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Thunder and the House of Magic Official US Release Trailer 1 (2014) - Animated Movie HD

6307 ratings | 2323706 views
Subscribe to TRAILERS: http://bit.ly/sxaw6h Subscribe to COMING SOON: http://bit.ly/H2vZUn Subscribe to INDIE & FILM FESTIVALS: http://bit.ly/1wbkfYg Like us on FACEBOOK: http://goo.gl/dHs73 Follow us on TWITTER: http://bit.ly/1ghOWmt Thunder and the House of Magic Official US Release Trailer 1 (2014) - Animated Movie HD THUNDER AND THE HOUSE OF MAGIC is a whimsical animated family adventure, bringing to life a unique story with a great sense of humor, positive values and universal appeal. Brimming with spectacular animation and endearing characters, this internationally acclaimed motion picture delivers a fun and highly entertaining movie experience for the entire family. The film tells the story of Thunder, an abandoned young cat who stumbles into a magical old mansion operated by a dazzling array of automatons and gizmos. Owned by a retired magician, the house is occupied by an assortment of his wacky assistants who don't all welcome the new houseguest. But when the magician lands in the hospital and his scheming nephew puts the mansion up for sale, our young hero and his new friends join forces to save their magical home.
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Text Comments (599)
Canis Mortem (7 days ago)
Yeah it’s a pretty basic story, but I just realized that it’s on Netflix and the nine year old in me wants to rewatch it
kitsune spirit (1 month ago)
I think the house of magic 2 is gonna put in a female cat dunno what color
Thunder cat is so good;)) This bunny is very bad, but he will to be the best friend of Thunder cat)))
MrTiesto39 (2 months ago)
Miért van letiltva Magyarországon a videó?
Norma Rivera (2 months ago)
This movie had my favorite song which is Lovecats by The Cure 😊🖤🦇
Redstone Special (2 months ago)
Marga the hybrid (3 months ago)
I remember this. Bruh.
Luna TheDragonwolf200 (4 months ago)
I just saw this movie on Netflix and it was a pretty good movie!
gamerkiddotv super child (6 months ago)
Whos you fav person mines the cat and ballriena
some japanese cat (8 months ago)
i love this movie
Cait Cat Skull (8 months ago)
He looks like my two tabby’s fused
Christian Pacle (9 months ago)
Eh 6.9/10 It was okay I guessed my sister enjoyed it
It’s a Doll life (10 months ago)
I have a cat named thunder....
Noah Aaron (10 months ago)
Good find on netflix
IndianWolfGirl 10,000 (11 months ago)
Thunder sounds like Tails going through puberty
Phoebe (1 year ago)
Looking at the comments I guess I’m the only one who thought of Oliver and company
fhds hdsjh (1 year ago)
Daddy, I want to ride the horsey!
BRIAN 1 (1 year ago)
Thunder, Thunder, Thunder, Thunder Cat Its copying ThunderCat report the authority ahhhhh
Mr Sam (1 year ago)
I've watched this movie, Its very awsome!
Nordia McCarthy (1 year ago)
These are all boring
Hamilcat Trashcan (1 year ago)
How Ironic. Thunder looks exactly like Thunder from Warriors and even shares his name.
sweetgirlygamer 08 (1 year ago)
For some reason I love the movie
SmilingAnti (1 year ago)
Such a family friendly movie (says damn two times) SO FAMILY FRIENDLY
Dead Account (1 year ago)
When I first saw this movie I legitimately thought that it was a college thesis film or something.
OverChill (1 year ago)
I very vaguely remember seeing this
Zixea (1 year ago)
Honestly. I watched this on Netflix and it's a great movie.
Zixea (1 year ago)
Thunder looks exactly like thunder from warrior cats??
F dL (1 year ago)
It's quite good, I've watched it.
Sticky Productions (1 year ago)
I hate this movie
DemonDragonAngel (1 year ago)
The movie is on Netflix
Musical Adventure (1 year ago)
This movie was adorable!! :D
This movie.... lmao what kinda guy rides a bike with a cat on his bike... btw I watched this movie it's crap lol
Cooper Davis (1 year ago)
Reminds me alot of Warriors.. *Thunder. *The fact that Thunder looks alot like Firestar. *In the Warriors Manga, there is a story of how Sasha live in a home, and was left behind after her owners moved. Honestly, besides those points, this moive looks really bad.
Leer Kuro (2 years ago)
Lionblaze: "Is Jayfeather back?" Bumblestripe: "He got back just after you left." Lionblaze: "Was he okay?" Bumblestripe: "He snapped at Hazeltail for getting in the way, hissed at Cherrypaw for trampling on Ferncloud's moss and ordered Foxleap and Toadstep to fetch comfrey. So I guess he's fine." —Lionblaze and Bumblestripe about Jayfeather The Last Hope
Woof Woof (2 years ago)
This is such a sweet and cute yet fun movie <3 Underrated
RedCannonBusterXL4 (2 years ago)
Thunder cat LOL
Cooper Davis (2 years ago)
Firestar and the Magic twoleg nest
Cooper Davis (2 years ago)
Scruffy the Wolf (2 years ago)
Stop hating this movie was my childhood!
The true story of warrior cats.
Inner-Lynx (2 years ago)
am i the only one who honestly enjoyed this? I hope not.
Aiden Pearce (1 year ago)
Inner-Lynx me and my son
Aiden Pearce (1 year ago)
Inner-Lynx nope I loved it
Positron (2 years ago)
Inner-Lynx i did
tiger cookie gamer (2 years ago)
I watched the movie like a 1,000 times when it came out
Candied Lime (2 years ago)
I love this movie
Blu (2 years ago)
i watched this movie
Absolute Garbage (2 years ago)
The cat is so adorable
Rosieves Griffin (2 years ago)
MysteriousMustacheMan (2 years ago)
I like this movie and hate it at the same time. Most of the characters (Except the magician, magical toys and Dog) were cruel/mean towards Thunder. I think the writers took it too far with the dark humor/cruel behavior of the characters. At least the doves change in character and was nice to Thunder and the mouse changed in the end, but I still hate the mouse mostly. And the shotgun part was very dark. I hate the characters: Bunny, mouse, and especially the real estate agent. For a G rated movie, they took it too far, but that's my opinion. I feel like whenever a cat movie is release, they always put the cat in danger or is hated the most which is fucked up. I just finished the movie and I am not gonna watch it again due to the harsh approach throughout the movie.
K O K O (2 years ago)
I remember when I watched this. I never finished watching it. The cat's cute tho
Petalleaf (2 years ago)
*cough cough* AYE ITS THUNDER FROM WARRIOR CATS! So awesome.
Foxcheetah (2 years ago)
Alright, I know this movie is kind of bad. And I also know that Thunder is basically Firepaw. But personally, I liked it. I liked this movie. It may not be a masterpiece, but the concept seemed pretty creative, the animation was adorable, it had the occasional funny sequence, and it was all-around kind of good! Not a masterpiece, but still pretty good. Hey, it keeps my little sister occupied, and still remains to be a good influence (unlike her other favorite: The Angry Birds Movie), so I'm okay with it.
kenpoarniceguy1 (2 years ago)
The rabbit and mouse were such jerks.
Aiden Pearce (1 year ago)
kenpoarniceguy1 Ik in real life a cat could shred them both to bloody pieces
Nat Amaral (2 years ago)
I have to see that!
Ali Amer (2 years ago)
OLD TRASH (2 years ago)
Where can i get this new warrior cats book?
MickeyMoose (2 years ago)
Social Exile (2 years ago)
Again with an amazing-looking movie I'm just now finding out about in 2017.
aesth3tic.animations (2 years ago)
OMG YAAAZ i found out Today on Netflix :3 And it was 2013*
Social Exile (2 years ago)
Yes. I'm saying I've never heard of this movie until now, in 2017.
Cullen Daniels (2 years ago)
Social Exile You do know this was a movie back in 2014 right?
Jocelyn Soupiset (2 years ago)
the animation reminds me of despicable me. but the house doesn't seem all that magical, so tell me again why it's called the house of "magic"?
Saturn Star (2 years ago)
I'm guessing you haven't seen it. So here's a spoiler warning. The house Thunder found belonged to one of last actual magicians in their world. He could dreate magical creatures (the [sentient] robots and such) and he did actual magic. The main story behind this was the son of the magician wanted to sell his dad's house and send him to a home, and by doing so, destroying everything.
Goofy Goober (2 years ago)
this looks cute
Cullen Daniels (2 years ago)
Goofy Goober ur cute.
Pooky1991 (2 years ago)
I watched this. It's actually really good
J Heart (2 years ago)
This is such a cute movie!
LongTale Animation (2 years ago)
Its Effin Tails from Sonic!
Dave Harrison (2 years ago)
First 45 seconds told me this was gonna be BAD
Saturn Star (2 years ago)
It was actually a very cute movie :)
Thaphoe (2 years ago)
A.K.A: Thunder and the House of Magic in 2 minutes
papermoon (2 years ago)
Warrior cats!
Chørus (2 years ago)
Hey Firepaw~ I found what your gay dad is doing! You wanna come and see Jake, he over here in this twoleg den that's totally not at all creepy and won't give very young kits nightmares!
Given Up (2 years ago)
Why did I get here from a Moonkitti video
Shiny. Sonic (2 years ago)
I wanna watch this now frick
Wolfy (2 years ago)
Hey Bluestar! I found Firepaw in the house of a elderly twoleg!
Pwner 1492 (2 years ago)
all cats named thunder has to be orange
Mikleo (2 years ago)
this is totally gunna be a gr8 movie omg
Mr. Crumpets (2 years ago)
Hey look, it's Thunder from Warrior Cats!
Wolfy (2 years ago)
QxeenDoge My people!
Auburn (2 years ago)
Firepaw and the house of twolegs.
Auburn (2 years ago)
+CosmicBlast 4356 that bunny would be delicous for him but he wants to reunite with his old friend Smudge and wouldn't want to get any two-leg pets.
CosmicBlast 4356 (2 years ago)
Chilly Soda I'm pretty sure if he could he would eat the bunny or mouse.
Chørus (2 years ago)
Caalaxy (2 years ago)
DoNut_Boi (2 years ago)
This movie is so bad that it's on Netflix
gamerkiddotv super child (6 months ago)
Dylan Arsenault (2 years ago)
Nuttiest movie ever on shrooms
Mikudere (2 years ago)
Fert Butt (2 years ago)
To be honest the movie wasn't that bad. Just the trailer, really.
Dani Jurma (2 years ago)
who the fuck is ross lynch? there is only one ross, ross geller....
Alberto Reynafarje (2 years ago)
When I first saw this movie, I didn't know what gender thunder was xD I thought it was gay
gamerkiddotv super child (6 months ago)
Gurl its a boy and hes a ginger cat
Lps CreativityShock (2 years ago)
Yeah I thought this movie was great
Caustic Liberal (2 years ago)
fake and gay!
Tai Porto (2 years ago)
I feel like lots of good people have worked on this movie. I saw the Color keys for the movie, It's so nicely done.
Ernst Nöhrer (2 years ago)
On 2 legs, Thunder looks like Miles Prower.
nicky davani (2 years ago)
Jesus the animation is foodfight quality.
Madi (2 years ago)
If you're really sitting here at age 12 or up saying that the trailer told you everything, keep in mind the target audience. And if you're telling me that this movie is "stereotypical" or "unoriginal", you should go try to write an 100% original kids cartoon and get back to me. In the meantime, sit down and cut the crap. :)
Alex Solis (2 years ago)
this movie makes me feel like I'm watching toy story lol
shamya hopkins (2 years ago)
I feel like whoever buys a ticket to see this is an asshole
Marlene Weber (2 years ago)
this movie fucking dumb
Ansy1331Gaming (2 years ago)
My second BEST movie
rustyfive (2 years ago)
what is the ending songs name
phobia trapped (2 years ago)
whats the ending song :/
jazzyJasmine OwO (2 years ago)
seen it
Anders Green (2 years ago)
My six year old daughter watched this movie and really liked it. Keep in mind the target audience people. If you're 10, 18, 45... yeah the trailer is plenty.
Mya Loeffler (2 years ago)
Gotta watch that...
Jinxoq (2 years ago)
Thunder looks like Firestar :D #WarriorsCats4Life
Bronté Rennocks (2 years ago)
Who would call something thunder? Oh never mind... XD (U would only get this comment if ya look at my crappy name)
Agnė Rinkevičiūtė (2 years ago)
Nobody cares.
Zariya Fatima (2 years ago)
juuhrtt oi
Thumbs up (2 years ago)
There you go !! you just watched the full movie in 2 minutes
Az thebowisready (1 year ago)
Thumbs up wellll... they did'nt show the crane and gun part.....
Molly Ruppenthal (2 years ago)
Thumbs up
Selene Padilla (2 years ago)
Thumbs up aa
ruben latorre (2 years ago)
AquaticCrystals ya
Aqertis (2 years ago)
That was lightning, not thunder, you dumb old man.
Marleen S (2 years ago)
Magma Dragon umm thunder is the sound it makes
Drew Carter (2 years ago)
The sound, the sound produced when lightning strikes. It's called thunder. The hell?
Magma Dragon gbbbbbbbb
MegaWatermelonWolf (2 years ago)
The sound scared him, the sound was thunder .-.
Gamer boy Raabe (2 years ago)
Me to what the heck
Michael Lebedev (2 years ago)
pretty good CGI

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