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Bon jovi - Its my life Lyrics and chords

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Bon jovi - Its my life Lyrics and chords
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munira alharbi (3 months ago)
This video is one of my favorite ❤️👍🏼
Sujaya Narula (1 year ago)
It would be great if you could also indicate the strumming patterns...thanks😊
I think the main C- chord is a C5 because I cannot hear Eb. Where you have Ab chords in the verse between lyrical phrases I hear Ab as the root and a Db a fourth above. I also hear a faint Eb but no C so I think a notation of Absus4 would be most accurate. In the following C- chord I also hear a D and G but no Eb so that could be a Csus2.
Michael Glasser (4 years ago)
Kinda stumbled onto your videos while i was searching for soul asylum cover videos. What an awesome resource you have provided for a newer guitar player like myself. I appreciate all the hard work and effort this must take. Thank you!
Chris Elrod (4 years ago)
only one wrong chord.....the last Bb of the solo should be an F
Finaly, right chords!!! :D Thanks!
Chris Elrod (4 years ago)
except for the solo....should be Ab Bb Ab F Cm
iketut yorden (5 years ago)

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