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Alcohol Blackout Stories: is it Good Idea to be Drunk Tonight? Father Talking with Daughter

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Is it good idea to be drunk tonight? We continue our series of alcohol blackout stories, where father has straightforward sharing with daughter about alcohol, while drinking wine at the dinner. Have an opinion? Please leave your comment. For more questionable videos, subscribe Heartbeat Place Youtube Channel: http://bit.ly/2j65kD7 To Get Exclusive Early Access, 2 weeks before general public, to our new videos, leave us your email here: http://eepurl.com/cwMcHf And let be in touch: Facebook http://bit.ly/2jDdTXj Twitter http://bit.ly/2jiEt4j Instagram http://bit.ly/2j69zyP Pinterest http://bit.ly/2ifP6n5 Flickr http://bit.ly/2j7zwOD
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LikeItIs (9 months ago)
Wine is not alcohol is it? A little wine gives me a great boner!

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