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ESO FULL PRIMAL GEAR, Light, Med and Heavy.---worst looking gear

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thought i would show you the most horrid style of armour ingame, primal sounds cool but doesnt look it :D. let me know what you think thank you. plz comment like share
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gerpierro (3 years ago)
If you've got an echo filled room, try clothes on hangers placed off-camera; toss some towels on the floor, just deaden all that hard surface ...you have a  great 'announcer' voice, what a shame to hear it bouncing off the walls here...
gerpierro (3 years ago)
takes a lot out of you, I know..but I have the highest respect for troops, and ty for yer service, good sir :)
Phil DragonKing (3 years ago)
+gerpierro im not in that horrible house in Australia anymore haha im bk in UK n back in he army now :D
Protein (4 years ago)
Good Videos, please keep them up :) x
dale draper (5 years ago)
the heavy looks ok but the medium and light are horribly looking 
EnderGraff1 (5 years ago)
The light armor one wasnt too bad! 

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