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http://www.ReplicaAirguns.com - Guns for use in TV - Movie - Stage - Internet - Photo. This video is for Promotional Use and is intend to provide information for people in the Movie, TV, Photo Stage and Online community who may be looking for realistic guns for use in their productions: I offer an economic alternative for the small and medium TV, Film or Online production looking for realistic looking guns to use on set. Typically a "Gun Handler" is required adding tremendous costs as real firearms or prohibited weapons are often used and require special licenses, transportation, training and handling. I have available for sale a large assortment of very realistic looking guns that do not require a Firearms license to transport or use on set, many of which function and look exactly like the actual firearm they replicate. If you require shell casings ejecting and muzzle flashes I also offer several Blank Guns that can be used in these situations. To sum it up, the guns for sale at Replica Airguns: -Do not require a license to purchase or operate. -Are far less expensive then real guns. -Do not require a gun handler on set. -Are much safer to use with less risk of injury or even death. -Click here to proceed to the Replica Airguns Store to purchase purchase guns for use in TV, Film, Online - Production and Photo. Purchase guns for your Movie, TV, Photo Stage or Online production here: Canada: http://www.replicaairguns.com/buy-air-blank-guns/ USA: http://www.replicaairguns.com/buy-air-blank-guns-us/
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Text Comments (516)
Alex ja boi (11 days ago)
In Iceland even you need a gun license for these guns and even Airsoft guns toy Airsoft guns
Ceddy Nash (21 days ago)
The ending is so awesome. I need blank guns, so please take my money
Basant Horo (1 month ago)
Your pronunciation is very clear.Otherwise many Americans pronunciation is not clear.
Replica Airguns (1 month ago)
Thanks, I am a Canadian American.
Basant Horo (1 month ago)
Very nice video and very nice explanation.
FilmNerd (1 month ago)
I'm confused, do these guns actually shoot bullets, do they shoot anything at all? Or are they just blanks that wont shoot anything. I'm looking for a pistol gun that won't shoot any real bullets and wont harm anyone.
Replica Airguns (1 month ago)
Airguns like BB, Airsoft and pellet shoot a projectile, blank guns do not shoot anything other than hot gasses coming out of the barrel.
Gabriel Defa (2 months ago)
My country is shit.. the dont even allow this kind of 'guns'.
Bhagirath Ahir (2 months ago)
I what gun
Danny Casino (2 months ago)
There cool and awesome but in a zombie apocalypse or against a mugger there useless and you will die
rony roy (3 months ago)
1:44 see the pubg flare gun...
Amina Hoque (2 months ago)
rony roy you’ve watched it before ?
rony roy (2 months ago)
Amina Hoque ya u r right.....
Amina Hoque (2 months ago)
rony roy If you like pubg. Watch Battle Royale. Possibly one of the best movies I’ve watched. It’s AaJapanese movie. Believe it or not, that movie Inspired the game.
Definite E.Y (4 months ago)
Awesome I love this
arka basu (4 months ago)
Are these safe for kids. I mean does it fit to be used as a toy. And if yes then can it be purchased from India. Kindly suggest please.
Cherry Bomb (5 months ago)
Its cool especially the one that has a sound when u shoot
Hector Gabriel (7 months ago)
Is it legal in Rhode Island for any person with not age limit ?
SkankHunt43 (7 months ago)
I highly doubt those are as loud as real guns. If you shot those indoors that much youd be deaf
RAVEN WUT (2 months ago)
i own a zoraki m918 and it is just about as loud as a beretta 92fs
Charlie Flacko (7 months ago)
Do you guys ship to NYC?
Replica Airguns (7 months ago)
No we do not.
Marc C. (7 months ago)
Wait, so what the hell is the result of firing them? What are they actually firing in relation to a real weapon or airsoft firearm?
VetixoDash (8 months ago)
I'm glad I'm Canadian
michael murphy (8 months ago)
Good for a laugh and to show of to your pal's,as long as no one gets hurt
philipp J. (8 months ago)
do u have guns for germany ?
Kilo Gaming (8 months ago)
So can I fire a blank gun at someone if they're quite a distance away ?
Replica Airguns (8 months ago)
Usually that is safe as long as there is nothing in the barrel that could come out. Best to be safe and not do it.
Thomas Knute (9 months ago)
This is so stupid! Just get a real one ???
Aloha Snack Bar (1 month ago)
Thomas Knute This is what happens when you’re a fucking idiot who doesn’t watch the video.
swedish ghostbuster (2 months ago)
tHiS Is sO sTuPiD! jUsT gEt A rEaL oNe ??? *autistic screeching * oy genious you do realize real firearms are not available everywhere. . therefore blank guns are the second best option .
Ratnesh Kumar (9 months ago)
I love it
Amit Love (11 months ago)
nice gan
MH Gaming (11 months ago)
are those real bullets?
Replica Airguns (11 months ago)
No they are blanks, like a bullet but without the bullet, just the shell, primer and gun powder.
Tenstar Jay (1 year ago)
Restock i want an automatic
D Kyle (1 year ago)
i just got a glock 17 and i spend 1000$ and on an airsoft one i give 100$ ...
Franky Giuffrida (1 year ago)
your website is confusing...i didnt see any prices so i moved onto another site.
Replica Airguns (1 year ago)
Did you go to our webstores for Canada and the US? www.replicaairguns.ca www.replicaairguns.us
FlyKona (1 year ago)
I have shot a real uzi (If you have your lying)
SauRaV BharDwaJ (1 year ago)
Is it available in India ?
Geena Maria (1 year ago)
do u have a ak47 one or a fn fal
Brian J (1 year ago)
Comical, ,airsoft guys. ..lol
Basti Liedtk (1 year ago)
*Beretta m9 copy...
JOHNSON the 45.ACP (1 year ago)
Basti Liedtk No that was a 92fs , Better quality M9
Official Hayden (1 year ago)
So do y'all sell blanks on the sight
black hustle (5 months ago)
Hayden vlogs they do there aren't many tho
ramon reyes (1 year ago)
Great need to see Airguns video demo?
Gaming Is Not a Crime (1 year ago)
fuck my country i get get anything .. so can anyone can help me how can i get this guns ?
Lawrence Hamilton (1 year ago)
Dam, is there a projectile??? that looks TOO real.
navajath subhash (1 year ago)
Are they available in India?
Replica Airguns (1 year ago)
Sorry I don't know the area?
Ghufrxn (1 year ago)
do you ship to the UK?
Replica Airguns (1 year ago)
Sorry no we do not, only to Canada and the US.
jonathan Rodriguez (1 year ago)
i visit that replica airguns website and everythings always out of stock it greatly disappoints me and something needs to be done!!
James Harris (2 months ago)
+Replica Airguns when. It's been at least 2 years the same out of stock posting has been there
Austin Esmie (8 months ago)
agreed.... i tried and its always the same damn thing, gun are out of stock.....like what the hell
Dave Mareddy (1 year ago)
jonathan Rodriguez exactly not shit on there
Replica Airguns (1 year ago)
Our focus over the last couple years has been the Canadian site since we are a Canada based company but we do have plans for overhauling the US site and getting ride of the out of stock products and adding items we will have in stock.
jonathan Rodriguez (1 year ago)
i always visit there and never been a time that there was a a replica blank pistol or bb gun available and it gets me upset
DannyPlayZz (1 year ago)
can i shoot with the guns ?
alin dinani (1 year ago)
noo cut ur veges with them
Neko R (1 year ago)
do you sell desert eagle 50.cal blank guns.
Replica Airguns (1 year ago)
No we do not.
Jason Gomez El Hoee (1 year ago)
I got shot on my stomache by and oozi
storyteller Lyndon (1 year ago)
nice video i've subscribed
Agnishwar Ray (1 year ago)
can I get this in India kindly tell
XforXefair (1 year ago)
For the airhuns, Do these fire bbs or pellets or they're just fake guns. And for the pistols, what powers the blowback? Gas or spring? Please answer asap. Thanks
Axel Guerrero (1 year ago)
puedes enviar a chile ?
Vinny Espy (1 year ago)
Bro y'all have nothing now
jayboy 90291 (1 year ago)
Can u own one in California and is there a age restriction?
Wuqz (1 year ago)
what happened to the gsg 92? i tried to get parts for mine but i can't find the gun still being sold anywhere :/
The Greek Pianist (1 year ago)
I'm an actor and going to be in a docudrama on a true crime case (the Columbine shooting, I'm going to play Dylan Klebold) with some filmography students and local crew. I just heard about it yesterday. I'm scheduled to use a blank gun (similar to the one at 6:00 secs) which is going to be a first for me. Thanks for this informative video!
Mr man (7 months ago)
The Greek Pianist da Eric
JOHNSON the 45.ACP (1 year ago)
Make sure you show how they could have been stopped by armed citizens
Replica Airguns (1 year ago)
Good luck with you project!
ッBoiXan (1 year ago)
You don't need a license to own a firearm it dose not matter what kind semi or full you own with no license IN TEXAS
JOHNSON the 45.ACP (1 year ago)
WuffPlayz You have to jump through 50 federal hoops and 10000+ dollars to get ONE
WuffPlayz (1 year ago)
I thought fully automatic guns were illegal in the U. S.
Kakyoin Noriaki (1 year ago)
Itsyourboi l That's not true. At least not for full autos
otaku kun (1 year ago)
it is made by metal?
Cole Dack (1 year ago)
what sup dude most of them are, if not they will most likely look like metal
APOLLO THE BOSS (1 year ago)
can i buy the replica and ship to usa
Crowflix (1 year ago)
is it illegal to use blank guns on the street while makin' a video?
Æsh (1 year ago)
Coolambo No, but you must absolutely tell everyone nearby and contact your local police department to say that you are shooting a movie.
WildClaw600 (1 year ago)
Is the noise from the air guns quiet or is it loud?
WildClaw600 (1 year ago)
Replica Airguns ok thank you!
Replica Airguns (1 year ago)
Compared to a real they are quiet, but they of make noise.
Betty Craft (2 years ago)
do u mind if I can get a glock for free
Betty Craft no
L& JTV (1 year ago)
What the fuck
Bungboy 696969 (1 year ago)
ur retarded
Mike Litoris (1 year ago)
You're fucking stupid LMAOO
Mr.DarrenEpic Enigment (2 years ago)
do you deliver in pa
Mr.DarrenEpic Enigment (2 years ago)
do you deliver in pa
Mr.DarrenEpic Enigment (2 years ago)
do you deliver in pa
JJ Johnson (2 years ago)
Can they be delivered to Britain ?
Spurrz (1 year ago)
JJ Johnson no, only US and Canada.
Renewed Tub (2 years ago)
I checked out your website it don't even show pricing and how to order
Replica Airguns (2 years ago)
We do not have many blank guns fro sale in our US store at this time, hopefully in the future we will be able to supply more blank guns in the US. https://www.replicaairguns.us/blankguns
Renewed Tub (2 years ago)
Replica Airguns I'm located in maryland USA I need blank replica guns for movie scenes
Replica Airguns (2 years ago)
What are you looking for and where are you located?
lbpdluis (2 years ago)
what if you put a real bullet in it ?
Æsh (1 year ago)
Pikachu Productions No, it's not real, and you can't put a real bullet in it.
Zeastie Zeastie (2 years ago)
It's a real gun.... It can kill someone.
Axophyse21 (2 years ago)
Are those bullet real that they can actually kill people and btw im not gonna kill people
JOHNSON the 45.ACP (1 year ago)
Axophyse21 any attempt to load actual rounds into a dummy gun wouldn't work
Larry Lynch (2 years ago)
can you deliver some of it in France ??
Larry Lynch (2 years ago)
Replica Airguns so bad ; filmmaking with guns here is like a hell of complicated every airsoft guns are insanely expansive ; good video tho Wish the best for your channel
Replica Airguns (2 years ago)
Sorry no we can not.
Slade Willoson (2 years ago)
Hello im looking for a good pistol or revolver rep. what do u recomend
5TARGAM3R (2 years ago)
Do blank guns have the real feel and metal feel or are they noticeably plastic. Please get back to me asap
Replica Airguns (2 years ago)
Blank guns are generally all metal guns and feel very heavy and realsitic.
BLOO Elementz (2 years ago)
where can I get a glock blank
RAVEN WUT (2 months ago)
and if your looking for a fully licensed glock replica try this.-https://www.ebay.com/itm/Elite-Force-Licensed-GLOCK-19-Gen-3-G19-Green-Gas-Blowback-GBB-Airsoft-Pistol/323250799582?epid=18018220295&hash=item4b433fc3de:g:Bl4AAOSwatda9M1z:rk:2:pf:0
RAVEN WUT (2 months ago)
glock has been cracking down on fakes, its nearly impossible to find any, tho i found a bruni minigap (glock 27 copy) on ebay at $300, try typing in zoraki blank gun or ekol blank gun or just blank gun in ebay, you will find alot of cool guns.
BpImperial (2 years ago)
Do you know where I can find a gun that just looks real and sound real
Breded (2 years ago)
blank guns and youll have to find em yourself on a website or something
PUBG Gamer (2 years ago)
how can i get 1 of these
Delano Brooklyn (2 years ago)
Replica Airguns everything in the u.s is out of stock. 🤔
Replica Airguns (2 years ago)
Canada: https://www.replicaairguns.ca/kwc-mini-uzi-bb-machine-gun
PUBG Gamer (2 years ago)
how can i get 1 of these
Mike Mcglasson (2 years ago)
How do I make it so the slide doesn't stay back when I fire without bbs?
MaddMax 559 (2 years ago)
Mike Mcglasson on some guns they have a switch below the slide.
Wiifanbro (2 years ago)
Some of these guns are in Apocalypse rising on roblox
Ninja Legacy__ (1 year ago)
Ninja Legacy__ (1 year ago)
Wiifan bro roblox is love i played jailbrrak
Yiff in Hell (1 year ago)
Wiifan bro die
APACHE BOy Vicky (2 years ago)
can i buy this from india?
aditya panchal (2 years ago)
aditya panchal (2 years ago)
can i purchase this guns as i stay in indai
green garden (2 years ago)
im kinda lost on the ammo is it reusable or.
swedish ghostbuster (2 months ago)
nope just like a real gun when the shell is used its used ,
Frankie2012channel (2 years ago)
The only false statement is the one about real guns causing death on movie sets, even when 'handled by professionals'. There have been only TWO deaths on set, due to misuse of a blank firing live gun, out of the tens of thousands of actors who interact with guns on TV and movies over the past century. Jon Erik-Hexum and Brandon Lee. In both cases, a trained armorer was NOT on the set. These tragedies would not have happened in an actual gun expert/armorer was on the set. Jon Erik-Hexum was screwing around with a loaded .44 magnum on his own, with no expert around and fired a blank against his own temple, to prank someone, thinking the gun was cleared. Brandon Lee was killed by a dummy round that was wedged in the barrel of the .44 revolver fired by actor Michael Massee after some dumb idiot, dry fired the prop pistol while it had dummy rounds (with live primers) in it. I myself have had to YELL at actors on movie sets for dry firing weapons without permission. In the Brandon Lee case, the armorer was sent home at Midnight, and yet the crew decided to film the scene at 4:30am, with no expert on set. They didn't check the barrel for obstructions before loading a full powered blank into the chamber. Coming from an industry where professionals bristle at this notion that blank guns are a hazard, I hope this sheds some light on that part. :) Most actors are injured in stunts and fights that have nothing to do with guns. (sword fights are the worst)
Youtube_Youtube c (1 year ago)
It's Bruce lee tho
WILD NEWS (2 years ago)
Frankie2012channel r
Replica Airguns (2 years ago)
Thanks for sharing this info. I can totally see how actors would beet the crap out of guns ;) They think cause they are metal that they do not break or scratch but this is so untrue! I did a show where I rented some of my guns and I was there on set and the actors where brutal with them, not even intentionally, they just are not focused on the guns so much but rather their part in the script and the guns get banged into stuff, dragged on things, well you know what I mean ;) I think all actors that do action shows should take some sort of gun control course so they know how to handle guns in general.
Frankie2012channel (2 years ago)
Yep, I've seen more horseplay and disrespect towards the gun, poor gun handling, bad etiquette with guns, unsafe practices on sets, and everyone knows us at the guys who YELL at everyone to knock off the horseplay. There are quite a few well known actors whom everyone cringes working with, because we have to be very proactive in babysitting them whenever there are live guns on set. Also a lot of actors are so careless or disrespectful towards guns that they actually break a lot of weapons or at least beat the hell out of them. Big companies like ISS spend tons of their time just repairing guns that are intentionally or carelessly broken by actors. Your videos serve a good purpose and I'm glad that you make them. They're very good as a tool to help teach the lay public about the many differences between blank only, air gun, airsoft and live guns firing blanks. Also a lot of the inventory of new blank only guns is getting better and better looking. :)
Replica Airguns (2 years ago)
Fair enough!
JAP TAP (2 years ago)
the uzi don't look right
garbage blin (9 months ago)
I don't see anything wrong about the Mini Uzi. Are you talking about the abomination at 4:58? If so then yes, something is wrong with it.
Natalie Case (2 years ago)
Arsen It Looks Like IMI Mini Uzi And CPW Have Illegitimate Child
ugly (2 years ago)
What's not right about it?
Abdul Wardak (2 years ago)
THAT what I thought the back thing is what makes an uzi pertyyy
Charles Johnson (2 years ago)
holy shit I have the Uzi in the thumb nail
yg music (2 years ago)
if u point an shoot at them wit the blank gun will someone get hurts
Axophyse21 (2 years ago)
yg music i think the bullet are not real they just got gunpowder inside
anas (2 years ago)
how about other countries like in europe or africa
alexgamerpr12 (2 years ago)
Do you have some shell ejecting air guns?
Matthew Bernal (2 years ago)
<redeem> <value(160,000)required-value(160,000)> <keycard=10> <nana-r-t(true)> </redeem>
Dave Smith (2 years ago)
Ship to the Uk ?
srbdoomer (2 years ago)
do you have a tec 9
what is thePrice realistic replica barreta gun? and can you ship to INDIA?
manic lokofe (2 years ago)
how much it cost that blank gun? it sound like the real one
manic lokofe (2 years ago)
OMG I need one blank gun I'm tired of being robed here in south Africa
Axophyse21 (2 years ago)
why not .44 revolver?
manic lokofe (2 years ago)
Ohhhh yeah thanks I better get a 9mm
VideoGameHistory (2 years ago)
You're better off with a real one. You're taking a big risk pointing a blank gun at someone. If the robber isn't afraid of you or if he has a gun himself you're kinda screwed.
gun toter (2 years ago)
do not put up a blank gun to a robber. get yourself a 9mm or a .45. that will teach them.
What is the difference between airgun and airsoft gun?
chukob5 (2 years ago)
one is for airsoft one isn't as in like orange tip etc
LIL RIZZ (2 years ago)
+Replica Airguns wat damage can a blank gun create
Clorox Bleach (2 years ago)
+Replica Airguns how much does a Bretta prop gun cost?
Replica Airguns (2 years ago)
If they use some sort of compressed air or gas to shoot the projectile.
Nate Rambo (2 years ago)
Do you have the 1st generation Colt SAA
JAP TAP (2 years ago)
+Replica Airguns thanks
Replica Airguns (2 years ago)
We do from our US store: http://www.replicaairguns.com/buy-air-blank-guns-us/
JAP TAP (2 years ago)
+Replica Airguns do you ship to usa
Nate Rambo (2 years ago)
+Replica Airguns yea it would be a good idea more for more buyers
Replica Airguns (2 years ago)
We don't have them our store yet, perhaps down the road a bit?
Brenda Curtis (2 years ago)
can I get one
ken ch (2 years ago)
are you able to ship to australia?
Ted Nyström (2 years ago)
Omg my grandpa have like 300 of these hopfuly i Will get them when he go to heaven. RIP
Miles Curtis Norwood (2 years ago)
did u get em yet?
Verbal Vertigo (2 years ago)
Ship blank guns to Denmark ?
DownWith187 ™ (2 years ago)
Så, jeg kan altså ikke bare købe en online og så få den hjem eller hvad?
oliver24x (2 years ago)
I'm pretty sure he doesn't. You need a permit. Så vidt jeg ved er blankvåben loven i danmark ikke så stram igen, hvis du har tilladelse fra politiet, men at importere dem er en helt anden sag.
HerRoyalBlondeness (2 years ago)
Do you know any rules about these guns in Arizona?
HerRoyalBlondeness (2 years ago)
+BruceNot Lee Okay! Thank you :D
Ali Ali (2 years ago)
Ali Ali (2 years ago)
Ali Ali (2 years ago)
Holtman Henao (2 years ago)
cual es el no nombre de la pistola automática negra que dispararon antes que la ekol ametralladora?
Ovelord Xenu (2 years ago)
I Want one, but for the price ill just buy a real gun :D
Garvin King (2 years ago)
yea,some on the website are more expensive than actual firearms
I've got aids Yeah (2 years ago)
what Do I do if airsoft/BB guns are illegal where I live what's another thing I can use?
Lt Dan's Leg (2 years ago)
+I&#39;ve got aids Yeah nerf guns? where the fuck do you live?

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