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Primitive Survival: Cooking Meat on a Rock

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Cooking on a rock is a method of cooking since ancient times. By putting the rock on the fire the heat will make the meat cooked. This method of cooking will make the meat less dry and tastier when baked directly on the fire Thanks for watching !!! Dont forget Like and Subcribe Subcribe my channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsXDivUNanYBWgXv9lRZjBw?view_as=subscriber Playlists : Build A Stone House https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8CqTVrJQ47aVaxSmIvMmDyKQDPXl1CMf Primitive technology tools https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8CqTVrJQ47avVHaMb2n8zOeVPpoX4CRS Other video: Primitive Technology: Primitive Pottery Technology : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Mhtd8mFwNM Primitive Technology: Primitive Stove Technology : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSsh39Yd5zQ
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Text Comments (6103)
albert g (10 hours ago)
That haircut is better than mine watda
pantsongrnd (10 hours ago)
Seems like a bite off of the real Primitive Technology channel
calm999 (12 hours ago)
Billy O (1 day ago)
Where did the beautiful ribeye steak and fresh rosemary sprig go like in the picture?😂😂😂
Valthar (1 day ago)
Slap the lips right off this guy for smacking and eating like that... fucking annoying.
BreuckelensFinest (1 day ago)
Those toes though! 😨
الشيف ماما (2 days ago)
ياريت الاشتراك فى قناتى لكل اللى مهتم بالطبخ ومردوده وبنزل اشهر الاكلات فى قناتى قناة الشيف ماما
William Poole (2 days ago)
Absolutely amazing techniques. Only thing I'd do is heat up one side of the rock, flip it, then put the meat on. I'd save time overall. Really amazing ingenuity on your part, you'd survive if all of society collapsed.
Anthony Lane (2 days ago)
Now all you need to do is make some sauce to put on it while it’s cooking.
Shearvin Saberi (2 days ago)
It turned into asmr once he started eating
DiZTr0y3r 5006 (2 days ago)
Tom Lamb (2 days ago)
XoXoTV (3 days ago)
I was intrigued until he started smacking...smh
OSCARSODEL XD (3 days ago)
Come con la boca cerrada uey
admirable 😶
Chris L Games (3 days ago)
Not the same meat as on picture
Mikhael Mangindaan (3 days ago)
Asians playing dumb
Mehmet Aydın (4 days ago)
Adam ateşi bulduya la
Aspect YT (4 days ago)
Its funny how these primitive youtubers have all these cameras and editing equipment but i still love ur vids
live14 hard (4 days ago)
mang kuruak (4 days ago)
What if..just kidding, it wont break
Big Balls (5 days ago)
I noticed half a million subscribers 61 million likes on the videos is some of this money going to these young people who are doing this work? Just curious
Bob Mohr (5 days ago)
Looks a little sticky, should have used some Pam on your rock.
kessang dikkila (6 days ago)
Is that pork?
Diamond Killer (6 days ago)
And WHO came here because the thumbnail meat is big but if you watched the meat is small😐😑😵😛😝
Diamond Killer (6 days ago)
Im hungry because the thumbnail
lilnickgaming (6 days ago)
Is that meat sea·soned?
BadJoque (6 days ago)
when eating with sound is very annoying.
hidejing park (6 days ago)
it a amazing
tanish naidu (6 days ago)
how did he got meat . Oh I think so from the supermarket
Samuelfish (7 days ago)
So chewing with your mouth open is supposed to add the the caveman effect? Fuck outta here.😏lol. Where’d you get those cutoff khakis? The Gap?
Game Hard (7 days ago)
apkiqp sbjx bjdhn tthv sojnor soruv rdnx happy xçx
La Vida Loca (7 days ago)
Пол ролика огнь добывал, пол ролика необходимо было демонстрировать будто охотился! Какая на хрен готовка чувак! :D
Rahul Mudgal (7 days ago)
Arcenio Zambrano (7 days ago)
estupendo asado; apetece probarlo
Xhyllos1 (8 days ago)
I would have made some chop sticks, really.
Isla1998 * (8 days ago)
Hmmm😋😋 like!
justin sizemore (8 days ago)
hell yez!! awesomeness dude!!!!
Asim Pandey (8 days ago)
He sure has a nice haircut 👌😹
Mr.Gioverns (9 days ago)
Dude, close your mouth when you chew. Tf is you thinking
HayField_7710 (9 days ago)
Nice primitive haircut😀😀😀
Kenny (10 days ago)
Nice fire. Great idea
hdhdh sbbsbs (10 days ago)
Clapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclap caused me a fucking ear tumor worst eating sound ever everything else was okey
GamerBoy (10 days ago)
So awsome
mohikanac mohi (11 days ago)
Bello Bravo x te
Kris Miraflor (12 days ago)
too cute for a caveman 😍
NES QUIN (12 days ago)
The video is great
Nur Hayati (13 days ago)
Natz Adazil (14 days ago)
ripping off the original primitive technology channel...lol
Serg angel (14 days ago)
дать ляща б за чавкання
hernje (14 days ago)
Eating and smacking with his mouth open! This kid has no table manners.
SWAT GAMES (15 days ago)
click baint
Top Films HD (15 days ago)
This is awesome 🔥support for support ?!🚀🚀🚀
Shadow X (16 days ago)
At 2:08 you can hear his iphone
Ferra (16 days ago)
why the fire keep popping
Nor Way (16 days ago)
17k not liking this video,gotta be the triggered vegans. 😂😂😂
Freedom lover (16 days ago)
With a steak bought from Costco lol they do have the best meats
GlazeJWK (16 days ago)
Im here eating pizza and I still wanna jump through my screen for that meat
Mark Zoobkoff (2 days ago)
+Samuelfish Are you calling me a cigarette?
Samuelfish (7 days ago)
Mark Zoobkoff (14 days ago)
Monkey is an acquired taste.
Ну и для чего я на ночь такое смотрю...сейчас кушать захотелось.
Jeffry Nguyen (17 days ago)
Nice photoshop in the thumbnail
PolarAnt (17 days ago)
Anyone can tell that meat is from Marks & Spencer's none of your Tesco shit here.
grx iroda (17 days ago)
2:38 jummi
DZMP (17 days ago)
I don’t like his haircut He looks gayyy
FranzFerdinand181293 (17 days ago)
Этот юноша попуас, однако прическа у него престижная, а я живу в цивилизации, однако прическа у меня будто у попуаса
Oreilly O Reilly (17 days ago)
This foo chomps his food like no manners and shit but then again he primitive, pretty coo
Aaron colon (18 days ago)
All these little dudes out here building shit 🤣🤣 glad I found these guys
Bear8Photo (18 days ago)
His photoshop skill is the best
RickK RocKStar (18 days ago)
I wonder how he charges his batteries...
Shafiullah Noory (8 days ago)
Rubbing on his ass.
Mister Spitfire (18 days ago)
Man make fire... man get rock.... man go Sainsbury's get meat - get haircut half way!
منير نريمان (18 days ago)
شكلة مو مال واحد عايش بلغابة شوف اقدامة نضيف حتى ايدة مو مال غابة
Fucking false thumbnail, disliked.
Vitalik TV (18 days ago)
Кто из 2к18
Roan Dillon (19 days ago)
Eat with your fucking mouth closed m8 your mouth sounds like your stepping in a puddle
sergio ariel esquivel (19 days ago)
bueno este aunque sea come bien
portia uy (20 days ago)
He's cute. And he have a lot of scar
Robin Puddy (20 days ago)
chop sticks perhaps
Sergio Juarez (20 days ago)
This man hasn’t evolved yet 😒
Anderson Conceição (20 days ago)
Ei meninos façam uma pedra de Argila que é mais fina aí assa a carne mais rápido!
Anderson Conceição (20 days ago)
Muito bom garoto sobrevivência!
Daniel saputra (20 days ago)
김준호 (20 days ago)
그냥 도구쓰자;;
Carlos Segura (21 days ago)
Damn I’m hungry watching this at 3am fuck!!!
Lenny Salazar (21 days ago)
Me inmagino que esa es la costunbre de comer para mostrar que sabe rico y el joven es fino manos y pies bien cuidados
Arif Wibowo (21 days ago)
Aku hanya tersenyum aku akan tetap menjanjikan
polemonek (21 days ago)
he was tortured or what?
Flazzy Fire (21 days ago)
Idk why but it’s so satisfying to see people cook and find food like this.. with all the meat surrounded by nature, getting spices from around you, everything is right with you. It’s just amazing, and it all recycles. Amazing how God made our Earth .
Enei Swick (22 days ago)
Looks different on the picture
DIONNY KAMARGO (22 days ago)
Parece um javali mascando
Wanz Xlayer (23 days ago)
He should pre heat the rock before putting meat on that to kill bacteria......
Aradhya Ira (23 days ago)
add 🍅
Unser Bundestag (23 days ago)
rip meat
el rey emilbroo (24 days ago)
eso deveria ser reconocido
조영주 (24 days ago)
썸네일이 합성이길래 구랄거 같았는대 씹쎄끼 구라 지대로 치네 ㅋㅋ
I'm a Eugene (24 days ago)
You have no family and you are poor but you good cool and nice and fresh I si l l Like you
jean wilson (24 days ago)
why he didn't use salt
Vitor Hugo (24 days ago)
Можно было на прутках шашлыки нажарить
Désert Chaud 2 (24 days ago)
I can’t believe how you people are so fucking STUPID!! People who asking about where he got meat, You really think he’s a real cavemen and don’t have access to modern house and technologies? And what about the camera moron? And even if he was a real cavemen meat is not hard to find in nature, hunt and killing you own prey you can do it yourself it’s not that hard guess you think it grown in grocery store. Fucking idiot kid!
Meem SINNER (24 days ago)
I thought he is going to wear leaves than those pants.
John Paddy (24 days ago)
Thumbnail Vs Reality 🤣🤣😂😂🤣

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