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Movie Guns - Low Budget Filmmaking Tips

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More Info here: http://tomantosfilms.com/?p=2699 Exclusive film tutorials: http://tomantosfilms.com/store/ Watch over 7 hours of free tutorials here: http://bit.ly/Tmd65z Watch the finished film here: http://youtu.be/G8Nl_W7MHF0 In this tutorial I show you how I make my fake plastic toy and airsoft guns look more realistic so I can use them in films. This technique is called weathering. Which makes it look like your guns bluing or protective gun paint got scratched off and is showing the bare metal underneath. _____________________________ Follow me on: Twitter: http://twitter.com/TomAntos Facebook http://www.facebook.com/TomAntosFilms Google+ http://bit.ly/18oyRJB My name's Tom Antos and I make videos. I am a film director and cinematographer with over 12 years experience in VFX & animation. Jak sie masz?! I'm originally from Poland ;) Check out my channel here: http://www.youtube.com/user/polcan99
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Text Comments (130)
RÂGER (1 month ago)
Kenji Peffley (2 months ago)
What would you recommend for budget editing with muzzle flash and explosions etc...
WILL FILMS (5 months ago)
Guys I'm starting a short film here in Mexico, please help me share this GoFundMe link🙏 gf.me/u/nd6t8t Thanks Tom.
Acdragonrider Videos (6 months ago)
where do you get the gear? The armor
Lo Ro (1 year ago)
BULLSHIT ! we must not cultivate mediocrity.
Jon Gotti (1 year ago)
Make the mag all grey
Abel Sumanas (1 year ago)
Not really though. The better weathering for any US Military guns is adding the desert paint wear. So basically you paint the entire gun with desert colors (combination of colors like tan, khaki, cb, and also a bit of white) then while it's half-dried, you wipe them off with paint remover. For AKs, you probably want a heavy-weathered metal parts and give the wood furnitures a dark accents to it.
ROGER SCOTT (1 year ago)
love your film
Fahad Kahut (1 year ago)
You are shoot it with Red camera, how exactly is that a low budget?
Sizzling Mess (1 year ago)
the red isn't on the budget because it's a previously owned asset. The guns, because they were bought, especially for the film are on the film's budget. Think, why would you budget for things you already own?
Chikken (1 year ago)
ok so you referenced the police force using firearms that dont look worn... The props you are using are used in a completely different situation, in the military after a while your gun will start to take on a worn look even if u clean it properly, a slightly worn look is more realistic than a brand new looking rifle.
Pian-0 G (1 year ago)
Chikken even then They aren't that worn My dad's friend of mine had a picture of him after a battle in Afghan and it was no where near as worn of as the ones in films Even when he came back It looked like barely anything happened
Hornbyhenry (1 year ago)
Where did you get these?
KaChow (1 year ago)
Charlieignatious an airsoft website like evike or airsoftgi or an airsoft store. or even Wal-Mart
CINEXEEN (1 year ago)
Hi Tom, where do you buy your plastic weapons?
Daikaiju Productions (1 year ago)
A good place to look is UnlimitedWares. A spring 1:1 AK-47 is only $12.99!
I’m retarded, but (1 year ago)
I know one of those guys at the beginning
MyName_Not_Rick64 (1 year ago)
Growing Broke (1 year ago)
"low budget" using red camera 😂😂😂
IUSECAMERAS (7 months ago)
ikr?!?!?!?!?! loll
Sizzling Mess (1 year ago)
The red isn't on the budget because it's a previously bought asset.
LE MONKE (2 years ago)
Making a m4 use by a American soldier completely scratched up makes the gun look really unrealistic
Nuada (2 years ago)
That's normal you have a low budget, you're using à redire camera
Gatto Buono (2 years ago)
2:45 Big mistake! The receiver of the H&K MP7 is constructed of polymer. The faux metal finish makes it look totally fake. Same with all the pistol grips. If you want to make toy/airsoft guns look real then you need to know a bit about their real 'steel' counterparts. You also need to study genuine wear patterns, the internet is full of reference photos. The fake wear that you've done on that M4, for example, doesn't convince because it does follow natural wear patterns. Research costs nothing, so it's still low budget. Not researching for film work is pure laziness. P.S. it's not true that airsoft guns are lighter than their rs counterparts. Many, due to the gearbox, motor and heavy pot metals used for barrels, rails etc., are actually heavier.
Spoopy Skellie (7 months ago)
No one is gonna freak out when they see that on a gun. No one looks ‘that’ close to see mistakes dude.
smal turtle (10 months ago)
Not everyone is perfect.
flowing minds (2 years ago)
Check out "NIBIRU GATE" in youtube, another example of micro budget - 2 hours production film with all the space action you want...
Σædoʊ (2 years ago)
Does the paint scratch off easy? I wanted to do the same thing with my gun but I use my gun in actual airsoft wars.
Trevor Pietruszka (2 years ago)
most movie guns are real guns shooting blank shells
Payne Studios (2 years ago)
What toy store
Tom Antos (2 years ago)
with guns
Michauek (2 years ago)
Are you from Poland ??
Fury (2 years ago)
+Curt the Og what toy guns do u mean
BizzarePanda (2 years ago)
Anyone Else on a budget of 1$-10$
Miles Curtis Norwood (2 years ago)
try buying spring airsoft guns, their quality isn't as good as other airsoft bb guns but they do the job. Also try looking up blowback toy guns too. They should be inexpensive to buy.
Fury (2 years ago)
I live in australia and airsoft guns are illegal so what guns can I use
AK-107 Russian BR Rifle (11 months ago)
If your good at art's and crafts, you can actually construct paper guns out of paper and hot glue. I've made plenty of them. They may not look the best, but if in a pinch like Australia, its your best chance.
Miles Curtis Norwood (2 years ago)
+FaamaDaLamma365 you're gonna have to get toy guns and spray paint them black..if you wanna use them in filming.
Fury (2 years ago)
actually im 13
Tom Antos (2 years ago)
Get real guns, or move outside of Australia. Sorry to hear that your government doesn't even trust you with toys.
NUKE (2 years ago)
also... alot of guns ARE plastic in real life ! Most of modern guns are polymer plastic guns... so that's the main reason fake guns looks so realistic
Deplorable Dave (3 years ago)
Ha1 Great idea! Well done. But I can not find any videos on how real blank firing full auto guns work. Are they real registered machine guns? If so they are worth up to 30, 000 dollars EACH! A war movie could have MILLIONS of dollars of prop guns in a single battle scene.
MAGRETTA (3 years ago)
What is the name of the colour grade preset or plug in you use for this film ?
AB (3 years ago)
Thanks Bud... this was useful
fire ghost (3 years ago)
very good work on a low budget
Alex Tran (3 years ago)
hey just a suggestion, you should find the way to cover the bottom of those magazines with us airsoft player will recognize that less than a second.
AKYBrother's (3 years ago)
Low budget ndasmu, kameralo bagus coeg -_-
Bluepie5 (3 years ago)
Yeah ... Airsoft guns.
Damien Lipp (3 years ago)
Hi Tom, Where did you buy these guns?
legorig (3 years ago)
+Damien Lipp they are actually airsoftguns. check out evike.com
Paul Kepner (3 years ago)
Excellent video +Tom Antos !
End Kaos (3 years ago)
I disagree that the silver paint makes the airsoft guns look more realistic because it indicates the bluing wearing off.  Many airsoft guns look incredible like originals including using the same wood stocks as active weapons.  What adding silver paint to the high points of the weapon does is it gives dimension to an otherwise flat black object on camera.
KAGARAKIS (3 years ago)
Tom you are the man!
Andre Tirado (4 years ago)
That's great Tom thank you I can use that idea for my music videos pretty official ,can I participate in one of your movies as a Actor? if so please contact me Thank you again Tom!
Erin Draper Official (4 years ago)
This is actually really good, thanks for sharing :) If you or anybody could watch my video and give me feedback that would be great. I am planning to re-film it soon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-jNqx7KSLQY
Tony Lopez (4 years ago)
What is the actual paint you used
Tom Antos (4 years ago)
+LuckyLobo Films Silver color spray paint that I got at walmart. I forget the actual name or brand now... its been way too long.
nice.i like you gun movie shorts
I have used this technique alot of times before for other stuff ^^ thank you ao much for showing this and remi ding how awesome and easy it is ^^ will make sure to use it for my next photo project ^^
alexandre do (4 years ago)
great tips man, currently making prop guns for a short film, this is gold
Luis Hindman (4 years ago)
Brilliant video!!! I'm 15 and getting into filmmaking. I would appreciate any feedback on my latest short film :)
Man, that looks really awesome! I love what you did to the corner of the mag well/lower receiver on the M4 toy. It's super realistic looking! I also really appreciated your explanation of the subtle difference between guns in real life and in movies. It makes a lot of sense that movie guns get wear because they're rented.... You probably know weathering is sometimes done on purpose, too, since that's what you're doing here, but I figured I'd add that. I love all the videos with Adam Savage on Tested (on YouTube), and it was cool to see how your perspectives differ on why you're weathering props (and specifically why you weather props for movies, since he does a lot of props for himself now, whereas his time at ILM is in the past, so there are subtle differences between those two mindsets as well).
That Guy Productions (4 years ago)
NoFilmSchool.com sent me!
ghostpictures (4 years ago)
nice tricks! love your work.
fat tony D'Amico (4 years ago)
you could use real guns right 
Dan Lewis (4 years ago)
The silver paint idea is fine. Please keep working on your production values. My feeling is that many of the shots were not close enough to the subject. With exceptions, I dislike most handheld camerawork. For me, the side to side motion ruins it, most of the time. Yes, handheld saves time/money, but can easily ruin a film's atmosphere. Good journey.
Shafeeq Muhammad (4 years ago)
azuremain (4 years ago)
Can't agree more, tax declaration forms are best used for this purpose! ;-)
thegolfingmachine (5 years ago)
Very nice video.. Thanks for sharing
Daniel Giles (5 years ago)
Not exactly sure that a RED camera is low budget...
IUSECAMERAS (7 months ago)
HELL YEAH!!! i need a couple of those in my life!
THEKNN-1 (5 years ago)
reali  nice move  but  my  contry  drama peuple  use real gun   
metomigakuen (5 years ago)
Halfway through it became a tutorial on how to fill out your income tax form with spray paint :D
Richie Rich (5 years ago)
Nice one mate - very simple & inexpensive, but very effective.
Mohamed Moon (5 years ago)
hi Tom , i been watching your videos i have learned a lot from u so big thanks to u such an artist , so my main work is 3d & composing with 10 years exprianes , i do the same work , so if u needed any thing just let me know : 3dmedia.wix.com/3dmedia
Anthony Trupia (5 years ago)
As this video shows, time is a funny thing. I don't believe in wasting it so I'm inviting all of you to come see my newest short film, "The Habit" on my channel. Come like /subscribe/ share/ and stay tubed for more -Anthony
Anthony Trupia (2 years ago)
+Pringle King you already have there, skippy. Well done. 👍
Σædoʊ (2 years ago)
don't want to waste my time ;)
FILMMAKER PERO (5 years ago)
Hamdan Haddo (5 years ago)
making film by hanphone,, ,, any? share please.. :)
hoschdebacha (5 years ago)
Thanks for showing. Like and subscribe! If you like some Phantom footage of blank guns pls visit my channel ;-)
Rob Preece (5 years ago)
Like the sponge tip. I think that could be used in a lot of other applications as well... creating a steampunk feel, post robot-revolt world, etc.
Jeremy Bell (5 years ago)
Seems like a good idea would be to drill a hole in the top of the gun and fill it with sand. Then your actors will carry it like its made out of steel instead of plastic. The flimsy, ease of carry is what makes it look unrealistic to me.
Jeremy Bell (4 years ago)
Just whenever I see a real gun being carried and fired, it just seems way more violent.  The kick of the gun, the gas being vented, the shells - fake guns in lower budget movies just seem so tame imo.
Carl Siemens (5 years ago)
+Tom Antos Speaking of plastic and steel, You painted the MP7A1 as if it were externally steel. It has a polycarbonate frame (same with the Glock) but the rails and sights are metal.
Carl Siemens (5 years ago)
+Jeremy Bell Not all of them. GBB and high-end electric ones usually are the best.
Jeremy Bell (5 years ago)
+Tom Antos ah ok. Didn't know airsoft weighs the same.
Tom Antos (5 years ago)
True! Good tip if you use those cheap light plastic guns. I use mainly the expensive airsoft guns that already have the same weight as the real thing
ARshooterMR556 (5 years ago)
How do you make it look like shots are going off around your subjects?
Jacob Voss (4 years ago)
+Michael Kisyanto There are hundreds here on youtube
Michael Kisyanto (5 years ago)
+Tom Antos Can you give tutorial how to edit your movie gun (add VFX in adobe after effects) step by step?  I want to learn.. Thx..
Tom Antos (5 years ago)
I add simple VFX in Adobe After Effects like dust and bullet hits that are filmed on a green screen.
Fun stuff.  Nicely done!
tyronebling (5 years ago)
hi Tom, great vids and tutorial btw. Just wanted to find out how you will shoot a slap or a punch scene as well as someone getting his head smacked unto the dashboard of a car repeatedly without it looking unrealistic, Thanks a million
Dennis Kussener (5 years ago)
the problem here in Belgium is that "realistic" guns are not aloud in public :/
Dennis Kussener (5 years ago)
+Tom Antos thanks, good too know, ithis gave me some idea, there are some big private woods near me, contacting the owner an ask if I could shoot mould do the trick I hope :p
Tom Antos (5 years ago)
Most places they're not allowed in public. In California a kid got shot and killed for walking around with a toy gun. In the end if you're using something that looks like a real gun you have to have the local police notified and if they don't allow it then don't use it in the area you plan. That's why most of my "action" films are either in rural forest areas or indoors where it's out of sight of police and general public.
Alvin Nyemah (5 years ago)
can you do a video on how you did the bullets going pass and the tracer shots.....Please..............
JUSTME543212345 (5 years ago)
easy fix metallic spray paint 
ProTekProductions (5 years ago)
Ha, great use of tax forms!
TomAntosFilms (5 years ago)
LOL... I know, I just realized afterwards what that piece of paper was :)
LoverOfPhotography (5 years ago)
Awesome tutorials! Please upload more frequently, these really help people make movies small budgets. Thanks a lot for all these years of helping the no-budget filmmakers out! You are AWESOME!
Infinity Works (5 years ago)
Thanks man
ig33ku (5 years ago)
I love to see how you make the casing ejection effects and full mags look.
constantupgrader (5 years ago)
Whoa. Beautiful difference when you add paint!
catman72 (5 years ago)
also - the silver "patina" you apply on the guns is not supposed to show on the handles, as they are plastic and not metal. you put some on the front of the M-16 but it's wrong. other than that - it's perfect, just like the guns i handled in the past :-)
catman72 (5 years ago)
excellent tip. BTW you say most guns are treated better and look nicer - maybe private owned ones are, but military /police don't have time to pamper their guns, they make sure they work and are not catching rust, that's all. in my (military) experience - they do not care if the bluing is worn off on aluminium parts, and also their weapons are somewhat self-customized, so you can see they didn't get their gun 5 minutes ago. most tweaking is made on the sling, where they are allowed the most freedom to custom things.
TomAntosFilms (5 years ago)
I didnt know that. I've only used privately owned firearms and they always look like they're brand new. Thanks for the info!
EdEditz (5 years ago)
It's called the dry brush technique. Very effective :)
EdEditz (5 years ago)
+Kalle Hansen Absolutely ^___^
Abdul Ghani (5 years ago)
i was wondering, how much money you make from making this movie/film? are you can breath/life with just making DIY movie?
TomAntosFilms (5 years ago)
I made $0... I did this film for fun! I make music videos, cinematography, etc for $$$.
VP Videoz (5 years ago)
hey this is exactly what i did on my youtube vids with fx u should check it out it would mean a lot to me.
benny 24241 (5 years ago)
nice channel man keep it up :D
SilasRowlandTv (5 years ago)
Awesome. That short film was shot beautifully. 
SilasRowlandTv (5 years ago)
Yes. I got the chance to use a RED Scarlet on my last short film "The Z Line". It's an amazing camera. I've learned a lot since then. 
Tom Antos (5 years ago)
Thanks! Glad you liked how I shot this film. I used all sorts of camera on it too... from the cheapest to the top of the line.
Tom Antos (5 years ago)
Check out how I make my fake plastic toy and airsoft guns look more realistic so I can use them in films.
Larry Lynch (3 years ago)
+Tom Antos (Tom Antos Films) dude thks for this tips ... do you have a particular website where i can buy some of these ?
BigMOFAKINRed (3 years ago)
guys I know in the Airsoft community are going to love this! between your films and tutorials, you've just persuaded me to subscribe!
...Great great work my brother! This is very helpful Tom, keep up the good work.
Tepacz (5 years ago)
Are Łukasz Antos your brother?
Fighting Badgers (5 years ago)
+kengawne Hmm that makes sense... The problem is I have been trying to find the guns I want (I have very specific taste, and wants for this movie) and none of the good replica makers will ship to the UK because of constrictions... Do you know where to get good plastic ones?
Michael Schofield (5 years ago)
Awesome. Also hi from Australia

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