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House of Magic Vlog: Visits TWO Metaphysical Stores!

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Rebecca ODowd (1 month ago)
I wish New Zealand had these kind of stores. I have to buy everything online. Thank you fir sharing 🌈💙
Rebecca ODowd (1 month ago)
Emily I used Sulphur in my love domination spell to prevent any negative blockages getting in our way is that ok? Or have I made things worse? He is a stubborn guy, my spells only seem to work for a short while then he goes cold again. This is the reason I thought If I add sulphur to my mix it will remove any negative influences coming between our union and he will be more easily dominated. I hope I did right 🤞😱
Isa love (1 month ago)
Thank you, that was a great one😊 thank you 🌸🌹💖
Nikki Haliday (1 month ago)
Love, love, love singing bowls! Must get one or two. Jackie was so cool, I’ve always been interested in Ascended Masters, pity you could get a reading. Next time! Sorry I’m catching up because I haven’t been feeling great and of course no notifications or I might have been asleep. Thanks for the trip, I can say I’ve seen NYC now. LOL! 😊💗
Mz Marie (1 month ago)
Omg Emily, I totally felt the singing bowl energy! I'm getting one!
sonya doherty (1 month ago)
I have those cards WHISPERS to they are gorgeous
sonya doherty (1 month ago)
☹️😩my ocd in that store ahhhh lol
Psychic Emily Halifax (1 month ago)
Katherine M (1 month ago)
You're mom is great. Will miss her.
Katherine M (1 month ago)
Feel so privileged to be one of your clients. Loved this video. The lady was very nice and friendly. She should subscribe to your channel.
Ms B (1 month ago)
I loved loved loved this video. The last lady was so nice to you Emily, great video❤
Erika (1 month ago)
Hey girl Hey!! thanks for taking us along!! That bookstore def needs ORGANIZATION! He heard a mocking tone in your voice and didn't take it seriously! your presence made him feel nervous and uncomfortable with your questions! lol some ppl are not ready for those types of questions- I loved those singing bowls!! she was so nice and open to you- Can't wait for your online store girl! that would be so cool, especially since you do prefer natural products and not artificial ingredients. I would love to learn from you, Emily! Reiki, tarot, spellwork all of it!! you make things so easy to understand! I appreciate your knowledge and all you share. <3 hopefully everything fits in your suitcase :)
Psychic Emily Halifax (1 month ago)
On my Way to the airport! Coming home to you guys! Everything does fit.
Claudia A (1 month ago)
Queen Circe (1 month ago)
🤣 Emily your so funny you interrogated that poor book store guy! LOL! "Do you have books on Eleugua..? What about Oshun..? What about OGUN.. What about DEMONS?" Ahahaa!! Good footage I enjoyed! Your mom is such a darling she's just to cute x

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