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BITTERSWEET | Summer Lookbook

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Music used in this video: https://godugong.bandcamp.com/album/a-love-explosion Go Dugong: A Sea Of Love Go Dugong: Dreaming About You Every Night
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Harry Jackson (8 months ago)
Why can't I stop watching you👀👊🏽 sick content 💪🏽
mirjam (1 year ago)
great video :) just subbed to your channel, maybe you wanna check out mine too? xx
MAKE IT RAIN HIP-HOP (1 year ago)
just liked and subbed, nice job! i sing and make music if you're interested.
Alayna Zev (1 year ago)
I love the aesthetic of this video!!
Eva Kindles (1 year ago)
Great lookbook. You look gorg on that red rose dress <3
Very beautiful, I'm your fellow YouTuber. I'm here to support you. I just subbed to your channel, please check out my channel and subscribe back. Thanks dear, let's be friends....Xoxoxo I left you a thumbs up as well.
Shakanya and Saathana (1 year ago)
love this! would love it if you could check out our latest video <3

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