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Ancient Elves, Barbaric, Primal, Daedric Motifs - ESO How To Find.

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Hi there guys and girls In this video I show you how to find the racial motifs 11. Ancient Elves, 12. Barbaric, 13. Primal, 14. Daedric. I also cover the requirements to use/learn them. Hope this video helps you all out. Like - Comment - Share - Subscribe. ADD USER ID: camelworks - JOIN THE CAMEL PACT Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/camelworks Donations : http://goo.gl/tmbYQK Love you all and I will see you soon in the next video. Peace out -Camel
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Text Comments (272)
beans (3 months ago)
i got purple daedric book how do i use it
Nathan gamezio (4 months ago)
This game never gets old. Even when you're grinding, there's just something rewarding about it you get cool things, new things every update and there's updates alot. The skill you need to play the game and the learning curve, mixing skills with certain gears..and there's alot of diff gear to combo with the skills with diff effects.  Graphics and achievments, the versatility of pve/pvp modes, big population, customizations.  Gotta be the best mmorpg out.
Jihm (8 months ago)
man too bad i just droped one daedrec motif and i'm just a beginer my crafting things are lvl 10
Kronickillness Nikolaos (10 months ago)
wow omg i actually found a useful fkn ESO video lmao thanks much mate.
Trundas (10 months ago)
Just found the imperial didn’t expect to be rare cause I’m a noob and just started to learn the mechanics
White Light (10 months ago)
Daedric mercenary swords and celestial daggers they are purple writing tho lol 😂
White Light (10 months ago)
I just found 3 motifs that are good 😂
White Light (10 months ago)
Shit nvm
GaudyMarrko (11 months ago)
I had no idea those things were valueable, I've been tossing the ones I can't read
ExtremeBaka (1 year ago)
I got a motif daedric but its purple? Why cant I open it?
Norse Bastrd (1 year ago)
Whats a racial motif?
Cowboy Hitler (1 year ago)
I got one hell of a deal for Daedric I got it for fucking 7k I'm so fucking lucky
GalaxyMoonlite (1 year ago)
I bought ancient elf motif for 1,200 g
BronzeJourney (1 year ago)
Expensive O.o ? I sold the primal one to a npc trader for 5 gold.Im too lazy to getting into a guild.
mobspeak (1 year ago)
Why do all your guides seem so outdated?
jayden eners (1 year ago)
I found barbaric and primal in dagger falls at like lv 10
UltraAtomic (1 year ago)
soo what i don't get is this, let's just say for primal. I need to be rank 6 of any of the metalworking, ect. Does that mean that on anyone of the skill trades I have, have to total to 6 points filled in Witch ever I want?This is confusing lol
Zan Lamb (1 year ago)
WAIT, i found a daedric motif at level one on Stros M'Kai during the crafty lerisa quest
CRAZY HAD3S (1 year ago)
Cross gamer i found the primal in molagbal jail lol
Anthony Walnutz (2 years ago)
I once found a deadric motif in a house when I was robbing it, got caught and I never saw another one again DDD:
nijeil steele (2 years ago)
this video sucks get to the point.
0Hoshiko0 (2 years ago)
How does this change with One Tamriel? Is it the same?
Darklordewa (2 years ago)
Uh, I found my Deadric Moftis in a dresser and it was with my Lvl 7 argoinion
Lokradan (2 years ago)
I found a Daedric Motif when doing some... Questionable actions...
Darklordewa (2 years ago)
I brought it to my main but now it says "must have rank 9 in any woodwork blacksmith or tailor" and I do have it but it still won't work
5W16617Y 5W007Y (2 years ago)
bought them all through the market. :( is there a newer video
Grim Reaper (2 years ago)
What if you buy them off the market, still require those skills? And, any idea what the special motifs off the market require if they require any of the skills?
Camelopardus (2 years ago)
Grim Reaper Shouldn't matter how you acquire them, you always need at least that many investent skillpoints
Jason Perry (2 years ago)
I found the daedric motif in the third harborage quest.
kalebccornett (2 years ago)
You should do an updated guide
Low-key Da G (2 years ago)
how do I craft my motifs I got em from the crown store and read the book now I only see mimic stones
ORBIT9224 (2 years ago)
oooo thats y i cart learn it i dont have 8 or more im metal working i found a crafting motifs 11 ancient elf on the 1st city island after tutorial i was not even level 10 then idn if they have changed the level on them as this video is 2 years old
Grand Master (2 years ago)
I found nord motif in a cheats at level 8
axel zaki (2 years ago)
I got an ancient elves in a backpack but im level 19
axel zaki (2 years ago)
Trust me backpack are the thing you want to search
Operator Music (2 years ago)
I found the Barbaric motif at level 31 in the Halls of Torment main campaign quest. I've also heard you can find the Ancient Elf motif there as well, though I don't think it is restricted to that area. I'm not at veteran rank either.
CT-5597 Jesse (2 years ago)
how do I get ancient orc that's the only one I do not have?
ZaZa Venus (2 years ago)
What would veteran 6 be in champion levels I was never able to make it to veteran before they changed it
Luna Strix (2 years ago)
I wonder if the areas you can find these have changed. I found the daedric motif 14, is what it said while being level 30 on a mage guild quest.
Coyley (2 years ago)
I found ancient elfs at malestorm
aap aaps (2 years ago)
... I just got the ancient elf motif at like... level 16.. during first fighters guild quest in grahtwood in some small dwemer pot or something.
Garrett Shadwick (2 years ago)
i found barbaric in non vet area
Matthew Rainwater (2 years ago)
Coldhorbor is the exception. Ive found a Daedric and Imperial while in cold harbor both in urns.
TheAngelOfDeath2002 (3 years ago)
Wait vr zones are the other alleinces
ClemClemNation HD (3 years ago)
I want the daedric one :( ps4 if anyone can give
LTG Super Fish (1 month ago)
Espindola Productions how about you use the trading feature?
Ricardo Cordones (5 months ago)
Espindola Productions bro can you come through with a daedric motif?
Espindola Productions (3 years ago)
Yeah mail me 10k and I'll mail you the motif. [DC] I'm a master crafter on that character and have many motifs. PSN: AFATPOODLE
Mr True (3 years ago)
I found barbaric almost at beginning of game at like lvl 15
Fish In Space (3 years ago)
Oh I found an imperial motif during the prophet quest. I now feel very lucky
Fish In Space (3 years ago)
+Camelworks well crap I learned it instead of selling it
Camelworks (3 years ago)
+Sloths In Space Very lucky! it is worth about 50k gold
Joshua Bailey (3 years ago)
found the primal motif during the daughter of giants quist at level 11 but can't use it yet :/
Daniel Lopez (3 years ago)
I found the crafting Motifs:barbaric in cold Harbert doing the harboridge quest where you help Tharn escape cold harbor
DarkenedHer0 (2 years ago)
+HiiPER MaaDMaan also found daedric in coldharbour
HiiPER MaaDMaan (2 years ago)
I think coldharbour is an exception as I have seen people say they have found deadric and other there as well
Due6Zero (3 years ago)
where i can find the daedric motifs? sorry but muly english is so bad thanks to all
PSGamerz (2 years ago)
Due6Zero go to storm haven at wayrest I found 2 daedric motifs but the guards took it so sad😠
Deer Slayer033 (3 years ago)
wow rlly I found a primal motiv and I was lvl 10
Glen A. Jackson (3 years ago)
I appreciate this video, but I came here to see how they actually looked. As long as I am here: 1) I found the Primal one, which is purple (I've also found an Ancient Orcs: Axes one so far, too) 2) I don't know where or how, but all 3 of my charas are UNDER level 20 (normal, no vet at all, although all 3 have done a bit in Cyrodil), so vet areas are not required. maybe things have changed, and this vid needs to be updated?
ThundaTV (3 years ago)
i found daedra hearts using the blacksmith hireling
Olivia Cook (3 years ago)
I got Daedric in the Harborage at level 35
Bebop Gamer (3 years ago)
Got both the Daedric and Primal Motifs at level 35 and level 40 respectively.
Silvia López Carpizo (3 years ago)
Ehm... Why your rare motifs have the same colors of the normal motifs? I mean, Daedric, Ancient elf, Dwemer motifs and so have the purple color in their name cuz they are epic. Yours are blue. They changed that in any patch?
MRYETTY Finn (3 years ago)
I'm a lvl 13 what motifs can I get
Kayden Glauser (3 years ago)
i got deadric at lv 15
DerPS3ZockerTV (1 month ago)
How? im Level 20!
Red Kanka (3 years ago)
thnx for ınfo mate yo cool
Spikegene (3 years ago)
Yeah I got the daedric motif at level 25 I think it was, and i got it in my story line I found in the chest
Balaman (3 years ago)
update: i found barbaric in the halls of torment :D (main quest lvl 30)
Out of Tune Piano (3 years ago)
I got the ancient elf one level 12 :D
C'mon (2 years ago)
dang bro I thought deadra heart was trash. regret my decision so much right now
Camomaster08 (2 years ago)
i also got around 30 deadra hearts
Camomaster08 (2 years ago)
i got deadric motif at level 7 in colharbour quest 2.0
Death _ (2 years ago)
Daniel Green (3 years ago)
lol same rip ancient elf armour
The Rsoul (3 years ago)
Thank you so that's how to get to over areas
meganclare7 (3 years ago)
just found a barbaric in cold harbor is this common?
Clay (3 years ago)
Why didn't you show what they looked like...
ZaZa Venus (2 years ago)
He has a different series of videos showing what they look like
Zach Ungureit (3 years ago)
how much do the imperial motifs go for?
Melodramatic blowjob (2 years ago)
+XskittlesGamesX really? I found at like level 10 or something like that and I learned it. If I had known it was worth that much I would've sold it
QTG R6WindZ (3 years ago)
Caspian Man Predator (3 years ago)
I recently found the Primal motif at level 36 so... how does that work??
Snugglebites (3 years ago)
Can you make a Video, where you can show what materials I am need and where I can find them?
Cade Jones (3 years ago)
I found Barbaric as a normal level 15 or so....
Tyler Jones (3 years ago)
that's false I found the daedric motif when I was level 7
Tyler Jones (3 years ago)
+KevinTec GermanTV PlayStation 4
Zekro321 (3 years ago)
RUHRPOTT Guerilla (3 years ago)
+Zekro321 did you Use xbox or PC ? i got it on xbox . sorry for my bad English im from Germany 👋 LOL
Zekro321 (3 years ago)
+Tyler Jones yeah i got ancient elf in cold harbor rank 10 but there's probably a difference between PC and xbox
RUHRPOTT Guerilla (3 years ago)
Me too this Lv.15
mikeunleashed1 (3 years ago)
THANK YOU, do you still upload eso videos?
Daniel Rio (3 years ago)
I found primal at lvl 10 but its purple im guessing because i cant learn it yet...?
アドルフォ (3 years ago)
+Daniel Rios that doesn't matter
Jose P (3 years ago)
Jose P (3 years ago)
I found one at like level 20 lol
derekhudsonmusic (3 years ago)
I always have these available for sale on xbox one if anyone still needs. Primal/barbaric=30k ancient elf/daedric= 40k Have loads of stacks so message me what you want on xbox. Gamertag: deeekie
Rendal (5 months ago)
derekhudsonmusic do you still?
Kaiyu Lor (3 years ago)
I found the imperial motif on accident when i was searching the drawers in wayrest
Bat (3 years ago)
Bat (3 years ago)
+Ghillie Sniper DADDY
Bat (3 years ago)
+Ghillie Sniper ME
Rori Z (3 years ago)
all of them go for like 20k now if not less.... glass chapter though....(50k ea. chapter)
Ivan Ondriezek (3 years ago)
how much does the racial motifs 15 chapter 9 dwemer legs go for?
Matthew Ward (3 years ago)
thank you I now know why I can't craft darkic armor
Allen Williams (3 years ago)
Still have one of each from like a year ago back before it was stealing to grab stuff from peoples houses lol
leonardo cook (3 years ago)
Why is it so hard to find motifs? I found 3 dwemer motifs but never found anything else
Destroyer94100 (3 years ago)
I feel sorry for people who picked covenant or pact for their alliance cos the quests for that alliance are extremely boring it's like the devs purposely made dominion quests better
Chance Appel (3 years ago)
can you find them if your past that lv
Bradley Davey (3 years ago)
Imperial motif can be fount anywhere. Im in EP on my level 13 character and it was in the inn in Davons watch, more specifically the backpack in the room where the wood elf is sitting on the floor
Adz2 (3 years ago)
Easier way to explain it is that whatever zone you start with, you will move anti clockwise around tamriel
Adz2 (3 years ago)
+XxxPRODIGYxxX Rage Read this and educate yourself ya tool https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clockwise
Adz2 (3 years ago)
+XxxPRODIGYxxX Rage Fuck off american, its Anti-clockwise, there are countries outside of your little bubble that call it that
ArtfulDodger (3 years ago)
on xbox1 PS4 prices are always between 50-75k
Grandma Geege (3 years ago)
looking for copper ebonhaert pack north american server xbox one
Mauro Pina (3 years ago)
How many lvl need have Clothing to have 6 tailoring??
TescoBiscuits Lotus (3 years ago)
what about imperial motif?
Anthony Cape (3 years ago)
I will buy a Barbaric for 15 K on Xbox One! GT I Always Ace! Space inbetween each word
Malcolm Reynolds (3 years ago)
this ia bullcrap stop saying you can onky find it in v6 areas. ive seen people who are a lvl 20 who have them my friend is a lvl 10 and he got it from a drop
Senpai Ninj (3 years ago)
u realkze this is from last yr in august. shit changes bro.
MatsuLoveLust (3 years ago)
For real Lol I found an imperial and barbaric motif randomly from lvl 15-20 on my aldmeri account
_ Clementine (3 years ago)
Dragonstorm1557 GAMING (3 years ago)
This is to much work I'd rather buy them all for 50 bucks
Dragonstorm1557 GAMING (3 years ago)
Shut up dude not everybody is rich
david reid (3 years ago)
This game seems like it became a money whore game not so much following the other games how sweet they are this one is more gear to fucking people over which is kind of sad
Squidy (3 years ago)
Thank you
jimmyle543216 (3 years ago)
Anyone got a book? I got 20-30k
FIERRO (3 years ago)
Who ever have daedric il give u 15 to 17k. Psn. Chicagobeast10
ClemClemNation HD (3 years ago)
Can I have one will play 17K :) PSN
IlikeTurtles (3 years ago)
+SpeedFreak216 You're not horrible. Thats just good market tactics ;)
Neloth290 (3 years ago)
+Jason Man bought for 10k sold for 40k I'm horrible I know
IlikeTurtles (3 years ago)
A few days ago I actually got mine for 16k, so cheap, the person basically had multiple daedric motifs XD
DarkGrids (3 years ago)
+Jason Man oh wait scratch that ... he said daedric
WizardTreeTwo (3 years ago)
I know this is an old video but can someone tell me what type of armour he is seeing at the start of the video and what style it is?
Hood Fave (3 years ago)
It's the golden saint armor from veteran rank 2
Henry Chan (3 years ago)
Anyone want to trade ancient elf helmet and chest for bite vampire EU Ebonheart HenryMufc82 Xbox
Ace Canestro (3 years ago)
I wish trading was that easy on console :/ 3:25
An Spoder (3 years ago)
+The Trolliest Troll That Ever Did Troll Imperial is the rarest. It's worth way more than that.
Metal Phoenix Gaming (3 years ago)
that one shouldn't go past 50 k   may be 75 k
An Spoder (3 years ago)
+The Trolliest Troll That Ever Did Troll None of the motifs should ever be sold for that much besides maybe imperial but that shouldn't even go past 150k
Metal Phoenix Gaming (3 years ago)
+Ace Canestro all the people selling them on console are really greedy for that not real gold   I never sell these for more than 250000 but everyone else is soo greedy
An Spoder (3 years ago)
+Ace Canestro You can always trade by mail. But yeah the in-game chat on PC MMOs makes it easy to get offers and get messages.
Tom Spencer (3 years ago)
If anyone has ancient elf or daedric motif on ps4 ebonheart pact EU im willing to pay up to 60k for them message me thomas-s-2010
PixelatedParry (3 years ago)
For imperial, did he say 1-50 or 1-15?
PixelatedParry (3 years ago)
Ty mate
Ben (3 years ago)
+PixelatedParry 1-50
Sue Mccart (3 years ago)
I found my first motif in a barrel.... explain how that didnt happen ;)
Melodramatic blowjob (2 years ago)
+Odingard I found my Orc motif in a barrel
Odingard (3 years ago)
Nice. That's super rare. I found my Wood Elf Motif in a barrel too.
mankingrules (3 years ago)
Any one on psn wants one mo I'd is mankingrules
Dee Roe (3 years ago)
I seen Ancient Elf go for 65k on Xbox one.  And it went quick.  Its way more rare to get these now.
M8yrl8 (10 months ago)
i would pay anything for a ancient elf motif
Mac Love (3 years ago)
Yeah. I wasn't a noob. I meant a noob to Motif, I didn't realise they were worth anything.
Dustin Lykins (3 years ago)
No way you destroyed them being "noob"... You were vet rank
Mac Love (3 years ago)
Really? I had 3 Ancient Elf motifs, used one and destroyed the other two, not realising what they were... I was a bit of a noob...

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