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Ice in motion

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Time lapse of drift ice around the Arctic island Hopen. Photos were taken during spring 2014. The builidings are Hopen Meteorological station, http://hopenmeteo.no/. Hopen is a small island on the southeast corner of Svalbard. Here lives 4 people, 4 dogs and plenty of polar bears. Music from YouTube Audio Library Eureka by Huma-Huma
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kassy (7 months ago)
Nice movie. Good to see a bit of that strange place the Arctic. How much time elapses in that first reversal up to 0:40)? The music is nice to - it sounds like a Heroes B-side song.
Kåre Holter Solhjell (7 months ago)
Hi. Thank you. The sequence is about 4 hours, shot between 6. and 7. of may. I found the music in the YouTube audio library.
imaweerascal (2 years ago)
very beautiful :) I fear for the future of this place.
Kåre Holter Solhjell (2 years ago)
Thank you, both the place and the movie have a special place in my heart. I share your concerns about the future.
Vegard Henriksen (4 years ago)
Nok ein gang, fantastisk arbeid Kåre! Nå har kånå mi sett filmen, kanskje e det hu som søke om någen år.
Kåre Holter Solhjell (4 years ago)
Takk for det Vegard:)
Jan Ivar sørensen (4 years ago)
Flott Film.
Ekstremedia (4 years ago)
Veldig fin film Kåre :) Skulle gjerne kommet på besøk og satt opp noen kameraer selv :)
Kåre Holter Solhjell (4 years ago)
Takk for det Terje. Det utlyses stillinger der to ganger i året, så muligheten til å få satt opp noen kameraer er til stede:)

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