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A New Climate State: Arctic Sea Ice 2012

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A new video produced by independent videographer Peter Sinclair for The Yale Forum on Climate Change & The Media explains what expert scientists now find to be the lowest extent of Arctic sea ice in recorded history. The Arctic is the Earth's air conditioner. It helps regulate temperatures around the globe in a variety of ways. Most importantly, the Arctic provides stability. Once the ice is melted, the system blows up and gets all out of wack. It impacts everything from fisheries to weather to coastal infrastructure to animal habitat. Click here to see why it matters: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/ezra-klein/wp/2012/08/28/arctic-sea-ice-just-hit-a-record-low-heres-why-it-matters/ Follow: https://twitter.com/3th3rs3c
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lmdaa (6 years ago)
nope. anywhere from inet. but as you know: doesn't matter at all. i'm not anon anymore......that's all ;)
lmdaa (6 years ago)
as is heard, the climate heating stoped 20 years ago..... so what now? who's right?
theawesometification (6 years ago)
Mike (6 years ago)
i masturbated earlier

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