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CHER's Dead on Twitter & Other Funny Hashtag Accidents - The Graham Norton Show on BBC AMERICA

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Remember the time Twitter thought CHER died & other hilarious hashtag accidents on a new episode of THE GRAHAM NORTON SHOW with ROBERT DE NIRO, MICHELLE PFEIFFER and JENNIFER SAUNDERS *** Saturday NOV 2 at 10pm/9c *** Only on BBC AMERICA. Subscribe now: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=bbcamericatv Twitter: http://twitter.com/bbcamerica Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bbcamerica Tumblr: http://bbcamerica.tumblr.com Instagram: http://instagram.com/bbcamerica
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Text Comments (25)
isotretinoina Adapaleno (2 months ago)
Veo que Cher se aclaró los ojos
Gregory Cooper (8 months ago)
1:44 'o my god that's funny' really jennifer ?
Krystle Low (1 year ago)
"Sadly, attendance was low.. NO ONE COULD FIND IT!" *DIES*
Bob Smith (8 months ago)
Sabrina Islam (4 years ago)
HAHAHAHA Graham at the end killed me!! Love these hashtag mishaps!
thanethagreat (4 years ago)
is she wearing a wig?
Vadimchyk (2 years ago)
Yes, she is
Paul Simpson (4 years ago)
I know her well no wig here !
Kristin Miller (4 years ago)
Witches of Eastwick Reunion! (Cher and Michelle Phieffer) Great 80's Movie!! I love Graham Norton!! 
Taylor Marie (2 years ago)
Taylor Marie (2 years ago)
I was so excited for this I watched the whole episode and it was so cute when they say other again
Quickstar989 (4 years ago)
+Kristin Miller omg I love that movie and I didn't even connect them two until I read your comment LOL.
Lester Sanchez (5 years ago)
lmao the ending! 
Simon Templar (5 years ago)
What is wrong with De Niro and Pfeiffer?  Do those two have any sense of humor at all?  That whole episode they're just sitting there bored out of their mind.  Cher and Jennifer Saunders on the other hand: super funny ladies with class!
Chris Johnson (2 years ago)
Pfeiffer has always been quite a classy woman, rather reserved. Probably was afraid to say anything, although you could tell by the expression on her face she was thinking something.
Andrea Roll (2 years ago)
i'm pretty sure deniro has no damn clue what an ashtag is
Simon Templar (4 years ago)
Oh, I'm sure he is a great guy, but come on, not a laugh?  Not a smile?
Meghann J (4 years ago)
De Niro is very shy on talk shows. He tends to seem dull because of that, but he's a really cool guy. 
Hoganply (4 years ago)
I know, it's almost like it was edited with a particular focus on the reaction of the person being interviewed and not the others, in't it.
Ralph Daay (5 years ago)
He makes me tired. But Cher is great.
CleverLibrarian (5 years ago)
ghidfg (5 years ago)
she looks like kat von d
Rheinmeister09 (5 years ago)
No one could find it...nice one!!!
supersmex (5 years ago)
Omg, no one could find it. Lolz

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