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Viet Cong Tunnels and Traps - Platoon: The True Story

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The Viet Cong created a network of tunnels in the Vietnamese jungle in order to evade the American forces, but how similar were they to tunnels as depicted in Platoon? Subscribe to Discovery TV for more great clips: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=DiscoveryTV Follow Discovery on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/DiscoveryUK
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Mike Hunt (4 days ago)
The art of war.
Rashid Khan (5 days ago)
They were not enemies infact u Americans were enemies ..Vietnamese were just protecting their land from Americans who invaded in their country...lmao
9 or None (7 days ago)
The enemies were the invaders, not the residents.
Alfred Tyrefors (10 days ago)
coochie tunnels ;)
Trung Kien (14 days ago)
Americans should not come here after the fall of the French, they threw a lot of money and their children here with nonsense war
millsbomb007 (16 days ago)
There are still vietnamese people who live in these tunnels.
pokemaniac93 (17 days ago)
We should’ve flushed them out with chlorine gas
MultiSkyman1 (19 days ago)
sneaky little bastards.
Mr Camper (16 days ago)
This is the Next step for bush sniper
VN CH bán nước cho Mỹ. Ăn cơm của mỹ lãnh lương của mỹ mang súng của mỹ bắn giết lại đồng bào ta.
Jeff Cockmann (21 days ago)
i would get claustrophobic.. you can't turn back its too narrow
Renz Laduan (1 month ago)
Real Life Gamer Think: Scared
huu-ban vu (1 month ago)
What is better, low-tech or high-tech? It depends on by whom, when, where or how! B-52 or traps for example, both destroy the will of embattling soldiers and both are effective... "Terrorism is the war of the poor and war is the terrorism of the rich. Both are equally immoral." Sir Peter Ustinov (1921-2004)
Terrance Roberts (1 month ago)
What’s was the movie called
Michael Skewes (1 month ago)
If it's Oliver Stone, it's a lie!
Rick Morrow (1 month ago)
I used to live on Guam from December, 1967 - March, 1970. I can imagine what the soldiers had to deal with in the jungles. On Guam, you could step 5 feet into the brush and disappear. There was still a Japanese soldier hiding out on Guam until 1974 and an American soldier, George Tweed, hid out on Guam from the initial invasion by the Japanese in WWII until he was rescued on the eve of the re-taking of the island from the Japanese. There was another Japanese soldier who was captured in 1975 in the Philippines. That was the last one they found. Burning and defoliating the jungles is the only way to get a view of where your target is. That was the reason they used Agent Orange and Napalm.
Coochie tunnels filled with booby traps 😊
XIAO (1 month ago)
boobies trap 😍
Tony Iacomi (1 month ago)
This is not accurate. When Willem Dafoe (Elias) enters the tunnel it is small and he has to crawl. There were in fact rooms underground as depicted in Platoon. This guy is comparing apples to oranges. He is showing you one aspect of the tunnels and saying you can't get up and run. Those tunnels did in fact lead to rooms and areas that you could stand up. Poor analysis.
Curly Q. Link (1 month ago)
Back in the mid 1960s, a friend of mine wore a pair of funny looking camouflage, rubberized boots to grammar school. When I asked him about his funny looking boots he said that his brother just returned from Vietnam and to took them off of a dead enemy soldier. It was so shocking to me, I told our teacher and he was immediately sent down to the principal's office. He returned to class an hour or so later wearing a pair of normal shoes. He told me his mother dropped off the other shoes and took the boots home but before leaving, the principal told her that if he ever wears those boots to school again, he would be suspended. That was 50 years ago and I still vividly remember the entire incident.
granny pants (1 month ago)
show me a snake in there...surely
Linda Snyder (1 month ago)
Wish all those Vietnamese that have come here to the U.S. to find a better life would go back. From what a lot of you are saying, America stinks. But heck, who would work at all the convenience stores, doughnut shops and motels if it weren't for the Vietnamese.
Scott M (1 month ago)
Tunnels aside, it didn't take Nostradamus to call America losing that war
Kris 111 (1 month ago)
Thought it was Jeremy Kyle in thumb nail
Kiệt Võ Văn (2 months ago)
Mef262728 (2 months ago)
Are there still traps left in the tunnels?
Yin Yan (3 months ago)
Coochie jungle
Frederick Röders (3 months ago)
Guerilla war is the US' weakness. It even itself proved succesfull in afghanistan
Don Alejo (3 months ago)
troy millay (3 months ago)
If there ever were another American revolt or civil war, the American Patriots need to study and put into practice the North vietnamese tactics against the government and its mercenaries because the government will have paramilitary organizations such as Blackwater fighting us as well and much as the vietcong knew they couldn't stand toe to toe we need to understand that as well. If we fail to understand that simplest of facts then the revolt will be squashed rather quickly.
troy millay (3 months ago)
They did not build them because of Americans but they did however expand them greatly because of Americans.
John Smith (3 months ago)
VIETNAMIESE POWER!!!!, good thing they won, Vietnamiese women from the US are so damn fine and beautiful IMO, like Mexican woman as well!!. <3
Newton (4 months ago)
How many Gis died from pit viper bites.
อุโมงค์และกับดัก ใช้ได้เฉพาะกับทหารอเมริกันเท่านั้น เมื่อเวียตนามจะใช้กับทหารจีน ในสงครามสั่งสอน6วัน กับใช้ไม่ได้ผล เพราะทหารจีนคือผู้สอนให้เวียดนาม สู้กับอเมริกาด้วยอุโมงค์ใต้ดิน ทหารจีไอตัวใหญ่เกินไปที่จะมุดรูใด้สะดวก
Danielfallz Rothman (4 months ago)
They're in the trees!
Steven Criscione (4 months ago)
They were influenced by Vlad the Impaler...I wish that man was never born. Sick fuck!
Dave Hanson (4 months ago)
Thank God I was too big to be a Tunnel Rat....
Sangeeth Pk (4 months ago)
Very intelligent....RIP those americans fell down in war...but viet peoples what they did is right. Fight for thier country.. thats a bravery..
Jason Nester (4 months ago)
Inches dude inches
bobby D (4 months ago)
Tunnels and booby traps were encountered in the war against Japan in WWII, so American troops had experience with tunnels before Vietnam.
USMC Mom of 2 (5 months ago)
To All Who Survived The Viet Nam war... It's truly amazing what you went through and lived to tell. Your devotion to your fellow men is so kind. Thank you for being there, even though most weren't there by choice. My husband quit school.to sign up for the Army and join you to help fight for your freedom to get away the Viet Cong. My son's and I are so grateful for each one of you that were there. I have deep sorrow for the families where their son, boyfriend, husband, father, did not survive. We really never get over our loss, and no one knows what it's like unless they are in the same boat that we are. Every time bones of one of our guys is discovered, the hope is there that they will be our loved one, and never yet has it been. To all who feel, after decades, that we're being ridiculous and need to let go, shows their lack of understating of what we are going through. When someone feels and verbalizes their nutty way of thinking, I have a short response that they can understand, I say, "if this was your child that has gone missing, would you be able to get over it 40 years later?" They then are able to sort of understand, but won't really be able to understand.
panzer faust (5 months ago)
can they match imperial japan of ww2?
My Gentle Pitt Bull (5 months ago)
The commentator said, "Conflict" it was a War.
Carolus Magnus (5 months ago)
*Claustrophobia intensifies*
pike (6 months ago)
Love me some coochie jungle
Pat G (6 months ago)
My father was stationed at one bases in Vietnam, I cant remember the name of it but near the end of the war they discovered there was an entire network of these tunnels hidden below the base.
Hilary Benoit (6 months ago)
The scottish are able to do guerilla warfare as well.
Jesse R (6 months ago)
Oh, he said Cu Chi. I thought he said coochie jungle. My mistake.
Mr. Auga (6 months ago)
Sick little fucks going to great lengths to prepare for a fight I have to give them a lot of credit they are not lazy like most of people in USA Today sitting in mom and dads basement playing pretend war on Nintendo with headsets on acting like bitches when they die in the game. We can’t even find people to serve anymore
Ill Society (6 months ago)
war is hell, definitely.
rent a shill (6 months ago)
sharp sticks with shit on em. no thanks
Lil Syrup (6 months ago)
yall niggas getting nuked if you pull shit shit on me
olivia tgen (6 months ago)
The 'enemy ' was the invader: U S regime, you have not learned a thing since. I'm happy Vietnam WON. I remember you losing your panties on the roof in Saigon, crying to catch a 'copter' ride, ha ha Napalm, agent orange, carpet bombing and so on . . . Don't even think of attacking Russia NOW. it will get you where YOU live. pass it on . . . I'm sorry for the poor GI's however. . specially the criples. SHAME on you
Dencil Dean (6 months ago)
I e going in no tunnel now those people were crazy they were lucky america did not use tall boys our damn busters and bunker busters on them
Tweet Protocol (6 months ago)
(((Globalist America))) spreading muh peace & democracy again. Thank god for Trump who's putting a spanner in their works.
Ricky Vo (6 months ago)
Traps for animals for animals 🏆
Vjv Fhg (6 months ago)
Lũ chó liếm lồn việt nam
Nicholas Collora (6 months ago)
How many wars more do we need to witness....Thanks for the
Bladimir Aguilar (6 months ago)
Verry inteligent the charlis.in the jongle no had tecnology only your jongle and tramp.
Jan Hollon (7 months ago)
What do you call wild bats living in the VC tunnels? FAST FOOD
JangJimi (7 months ago)
dudes. do you realize how many pongee traps or any kind of traps are still there that havnt been found
Attano Corvo (7 months ago)
fuck you american
HALONGBay LVV (7 months ago)
Two Vietnam : nationalist and communist. GIs came to stop the communists supported by Russia and China. Atrocities of communists were incredible.
Toxic Waste Radioactive (7 months ago)
Yeah the Americans should have used carpet bombings with incendiaries .
Ajinkya Deshmukh (7 months ago)
You can't lose the war if you quit the war right Yankees?
5cents Worth (7 months ago)
If you visit Cu Chi, don't look at just the tunnels, the disabled tank, craters, exhibits of booby traps etc but try to feel the psyche of the people at war fighting for their homeland. The people were terrorised, women and children were killed. Only one in four Viet survived in the Cu Chi villages and community. Then, turn your mind to picture your family and cousins, how many would have fallen beside you and how many would be left standing..
MultiSkyman1 (7 months ago)
Damn sneaky bastards!
sos coconut (8 months ago)
Vietnamese here, seem like many people here mistaken about Vietnam War, they think the U.S was there to help lol, the U.S invaded Vietnam right after Vietnam have defeated France but they couldn't capture all Vietnam. The U.S controlled South Vietnam and then created "South Vietnam Army". They called this as "LOCALIZED WAR" (use man of the nation they invaded to fight their own country, and tell the world these man are the nation's army fighting terrorist). LOCALIZED WAR is still be used by the U.S nowadays in Middle East, sadly they are "helping" so many "armies" there.
Math (6 months ago)
u must be a northerner. ng miền bắc vẫn nghĩ nước mỹ là đốc thủ vì chính phủ việt nam cộng sản kiểm soát việt nam bây giờ. họ ko muốn ng việt hỏi nhiều câu hỏi. dont be stupid. the communist government obviously doesnt know wtf its doing
Phạm Duy Hưng (8 months ago)
who care about 1.1 million vietnamese ? won is won no matter what, we still having our own nation. we can lost 90 times more to have our own independence. thats true that we lost 1.1 milion people, but we still have 90 milion people left, always ready to serve our motherland.
olivia tgen (6 months ago)
Pham Duy Hung, right. 'Kẻ thù' là kẻ xâm lược: chế độ U S, bạn đã không học được điều gì kể từ đó. Tôi hạnh phúc WON. Tôi nhớ bạn mất quần lót của bạn trên mái nhà ở Sài Gòn, khóc để bắt một chuyến đi 'copter', ha ha Napalm, đại lý cam, thảm bom và như vậy. . . Thậm chí không nghĩ đến việc tấn công Nga NGAY BÂY GIỜ. nó sẽ đưa bạn đến nơi bạn sống. vượt qua nó. . . Tôi xin lỗi vì GI nghèo nàn. . đặc biệt là những criples. SHAME trên bạn
Big Bill O'Reilly (8 months ago)
Phạm Duy Hưng (6 months ago)
the Vietnamese actually do not care who won or lost in that fight. It is important that we do not have to be enslaved and we have our own country, our own language. We have everything we need, you can say you win, but do you think we do care? We have fought for our peace and freedom! And we are always ready to do it again. we are willing to die for the existence of our country!
Phạm Duy Hưng See my channel.
Clement Lo (8 months ago)
Wtf just artillery barrage them!
Kenneth Besig (8 months ago)
The Viet Cong were a beaten force which is why they had to beg for help from the North Viet Namese Army, which was also beaten, but the War, well the Democrats lost it in 1977 by denying the South weapons.
Sakura Ayumi (7 months ago)
Democrats , "Freedom" like Iraq ,Lybia , Kosovo ? No thanks .
HansSchmidt198 (8 months ago)
Vietnamese = Dog shiters
Harry Hirsch (8 months ago)
the US was the enemy..don't you ever forget that!
Sahil RDB (8 months ago)
respect to the vietnamese people for being so smart
Rottman 2017 (8 months ago)
There is nothing funny about Vietnam
Daniel M (6 months ago)
now hipster are invading our country
Nahid91 (8 months ago)
so what. americans love war
Your Highness (3 months ago)
And the Rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in Air. they proved through the night
HaloMasterRex (5 months ago)
Station Asean is what makes you say that
Nahid91 (7 months ago)
ha ha thats right also
Nguyen Tuan (7 months ago)
No. They love wactching the wars of other nations. Especially oil-related areas
Long 0 Vũ Hữu Hoàng (9 months ago)
cám ơn các Anh hùng nước Mỹ
Hao Nguyen (9 months ago)
₫ia dao cu chi
brick wall (9 months ago)
I was down them cu chi tunnels just outside Saigon , imagine those tunnels were actually made larger for tourists to explore , couldn't believe how cool it felt in the tunnels in comparison to above ground,there is hundreds of miles of them ,an amazing feat and just shows the spirit of the Vietnamese people, one of the reasons they could not be beat, very good people ,can't say enough for their hospitality ,we spent our time over there visiting village's off the beaten track,it's an amazing country with amazing people
millsbomb007 (16 days ago)
the best ones are further up the county in the middle. De nang area.
kira kim (23 days ago)
Tony Iacomi (1 month ago)
I'm more amazed at our guys who went into those things. Talk about bravery.
bestamerica (10 months ago)
' vietnam congs people were middle to short heights, thin bodys that easily hide walking in the hide tunnel
manjitrupbikram (10 months ago)
We Indians fought the British with non violence. However, we always had great respect for Ho Chi Min and the heroic vietnamese people.
360SRH 2 (10 months ago)
Umm I don't recall William Dafoe "standing up and running" in the tunnels, you can see he crouched down and shimmied along. He was a tunnel rat about the same height as the Vietnamese. Platoon is the most realistic depiction of war on film, there was a few over dramatized moments, but it's a lot more realistic than Apocalypse now, or Full metal jacket.
Vanhung Nguyen (10 months ago)
Cu chi.. vietcong. Vietnam.. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Kitty Hawk (10 months ago)
They ass RAPE all the kids over here in manhattan beach california & most of the south bay with these tunnels underneath the schools & THE FBI COVER IT UP
David Huynh (10 months ago)
Lyndon B. Johnson is hands down one of the worst president ever to control military involvement in the 'Vietnam War." Johnson not even backing down to the unimaginable fear or surprisingly loss of troops in Vietnam.
Sterling Hayden (10 months ago)
Finally some facts and numbers of the damage from these punji traps at the end of this vid
cảnh sát hình sự (10 months ago)
If the us have the technology they have now 😁 you really think those rat tunnels still exists with the tunnels buster mother of all bomb 😁...?
an Can (10 months ago)
dude we would just come up with new ways of hitting them, look what they are doing in Afghan. They have the tech but still struggle to fight. It the same thing, i agree that it may reduce there casualties but u can't use that situation because simply back then they were already having 100x the firepower we had and we still manage to hold our own, even against chemical warfare like agent orange.
Pukes (11 months ago)
Vietcongs and Japanese used tunnels which proved to be highly effective at shielding them from American airstrikes.
MaximusGeronomi (11 months ago)
My grandpa is a survivor from this war in a heel opted and still alive and he was one of the pilots that rescued the space ppl
logno melchor ambas (11 months ago)
dont tell that to the marines, that the only use booby traps againts the americans
topgeardel (11 months ago)
I see those guys in a jungle on the other side of the world and ask why were they there? To keep me safe and free? Sorry...No.
monkeyzeetube (11 months ago)
that's why the US didn't win..
HereTillThursday (6 months ago)
Agent orange but ;)
Tommy Lillywhite (11 months ago)
I have to say thanks to American help in ww2 otherwise Japan would have invaded Australia.
Abhijeet Vishwakarma (11 months ago)
Strange, how Americans here are still supporting the Vietnam War by giving examples of Casualties and stuff.
Knee Grow (4 days ago)
Abhijeet Vishwakarma they don’t wanna admit defeat
Stephen Russell (1 year ago)
I've been in some of the Japanese tunnels and cave ststems in he Philippines, very impressive the Asian people.
John Lopes (1 year ago)
if the Brazilian army fought in this war with the Americans, these vietcongs would lose easy
John Lopes (11 months ago)
But even so I think the US won this war, the positive thinking and the patience of the Vietcong camouflaged their own defeat ....that motivated them to persist ...even losing hahaha
John Lopes (11 months ago)
thats a example,all brazilians soldiers live and train in jungle ever,,
shakke52 (11 months ago)
I can see now. But lets remember that these brazilian militants did not exist during the vietnam war and also that the vietnamese were jungle people. It would've been a pretty fair fight!
John Lopes (11 months ago)
John Lopes (11 months ago)
The US did not know how to use a powerful ally in this conflict
Melchor Jay Uyangurin (1 year ago)
full documentary ?
Lee Turner (1 year ago)
I don't understand the American tunnel rats that went in after the enemey I am a coal miner by trade and all that I would have done is to light a car tire on fire and thrown it in the tunnel no one could survive that!!!!
Paul T (1 year ago)
well the sneaky bastards!
Richard C. Keen (1 year ago)
Our sous chef was a tunnel rat in Vietnam and let me tell you that cowboy was every one hundred percent for real American killer in the war sweetheart great cook thank you for your service to all men and women

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