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What Does My Dream Mean? | Adam Thompson & Adrian Beale | Sid Roth's It's Supernatural!

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▶▶SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/SidRothYouTube Dreams and Visions Interpretation with Adam Thompson & Adrian Beale. On this episode of Sid Roth's It's Supernatural, your Dreams Are Less Mysterious and More Awesome Than You Think. The Divinity Code. (Book) Now you can stop wondering and start learning from your dreams and visions. They are parables from God spoken directly to you! The Divinity Code is a Bible-based guide that unmasks the mysteries of interpretation. Just as Joseph and Daniel partnered with the Holy Spirit to gain understanding, so can you. With this book of master keys, you can unlock your God-parables, learn from them and even recognize when God has given you a warning! The Divinity Code's powerful tools include: • The most extensive Christian dream dictionary ever assembled (with Scripture support). • An important dictionary of names and places. • A critical chapter on counterfeit interpretations by the occult. • 101 interpreted dreams showing actual results. • An invaluable metaphor dictionary. It's time to embrace your God-parables. God wants you to understand and hear Him! The Supernatural Man. (Book) Author Adam Thompson says many people think what their natural eyes see is all there is to life. He shares personal encounters and Biblical insight showing you how to live from the supernatural. Are you ready? Adam says you can position yourself to receive visions and dreams from Heaven. He wants you to use your imagination in faith as a powerful catalyst to walking with God on new levels. Awakening the Prophetic Through Dreams and Visons. (2-CD Set) Adam Thompson and Adrian Beale deliver powerful messages on the interpretation of dreams and visions. They answer questions like: • Why did Jesus teach in parables? • What is the importance of context? • Where does coincidence fit in? • What is alpha sleep? Adam and Adrian want to empower you to recognize the different manifestations of the voice of God. Order the Dreams & Visions Interpretation Package here: http://bit.ly/1Ka1osc ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ CLICK HERE TO START YOUR HEALING - http://bit.ly/1NJO3G1 SUBSCRIBE - http://bit.ly/10jKQtv DONATE - http://bit.ly/1cDCinQ Join Our Mentoring Club! - http://bit.ly/1hwbPvh FREE Newsletter! - http://bit.ly/1TXNkrM
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Text Comments (320)
Suresh Shetty (1 month ago)
Thank you very much.Many time God spoke through dreams and God revealed other ppl ministry which i was not aware.
Sotheavy Choun (1 month ago)
My dream from god it consistent with the real life . He was anointed me when I was youth than I moved to live in New Zealand. I knew god saying something God has plans for me and that plans too big to believed But I walked by faith not by sight Thank you god for use a fool and the weak person like me . I will give you lord all the honour and credit
Afibassey Racheal (1 month ago)
Thank you sir
Anju Varghese (2 months ago)
Plz pray for mee
Ampurire Barbra (2 months ago)
Lovely Yuli (2 months ago)
Lovely Yuli (2 months ago)
Halelu Amen
Carla Flores (3 months ago)
Codiac_ 16 (4 months ago)
People please pray for me to have deliverance and anointing of God. Please. 🙏
OnlineTeaching (4 months ago)
god!!! really??!!! r u guys serious??!!!!!
Lisa Dwyer (4 months ago)
Thank you Jesus thank you
brenme35 (4 months ago)
I also get word of knowlwdge about oeople on my heart
brenme35 (4 months ago)
I have tons of dreams and I know how to interpret them but they seem to good to be true
Yeshua Your living manna (4 months ago)
About 20 yrs. ago I dreamt of seeing Yeshua in front of 2 arc shape windows, then, after 7 mos. I got invited to make a trip to Israel; stayed in Tel Aviv for 2 mos. before coming to Jerusalem. And the room I got was exactly the one in my dream, also the same description of the view outside. Oh, I miss Israel especially Jerusalem but, I am grateful being able to see our Lord's city.
Rocket (4 months ago)
Rocket (4 months ago)
I saw a vision while sleeping of Jesus in the sky on a brilliant pure white horse, he held a sword high in one hand and was smiling a happy smile at me.. the dream impacted me to the point that I started Googling it and lo and behold to my surprise so many have had this exact vision. Any ideas on what it means?
tatenda B (4 months ago)
pray for me
Joaji george (4 months ago)
Kenny Keffer (4 months ago)
What does it mean when you dream of taking a child to heaven
Theresa Curry (5 months ago)
Wow Awesome I received Wisdom in dreams and vision in Jesus name Amen
margaret lalhlimpuii (6 months ago)
In my dream God call me to become a missonary! What actually it means ....please pray for me to understand what actually it is?
Pepita Cavanagh (6 months ago)
I dream of end times there getting more intense I've written all my dreams i a diary , I truly feel they are visions from God
Lupita Lopez (2 months ago)
Pepita Cavanagh can you give an example of onee
BINI MONSON (6 months ago)
I love You jesus
Rosa R. (6 months ago)
Please pray for me amen 🙏🙏🙏
Lily Bara Bara (7 months ago)
God is real.🙏 thank you lord Jesus Christ . I love you Jesus Christ.
David Parry (7 months ago)
*SHORT ANSWER... Nothing.* *LONG ANSWER... Some neural circuits in your brain randomly fired and they did so until you woke up and you provided them with some genuine input.* You're welcome.
Gadiel Andrade (8 months ago)
I had a dream of a red bloody moon then U realized it was part of the the tribulation next day I had another dream of the coming of jesus. ......... I was seeing the sky and the stars were moving rapidly and it was darker than darkness then in the sky i saw a man with acient signs in his forehead then I realized it was the anti chirst then thats it
Mia D (10 months ago)
If you want ah dream interpretation pray psalm 23...
elchapo scott tv (10 months ago)
I'm a interpret too in vision god bless me with DAT gift
Jennifer Appah (10 months ago)
I feel so sad when my prayers are not answered.. i have been praying for job, marital bliss but it's just He's far away from me..
david mccallum (10 months ago)
NEVER ASK G-D TO SEND DREAMS... NEVER TELL ANYONE YOUR DREAMS. The mind, is of the soulish / physical realm, and fights against the spirit. The mind.... is the playground of Satan. He will only lie to you. Unless you sit under a PROVEN prophet of G-d, or you understand how to test the spirits, you can never trust a dream.
Tovah Karate Student (1 year ago)
I always dream that im flying some people tried to pull me down but i fly even more higher. This dream started after my deliverance days before my water baptism. My first dream was found in revelation 22 when i was flying i saw the river, trees, ripe rice or wheat, and there were huge people wearing gold harvesting the farm so fast. At the ead i saw green garden with houses and people walking.
Angie Duran (1 year ago)
Amen 🙏🏻
Manuel Cruz (1 year ago)
I tried to pray to Jesus but I can't hear him there he forgot about me going to other people 😰
Sheangel Club (1 year ago)
I know this doesn't have to do with the show but I still want to say praise Jesus Christ for he lead me back to him and now I can read bible again, have a man that loves me. I'm so full of happiness I had to share that Jesus loves us sooo much. That don't forget to lean on him in the good times and bad times. He really is your best friend. I want to praise God for today
newphillygirl (1 month ago)
Sheangel Club it’s always good and appropriate to Praise The Lord. Awesome testimony. Thanks for sharing
alamle riame (1 year ago)
when i saw in my dreams people died then always come true.so what shall i do not to come true? my dream always come true.
vea bangonon (1 year ago)
please pray for my CPA board exam this october 2017 😊
Fox’s Folly (1 year ago)
This is going to be long, buuuuut...I was getting to know this guy and he was really great and has a lot going for himself. We talked on the phone for about a week until we discussed deal breakers. Doing drugs is a deal breaker for me and he smokes weed. We were both sad and he respected my standard, but we still continued talking one more day. I told him I can't continue this and why and blocked him. Over three weeks I agonized over the decision because I really did like him and didn't want to hurt him, but I knew I still made the right decision. I had a dream that I was pulling these long, brown bundles of slick, wet hair out of my mouth. I felt myself physically resisting the urge to gag and wretch as I pulled these hairs from my throat. I could feel the fibers against my throat and tried not to inhale and choke on them. I just knew I had to get it all out. I saw myself in third person, through my own eyes and back to third person again as I was pulling the hairs out. Once I removed all the hair, I woke up and as the day went by I didn't feel any more pain about my decision and it's been almost two weeks since the dream. What the heck was that? I can't find anything about pulling hair from the mouth and for some reason, I feel I've dodged a bullet or passed a difficult test or something. Suggestions?
Julie Rodewald (4 months ago)
He is like the hair in your throat he was choking you spiritually
Yolande Whyte (1 year ago)
Clearly this man would have caused you some misery in you life. I think you're right, you did dodge a bullet
itsme Twila (1 year ago)
i had 2 different dreams of my fraternal twins before i new i was pregnant with them, i woke up weeping.....i recently wrote a inspirational childrens book, and i dreamed of me and my family rejoycing over the success of my book, i woke up weeping again, waiting on manifestion of it, but i can go on about dreams, God speaks to me alot through my dreams....i started watching this channel because God spoke the name Sid Roth in my dreams....God is so real!
Katrina Robinson (1 month ago)
itsme Twila awesome
AngieOnigiri (1 year ago)
I had a dream I was stabbing people. As I stabbed a few people they sliced me back and when we all laid down I started to pray, they everyone got up. Then it jumped to me feeding my son and seeing my cousin rejecting food I cooked. This dream has been bothering me so much. I don't even understand it.
Mihayne Boer (1 year ago)
I had a dream. I was at home standing at the door when I saw a lot of symbolic signs in heaven. There were boy and a girl dancing in the dark sky. There were also spaceships flying in the sky. While I was standing at the door looking up the sky and seeing symbolic signs I've mentioned, I suddenly remembered what was going to happen in the end times so, I immediately said something like " this is it. Jesus is coming soon." so, I called my family and I told them that we should pray. So, we formed a circle and held hands to pray but before we could start, there was a white van came and it stopped in front of the house. People inside of the van which happened to be my relatives with different religion came out. I also saw my second older brother and his girlfriend and they all walked in the house. When I saw them, I know for sure that they know what the sign we see in the sky meant. So, I decided to start praying with all of them. We did not start praying because my family and friends started to argue. One of them said something like the other should pray first because we have different religion. I feel really disappointed when I heard that so I said to them similar to this, "We should all pray together because we are one. We believe in One God even though we are in different religion." The house became quiet and they all agreed to what I said. We all circled again and held hands. I called my first older brother in the bedroom because he became tired and impatient because we didn't start the prayer. So, he went out from the bedroom and joined the circle. I was going to start praying when we felt there were no space inside the house since we were in large numbers. So, we went out and decided to pray outside but the weird thing that happened was that when we went out, we were suddenly outside a familiar mall. My family and relatives didn't noticed it but I did. I looked in front of me and saw maybe 3 people wearing all black with masks covered their faces. One of them pulled a gun from a bag or maybe from a plastic bag and he said that made me really shocked, nervous and afraid. He said, "this is for (my name)". And he pulled another gun and he mentioned another familiar name that I don't remember now. I think it starts with letter "V". I was so nervous and scared. Before we went out from the house to pray, I heard an instruction or maybe a voice. The voice told me that " if you will pray in front of the terrorists, you will die." I was so scared and I don't know what to do if I should pray there or go to other place that is safe to pray or just don't pray. I kept telling myself to keep your faith in Jesus Christ. Then, when I was going to decide what to do, I woke up from that dream catching my breath. I prayed to God to reveal the meaning behind those dreams. I got the interpretation but I don't know if it's from God or from myself. I'm still praying and praying. Please include me and my family and relatives to your prayers. Thank you and God bless.
Lilla Moon (3 months ago)
Jesus Christ is my King ... Prayer is the priority in your dream it seems you were waiting for everything to line up to begin to pray..Jesus and the two disciples He took with Him to Gethsemane to pray..He said to them ..Pray so that you do Not enter into temptation. What temptation? The pressure to do as Peter denial of Jesus to save his own skin. This is a good word to All of us who desire to remain faithful in the end...Pray!! Pray!! Pray!!
Sweeti Soni (1 year ago)
please pray for my brother
GodisGood Blessed (1 year ago)
JUAN, A born again believer of Jesus/Yeshua, has been giving the power to Resist the devil & his attacks. Keep in the Bible (Read) ,Word of God Almighty, The Great I AM, onlyTrue God/Creator. And kick all lust and anything not of God, out of your soul (Mind,Will,Emotions) Ask God to cleanse your soul and heal it , and up root all evil from it.*He is the ONLY ONE who can. As your spirit & soul get stronger in Jesus (The Christ annointed ONE) It will become easy to know evil from good, and to take authority over it, because of The Precious Blood of Jesus, and He has given all born again of the spirit, His Authority, His Powerfull Name, & His Power, so we can have victory in the spiritual realm. And Lust is a spirit & the flesh likes to lust, So after you have bound it & sent it to the Pit of Hell, then do all you can to not let your flesh to rule you, Your spirit is to rule your body. If your single, it would be good to seek a wife that God will connect you too. He knows better than we do. As you get to know God more and know what He thinks & His Love, etc, Life will get more exciting, The supernatural is fun, peaceful, etc. God is the Manager (Thinker), His Son (Yeshua) loves the operation, His Holy Spirit is the Worker, ) And they are in All True Believers in Jesus (Jesus is the Greek, and Yeshua is the Hebrew) same Person, Son of God. I really enjoy Sid Roths program, The Supernatural is REAL. It is the supernatural God that brought into existance The Natural.:) SO FATHER THOUGHT IT, SON LOVED IT, HOLY SPIRIT CARRIED OUT THE PLAN!!!
Molalign Birega (1 year ago)
Amen, I receive.
Tinnah (1 year ago)
please pray for me I don't know how to explain this but everyday I keep turning away from God, however much I want to worship him I just feel something is blocking my path, please pray for me.
newphillygirl (1 month ago)
Tinnah That’s a trick of the enemy... truth is what can separate you from the Love Of God? Rebuke that feeling and speak life ... “Satan The Lord rebuke you, I am more than a conqueror through Jesus Christ my savior, Amen” 🙏🏾 Keep speaking this over your life. The enemy will flee from you.
shamie chimedza (1 month ago)
Hey Tina...i used to be like you dear until sin tore me apart...but i thank God for his grace because im now back in church and totally commited and loving God and also winning souls...you need to repent sincerely and to seek the face of God ...pray ..read his word and be actively involved at church..detest sin because he has not called us to sin but to holiness..God loves you so much .that guilt conscience may be the Holy Spirit prompting you to repent and live your life for him.its very possible...remember sinners have no inheritance in the kingdom of God ...ask the Holy spirit to help you becoz he is your helper
Amanda Deemer (4 months ago)
I have been struggling in a very similar way for several years. God is delivering me in huge and mighty ways, more than I could ever imagine. Ask God to avenge your oppressors 100 fold when the time is right. You are going through testing. That is all. He is strengthening you for His mighty purposes. Don't lose heart, but keep the faith. God has plans for you beyond your wildest dreams!
annalisa ofori (11 months ago)
The lord is your strenght, i have the same problem sometimes but you have to remind yourself that you are a child of the most high God and you will not bow to any other, i will also advise that you rebuke your temptations everytime you feel the urge to sin. Love from Anna x
Ellie Roccini (1 year ago)
Trying to purchase this. My call could not be connected.
Miss Dragonfly (1 year ago)
I never remember my dreams and when I do, they are too weird to even interpret... they make absolutely zero sense
Dane Brown (1 year ago)
Had a dream of a 1 eyed Tiger approaching, I saw it before it saw me and I climbed a light pole. He came and stretched all the way up and was almost able to reach me with its paw but it couldn't and all of sudden it turned its attention to a elderly woman and a baby which were below the pole. somehow they seemed close to me and I was willing to go fight the tiger for them, but I didn't know what to do. When I was at my wits end as what to do a truck ran over the tiger and killed it.
Diaewon Domah (1 year ago)
Please pray for me to fulfill my GOD given Purposes in life. I also pray always for UNDERSTANDING and WISDOM to live a life that will please HIM. Please remember me in your prayers.\
Nadia Henze (8 months ago)
Yes my friend, it is done, and also make sure to invite Holy Spirit into your presence to fill you up daily, more Holy Spirit because it's the only way we can carry out The Will of God, on our own it's impossible!
Joel Galindo (1 year ago)
Michelle Siew (1 year ago)
Some crap.
Tighe Baier (1 year ago)
I agree 1000 percent
folks fromNY (1 year ago)
i had a vision of GOD giving my sister a new body first he allowed me to be her spirit he also allowed me to feel how she feels on earth bc my sister is very ill and her body doesn't look they way it once did but anyway i was floating at the top of the ceiling watching my parents talk about my sisters death and they had no clue no idea i was there and then jesus came i could sense his presence and 3 angels Jesus gave my sister a new body and she started touching her arms legs and chest she was so happy she couldnt believe it she started saying thank you jesus thank you she could bearly talk bc she was so excited when he gave her a new body it felt like she had won 500 million dollars it was as if she hit the lottery Jesus was smiling and laughing at her and the 3 angels where clapping singing and rejoicing she became a alpha it was like she in a very mature state it felt like she was a queen or sort afterwards
Thandi Ndlovu (1 year ago)
Magdalene Rose (1 year ago)
I love the programme, but somebody please explain to me..why do they sell the knowledge/ information that God has freely revealed to them., and The gifts that God has freely endowed them with?
newphillygirl (23 days ago)
Magdalene Rose if I be truthful, that’s what makes me skeptical 🤨 about this show, however I realize that on earth we need money to do everything. This is an recorded television show. Don’t the employees need money to support their families? It’s not like Christians get free rent/mortgages. Chew up the meat and spit out the bones.
Ntokozo Sibanyoni (2 months ago)
I think they use the money to keep the show going. It costs Money to produce the show and to print out all materials, to pay staff etc. So that's where your money goes. Not to their personal use. That's what I imagine the process to be like
Bongane Sydwell (1 year ago)
The information has been freely given by GOD, right? But Recording, writing, shipping the books, DVDs and etc. is not for free.
Phalene Joseph (1 year ago)
thank you Lord
Phalene Joseph (1 year ago)
Mary Okori (1 year ago)
I dream a lot. I see all sought things in my dream and no one one to interpret them to me.I dream about people, both the ones I know and those I don't know. I do dream about my day will look like and see them happening axactly that way. Please pray for me
Liliana D Arreola (9 months ago)
Mary Okori Profetic dreams come to the Lord and he will show you more and reveal things to you JESUS IS OUR GOD HES WONDERFUL.
Sam & Daelle (10 months ago)
Mary Okori same
Lacri Taut (1 year ago)
we are a small group, here on http://christiandreaminterp.freeforums.net/ where we all learn how to interpret our dreams, and how God speaks through dreams. you can find here lessons about how God speaks through dreams, symbol dictionaries, teachers books you can alla ccess for free just by joining our forrum. It is all non profit, just for those who wish to really know what their dreams mean. We are happy to have you there, and guide you through all. be blessed
Michellwolf :l (1 year ago)
i once had a dream were i was in a boat and there was a island not so far away whit some houses made out of iron i had the dream like 10 times but one day i dream i was in the Island whit some of my dead family and my dead dog and some one told me your next i hope i dont die
Barbara Christenson (11 months ago)
Michellwolf :l God does not give us a spirit of fear but power love and a sound mind be BLESSED👍💕
Lacri Taut (1 year ago)
we are a small group, here on http://christiandreaminterp.freeforums.net/ where we all learn how to interpret our dreams, and how God speaks through dreams. you can find here lessons about how God speaks through dreams, symbol dictionaries, teachers books you can alla ccess for free just by joining our forrum. It is all non profit, just for those who wish to really know what their dreams mean. We are happy to have you there, and guide you through all.
Pro Gamer (1 year ago)
I dream I knelt before god in front of his throne while angels behind me singing
leslie smith (1 year ago)
God heals
Kerean Muir (1 year ago)
hi I always dream about hearing about my ex are hearing about wedding and I saw myself and my ex going to reseption dinner and I run to the back to get ready for that dinner I wake up and I was half awake and half a sleep seeing myself in white like a wedding dress dance .
Krysta Gail (1 year ago)
Will someone please pray for me? 🙏🏼😇🌞🌟🛐
Ala Jane (8 months ago)
Krysta Gail i pray for you, chat me to pray for you
I En (10 months ago)
David Melnick hi call King Jesus Ministry at 305 382 3171..they are very powerful in prayer
I En (10 months ago)
Krysta Gail call King Jesus Ministry at 3053823171...they’re very powerful
David Melnick (1 year ago)
my name is Dave and I am believing God's very best for you. keep me in your prayers, going through a lot but trusting God! my email is David [email protected] yahoo.com .looking forward to hearing from you! God loves you!
Lopez Jordyn (1 year ago)
Ok so I want to know what does it mean to fight with the adversary and always winning.The last dream was that I was fighting with the adversary and then this man appears and ask me to step behind him as he puts his arm across my chest and put me behind him and this man turns into a huge Angel tells the adversary that he had no part of me becuz I belonged to heavenly father.So he starts to get real mad and yells and suddenly dissapeared.I woke up becuz the dream was so real to me.Then when I woke up and I saw something white like smoke leaving my mouth:" that to me was kind of weird. m
Elsie philippe (10 months ago)
Wow you are blessed keep on believing and keep trusting God.
THRONE ROOM TV (11 months ago)
The Angel of The Lord. You are hidden in Christ & cannot be snatched by the evil one. He goes before you & is your rear guard. Agree with the Word of Promise - this is your shield of faith. He is the Word. Be blessed.
Ali G (1 year ago)
Faith never comes through out dreams ,it is normal for us to see Satan in our dreams in a different shapes,so how can we make sure that the jesus who comes in our dreams is not a Satan in a jesus's shape,in order to deceive us⁉
millly1 (4 months ago)
The devil counterfeits what God does. Mixes truth with lies. That is how he operates
Joyce Choy (1 year ago)
In end of 2014, my life hits rock bottom which I was looking for love through online dating website. I made so many mistakes and bad choices in life which I resigned my job thinking to be with someone I met online which in the end it was a scam. I was jobless and hopeless. I called out to all the God or Goddess I used to worship and I even called out to other God I can call their names including Allah and Jesus although I did not know them. I asked who was the God I used to talk to, I used to get angry with and I used to blame. If there’s a true God, please reveal to me. I carried on with life forgetting about what I had asked. In January 2015 I had a dream about a man in white robe and he took me to walk around the ancient city. I remembered seeing the man in white robe and his robe was so white and bright. I only looked at his hand but didn’t look at his face. I also saw few men in light brown robe walking behind us. I felt so calm and peaceful walking with the man in white robe. I woke up feeling good but I did not understand my dream at all. In the same month, I also dreamt about devil in my dream. The black transparent shadow in a well-built man form. He was touching me from behind. I felt something evil. I tried to wake up from my dream after I opened my eyes, I realized I can’t move my body. I shouted for help but there’s no voice coming out. When I managed to move my body I ran out from my bedroom then I saw the black shadow stood near my living room looking at me. It was the same evil one I saw in my dream. I shouted for help from my mom and sis. Then they opened their bedroom door then the shadow disappeared immediately. I opened my bedroom door and I couldn’t sleep although I let the light on until the next morning. I was so traumatized. I never encountered this in my life before. I thought it was ghost. 3 months later in mid-April, one morning I asked God how long I have to wait to understand my life purpose. I suddenly thought of a college friend whom I didn’t contact for 16 years. I found her from Facebook. She invited me to church and I agreed to follow her as I was seeking for my life purpose. Before this, I approached numerology, astrology, tarot card reading, psychic medium to find out about my life purpose but it did not make me understand, it actually caused me to make so many bad choices and mistakes in life. After 2 Sunday services, I came home to look for a movie about Jesus Christ. I saw Jesus was wearing white robe in the movie and few of his disciples were in light brown robe then I suddenly recalled about the dream I had in January 2015. But I told myself not to be too emotional or jump to conclusion too fast. There was one scene when Jesus was standing at the mountain top then, Jesus began to shine with bright rays of light when God and Prophets Moses and Elijah appeared speaking to Him. I talked to myself that was the man I saw in my dream as his robe was so white and bright. But I tried to keep cool and reminded myself not to be too over excited. I watched the other half of the movie next day. I continued to watch without thinking too much about my dream but when the movie came toward the end, Jesus was carrying a cross to walk around the ancient city, I was stunned as I saw what I was seeing in my dream in January and I cried out very loud and uncontrollably. My mom and sis thought what was happening to me. I told them Jesus came into my dream and I was sure Jesus was the man in white robe who revealed to me in my dream then I was guided to church 3 months later. If I didn’t meet up with my college friend whom I lost contact with 16 years ago, I will not step my foot in DUMC and I will not bother to find out more about Jesus Christ. I also understand Satan does exist especially after Jesus Christ revealed to me in my dream, Satan also came to me. I went through few spiritual attacks and in all attacks I called out this:"In the name of Jesus Christ, I cast all the evil out" then everything back to normal. I never experienced all these before when I was still a Buddhist. I never been attacked like this not until I know the truth. I was attacked by snake in my dream 6 days before my baptism and testimony sharing in church. In the past as Buddhist I always dreamt of snake as my friend. I woke up to understand what Bible said about darkness where I used to live. I was guided to Myanmar mission trip in August 2016 n I saw a park a girl I dreamt before. I was shocked to finally understand why God failed my plan A which I wanted to go for leisure trip but I was guided to take up a course to prepare me for mission trip. God chose for me Myanmar instead of Nepal by making the Nepal trip full when I wanted to sign up. That's why I was guided to Myanmar to be able to see a girl and a park I used to dream before. That was amazing. I was laughing inside my heart because of this experience. I will be going to Manila in February 2017 following Pastor Bill Wilson to the slum. I also prayed for this chance before I know Jesus. I want to know my life purpose and to glorify God. Can anyone tell me about what I been through and how can I fulfill God's plan? There are many things God has done to show me after my baptism in November 2015. Please share with me if there's any Christian who knows God by heart and experience. Appreciate.
Nadia Henze (6 months ago)
Holy Spirit is putting that hunger in you, I just got your story in my email and had to come here and real it all, I love it!!! Mathew 7 7 “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. 8 For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened. Jesus is so awesome, came in to my life 3 years ago and I have never been the same, free from pain, free from cigarettes and drinking, weed, cussing, anorexia, insecurities, jealousy, anger, Loneliness, and so much more, in time He makes everything make since! God bless you allll!
Jack Class (6 months ago)
Sounds as if your in his will your purpose you already know you are going in missions for JESUS! Stay with the saints GOD can speak to you anytime about what he wants you to do and if you get off track HE will correct🙂 do not fear . GOD BLESS U IN JESUS NAME
Ala Jane (8 months ago)
Joyce Choy we. Are. Called by God for a purpose we lived to glorify God this is our purpose, we live to in citizen in heaven you are called by Jesus now to fulfill his promise in ur life, u are now anew creation, before u are an enemy, but now u are a child of God!
Nadia Henze (8 months ago)
Remember, to never let go of God hand, I remember when I gave my life to Christ, had the most beautiful baptism, came out of the that water, and i didn't know that it was the time but i felt presence that came to me and i was so complete that I could not even hear or see or pay attention, all I could do is look at up and feel complete. But devil knew that I got baptized and he plan to take me right out before I get too involved with God, he used a guy, that in my head I started to day dream about, and that let to sin, and there was my walk with Christ over, I lived in sin 3 years before God touched me again and this time I know, there is no guy, or anything that I need more than Jesus. Over couple of years He was strengthening my relationship with Him and blessed with husband (we waited to be married before love), home, kitties, before I knew it He gave me all this things and I didnt even think of it. Follow Jesus , hold His hands, because apart from Him and without Him there is only devil and sin. Jesus is freedom and the perfect love that our was made for.
GMaiden E (11 months ago)
Thank you for sharing your story, Sister! You have a powerful and exciting testimony. I truly believe many people in your life have the same questions that you did and similar experiences to yours. You can be the answer to THEIR questions and prayers by sharing your testimony with people who share your previous religious and cultural background. As you share the works and power of Jesus, you become the hands and voice of Jesus in their lives. Be a light and a witness for Jesus Christ wherever the Lord plants you and in every season. Let them know that you have discovered that there is only one true and living God, and that His name is Jesus!
Sweety Celi (1 year ago)
good day for everyone. i wanna know the meaning of my dream,i was dream that a tiger kneel on my front two times.
saint 123 (1 year ago)
Sweety Celi that wouldent be enought information to go by
Moh Sanih (1 year ago)
If you want God( the Creator ) , ask him to be close to you , feel his greatness , think about this world , this universe , , , be thankful that you been born as a human-being , not as a cat or something else . . . . Start to think like your going to die this night , really from your deep mind .
some time when tings going to happen to ppl i dream it too
i dream see gee,s and a dall what is it plz
Moh Sanih (1 year ago)
Can't understand gee+dall ???
Ashley Mires (2 years ago)
Ok, so... I had this dream and... So I was a mouse in a giant mansion. There were many of us, and we were racing. There was a turn in the house/track but there was a glowing rainbow portal with a sign above it that said, "short cut" on it. So me, not trusting it I stick my head through it. Another car/mouse zooms by me. They turn into a unicorn, and right by the mouse hole/portal are two Sour Patch Kids. One on each side. One of them kicks the, now unicorn towards the other, witch catches it, pops it’s head off, puts its head on a conveyor belt, then throws the body away. While that is happening, the first one reminds the first one that, "We only need the horn." To which the second replies, "I know." So I try to pull my head out of the portal, but I cant, so I am forced to go through.My car disappears within I enter fully, and I run for it. Somehow, I manage to make it past the first tow, to find I'm in some sort of unicorn horn harvesting factory run by Sour Patch Kids. While running through it, the first two from the door chase me. All of the construction workers are yelling, shouting, and routing for the ones chasing me. At my side, as i’m running for my life I see an old man Sour Patch Kid. He had a beard and a hook for a hand. He was sitting in a rocking chair and rocking, while sharpening the horns with his hook hand. Just looking at me. Staring with the creepiest smile. I look away finally seeing the exit portal that exclaims, "Winner!" Going through the portal is all I get to before I wake up.
Lacri Taut (1 year ago)
we are a small group, here on http://christiandreaminterp.freeforums.net/ where we all learn how to interpret our dreams, and how God speaks through dreams. you can find here lessons about how God speaks through dreams, symbol dictionaries, teachers books you can alla ccess for free just by joining our forrum. It is all non profit, just for those who wish to really know what their dreams mean. We are happy to have you there, and guide you through all.
Carrie H (1 year ago)
I'm just now practicing dream interpretation and don't have a lot of experience, but here are my thoughts on your dream. I think God might be lovingly warning you to watch out for life short cuts that could actually wind up being detrimental to you. The house and mice represent the "rat race" of life. The horn of the unicorn represents a person's strength and/or authority. The sour patch kids represent the enemy's (satan's) plans against you. This is an opportunity to ask God to give you discernment to keep you from any harmful "shortcuts". He loves you, wants you to have a friendship with Him, and wants to protect you from the enemy. Hope this is helpful :).
Ashley Mires (1 year ago)
Wow really!? You think I should Send My dream to them?
William Hagman (1 year ago)
Oh believe me , this can be true. I have dreams EVERY MORNING at 5 o'clock and other times. Ck out John Paul Jackson on You Tube. Absolutely AMAZING dream interpreter. Joni Table Talk people tell him their dreams and he just "LETS IT RIP". The meaning that is without even having to think about it.
Ashley Mires (1 year ago)
joe moody what can't be true?
peace Ekundayo (2 years ago)
Amen. people of God pls pray for me I don't dream.I want God to talk to me in my dreams
Mel B (2 years ago)
Thank You Kii, do you think the kid represented the antichrist?
Mel B (2 years ago)
You haven't gave me the meanings of my dream.
Ayeitslaylay (2 years ago)
Amen brother or sister in Christ 😊 *hugs*
Mel B (2 years ago)
What does a dream mean I saw this kid in my dream he looked around 10 but smart very smart, to the point it was unusual. He had invented this computer like thing and ran his hand over it I was said hey kid what are you doing what technology is that he said it's my invention my dad helped me I will make sure everyone gets this special computer when you and all the Christians leave. When we leave I said he said yes when you leave earth and transported into heaven I said oh okay. The "kid" looked normal but he was strange. What does that dream mean.
Carmen Lydia (1 year ago)
+Kii ETIENNE i dream i see a picture of a unborn baby in black n white.
Kii ETIENNE (2 years ago)
Your dreams sounds like you are having the plan of the enemy shown to you, something to do with the tribulation. The boy said when you and the Christians go to heaven, meaning his "dad" Satan helped him build something to hurt Gods people but it will not be unleashed until after the return of Christ and after God has brought his believers home. Pray and ask the Holy Spirit for interpretation concerning your dream.
Mel B (2 years ago)
Do not fo fo is a typo sorry
Mel B (2 years ago)
Hey can you interrpurt this Indreamt that Went to a woman's house she had two kid's one was in the 3rd grade one was in pre-k so that made her like a 4 year old. I invited them to church and the 4 year old ran and hid I said does she not like me her mom said she doesn't even know you and she is upset from the shooting that happened recently or not long ago in the area. I said what fo you mean in the area she said arround here not far we could hear guns then when I went out of the house there was 20 people "asleep" on the ground I told them to wake up but of course they couldn't move then I was kind of scared and went home what does that mean.
Sy B. (2 years ago)
if you seek God, you can get the interpretation of the dream from Him. Spend more time with him, reading His word and talking with Him. He wants to reveal some things to you and have a more intimate relationship with you.
RoseofSharon (2 years ago)
I've been seeing my dad in my dreams. He past away August 4th. I don't find this unusual at all, but I wish he would give me a message about whom I should pick as a mate because at this time in my life (first time ever) I have a lot of choices and it's not exactly a black and white decision. I've been praying hard about this.
Jeremy Davis (1 year ago)
Alchymyst 02 God has a plan and purpose for your life, thats why you're even alive in the first place. so if you mean 'ending it all' meaning to end life, no way! that will leave you in the worst place ever which is hell. In terms of your all your bills, keep praying! i don't know how God will do it but He loves and cares about you more than you know it. Are you connected to any church? If so, is it biblical and spirit-filled, reason why i ask is that brothers and sisters can stand with you in all these problems in life.
Jeremy Davis (2 years ago)
Maybe your focus shouldn't be on finding a 'partner' but more so first your relationship with God and believing that He has someone perfect for you. (Matt 6:33) seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all things shall be added unto you.
Jeremy Davis (2 years ago)
yeah its not right. In terms of finding answers for your questions, ask God. Have you accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior?
Jeremy Davis (2 years ago)
That is what you call a familiar spirit which isn't your dad unfortunately.. even tho it comes in the exact appearance, it is demonic. The Bible says to pray only in the name of Jesus Christ. I pray you that you'll receive what i wrote as correction and not be offended. God Bless!
Tay Narly (2 years ago)
pray for me i have kidney problems they were at 700,000 please pray for me 16 year old
joan Wong (1 year ago)
Tay Narly PRAYING !
robind (1 year ago)
Fendi - 16 yrs way to young to have kidney issues... did you read what William H(scroll up) said about generational curses? Very very true! All diseases, mind & body have roots; those roots must be destroyed then the kidney problem has no legal right to be in your body the enemy uses these roots to cause havoc within your body. The enemy's goal is to steal, kill & destroy. I hope Youth Challenge has a deliverance ministry. Blessings Fendi!
Tay Narly (1 year ago)
+William Hagman moving back to Georgia today And I'm alright striving going to youth challenge soon
William Hagman (1 year ago)
How are you doing and where do you live?
Sola Ogunrinde (1 year ago)
Fendi Man God will heal you by hid power through the Holy Spirit. God bless you as you receive your miracle
Michael Davidson (2 years ago)
Shalom Yerushalayim! Gods eternal city!! peace upon the inhabitants, people there who put there faith in you, Yeshua Hamashiach
Michael Davidson (2 years ago)
Peace for the Jews!!!Peace for their Arab brethren, and for the enemies !
joseph fulks (2 years ago)
I just want to say something to all those people who ask for prayer i believe 1000% in prayer as well as fasting for the Lord but what i want to mention to you is you must be clear please as to what exactly what u need prayer for like family or health ect .... so that i can just pray for what u truly need and i am not being rude at all but i just wanted to let u know if im just saying to God hey i pray for this person or that person God does here me but it is much more powerful to tell God the main thing u need help with does that make sence??? i also ask those out there if someone could pray for my son H. who is so lost right now and has turned from the Lord and i ask that u pray for my son H. to have a man or a woman come into his life who is a true lover of God and who will open up my son H. eyes and to help my son let go of all his anger towards me his mom who LOVES my son H. sooooooooo much and my heart is broken just so broken so if u have a minute please please please pray to God that my son H. will do Gods will 100% and serve him the rest of his life and learn to love God with all his heart as well as to realize that God loves him my son H. no matter what thank u very very much sincerly a mother who loves her precious precious son H. who also has ptsd ever sence he came back from afgan he was in the army an saw horrible things and wont even tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! again thank u from a truly humble mother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God bless u for taking time out of your day to pray for my son H. and one last thing im hoping too that my son can forgive me for all the mastakes i made as he was growing up i was the mom and the dad and i really tried sooooo hard to do my very best with him but i am also only human and so please pray for that as well thank u again.....
Mike Hobday (2 years ago)
Pray For The Peace Of Jerusalem !!!! Bless Israel !!!! Shalom
Mia D (10 months ago)
Praying ❤🇮🇱❤🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱
Gloria Rood (11 months ago)
Mike Hobday, Dear brother, I pray that the people of Isreal come home to Abba, that the USA & Isreal remain brothers and that the Americans also find and walk in the light of the Lord. I pray that Trump & Netanyahu protect each other & remain brothers. I pray for the peace, repentance of sin & love of Christ. Both countries must return to Christ and that is my prayer. God bless the USA & Isreal.
Asmeraa (1 year ago)
Mike Hobday amen God bless esrael
Michael Davidson (2 years ago)
jank gome (2 years ago)
the dreams come true dreams sleep come true
Margaret Burke (1 year ago)
may all our good dreams come true may jesus keep us all in hes wings of love forever.
scottascotty (2 years ago)
and me too
Margaret Burke (1 year ago)
may all our good dreams come true.may jesus keep us all in hes loven wings forever amen
Sunset (2 years ago)
May the grace of God surround you....
Esther Guimond (2 years ago)
please pray for me
Sunset (2 years ago)
hey esther, how are you doing? prayed for you ....
Bella York (2 years ago)
last night I got bitten by a vampire in my dream and I have two bite marks on my neck this morning
Adriana shyko (2 years ago)
i always dream and nawadaiz i feel like its normal ooh how i wish i can know the meanin of my dreams
CCA singa (2 years ago)
God said in the last days He will pour out His Spirit, and your sons and daughters will have dreams and prophecy. He also says if I call a prophet, his words will not fall to the ground, but come to pass... and He will speak through HIS prophets in visions and dreams.
patricia cain (2 years ago)
thank you jesus
Nicole Morales (2 years ago)
in the name of jesus please pray for subscribers
Jenna edwards (2 years ago)
I had a dream I kissed a 8th grader BTW im in 6th grade he was this guy I used to like he is a total devil and a thug. I litteraly just got over liking him that night until I had this dream now I'm just confused
Rebecca Williams (2 years ago)
that dream was not of God, it was just your emotions and thoughts, and possibly the enemy to try to distract you with and ungodly boy. God has the right person for you and will bring him when the time is right. Trust God and give him this desire and He will guide your steps. God's path always leads to peace. I'm praying for you love. :). God bless!
Jenna edwards (2 years ago)
Jenna edwards (2 years ago)
still love your introb
Jasmin V. (2 years ago)
and also i dont understand and then i kinda do. help me
Jasmin V. (2 years ago)
i had a dream that something really bad going to happen the world was going to end .
Pretty Amy (1 year ago)
Jasmin V. What happened in the dream? :o
Tammy Mackie (2 years ago)
I know these guys. They are my friends. You can't be afraid of the message blessing your socks off?
Please pray for me lust I don't like it
Byryl Litimco (2 years ago)
halleluah hallleluah Yeshua'
Ali Kh. (3 years ago)
Thank you .. you were pray for me, you know... im not from pakistan, im from iran and i was Muslim, i believe to jesus Christ 4 years ago. and god start show me many dreams that i dont understand many of them. and i praying to god show me up the means,, and you know when i watching this video you praying for me, thank you lord jesus, sorry about my bad english.. right know i live in usa,ca...
Sarah Conroy (1 month ago)
Ali Kh. Praying for you! God is faithful if you seek you will find Him. Welcome to the family 🙏🏻❤️
Bitney Elliott (1 month ago)
Praise God! Welcome to the family brother.
Evans M (2 months ago)
God bless you
Abe Narayan (6 months ago)
Ali Kh. Intentions not words, brother. Your darkness will be lifted by our Lord. He is our eternal father. When he took you away from islam, the sign is clear. Amen.
Mia D (10 months ago)
john adams (3 years ago)
The answer to the film's question is this... NOTHING. The brain sorts information when you sleep. And in doing so accesses all memory banks , some of which leak into the subconscious in the form of dreams. Don't let anyone tell you different.
jondough7777777 (3 years ago)
+john adams not true my friend but i wont waste time arguing. plenty of testimony out there...

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