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SQL Nested Query - Insert, Update, Select and Delete using Sub Queries

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SQL Nested Query - Insert, Update, Select and Delete using Sub Queries SQL tutorial for Beginners in Hindi and English
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Text Comments (22)
Sunil Singh (9 days ago)
Very gud delivered
Laptop me kharedonga ap k lye sir
Anju joshi (1 month ago)
Sir it will be enough for learning SQL programming??
Rajan Prasad (2 months ago)
amar kn (2 months ago)
Thank you Easy Engineering Class
Vijay Magvaniya (2 months ago)
Sir ab dusare videos banana start kijiye or bhi
Dalbir Singh (4 months ago)
ur teaching technique is not good....
Trickpiwal (4 months ago)
Dala bhi ni
ali khokher (5 months ago)
dont do if you cant do you r misleading peoples
ali khokher (5 months ago)
Not explaining well
This guy is clearly bad in teaching.
Siddesh Gannu (7 months ago)
How would I do this using Joins sir? The first one. How would I have gone about doing the query using join? This is what I think I would have done: Select emp.ename, dept.dname from emp inner join dept on dept.dname = 'HR'; Is that correct? Thanks
Qurban Mirjat (7 months ago)
Waiting for #23
Awekening Dragon (9 months ago)
From where did you built manager table from thin air? At least use examples clearly so that us viewers dont get confused.
Mohammed Ahtisham (1 year ago)
interesting videos..i like it
Tariq Ahmed (1 year ago)
Thanks 'Easy Engineering Classes' To Strengthened And Increase My Study In Database, I Watched All Your 22 Videos And It Was Really Helpful.
Rohit Mondal (1 year ago)
please show in more detail on actual SQL of nested implementation.
Keshween Singh (1 year ago)
this sucks man i dont understand any shiT
David Manoharan (1 year ago)
sir insert in not clear. is manager a column in emp please clarify
madhur lohchab (1 year ago)
manager is another table ..be logical bro how can you run Select Commands on columns;
Shubham Singh (1 year ago)
when will next episode come??
Gitik Kaushik (4 months ago)
fuck outta here

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