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The Ice Man takes a cold dip - Inside the Human Body: First to Last - BBC One

10545 ratings | 1889391 views
SUBSCRIBE for more BBC highlights: https://bit.ly/2IXqEIn http://www.bbc.co.uk/human Wim, the Ice Man, can swim in a glacial lake so cold that it would kill a normal person.
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Text Comments (1088)
Firebomber (18 hours ago)
Somone give this guy a metall!!!!!
Apti Oskanov (1 day ago)
White people are crazy
Matt The Animator (6 days ago)
R.I.P Nuts
Edmund Stoiber (8 days ago)
The King of the North!
Zachery Edwell (9 days ago)
after 20 seconds in it turns all warm to me
Suellen Vitorino (11 days ago)
brasil alguém???
vaya huevos...sin palabras
BeastaKonTV (13 days ago)
Just imagine the shrivel was of his balls
Beast the Bloodhound (17 days ago)
The true sons of Skyrim
Jack Krieger (18 days ago)
Can he avoid thermal cameras?
angry feminist (19 days ago)
Normal day in Finland
Hot Sunset (21 days ago)
This guy is able to swim in that water and I was made in this world to freak out in lukewarm water.
MasaJ (22 days ago)
In Finland we do that shit every day
Tino Gisondi (23 days ago)
I can do this for 20 minutes. If anyone has a problem, I'm from Montreal Quebec. I'm easy to find. I don't happen to have a large enough bath to post-up, it also makes it hard to do in the summer. In the winter, I just go ice cold in the shower. The reality is that our society has a problem with the evil eye. Young men have become eunuchs. This kind of training is better than steroids and it's the ultimate test for cardio. I'm 300 lbs right now, I have better cardio than GSP anyway.
danthedankmemer (23 days ago)
I love the cold I never really get cold but this looks like a step to far
Mikevan (24 days ago)
0,2 degrees celsius would kill most people after 45 minutes. 15 minutes would make them uncounsous. And this water is 2 degrees.
isisrufus (9 days ago)
0.2 kills people in 2 minute they go in shock gasp for air and drown
ChillyCloth (27 days ago)
lets do it
Tsar R (29 days ago)
I don't feel the pain I feel the power
SXG GANG (1 month ago)
Did this shit says he feels POWER? when he get to hell..we will see his true power...
I wouldn’t be able to put more than my feet in ther
Chris Hudson (1 month ago)
I take ice cold showers every single day, I wish i could do this, i bet he is very healthy. mind and body. and i bet he never gets sick
ugblox90 (1 month ago)
lel bbc
PHV Records (1 month ago)
lmao so u can swim in freezing water if you millyrock first
Hyunsuk Kim (1 month ago)
Noxx (1 month ago)
mans not cold
mathieu kerger (1 month ago)
go watch apetor, he does it without all the show and actually enjoys it. with vodka...
SugarHigh Gaming (1 month ago)
I fell the power.... yaes
Talpha (1 month ago)
Legit Kinda looks like the milly rock lol
Nemanja Bogdanovic (1 month ago)
Sage Mod on :D
K K (1 month ago)
the first minute is the most dangerous. lmfao. i'm Finnish and i do ice swimming every winter. :D
Fortabuild YT (1 month ago)
0:36 when your getting a boner
Fortabuild YT (1 month ago)
And trying to remove it
Jaguar 1065 (1 month ago)
He is ice kig
zanesnep (2 months ago)
Why does he actually sound like Ulfric?
Baciul Alex (2 months ago)
apetor brother
Martin. k (2 months ago)
Voice like Ed doolan am I right ?
Kristóf Szilvási (2 months ago)
Just realised that this man's mitochondria are working at peak levels. So the term "there is a natural ability in everybody" doesn't actually involve everybody, more likely just him. Consider this man a scientific miracle.
Road-work-ahead? (2 months ago)
His dick must have shrivelled to the size of a pip
Mutha Flela (2 months ago)
he would enjoy the look of people freezing during titanic sink and he would just wait for the rescue boat
Dybetje!! (2 months ago)
Like also je trots bent op wimp end Netherlands bent
1Mrsweetness (2 months ago)
fuck, there's no way I would swim in that black water.
Michael Yuen (2 months ago)
Kimi ??? Where are you?!
N20Stagg12 (2 months ago)
"yet he believes everyone has the potential to do what he does." *DIES*
Đỗ is Nice lol (2 months ago)
This very coooooooold
satirebunny (2 months ago)
“I don’t feel the cold, I feEL THE *POWER* “ Me trying to survive Canadian winters
Sartto (2 months ago)
We Finnish people would love to swim in cold waters. 😁
Alex Sokolovsky (2 months ago)
I bathed in 2°C water too, but just for 30 sec or so. my muscles began to hurt _a lot_.. and I was starting to blackout.. this guy is AWESOME
Alan Quinn (2 months ago)
All in the breathing well done wim hof you are the man
CORDIS DIE (3 months ago)
The Ice Man is Jesus
CORDIS DIE (3 months ago)
There so many Jesuses in this world
Functional Savants (3 months ago)
Conquering pain is ascension
Cory Mucool (3 months ago)
I can’t even stand going to the pool in Florida in the winter LOL
Timpa Who (3 months ago)
mans not hot
Jon Pain (3 months ago)
He is Dutch that’s why he speaks like the north
u failed the test ! (3 months ago)
well good for him tho cuz i aint never going to da shit
The Doch (3 months ago)
what a pussy tell him to swim at a scottish beach
Levigi (3 months ago)
like als je NL bent
Y A A -.- (3 months ago)
He should be in got
The Gaming Panda (3 months ago)
I can barely get in a pool directly, like I have to wait a few min to get used to it then I'm fine, but dude, going in directly like this? #respect
jUGGE (3 months ago)
But this isn't Räikkönen??
Andrew S (3 months ago)
wait till he goes to texas
Disser ™ (3 months ago)
But why
cody bloody (3 months ago)
ok I'm not going to take cold shower.
NotJas (3 months ago)
how does he carry such big balls?
Ticmerale (3 months ago)
Big Shaq takes a hot dip He said... MANS NOT HOT
krystall cryskrys (3 months ago)
nice man its amazing now try to jump into a volcano and see wheather u can resist that plssssss
Thirsty ? (3 months ago)
*Lol finns been doing this for centurys in -30c..*
Auszeit (1 month ago)
ye, its definitely not as dangerous as pictured here
Matty yo S (3 months ago)
At least he has some hair on his chest, lol
Benjamin Talley (3 months ago)
Awesome Animal (3 months ago)
skyrim irl
Kush (3 months ago)
its kundalini.
Akillesursinne (3 months ago)
Meh, Swedes and Finns to it pretty much every winter.
Roger Kreil (3 months ago)
Swimming in the Arctic Ocean during the summer might not be so bad! :P
Jason Gafar (3 months ago)
That water looks SOOOOOOOOOO fresh and clean.
Jumine2004 (3 months ago)
in Finland, we call this going to swim
Peter Page (3 months ago)
Hey would have survived the titanic
PeanutButterJelly (3 months ago)
This man has a hot balls
Maluhia808 (3 months ago)
I want to try this
Tina Miller (3 months ago)
Nah he is just Canadian...
Joseph M. (3 months ago)
That's awesome but cold water is a big NOPE for me
Its Maddiee (4 months ago)
I never get cold.. Man U all are weaklings...
David Drew (4 months ago)
He's like me.
OUTPSYCHO (4 months ago)
and i cant even go take a shower cuz its cold
TheKrackos (4 months ago)
man up u pussy
1WazNumber1 GD (4 months ago)
*_Come in the waters warm_*
Mikel Arteta (4 months ago)
In Russia 5 year old kids swim through water like this just to get to school.
Joao Pedro Mesquita (4 months ago)
shit breast stroke
BlackStab (4 months ago)
"In New York i Milly Rock" 0:32
Daniel Aleksic (4 months ago)
If this guy was on Titanic Jack would be alive :)
Kanan Mikayilov (4 months ago)
What is the point of doing this ?
Oh Hell No
Lugh H. Gener (4 months ago)
Now I don't doubt neardenthals survived in ice age.
Inferno Yt (4 months ago)
Which country is this
EdvinMaster (4 months ago)
15 minutes, "which would kill most people". Thats false, get ur facts straight BBC! Most humans would be in a very bad state after 15 minutes, but certain death will take longer in freezing water for MOST people!
Remilou (4 months ago)
Chuck Norris is alive
Jiether Jabilona (4 months ago)
Guinness world records presents- man vs the world’s coldest ocean
TG (4 months ago)
this dude is going balls deep
son goku (4 months ago)
I bet you burt colmen could fo better get it cold col
Ampwich (4 months ago)
I'm hot laying in bed, trying to feel cooler lol
Always Cryptic (4 months ago)
He looks like old luke skywalker
Sc!ence | (4 months ago)
i take cold showers and the water is i shower with is exactly 8 degrees C and it's so damn cold that I can't even feel it anymore it just feels like hot water. I don't know how this man swims in 2 degrees C water. Crazy!
myyrä (4 months ago)
in finland we do that every winter

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