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Madonna - Frozen

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Frozen official music video. Directed by Chris Cunningham. Original song taken from the 'Ray Of Light' album. 1998 - Maverick / Warner Bros. Records, Inc.
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Hendri Agustian (41 minutes ago)
Jay Ram (3 hours ago)
LOVE is a BIRD I got it from the WORD And the WORLD is about to FIND His DIVINE ARRIVES Stay ALIVE and let the WORD DRIVE You and LIVE!!! 16-12-2018 =3
frança frança (3 hours ago)
Madonna é uma estrela de brilho infinito.....
Claudia Andrea Perez (4 hours ago)
Margareth Ferreira (7 hours ago)
Madonna não tem outra
Margareth Ferreira (7 hours ago)
Madonna é Madonna não outra
Matheus Henrique (8 hours ago)
Ei Madonna
Жанна Колева (10 hours ago)
Коричневая керамика. Чашки справа и палочка слева.(тоже коричневая).- Ассоциация песни различной.
Demid (12 hours ago)
this is the 11 112nd comment
Ahmed Ehab (12 hours ago)
Good song
Martyna Szlawska (13 hours ago)
My fav 🥰
Melissa Poupée (13 hours ago)
Parece que tem a beleza eterna
bobbbxxx (15 hours ago)
Who is watching this in 1936? Or maybe 2028???
tranquillaful (15 hours ago)
This song omg 😍
Golam Rabbi (17 hours ago)
satanic song
Generalisimus Ђука (8 hours ago)
You are not wrong Rabbi. Most of people are blind.
Feri Hartanto (20 hours ago)
golden age of music
maria gkialpis (21 hours ago)
I'll be listening to this even in 2048
Gho a st 1988 (23 hours ago)
Awsome vid!
Fatima Akhmedova (1 day ago)
Hi from Tashkent Uzbekistan very nice song
dhwani sampat (1 day ago)
One of the Best song of MADDONNA I love this song keep on listening 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Sergio ti Xango (1 day ago)
I love Madonna!
dion cook (1 day ago)
Her best video....hands down...
Gifty Zanesuag (1 day ago)
I'm 19 and I love her <3<3
Angelica Sandoval (1 day ago)
This is one of my favorites songs!! I Love Madonna❤❤
Risulfur s (1 day ago)
This style of music always seemed melancholic but the beat fixes it.
Jonathan Smythe (1 day ago)
Superb! There will never again be a better songwriter/live artist as this amazing lady. This song is her best work in my eyes along with love profusion
Anndriet T (1 day ago)
Goosebumps 😱
Crazy kids Games (1 day ago)
2018 December 16
Olivier Borges (1 day ago)
3018 anyone?
Silmara Mendes (1 day ago)
Hamid Kheirbin (1 day ago)
Ok ok ok ok
Kashif Hussain (1 day ago)
anitha Angel (1 day ago)
Jarvase O'Brian dundy (2 days ago)
Many people don't get the concept to this song. Listen to it carefully. It applies to what the media shows you. And you're (frozen) like 9/11. Media spreads lies everyday. Wake up people
Generalisimus Ђука (8 hours ago)
9/11 is unrealevant shit. Casus belli for idiot. Media spreads lies, where is news in that? This song is much more!
David Franco (2 days ago)
I LOVE this song from Madonna
tera0865ab (2 days ago)
I love you Madonna <3 👍👍👍👍👍
Fred M8Beats (2 days ago)
thios song take me somewhere else....such a uniquie atmospheric song
Lin Flower (2 days ago)
No wonder I identified with this as a kid...
Это ШЕДЕВР!!!!
kruztev clint (2 days ago)
Calin B wrote: 📂Documents └📁Music └📁 Madonna 👑 └📁 Bad Songs └⚠️ This folder is empty! 🍾🍾🍾
Michelle Aguirres (2 days ago)
kruztev clint (2 days ago)
Hyun Park wrote: This song and the album are ART!!
Завораживает, реальная музыка
Gisela Rodríguez (2 days ago)
BUA 2005 (2 days ago)
A great techno song it will stand for generations to come
duluxdog71 (2 days ago)
lady gaga britney spears all the rest pay homage to madonna, she show you hows its doen,madonna had no one ,legend will live forever
Itamar Schlesinger (2 days ago)
Joe Pah (2 days ago)
This might be one of her finest and darkest videos... One of the most successful touring acts of all time. Madonna.
Meryem Dönmez (2 days ago)
Türk şarkısına benzemiş.
Carinfo kg (2 days ago)
still watching and 'll never forget 2018
Doo Wut (3 days ago)
Pretty fuckin easy to ' go wild and have fun' when you're a goddamn billionaire playing around with whatever and whoever you want. Meh.
Doo Wut (3 days ago)
Flood time.
Doo Wut (3 days ago)
Again i dont know why i even bother. For what? Fuck you guys.
Doo Wut (3 days ago)
Clearly your already over whatever happened without a care in the world unlike the suffering motherfucker who made it possible for you to. Must be easy for you to use and discard people. Wow! How cool.
Doo Wut (3 days ago)
Is this witch shit supposed to be scary? Its hot.
Doo Wut (3 days ago)
And of course with those damn birds.
აუ, ბავშვობა
ever lasting (3 days ago)
Hallowene 420 (3 days ago)
Jesus Christ this is so hauntingly beautiful. Best Madonna song ever and always play it when I am in a deep mood. Masterpiece.
Generalisimus Ђука (8 hours ago)
It's funny. Jesus Christ and Devil, in one room. I will say for that thing also "masterpiece".
anthony ramos (3 days ago)
i love this song so much
Romukim Sawa (3 days ago)
Still an amazing album <3<3
Wel Kilmer (3 days ago)
best of the best!!!
Said Aboubakar (3 days ago)
Kwstas Papa (3 days ago)
meng4coLt (3 days ago)
12/12/18 stiLL watching 😍
Malish xXxL (3 days ago)
Generalisimus Ђука (8 hours ago)
Devil Pet.
Pistolero (3 days ago)
2089?! anyone?
bobbbxxx (4 hours ago)
I am currently watching this in 1929 and will try for 1608 afterward.
Paola Moreno (4 days ago)
Melisandre de hielo
Sprucy **** (4 days ago)
After Hours on Mtv...
Lider Menosse (4 days ago)
IN 2018...GREAT....MADDONNA...!!!!!!!!!
Kent Michael (4 days ago)
Queen Madonna winning 6 Grammys and 7 MTV Video Music Awards for this album!!!!!!!
Alexandre Borges (4 days ago)
gorigraward (4 days ago)
Ray Of Light is the Bible of pop <3 20 million copies sold!!!!!
Amalia (4 days ago)
gorigraward ✔️
Dr Simon Fox (4 days ago)
Nevada desert.
была когда то возлюбленной певицей .позже она стала вожделеть зла моей стране .. сука
Abhiram Sharma (5 days ago)
I think almost 20 years song. I have Audio cassette tape for same... those beautiful old days
Kemocik (5 days ago)
Amrita Talukdar (5 days ago)
This song, the video, the lyrics are pure ART. #childhoodmemories
petronella2007 (5 days ago)
ik kan het beluisteren in België
AntyAnty1000 (5 days ago)
Kiedys to byla muzyka...a teraz jest goooowno
rumamdi rita (5 days ago)
Madonna has the most number one hits of all time 22!!!!!!
rumamdi rita (5 days ago)
I love this masterpiece 2018 <3
Wolf Heart (5 days ago)
I'm a full blood metalhead and I adore this as if it is my own soul
eduardo alves (5 days ago)
a melhor cantora do mundo madonna amoo
Lordu Sett (5 days ago)
One of her besttttts songs!!!!
Madonna te Amo muito! Algum brasileiro por aqui?
Azyz 1998 (5 days ago)
I love 90s I remember it
Lioncub cz (5 days ago)
i love this song
MagicKirin1 (5 days ago)
This was Madonna's last great song
Это наилучшая песня.
landry spektor (5 days ago)
Madonna has the most number one hits of all time 22 or 23!!!!!!
landry spektor (5 days ago)
This song sounds like a fresh breeze!!!!!
Kiyingi Elly (5 days ago)
Late 90s song a top masterclass
Husna Mansor (5 days ago)
Ustaz Auni bawak aku ke sini
farhan feelta (4 days ago)
me too. huhuhu
João Vitor Lennon (5 days ago)
10/12/2018 Obsessed
Generalisimus Ђука (7 hours ago)
Thats the right world.
Richard Howe (5 days ago)
Never forget this song as I was in Daly City at the Peppermill after a long shitty day at work when this song came on and I was hurting so bad from a divorce in 95 and my daughter went back to her mom aND I GOT OFF work and went to the bar! I ended up seeing a two men hit a women and she was knocked back into me and I put her down softly and ended up getting my ass kicked, beat down and driven home by the bartender who said " I respect ya man but what balls does a 150 pound guy have against 3 dudes from the Mission Dist? Ask my friends I never won a fair fight or I was never in a fair fight?
Richard Howe (5 days ago)
But the better song is on this album find it
Felipe Rubilar (6 days ago)
My favorite song now in 2018 (omg! From 1998). I need to hear it everyday ;)
amazing video like ever Madonna
Mosbah Riadh (6 days ago)
2019 onila salop
Luca De Angelis (6 days ago)
Mi ricorda quando invitavo parenti e amici a guardare Sanremo,hahaha! Ao',mi devo informare per il telelavoro.
bagja traveler sunda (6 days ago)
A very good song and MV
Kuwait Sky (6 days ago)
Blue Blood Arab Are From Kuwait & Saudia Arabia ........ Love you, Madonna, ...........

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