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Good Girls Go Bad!

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yay :)
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Donaldo Tahlid Davisi (4 months ago)
Looked better with the clothes on.
Mark Murclewitz (6 months ago)
See you at The Doll House some day.
Se7vinDeadlySins (6 months ago)
I'd love to see what they look like now.
pedro marqueta (6 months ago)
i love blondie girl
Joseph Garrison (7 months ago)
j lll (7 months ago)
not that good, guys calm down, get over ur self
rdw030 (8 months ago)
Nice! ♡♡♡
Jean sablon (11 months ago)
That's just sad
drewh1979 (1 year ago)
good stuff starts at 1:10
Big Member (1 year ago)
this is kind of cute actually lol
Santi Carzola (1 year ago)
Please don't ever do that again!!!
JokerStyle (1 year ago)
girls gone whores
Dingo Flare (1 year ago)
How Precious
FullArmourTracksuit (2 years ago)
I wonder if you're both still alive?
GreatWolfPlays (2 years ago)
Skip to 2:16 lol
I M (2 years ago)
your feet are amazing
Kaylee Blough (2 years ago)
Girls your good at the strip tease lol
Nate Farrar (7 months ago)
pier lukas (3 years ago)
What to say 7 years after, except that performance was great and ... I can´t decide , both of you are beutiful and i believe that you are still now, all the best !
Eddie Tavares Jr. (10 months ago)
pier lukas absolutely correct
SaesarSalad (3 years ago)
Those girls should cover up.
Gabriel Tomboc (3 years ago)
nice vid :) hope you girls are doing well :D :) and great job on the vid
Patrick star (2 years ago)
+Gabriel Tomboc me?
Gabriel Tomboc (2 years ago)
why you say that? and idk but doubt it.
Patrick star (2 years ago)
+Google Google lol?
agent snake (3 years ago)
+Gabriel Tomboc they are probably dead
TheDrTorture (3 years ago)
please shoot me an abs flexing video laying down doing stomach vacuums and stuff no nudity please
TheDrTorture (3 years ago)
please shoot me an abs flexing video laying down doing stomach vacuums and stuff no nudity please
Jessica Simonson (4 years ago)
I just love the costume.....lol
Azaam Khan Closer (2 years ago)
i like costume..hahhhaha lol
amine abdouni (5 years ago)
play play
megacoconutcandy (7 years ago)
xxxred555 (7 years ago)
@yellowgurl22 allright! that makes 3 of us :D
tom (7 years ago)
who raise them prostitutes and pole dancers
Nessi (7 years ago)
Shame on you -.- poor mother...
btfresno2 (7 years ago)
I'm no hater.... you girls are beautiful! Keep dancin'!
Luke Brosious (7 years ago)
@OfeliaBby101 learn english....and two...why are you clicking on this video
Fattigkussen (7 years ago)
Parents must be proud
Hrel (7 years ago)
Both have great stomachs, love the girl's on the right's hair.
Smorphilicator (7 years ago)
@btfresno2 right on brother
Kenny Pereira (7 years ago)
@OfeliaBby101 i feel real stupid cause i understood that
sunwing75 (7 years ago)
Why did i watch the whole thing? :)
Mandalore863 (7 years ago)
what the fuck did I just watch.
Kaylee Murray (7 years ago)
@yellowgurl22 You're dumb, why'd you make it then? for GUYS to watch? You're UUUGGGLLLLY
chris owens (7 years ago)
u can go bad with me
reggiessidekick (7 years ago)
you could be really bad and take it all off lol
reggiessidekick (7 years ago)
@JRoze555 lol they dont even get it
Kaylee Murray (7 years ago)
JRoze555 (7 years ago)
@yellowgurl22 Hehe, no thank YOU! ;)
JRoze555 (7 years ago)
Hard at 1:20, finished at 3:19. Nicely done, ladies
pankaj gogoi (7 years ago)
wat r u guyz exactly tryn 2 do....?
kozes (7 years ago)
transformers do exist!
SarkisJuice (7 years ago)
thumbs up if you skipped through this video until 1:11
codylk101 (7 years ago)
thats whats up
TheWatchitt (8 years ago)
haha that was great!
smartbro678 (8 years ago)

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