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229 Rapid-Fire Questions About Media Molecule's Dreams

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In this exclusive video, Game Informer's Ben Hanson asks Media Molecule's co-founder 229 rapid-fire questions about Dreams, LittleBigPlanet, Tearaway, and much more. To see more exclusive Dreams content, check out our hub - https://www.gameinformer.com/dreams
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Text Comments (332)
Milan Andreoli (5 hours ago)
Im gonna recreate English Seaside
Soda Physics (6 hours ago)
wait a minute...so lets your making a game, you can use dreams to make a prototype of the game before actually making the game
Jan Luca Funk (20 hours ago)
ok... where can i sign up for that beta? i want it soooo bad
unigami (22 hours ago)
But the most biggest question is *can I commit inception*
Toxic Turt (1 day ago)
I love how he asked him if he could make something and the Dev was just like "yeah we should do that" That's such a good mindset. Always open. Sad we will never see on PC but it makes sense I mean Sony basically owns them.
Delirium (1 day ago)
>.> if I can make this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EyycYDHZUmI on little big planet just imagine what I can do on dreams
Kurogaea Monari (1 day ago)
hmmmmmmm... last time some guy with an accent was getting asked questions, he pretty much lied about everything..... I'm getting flags.
Kurogaea Monari (1 day ago)
Just watched the video. Buying the game as soon as it launches, and also redownloading LBP3. Probably a good idea to get the creative juices goin you think?
Abdullah Al-mofadee (1 day ago)
12:25 lol you should watch it https://www.mediamolecule.com/blog/article/omar_and_the_olympic_banana
Joe-Lou (1 day ago)
oh snap, I think I'm finally a fan of game informer. I've been ignoring the magazines for years... Time to finally start reading.
Jon Wax (1 day ago)
Check out impspace.com and join discord! The community is growing weekly!
Mr.Spooky Eagle (2 days ago)
6:46 that was one of my first ideas of what to make
Mr.Spooky Eagle (2 days ago)
5:12 this is playstation not nintendo
Papiertrümmer (14 hours ago)
10:09 🤔👍
Mr.Spooky Eagle (2 days ago)
Cant wait any long for this game
LuculentName 251 (2 days ago)
"Can you make LittleBigPlanet in dreams?" "No comment" (smiles intensively) *HYPE RISES IMMENSELY*
MilkeyWatts 1 (2 days ago)
What I'm so excited about this game is that the game isn't the limit to what you can make but you are the limit.
SUPER ISAAC (2 days ago)
when he brought up Project Spark I started to cry
KrispyKrabby (2 days ago)
Chan0 (2 days ago)
Can you make dreams in dreams?
Oh NoOnur (2 days ago)
This may sound biased, but can you make a Sonic-type game? Like can you adjust how your character looks and how fast he is and how high he jumps and stuff.
Platinum_Panzer (1 day ago)
Oh NoOnur Yes, pretty much everything is customizable, including characters.
Dapiiex (3 days ago)
This is great but it feels like no man's sky Which is not a good thing
Dapiiex (2 days ago)
+JD Marshall I mean dreams seems pretty big just like no man's sky
JD Marshall (2 days ago)
Pretty weird take from two games that are completely different in every conceivable way from a studio with a stronger history
The Sprawl (3 days ago)
"Photo mode stresses people out"? Does it really? It calms me down and I love it. I break off from something stressful in the game to highlight the beauty of the graphics.
Serph Varna (3 days ago)
Watch in 1.25x
Golden.gold.com (3 days ago)
You must traduce this video in other languages
TheSilvantor (3 days ago)
Can't wait for all the porn in this game
LANKY DANKY (3 days ago)
To have DLC kind of restricts creativity to some
JD Marshall (2 days ago)
No more costume dlc
XWolven (3 days ago)
Kojima damn sure meant the bit about taking the engine from Gorilla too. He has in fact, and they were great dude for giving him the full open source and documentation for the whole engine. What badass gents! So Kojima said, I want to take the the Engine from Gorilla and the Kitchen from Media Molecule.. That's cool! I think.. that he just wants your Kitchen. Still I'm sure he was very impressed!
XWolven (3 days ago)
Wow these were really great Rapid Fire questions. Mostly.. there's so much some are gonna be garbage, but wow you maintain a good 80% to trash ratio. Amazing! I can't believe it was only 18 mins. It seemed like close to an hour because so much info was there!
XWolven (3 days ago)
"Everyones gonna finally feel the pain of Game Developers with comments like "Make your game run at 60 FPS!"" "Ya! Feel our Pain!" that was Brilliant!
Landon Lama (3 days ago)
Coming in 2018 oh wait sorry it’s 2019. Stay tuned till the end of 2019 so we can announce a 2020 release and so on.
Matski Toots (3 days ago)
I had a dream last night. I was at the beach with this random girl I met on the bus once except we were together. For some reason we got into an argument and I went home... when I got there, my school bully was at my house but he was actually nice. Then we made a film together... ikr wtf totally gonna recreate that tho!
JD Marshall (3 days ago)
1:12 is kind of worrying, as is 12:00
Mike Young (4 days ago)
I'm not a young man. Can mm release the game before I turn 90...
Elizoom1thing (4 days ago)
cuccamunga (4 days ago)
This summer I went on vacation with 6 other friends. Someone took a shit in the toilet without flushing and it's been a mystery of who did it ever since. If I get Dreams, I'm going to use it to create a mystery Clue-esque scenario for players to figure out who did it as they traverse the house and interact with the suspects.
Nafis Zaman (4 days ago)
I like everything but I think they should allow some created games to be sold seperatly on the PSstore perhapse. Indie games would prosper if that were to become a reality.
Wabajak13 (4 days ago)
Is he just interviewing himself from the future?
taycuhtoe (5 days ago)
Haha, great video.
Noctis Altura (5 days ago)
The most important question. RELEASE DATE WHEN?
Thomas Puha (5 days ago)
Go Alex!
Game Informer (4 days ago)
Hi Thomas!
04m11 (5 days ago)
I.Q. I miss that game
Super Sayen 067 (5 days ago)
Terraway is one of my favorite ps4 game. I think it is very underrated.
R VC (5 days ago)
☺️lv it😄
GurtTarctor (5 days ago)
"Am I your friend?"..... "No..." :P
DB3 (5 days ago)
Can't wait to recreate my nightmares *oh hell yes*
DB3 (5 days ago)
1:34 *interviewer.exe has stopped working*
ukshotter2005 (5 days ago)
I want to make a game like the movie explorers in VR like I mean I really want to sit in the bubble & fly around with no frames & windows just a nice cozy bubble to float about in were do I sign up to design games I no I’m talking about the future but imagine flying round your favourite city in something that looks & feels like real time now that would be a game changer.
shenmueso (5 days ago)
I give it 1 week before literally thousands o' motherfuckers start patreon beggin for makin dreams games.
Carlos Vega (5 days ago)
Microsoft already tried to found a similar game, it was called Project Spark. It failed miserably due to unmatchable expectations. I'm excited for Dreams but at the same time, I can't let myself get No Man's Skied again. Let's hope it's everything we dreamed about. Fingers crossed.
Delirium (2 days ago)
why advise against publishing m rated games? many good horror games are rated M >.> plus that would hold back my creativity
Delirium (22 hours ago)
Im sure blood will be fine just wait till we see a bunch of resident evil clones XD
Insatiable Chaos (1 day ago)
Delirium Yeah but I’d basically be doing what Marvel does to keep their ratings PG. Better safe than deleted lol. But I’m hoping MM has some breathing room on content restrictions.
Delirium (1 day ago)
ummm theres a lot of t rated games with blood >.>
Delirium (1 day ago)
the E is only for the story mode of the game the rest is unrated cause you can't stop people from being creative in all formats, have you played little big planet? its rated e and its full of M and T rated levels no way is that E is gonna stop people from publishing them and I dont want it to I like to see what people can come up with even if its shocking well so long it an straight up porn lol XD
Insatiable Chaos (1 day ago)
Jon Wax My ass. I’ll just remove the blood and argue it’s T for teen lmao.
єναη (6 days ago)
I admire his love for creativity and originality.
maxie fuqua (6 days ago)
Let's be honest here, the first artist to make a music video in dreams is gonna be radiohead. Then daft punk will do it. Then apple will pay some BS pop singer to do it, and claim it's never been done before and they're "innovating".
Aidan Neal (6 days ago)
But can you turn off that stupid sketchy line thing because that's a deal breaker for me. I have loved playing lbp but this sketchy thing looks bad and makes me sad.
donnythedingo (6 days ago)
I wonder if it's possible to make Museum of Simulation Technology in Dreams. Or other perspective games like The Witness or Monument Valley. Time will tell.
"Dreams is good for memes" There it is, that's the meme
Can I make Ghost Trick 2?
crispyn64 (7 days ago)
Honestly, I never paid attention to Game Informer until now. This is the kind of games journalism I want to see, incredibly informative content with just the right amount of cheekiness. Thanks for this, I'll continue to follow Dreams here as long as you keep the news coming.
Shiggy (3 days ago)
Same here, just started watching you guys, keep up the great content :)
Game Informer (6 days ago)
Fredrik Nylander (7 days ago)
My favourite developer of all time
asifur rahman (8 days ago)
Amazing guy. I now more hype for this game
Ahmar Camacho (8 days ago)
This is gonna be playstations killer app, more anticipated than Red dead, and cyber punk and everyother big AAA game
Veddy Gud (1 day ago)
That is if they actually market the game and get more people to know about it, and even then, it will probably mostly resonate with the creative types.
Ivivik Gaming (8 days ago)
AAGH COME ON I OWN A PC. Which is awesome with their own things but damn dreams is my dream game
MusicIs l0v (8 days ago)
One question! Can we bring dream world save files into a flash drive and transfer it anywhere?
Matthew Olsen (8 days ago)
He mentioned legend of dragon 2
maddoggnick96 (8 days ago)
Can you make a text book about making stuff in this game? Serious question.
maddoggnick96 (8 days ago)
Can I make micro transactions in Dreams?
Calvin Weustink (8 days ago)
13:26 Oh damn they got personas in this game. ARSENE!!!
Bearded Sifu (9 days ago)
I hope more dreams coverage from you guys come out !
Felix Godbout (9 days ago)
If creators could make money it would be useful for so many people...
Crazy Productions (9 days ago)
1:30 Stop, you're breaking him
Is dreams like Minecraft on the most possible consumption of steroids?
Insatiable Chaos (3 days ago)
Pretty much.
Spectro Anime (9 days ago)
Try watching this on 2x
SLUGFEST-TV (9 days ago)
I making spiderman for all u xbox ppl
Lack of Common Sense (9 days ago)
can't wait to create tanks in there. hopefully it isn't as problematic as in Little Big Planet.
chocograph (9 days ago)
For VR you know that people will just put the perspective on a spinner, take their headset off and let it run to finish the level and then publish it. Welcome to pukeworld.
Alex of Yharnam (9 days ago)
I don't get it he says you can't make money out of your creations in dreams and then he says he's looking forward to seeing games made in dreams in store shelfs
TheWalkingBad (9 days ago)
I want developer questions death standing god dammit
BurgerStupr (9 days ago)
PS5 release confirmed
burned bread (9 days ago)
Holy shit! This sounds awesome!!
Andreas Kleanthous (9 days ago)
Is there really going to be an 8 bit button? I'M FREAKING OUT!!!
B.J. Roes (9 days ago)
Rapid-fire questions about Soul Calibur VI
Rice Jenkins (9 days ago)
One question I really want to be asked is "Are all the games like one-offs or can you make games that save your progress?"
COMMANDER GX BEEZ (7 days ago)
117MKKING88 (10 days ago)
He should of ask: “is this game in development hell”
Kehinde O (10 days ago)
God damn it just needs to be on PC. Tying this extremely creative game to a controller and a Weak console kind of sucks
Jon Wax (1 day ago)
PC derps would just ruin the scene.
Jack M (9 days ago)
Amazing how a weak console can handle such amazement.
nosajasonM (10 days ago)
I can't wait for this!!! I'm going to make a huge immersive/interactive art exhibit.
C Hexagon (10 days ago)
1) Anyone else kinda like "Brainfluff"? 2) "We don't crunch @ Media Molecule; it's too 90's..." I👏🏿FUCKIN👏🏿LOVE👏🏿THESE👏🏿GUYS 3) This is simultaneously the first AND most fully positive YouTube threads I've ever seen 😮 Dunno if it's a testament to the kind of attitudes this kind of project draws or just a regular lucky day but hell yes 👍🏿
Draganox Plays (10 days ago)
*it was all hard...* that moment i could *feel*
WheresMyBuns (10 days ago)
Bradly Bartz (10 days ago)
Can't make an MMO? Challenge accepted.
MrSec84 (11 days ago)
Awesome, I'm so excited for this!!!
That Hellblazer (11 days ago)
“But how do I make money off of hippies?”
Jon Wax (1 day ago)
There's ways to make money, just gotta see em is all.
"Mmo" ;-;
spezy93 (11 days ago)
"It's too ambitious." - Peter Molyneux, 200X
RavinKaito (11 days ago)
"Legend of Dragoon 2 & Can you make NiGHTS into Dreams?" This man has my full respect. Fun Video! Kudos to whoever counted these as well!
Baytuh (11 days ago)
not interested in this game but it seems cool.
Rigbone 64 (11 days ago)
Im dreaming about getting this today
SaporousMaximus (11 days ago)
Pass no thanks
Devin Hansen (10 days ago)
bullshit man (11 days ago)
Cool dude sold me on this game
Daniel Rafique (11 days ago)
I was waiting for him to ask if curtis evolved from kratos
Game Informer (11 days ago)
You're right. We missed this opportunity.
Danila Likhachev (11 days ago)
He's fantastic! Double hype with a hype on top. I'm totally supporting this, the idea is beautiful, and the team seems to be some of the nicest people ever
Patrick Walker (11 days ago)
lost my mind when you suggested Legend of the Dragoon 2
Moogle Midgar (11 days ago)
why didn't he ask when the game will release
Devin Hansen (10 days ago)
Because that's an obvious no answer kind of question.
Moogle Midgar (11 days ago)
knack 1 and 2 are trash and dreams will destroy it.

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