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Elder Scrolls Online Racial Motifs Learn Crafting Styles Guide

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Hi there guys. This is probably one of the most talked about topics within the community of crafters. So I've made this video to help all you guys out, and I show you how to find racial motifs. I hope this video explains to you viewers how this works, and how to learn these styles :) Like the video, so i know this video helped you out Share the video to all of your crafting buddies. Comment if you have any video requests, questions or information. Subscribe if you found this video helpful and would like more videos similar to this one. Thank you for watching and peace out -Camel http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBMxuCsa_iZrrwVes1brqfSNgXkEDKsxL http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBMxuCsa_iZrHdE-j2syxsDi1WVY_fXBr
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Text Comments (177)
Ash (9 days ago)
I wish ESO was more like Skyrim where you can already craft Dragon, Deadra, Dwarf, and Nord. At least do a 60% off on the online store so people can actually pay a price worth paying.
Luis Zamora Rodriguez (2 months ago)
I have a problem: the ancient elf craft motif requires rank 8 in any of the crafting skills to use it. I'm already level 8 at woodworking but I still can't use it... and I don't know why
Walter R Toomes (6 months ago)
I guess I do not want to know the truth. But in order to create the following: "Chest Shacklebreaker Heavy Impenetrable Tri Stat Glyph Belt Shacklebreaker Light Impenetrable Tri Stat Glyph Shoes Shacklebreaker Light Impenetrable Tri Stat Glyph Pants Shacklebreaker Medium Impenetrable Tri Stat Glyph Hands Shacklebreaker Light Impenetrable Tri Stat Glyph Necklace Caluurion's Legacy Jewelry Arcane Magicka Recovery Ring Caluurion's Legacy Jewelry Arcane Magicka Recovery Ring Caluurion's Legacy Jewelry Arcane Magicka Recovery Weapon 1 Willpower/ The Master's Inferno Staff Fire Infused Prismatic Damage Enchantment Weapon 2 Caluurion's Legacy Resto Infused Weapon Damage Enchantment" I am going to have to know everything? Can I get a heads up on a game plan, in order to create the items? Thank you.
_Ampro07Xx (8 months ago)
awesome got a Daedric motif on my first try
BetaZockt (11 months ago)
I found one right after you said in which containers they are
Shadow Wolf (1 year ago)
Found the primal one but says i need metal working 6. Wtf that wilk take ages as smithing takes ages
Shadow Wolf (1 year ago)
I like nord as the race but not fan of the armor so this is helpful thanks
Nilly00 (1 year ago)
Detailed and not unessecarily long straight to the point really good video
Marcos Henriques (1 year ago)
got yourself a sub thx
Tony DeX (1 year ago)
5:32 read the chat tab
GuardianXwolf (1 year ago)
No help at all. Really retarded.
GuardianXwolf (1 year ago)
I had bought the (crown crafting motif 4 : nord style) but I cant find I need help
Thank you for the tutorial :)
Adrian Corpus Ávila (2 years ago)
This super WOW.
west pool (2 years ago)
what are they by crafter level?
Ivan Gonzalez-Chavez (2 years ago)
Is there a level requirements for the motifs to spawn?
bryan able (2 years ago)
im new to this game on xbox, i want to buy a motif from the crown store, if i do this how long will it be till i can craft a full set to the style i purchased? and would it be a waste of my materials? would this be something to do when i reach max level
Gabe Batista (2 years ago)
I found a motif for something but when I try to read it / use it, im given the msg that I need to be level 8 in blksmith, enchanting or something else. pls help? I'm a high Elf btw.
Juraj Hudák (1 year ago)
Gabe Batista Help with what exactly ? Level 8 in Blacksmithing, Enchanting or something else. It cannot be more clearer.
SVG KING (2 years ago)
Hey Man what do you know about the ranking up of motifs cause I have a couple motifs but I can't use them cause it says I have to be at least rank 9 of any smithing woodworking or tailoring passives
0ddMonk3y (2 years ago)
All houses I go to only have the "steal" option.
Rick Hoffman (4 months ago)
steal the book and read it
Joseph Rosas (2 years ago)
I got an altmer motif if anyone wants to trade my psn is dragonking4000
Brenda Cardenas (2 years ago)
can you buy motifs besides buying them off of people.
Lieutenant Dan's Legs (2 years ago)
I found most racial motifs in backpacks c:
Raskalnikov (2 years ago)
I bought a motif in the guild store and i cant find it in my inventory plz help
Anxiety_Ash_- (2 years ago)
Check your mail
Lara daigneault (2 years ago)
thank you this was a big help
General Echo (2 years ago)
whats the character doing at 2:26?
0reaver01 (3 years ago)
Ive been lucky finding most of them in guild stores really cheap. I got the one i wanted just colleting the rest now for shits and giggles with a tiny bit of ocd
dustin gemmell (3 years ago)
All of the racial motifs that I've found so far have been in backpacks. They have also all been the same two- argonian and redguard. It's absolutely maddening.
Novi Beograd (3 years ago)
I\'m not sure but ,if anyone else is searching for elder scrolls online quest guides try Loctavan Scrolls Expert Strategy ( search on google ) ? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my mate got cool success with it.
Clay (3 years ago)
are there any video that show what all the motifs actually look like
John Dee (3 years ago)
ahhh thank you, i thought the special ores were all i need, bit of a shitty way to eat up my bank space, but this will help!
The Limon (3 years ago)
What about dwemer
John Dee (3 years ago)
+Eric Limon aernt they coming in dlc soon?
Jose Mejia (3 years ago)
How do you make glass style amor ?
DarknessInferno15 (3 years ago)
Good idea I found out accidentally is: In the starting house that is instanced, loot the house, relog, the loot will have regenerated, loot again, and repeat. It's good because there's one of those boxes you need to loot them from, but it's not stealing. I got the Nord armor motif by accident doing this early game, while waiting for a friend to finish the tutorial.
weakestlink41 (3 years ago)
Why is it that I'll make an armor with a motif, yet the same motif, same level armor, same Ingot type, will look different when say bought from a vendor? Help haha
Kansutachi (3 years ago)
I search house after house just for the valuables, great way to make gold at the outlaw refuges. it's unfortunate to watch this video and find out that THIS is how you find the motifs? I'm lvl 16 and probably have only found 2 or 3 of these books x_x was hoping there was an easier way, but then again. they are a blue quality item.
S Mcknight (3 years ago)
Have a dunmer book, many recipes one blue, looking to start a economy guild. Psn on ps4 is smcknight709
im miata mike (3 years ago)
I have a purple dwemer bow moteif for sale. XB1 is Irving Zismon
patrick kavanagh (3 years ago)
is it the same for the xbox one?
Averax (3 years ago)
Yes, it is the same in all versions.
Mojave Mailman (3 years ago)
can you buy motifs?
Averax (3 years ago)
You can from the Crown Store, or another player.
Ethan Lonie (3 years ago)
After ages of looking I had finally found one! Too bad it was for argonions and I am one :(
Spekz (3 years ago)
Thank you So much man!
Carlos zonder auto (3 years ago)
I have a Nord and Kahjit motif, i want to trade those for another motif on ps4
I bought a pack and it won't give me the style
badman11221 (3 years ago)
Go to social then message its there!!!!
Sick of British accents
+blackopsskidoo British inspired aint it? You Fucking babydick
mankingrules (3 years ago)
Selling imperial motif I'm already an imperial so I don't need it and I have an extra high elf motif if u want one my psn is many
The Limon (3 years ago)
U still play
Carlos zonder auto (3 years ago)
+mankingrules Do you want to trade your Imperial motif for my Nord or Kajhit motif?
DivineIno (3 years ago)
Thanks man. Great voice!
Warthog-faced buffoon (3 years ago)
Well thats a good fucking guide !
C M (3 years ago)
Are cabinets and cupboards the same thing?
Merilae Yamazaki (3 years ago)
Thank you! You were straight forward and didn't ramble about nonsense. I learned what I needed to know and you clarified it. I wasn't sure if I needed to get different books for each craft. Great job. :3
Nicholas Yowell (3 years ago)
What about Dwemer??
Alexander Garner (3 years ago)
Ok. I just bought the Kajhiit style from a guild trader and I can't find the lore book that I bought.
Nicholas Yowell (3 years ago)
Probably find it through mail
prestobix (3 years ago)
Does buying these motifs from the crown store change anything? The crown store says all consumables(which includes racial motifs) are level agnostic. What does this change?
Paulio Saulio (3 years ago)
XGN drone XGN (3 years ago)
Thanks very helpful.. if you want to sell a stolen item you have to go to a outlaws refuge and pay the launder and then it will allow you to sell it also in the outlaw reruge you can clear bounty's
sky lord (3 years ago)
Adam Lawrence (3 years ago)
+tnyeh I've also just started playing ESO like two days ago because of the free weekend on XboxOne, I got addicted to so I brought the imperial edition which was on sale.
tnyeh (3 years ago)
+sky lord i just started playing it, and im kind of addictied to it already.
Mooinator 3000 (3 years ago)
do you automatically get your race's motif?
justin lagrange (3 years ago)
Toxic Teddy (3 years ago)
43drak (4 years ago)
thanks for the info on this vid
Sc00byGaming (4 years ago)
How do you not steal them? I found one and I wanted to sell it but I had to steal it. How come in this video you can just open the stuff and take whatever you want? 
Alexandre Prazeres (4 years ago)
+FatalDannyV Just go to a Fence Store, there u can sell it or pay to clean it so you can use. Fence Store looks like Triton symbol, it's a outlaw refuge. Search about it.
Sc00byGaming (4 years ago)
Damn. Oh well :/ 
Camelworks (4 years ago)
Sorry man I haven't played this game for months.
Sc00byGaming (4 years ago)
Yeah they did, that I know for a fact. I can't sell stolen goods so I don't know how to start up my ledgermain skill. Any idea how to sell stolen goods?
Camelworks (4 years ago)
They must have brought in a crime system.
Walter Dahl (4 years ago)
Is there a certain level you should hit before you search for these?
Miguel Perez (3 years ago)
Magnum G (4 years ago)
A very good guide. Thanks man! You're great ^^
Magus Senpai (4 years ago)
The number of times "motifs" was said is TOO DAMN HIGH! lol
Darth nameless (10 months ago)
actually more as it be found in game lol
Judd Niemann (4 years ago)
Sorry to be pedantic, but it's Orsimer, not Or-is-mer ! Great vid, though ...
Clement Boss (1 year ago)
Frank J I am like, 1 year late but Orcs were actually elves and technically they are still.
Frank J (2 years ago)
Wait! Are orcs technically elves given the 'mer' in their names?
Camelworks (4 years ago)
All good man thanks! I didn't even notice, I can't read for shit.
J-MaC (4 years ago)
Found mine in an urn. 
August Ryckman (5 years ago)
Why it gotta be racial man?
garrett shapiro (5 years ago)
i have been looking for about 24 hours now i still can not find any.  any suggestions?
Jasper Asten (5 years ago)
camel hahahahahhhahahaha ty for the vid <3
LordAnestis (5 years ago)
Dafack are they doing on the bed???
LordAnestis (4 years ago)
+Jim wookread Hell yeah!
AneirinTheGod (4 years ago)
+LordAnestisLuBu who dare wins
Anthony Ding emac (5 years ago)
What level are u in this video?
Camelworks (5 years ago)
Oh man like level 10-20 maybe. Was during beta i can't remember.
CodeFox Gaming (5 years ago)
Awsome Work, CamelWorks!  ^^
Wiktor (5 years ago)
I would like to find daedric :D
top kekek (5 years ago)
my name is camel... XD
KyleWhoEatsKustard (5 years ago)
I found one in a backpack once
Kian Knowles (5 years ago)
So if your a Nord you will start with their crafting style.
Raddan (5 years ago)
Hey! I'd just like to thank you and show my appreciation for all the help and guides you've provided me and many others with, you explain very well so everyone can understand and cover all sort of stuff when it comes to elder scrolls online. I'm pretty sure I've watched all of your videos and not just once, keep uploading awesome videos man! :)
Camelworks (5 years ago)
Awesome man your words mean a lot. I'm so glad i could help so many people :) Keep watching!
Bufu Chan (5 years ago)
Wait, so I don't have to be a khajiit to get awesome looking Khajiit armor? !
rubberbuttyfay (5 years ago)
where is that place you where an finding the loots?
ShadeOfEclipse (5 years ago)
I want dark elf, khajitt, primal, barbaric, and daedric next. I already have bosmer, argonian, and nord(since my character is a nord).
C J (5 years ago)
Primal, Barbaric, and Daedric are all the same rarity and found in veteran rank zones sorry to say.
ShadeOfEclipse (5 years ago)
+Cabral Johnson What can you tell me about Primal? 
C J (5 years ago)
Barbaric and daedric are only found in veteran rank zones, so dont' expect to find them fast. While they are obtained in the same fashion they are rarer and cost a lot more in guild stores or in chat.
PrivatePancakes69 (5 years ago)
The only one i want is redguard and Khaji't 
Dave Strider (5 years ago)
I might be able to get you some khajit motifs. Tell ya what I'll give it to you for free. No joke.
Andrew Wallace (5 years ago)
i have 5 motifs, high elf, dark elf, wood elf, argonian, and i just found the bretons motif. Whats funny is i got it in the bank just from searching cabinets lol
Xephy (5 years ago)
I've discovered the motifs at compleatly random. How can that happen? Never picked up a book that I had to use. But for some reason I just have 2 more motifes other than Orc (my racial)
Al The Pal (5 years ago)
Thanks mate!
Al The Pal (5 years ago)
"at the end of the day a cupboard is still a cupboard" LFAO!
slayer sky (5 years ago)
is primal only found in the lvl 50 zone or is it anywhere?
kinglee pker (5 years ago)
make a video that showcases the different races styles of weapons and armor please
Skunk Jewce (5 years ago)
Thanks, again.
Camelworks (5 years ago)
Pleasure mate
Patrick Rohn (5 years ago)
perfect voice :D "looks like this"
Daniel Greenfield (5 years ago)
Thaxlsyssilyaan (5 years ago)
Does it drop from any of these container no matter the player level, or the region city level?  My guild mate all found the Argonian in the same zone, but they did not find other book in that particular zone (the ebonhearth area where you start mining tier 2 crafting node, level 15+ zone?)
Thaxlsyssilyaan (5 years ago)
Ok thanks, guess we just had bad luck that 3 team mate, started looted their first book entering Deeshan, and all three looted argonian. Will try your tactics as soon as Euro server goes back up. =)
Camelworks (5 years ago)
Yes :)
Jason Zettervall (5 years ago)
Excellent explanation, thank you. One question--Are motifs learned across all characters on an account or only for the character who found them?
TurTooL85 (5 years ago)
they are only available on the character that LEARNS them... not found.
Mr.Skulls (5 years ago)
can you find every style as often as any other style or is it like the daedric is the most rare
Zehn tar (5 years ago)
Thanks, nice video! :-)
Rikaten (5 years ago)
Your videos are the best! Thank you for all this!
Camelworks (5 years ago)
My pleasure man
jah16191 (5 years ago)
i watched this video and the first house I went to I found a Breton motif, since then I have been searching far and wide but everyone has already looted everything and I've had no luck. Also does anyone know the exact respawn timers on the trunks etc?
Oh Shiny (5 years ago)
keep it up!
Camelworks (5 years ago)
Thanks mate I hope you find all the motifs you are looking for :)
AyRe_D (5 years ago)
thx so much ive been wonderiing where to look
The Exiled Crow (5 years ago)
thank you for this guide I was pulling my hair out over this and because of you im now in deadric style stuff :D
Camelworks (5 years ago)
So you found a daedric motif?
Angelo O. (5 years ago)
I had been looking for this everywhere, great job man. Subbed :D
Camelworks (5 years ago)
Thanks mate glad to have you on board! Super keen for release :)
Brandon Barnett (5 years ago)
here a question  cuz of the pre order imperial and being any race like kajiik well I get both of the books or just one
Super Kids (5 years ago)
looted over 9000 things and got 0 motifs -.-
Camelworks (5 years ago)
Is that a DBZ reference?
John Polakowski (5 years ago)
Thank you. Was that background music from ESO? Didn't sound like it to me. I was wondering what it was.
Camelworks (5 years ago)
Nah it is not ESO music. I just write up some psybient / minimalstep loops and sling them onto my videos. hehe if they were louder you would hear how shit they are :P

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