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Far Cry: Primal - How To Unlock the Bloodfang Tiger - The Best and Strongest Tameable Beast

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Check out the Walkthrough Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLt4WkvvNL1FvgRY1GAtjBW_WSmYFPfPKy A spin-off to the first person open world action game series launched by Ubisoft in 2004. Far Cry Primal strands significantly from the previous entries in the franchise, taking us back in time to the year circa 10 thousand B.C. We play as hunter named Trakkar, whose tribe has been slaughtered and who find himself in the dangerous land of Oros, where humans are nothing more than prey for prehistoric beasts. One of the most important features of the game is survival; we explore the world while completing quests, hunting various creatures, crafting useful items and learning new skills. Unlike in the main installments in the series, our hero obviously won’t find any guns in his inventory - only primitive weapons like spears, clubs, and bows. The lack of vehicles is compensated by the possibility of riding different animals. PLOT Far Cry Primal brings players to the stone age, around 12 thousand years B.C, and takes place in fictional and beautiful yet deadly land of Oros. It was formed thousand years earlier by the glaciers retreating after the last ice age, offering varied landscapes – from verdant forests to swamps and snow-covered areas. We take the role of a prehistoric hunter named Takkar, whose group wandered on the territory of a different tribe. As a result, all of his kinsmen, with the exception of Trakkar himself, were slauthered. From this moment, the hero is on his own, in a land inhabited by hostile locals and dangerous fauna. Since a lone hunter is an alluring snack for every predator, Takkar's most basic task is to form a new tribe, ensure its safety, and provide it with conditions for development. GAMEPLAY In terms of game mechanics, Far Cry Primal on PlayStation 4 offers all the distinctive traits of its predecessors, although due to different setting, each of these traits may be a little different. The game takes place in a vast, open-world environment, offering us not only story missions, but also a lot of optional quests and challenges, hostile outposts to retake, hidden collectibles and dangerous animals to hunt. Similarly to previous Far Crys, the developers concentrated mainly on providing the player with complete freedom of action and many alternative ways of completing the missions. Thanks to that, the game will offer something for fans of action, as well as for those who prefer a more stealthy approach and subtle strategies. In comparison to previous entries in the series, Far Cry Primal emphasizes the importance of item crafting. In a prehistoric setting, we are forced to create every weapon and other useful accessories from the wide variety of available materials, such as different kinds of rocks, bones, and skins of animals. Players can create various maces, spears, bows, knives, and other primitive weaponry, and fire is an extremely important part of gameplay, having key role not only in survival, but also providing many tactical options (e.g. scaring off wild animals, or guiding them into hostile tribe's settlements). The lack of vehicles is compensated by the possibility of riding various species of animals, allowing you to travel the land of Oros much faster and effectively than on foot. Upload Schedule We try to upload daily, but it's mostly random. My channel is all about helping you (the viewer) find stuff as quickly and the easiest way possible,without having to waste your time. We upload top tens,walkthroughs,gameplays,clips, and other cool stuff like secrets,and easter eggs and tips and tricks. In the future we will be uploading toy unboxings for your enjoyment. Follow me on twitter for exclusive updates and to keep up to date: https://twitter.com/riseofasoljatv
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Text Comments (17)
the revolution (11 months ago)
the scar bear is actaully the strongest there the best for helping u take down elder mammoths
vishnu cruzer (1 year ago)
my bloodfang is dead can i tame it again ......if can ppls help?
I-am TheRealWill (1 year ago)
Where do I find more bloodfang sabertooths ? I haven't seen one since that mission
EpicGamerBros For Life (2 years ago)
Add some music to ur vid BC its boring.
Gaming Spite (1 year ago)
+Mark Biswas You'll have to progress through the story and unlock the hunter tribe building, once you do this go back to your village and speak to the hunter.
Mark Biswas (1 year ago)
Gaming Spite How to unlock Bloodfang Sabertooth Tiger hunt quest?
Gaming Spite (2 years ago)
I don't want to deal with copyright issues, I'll have to find music that's not copyrighted, but other than that, my videos are not for entertainment but to inform people and help them, not everyone has to scream and shout (like a retard) and play music all the time.
gaming mania (2 years ago)
This one is cool and all but mate have you seen the fucking grate scare bear ITS FUCKING HUGE
Samuel Cordon (2 years ago)
Lol, no offense, but u sound like u just woke up, and u r high
Gaming Spite (2 years ago)
+Samuel Cordon lol XD
Abbas Khan (2 years ago)
how to unlock bloodfang tiger quest
JD Haggerty (2 years ago)
I didnt get a Tame Option after killing the Bloodfang? Is there only 1 Sabartooth Bloodfang?
Dark Wolf (2 years ago)
How did u manage to fully kill it? Bloody hell dude did the sabretooth piss in ur cereal 😂
Meme King (2 years ago)
Becuase when you beat the mission you tame it automatticllay
Leopard of Fear (2 years ago)
Actually I have all those and more but one still won't spawn
Noah Eason (2 years ago)
hey how do you ride animals?
Noah Eason (2 years ago)
never mind I see

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