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Text Comments (11139)
Fitz (11 months ago)
Leave a like on this video if you are over 18 If you are under 18, please turn yourself into the police.
FreddyOrtiz (9 hours ago)
Fortnite bad Minecraft good
XenoAbyss Gaming (8 days ago)
Venom ! (11 days ago)
genesis (18 days ago)
oh yeah yeah
genesis (18 days ago)
I'm 13
Torson (1 hour ago)
why am i eating my food at 9:30 im prolly gonna trow this shit out now...
David Burgos (5 hours ago)
Almost magnetic to fitz body
REALLY “fitz”
Fitz got some bars with the floss
aldomendoza10 (1 day ago)
im 12 nothing special i found it funny
Pewpew S (1 day ago)
Trash Art (2 days ago)
Who actually listen to people said "warning 18+"?
Petra (2 days ago)
4:38 i can say that this is tru by living in nz
Josiah Baca (2 days ago)
Hey my birthday is aprial 19
Jackie Storms (2 days ago)
4:48 the guy who's talking(I couldn't figure out who it was) sounded like Crankgameplays when he does his baby voice
Jayden Johnson (2 days ago)
it's miniladd
zamn SNIPED (3 days ago)
I might go Interstellar I feel like Matthew McConaughey I don't care for what they gotta say Tony Perkis how I drop the weight Jason Bourne with the headshot Jason Statham with the whip game Liam Neeson with the rescue I go Gunnar with the leather face Bruce Campbell with the chains Tobin Bell with the saw Anthony Hopkins, I'm eatin' 'em raw They don't know who we are Molly Shannon I'm a superstar Ride or die like it's sea biscuit Tryna stack like Tobey John Wick, I don't leave a witness Chris Paul, I'm assistin' Ameer going Blake Griffin Give me forty-eight minutes We go '04 Pistons Catch a fade like Robert Horry Only time to get the spotlight Deray how I'm top flight Go Obama when I drop mics I'm the black Tom Hanks You can call me nigga Banks Secret Agent Cody Banks Quarter pound of the dank On the scale and it stank Throwin' mama in a range I just bought a new Wraith Nic Cage with the face off John Travolta when I take off Brad Pitt, start a fight club Turn the trap into the nightclub I'm like Prince with the white doves Paint a picture with the white dust Lionel Ritchie with the white bitch Try to tell it to her nicely, but she never wanna listen Beat the pussy to submission Tom Cruise on a mission Pull a RnB singer, bring her back to South Central I shine just like a popstar, MJ my initial Kobe Bryant with the spin moves If these niggas got issues, H-town with Beyonce Turn her to my prom date King pin like Jay Z, dance moves like J.T Heath Ledger with some dreads I just gave my nigga head Standing on my two legs Fuck what that nigga done said Bruh, I don't fuck with no white boys Less the nigga Shawn Mendes I been off and I been dead Bad as hell, I don't bench press High school, they ain't fuck with me Now the critics don't fuck with me My own fam ain't fuck with me But Viceland did fuck with me I'm the only popstar with no money Can't drive, so I'm still running Uber takin' all my show money But that's okay, I got more money Not enough to get my teeth fixed So my boyfriend in the street, bitch In the moonlight I get seasick Did ya see all that, all that we did? Did all this shit in the weekend We was up all late tweakin' (yeah!) Ice Cube on a Friday, Chris Tucker on a Friday Michael Cera on a Friday, Jonah Hill on a Friday Rockin' leaves, blood diamonds Sucked off on the highway Police right behind me Like a nigga stole his OJ Okay, I don't play Got the same last name as O.J
clip ing stuff (3 days ago)
I feel bad for kayj
clip ing stuff (3 days ago)
Grizzy laugh
Suave Mane (3 days ago)
New Zealand yeah we did the worst massive shooting ever
Martin Teece (3 days ago)
Mini lad. Got a new doggo.
Catstar Plays (3 days ago)
booooooiii make me
Naruto Sasuke (4 days ago)
REAPER BRNBRB (4 days ago)
fuck you guys im from new zealand
What's the voice changer he uses called?
paperjam AU (4 days ago)
Alexa don't be Sri- us ;)
Shade Dia (4 days ago)
I'm 7 years old
Keira Pillay (4 days ago)
I'm from new Zealand
umm i'm 15 does that count?
Enzyl // McV12 (5 days ago)
Please keep the trumpet guy joke going in other videos
Luke de paor (5 days ago)
When grizzy laughs it sounds like he’s been smoking for 10 years
SomeWeirdo (5 days ago)
What voice changer did Mini use?
Takaii Sashima (5 days ago)
My undying love for the romance between Fitz and the other guy 😍 oh shxt, that's so hot I SHIP IT SO HARD 😫AHHHH
major oof (5 days ago)
TheGamingDrone (5 days ago)
I miss prison
2021Mason C397 (6 days ago)
U kno this got views cause of the title and thumbnail 😂 Also who’s here March 2019??
Wilito Flores Herrera (14 hours ago)
FibeVideo (6 days ago)
This is painfully unfunny
The Man of Azure (7 days ago)
The Man of Azure (7 days ago)
Wats up
EddiePlaysGames (7 days ago)
I swear to Jesus Christ, if Disney makes a Fortnite movie, I will commit not alive right now.
MiniLadd is back
At the Disney intro I thought you were gonna re-enact the Bambi movie
defaulty boi12345 (7 days ago)
HeY gUyS cOmE cHeCk OuT mY mInEcRaFt YoUtUbE cHaNnEl, iTs A rEaLlY gOoD cHaNnEl *(Jk i dont have a minecraft youtube channel lol)*
Nateplays3854 (7 days ago)
13 mill because of the 18+
Ashraf Md Nor (7 days ago)
8:45 That was funny😂😂
Misterie _ (8 days ago)
Evan Villa (8 days ago)
I cried during this video 😂
PHANTOHS (8 days ago)
I know this is a wierd question but does anyone know what the intro was from?
The Doctor (8 days ago)
I thought miniladd didn't like fortnite
rhae (8 days ago)
0:10 holy shit that’s my birthday
Priline Tagle (8 days ago)
4:48 umm......does that sound like ticci toby from the HEY MASKY thing oooooorrrrrrr is it just me Edit: starting from that ticci toby kinda sounding voice they started talking in a way i think the creepy pastas would’ve talkedor it was really the whole video XDDDDDD idk anymore XD
Diffrentiate Team (9 days ago)
7:28 That wheezing laugh that ain't good for you is back 😂😂😂
Kobe Nave (9 days ago)
Fitz and the crew shows up at Coyote's school, busts into his class and goes "WHO TF WAS BULLYING OUR SON"😅
LeBron Jamez (9 days ago)
Licensed Rock4 (10 days ago)
God I’ve never been so flaccid
Xavier Pubigee (10 days ago)
Did anyone notice bordies answer to zuckles
Kasperi Kukkamäki (10 days ago)
Literally no one over 18
GameRR Playz (11 days ago)
thumbnail tho...
Nancy Brink (11 days ago)
hm. fortnite is always like this everyday with perverts
Aeromanta (11 days ago)
8:07 gInGeRbReAd aSs
Sahil S (12 days ago)
So cunt and all are okay but nigga is where you draw a line? 😂
Raid Bryban (12 days ago)
2020 anyone?
Vegeta Leigh (12 days ago)
Runescape yeeeeet
DJ Vega19 (13 days ago)
*birthday is mentioned* bitch dafuq?
Kurtis Kato (13 days ago)
rip mochi if ur reading this is 2019
puff ok (14 days ago)
i feel bad about zuckles brother
Tha IceCool (14 days ago)
I watched this whole thing for the thumbnail. It never came.
assb gaming (14 days ago)
How is this monitized
Zak Jourdeans (14 days ago)
JamesRec (15 days ago)
Hey check out my Minecraft channel. It’s uh a good channel.
Jaiden Lopez (15 days ago)
I'm 9
Sassy The Sasquatch (15 days ago)
6:25 when this was normal and considered good building, now you have to have no life, no job, no school, no offline friends and practise 90's and build battles day and night just to play with some sweaty tryharding kids
SapphireKay 124 (15 days ago)
leader of the pack (16 days ago)
I'm under 18
Not gonna lie, that guy John at the beginning of the video sounds like Castiel from Supernatural....
DaqueTV (16 days ago)
you suck
liongamer5418 (17 days ago)
Jumbo fucking tank ?????????
Harvey Speeds (17 days ago)
Creamy sounds aussie
shantiah lynch (17 days ago)
Leilanii Muffley (17 days ago)
My moms name is Erica😂😂
Cloudy Fox (17 days ago)
N o
Luxidity YT (17 days ago)
I’m 10
Eren _ (17 days ago)
7000 dislikes... just because some kiddos wanna fap
Card (17 days ago)
This game is for virgins and u added sexual content wtf!
JustR1ght (18 days ago)
''Are you clean?'' XD
Mil 18 (18 days ago)
Nairobi es tokio
TF_Electric (18 days ago)
Sub 2 Pewdiepie (18 days ago)
Hehehehe Im 8
Rocket321 ‘ (18 days ago)
When it’s 18+ but it not age restricted
anthony maita (19 days ago)
Just the other day I was in class and I turned on the tv and put it to a static channel and yelled hey everybody look at this great show and the teacher just stood there and shook his head
Meggy Maragon (19 days ago)
I came for 8:09
Robocop Darknezz (19 days ago)
Since when epic tac shotgun is on 2018
Natalie Chew (19 days ago)
Play with ansly
ツxzrlilo (20 days ago)
8:08 thats me dancin in the back thats me dancin with no backpack gingerbread you know thats what i pack mother fuckin look at me like i just dont relax yeah huh look at that ass god damn damn straight huh look at me i got that gingerbread ass thats tasty
SterlingHawk 203 (20 days ago)
DuckTroops Matt (20 days ago)
senzor007psn (21 days ago)
whats the intro song?
pulp (21 days ago)
It’s the wii shop theme
Abid_Playz (22 days ago)
April 19th is my birthday lol
Bob Shelly (22 days ago)
6:56 sounds like Rick from Rick and morty
GGClips (22 days ago)
Misleading title, but k.
Emma Young (23 days ago)
But I can’t like it, I’m not over 18 so..... I can’t like it but I want to 😔
King Doge (23 days ago)
Auzzy forever fu kiwi
Gacha loverz (23 days ago)
Got a fornite ad
Crazy life YT (23 days ago)
4:18 thats racist 👎👎👎
pulp (21 days ago)
He’s from New Zealand kiddo
ツDankey333 (23 days ago)
Im 13 4 hed

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