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HDTV Cobra Starship & Nicole Scheringer - Hot Mess/Good Girls Go Bad (Medley) (PCA - 6th Jan 2009)

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Here is Nicole Scherzinger giving an appearance on Cobra Starship's performance at the 36th Annual People's Choice Awards in their song ''Good Girls Go Bad''.
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Text Comments (34)
Nicolas Sundara (3 months ago)
I love Nicole, but this song is clearly Leighton's...
Alvaro Rangel (10 months ago)
Anthony Dean Channel (1 year ago)
nicole is way better
Janeth Dofitas (1 year ago)
We love you Nicole!
handsomeboykevin (2 years ago)
Rayaan 95 (2 years ago)
Cobra starship needs autotune he cant sing live at all
Douglas Derelut (2 years ago)
Nicole scherzinger 😍
Mi Wa (2 years ago)
Leighton suits this song so much better. Nicole sounds like a sheep here.
Ava Chantelle (2 years ago)
I like the Music video Better
Van Houten (2 years ago)
Got rid of Leighton cause she can sing live lol
Isa (2 years ago)
I preferred with leighton
juneediaz (3 years ago)
love it, especially cuz of Nicole, but seriously the guy could be more in tune..
Han Lee (3 years ago)
hottest version ever, love you Nicole♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
Drue Dakuna (4 years ago)
Nicole was actually bad :'(
Lim Li Ting (4 years ago)
Tobias Fidelis (5 years ago)
omg nicole shits everything
Renato Silva (4 months ago)
Shit is your OPINION
PrettyDiscoUnicorn (5 years ago)
Gabe is too much cute to handle.
Emanuel Coca Pizarro (5 years ago)
sta paja la cancion
Aldair Madrid (5 years ago)
Nicole Scherzinger*
l0os3nup (5 years ago)
She is SO talented.
Matheus Alves (5 years ago)
Nicole is a great singer, I love her ♥
Alyssa Ortega (5 years ago)
I hate Nicole in this song. I prefer the one with Leighton.
Angela.K (6 years ago)
Nicooooooooooooole <3<3<3
Liz AJ (6 years ago)
Demi Lovato & Nicole Scherzinger♥ My 2 fav. girls!♥ ♥Nicole's Rap! *-*
My too
Bianca-Andreea Chiriac (6 years ago)
nicole's "bad"..sounds like a sheep...:))))
Sheryl Bieber (7 years ago)
I love Gabee <3
Holli Connors (7 years ago)
Leighton meester should've been here instead of nichole, her voice sounds SO MUCH BETTER then Nichole's in this song
Giselle (7 years ago)
02:23 - 02:30 my favorite part :D
steph j (8 years ago)
I LOVE NICOLE<3 she's amazinggggg
perfectie (8 years ago)
Nicole is the kind of woman that God must have had in mind when he was working on the blueprint of the female human being. I mean she is perfect: Hot as hell, sexy beyond believe, promiscuous without losing her classiness,… I could go on for hours to describe how divine she is. And you know what I like even better than all her qualities? The fact that she knows it. She knows that we, imperfect reproductions of the male blueprint, are enjoying her qualities. Look at her tongue at 3:11 and 3:46.
Eirik Okstad Saksenvik (9 years ago)
She's a powerhouse... fantastic vocals^^

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