Games (3 days ago)
+The spammer nice
The spammer (3 days ago)
Raptor Games its last day on earth im a hacker in the game
9 years old (7 days ago)
Isnt that flash infected?
linh ngo (7 days ago)
hâi và mà còn măt té ge va măt cuòi vá
linh ngo (7 days ago)
hi hi hi hi hi hi
mi ni (8 days ago)
Lol thằng chuyên ăn cướp mà con đánh người ta
Mahathir perompak (8 days ago)
oh yeaahh
Thank you! aboni
عباس عباس (8 days ago)
oresti lleshi (9 days ago)
krej rrene
4wgam 00gigio (9 days ago)
Porque ele não pegou o notebuque😬😬😬
Mateus Vieira (6 days ago)
Sai daqui kid
iLz Ghost (9 days ago)
It's MineCraft
kilko gaming (8 days ago)
Last day on earth
Kostya Kitskay (9 days ago)
last day on earht
nawa art (10 days ago)
Майнкрафт выживание зомби апокалипсес ахахахахахаххахахаххахах
Josef Schantl (8 days ago)
estela montenegro (10 days ago)
Eso mas bien parese maicraf
Nicolás Acevedo (10 days ago)
The it Last Day on Earth
NEMEZIZ (10 days ago)
You get this idea from playstore game naa
Кокого хера здесь зомби
Dnish05 (10 days ago)
This should be titled : *_Minecraft In Real Life (Part 1)_*
commander cry (8 days ago)
No last day on earth
Srijana Kumai (10 days ago)
Wait what😮😮😮 what was that how did the zombie burst
Minos (11 days ago)
Moche de cher moche
Yeng Moua (11 days ago)
Man why can't they work together
Markiplar kid (11 days ago)
Markiplar kid (9 days ago)
Srijana Kumai (10 days ago)
It's not mine craaaaaaaffft 😂😂😂😂
mavi dela cruz (11 days ago)
looks like a Minecraft survival mode
Yoxe Navarro (12 days ago)
asi vale la pena sobrevivir
Skull (12 days ago)
Its ark
KING GS (12 days ago)
Hoa Vi (12 days ago)
jonis jebisow (13 days ago)
u need lumberjack cheese steak jimmy's robin hood rock on aegis for fast labour and VDML for partner!
iNf4MouS Pi3RRE (12 days ago)
jonis jebisow LMAO... These are for age of empires...
Eric laxton (14 days ago)
Please make more of this
Raisha Fitria (14 days ago)
Good 🔔👉and 🔔👉🤝🤝🤝♥️♥️♥️
Keisha Black (14 days ago)
Sam Bird (14 days ago)
Do more of this please
Kito Mk (14 days ago)
Fee free
ItsNovaYaKnow (14 days ago)
Primitive Technology - How to protect yourself from zombies in Minecraft.
Geekme3 (15 days ago)
haha u guys r genius
Sky Cloudd (15 days ago)
If this is a mockery of primitive technology videos, then i like it even more.
Ghost (15 days ago)
Turn in captions😂
ツ悪夢,Menta (15 days ago)
Why do I feel this is Minecraft ;-;
commander cry (8 days ago)
Last day on earth bitch
kilko gaming (8 days ago)
No last day on earth
devSpaSito ! (13 days ago)
ツ悪夢,Menta true
FeetMeat (15 days ago)
They forgot the 6 year olds raging because of the players killing them
Pixels Trading (16 days ago)
its like MineCraft
Alekos Gidaris (16 days ago)
bukan samil (16 days ago)
Real last day on earth
Free Gaming (16 days ago)
Juancarlos Fernandez (16 days ago)
Fortnite in a nutshell

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